Tuesday 2 September 2014

Pakatan's Press freedom

I have friends who work as journalists for pro-Pakatan news portals such as Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

Most of them previously worked for the mainstream media which have been accused of being pro-BN.

These friends of mine actually believe that by joining the pro-Pakatan portals made them more partial journalists.

The fact that those portals are blatantly pro-Pakatan doesn't seems to bother them at all.

Believing that they are now part of the "Free Media", these friends of mine actually look down at their former colleagues still working for the mainstream media.

I actually don't fully blame these guys for feeling that way as some of the mainstream media people are indeed irritatingly too pro-establishment in their attempt to further their career within their respective organizations by pleasing their undeniably pro-establishment bosses.

But still, for the people of the pro-Pakatan portals to claim themselves of having better integrity and independence than their friends in the mainstream media is laughable.

Do try to count the number of pro-Pakatan stories in Malaysiakini today and then compare with how many neutral political stories the portal has, if you want to know what I mean.

Let's not even try to find any story which shed some nice light on the BN government.

Inculcating the belief that being pro-Pakatan is being righteous and progressive among Malaysian journalists was actually part of the Pakatan's strategy to win the psychological battle against their BN rivals.

Pakatan have always project the image of themselves as championing freedom of the Press and expression.

Well, it was more or less the same reason why members of the Chinese media were also mostly supportive of Pakatan.

Of course their way of seeing things was a bit different - they believe that being pro-Pakatan will help their community overcome what the DAP's propaganda touted as oppression of the Chinese by the BN government led by Umno (read Malays).

What they don't seem to realize is that those who claim to champion freedom in order to attain power are the ones who will in the end suppress that freedom themselves once they actually have the power in their hand.

It's already happening in the case of Pakatan.

This story, I intentionally sourced from the pro-Pakatan portal FMT so that pro-Pakatan readers of this blog will not accuse me of lying :

Guan Eng out to tarnish Chinese media image

Excerpts :

Penang Press Club (PPC) president Teoh Boon Liang (pix) said that Lim was not telling the truth when he accused a senior reporter from a Chinese press for scolding state executive councillor Phee Boon Poh during a press conference on Aug 20.
In that press conference, senior journalist Chua Cheong Wee from Kwong Wah Yit Poh apparently questioned Phee, who handles welfare, caring society and environment portfolios, on whether underworld elements were involved in the Penang Voluntary Patrol Squad (PPS).
Teoh said Lim had misled the public to believe that a Chinese press reporter (Chua) had scolded Phee and acted impolitely at the press conference.
Teoh said Lim had also accused certain Chinese media of not being daring enough to confront Umno in the same manner without concrete evidence.
“CM Lim seems to have the bad intention to tarnish the image of the Chinese media. We have requested an apology from the CM on the accusation in our last statement.
“Hereby, we ask for his apology again,” said Teoh at a press conference here today.


  1. What do you expect from a chinese CM... nice words??... he will blame everybody when things goes wrong... the Malacca people does not want him... and Penang people picked him up and made him CM.... think about it

    1. Actually not the Penang people but his father Lim Kit Siang who chose this Tokong Lim. Just like the husband Anwar who chose his wife Azizah for MB Selangor post....that's why these arrogant father-son husband-wife species are damn silent about nepotism. Blardy hypocrites DAP PKR.

  2. Annie,

    It's because of the arrogant attitude of such "alternative" media journalists and NGO-types that I've become rather put-off with these pro-Pakatan liberals.

    I've had first-hand experience of these radical liberals and NGO-types type when I served on the committee of the Star-NUJ Branch in the late 1990s and early 2000s and they are more obnoxious and hyper-sensitive to criticism than my UMNO loyalist colleagues.

    Such liberals tend to adopt a very much "If you're not with us, you're against us attitude", so yes they want a free press, as long as it gives them freedom to say what they want to say and hear but not otherwise.

    1. Good point. Do expose them from time to time.

  3. Seperti Ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan betul, itulah PR

  4. 2/9 Law lecturer Azmi Sharom claims trial to sedition charge at KL Sessions Court over comments made on an online portal over 2009 Perak crisis/STAR

    1. Fellows like this talk of freedom of academic discourse in the universities. But why let the discourse be in the public domain? Aren't they looking for trobol?

      Don't they know the Sedition Act. And that all freedom has limits. All over the world.

  5. Freedom of press ?, just political propaganda . Demand freedom of anything they want to say towards others ,but never anything negative towards them .

    They are not liberals in their thinking anyway , just exposing themselves likely for the benefit of their political agenda .
    with a little bit of intelligence ,will spot their hidden darkness .

  6. Voting out Marxists:

    "Some people believe there are no marxists in the American government. But there are marxists in all Western governments. Just because they may not describe themselves as such does not mean that they are not. I wonder if the term smoke and mirrors is familiar to them. Obama is a Marxist, and a puppet of Israel and globalism. They are all working towards the same aim. The "left" has been deceived into believing that "communism/marxism" and "globalism" are polar opposites when they are in fact two faces of the same beast. They will say whatever they believe you want and need to hear to mask their true intentions. It is an alliance of evil that has captured the minds of "the left" who have fallen for it. The only people who have not fallen for it are "nationalists", hence is it any wonder that nationalism and nationalists are demonised as a matter of urgency every time they dare speak of the truth. If what nationalists say is of no significance then the marxists sure do go to a lot of trouble in trying to shut them up. And it isn't because of the spurious and distorted history of nationalism; it is because nationalism is the only ideology that can stop Jewish globalism in its tracks."

    Is not DAP founded upon a marxist/maoist vision and isn't PKR funded by zionists?

    Marxist-Socialism and Super-Capitalism are the two faces of the same beast and they use the media towards their own supremacist ends.

    see more at: http://smashcm.blogspot.sg/2013/07/marxist-socialism-and-super-capitalism.html#sthash.RtNz1s2o.dpuf

  7. annie ,
    Today most, ( not all) of our politician are under qualities, not like 40 or 50 years ago where integrity are paramount , sad for Malaysia .

  8. The fact that those portals are blatantly pro-Pakatan is one thing. That they are caustic, rampant and seditious is just intolerable. Good that the Susan Loone woman and Malaysia Kini are now being pulled up by the authorities.

  9. Not only that, these pro Pakatan portals are very intolerant of views which oppose or do not jive with their agenda. They either don't allow comments from readers or just don't publish them. And that is called democracy??....my answer to them - "my foot!".... hehehe