Sunday 21 September 2014

Gelang Patah villagers strike back at Forest City

The other day I wrote about the massive Forest City project and its impact on the Malay villagers in Gelang Patah,

Eight Malay villages worth one golf course in Johor

Today, Malaysian Insider got a story related to the issue written by former NST Johor bureau chief Sheridan Mahavera.

Normally, I wouldn't pick up any report by Malaysian Insider due to its pro-Pakatan spin,  but since it's written by Sheridan who is quite a credible journalist, I am putting the whole article here.

By the way, Sheridan is also quite handsome.

Johor villagers vent anger at mega reclamation project 

Published: 21 September 2014

Irate villagers of Tanjung Kupang in Johor vented their anger at the developers of the biggest land reclamation project in the state, arguing during a public dialogue today that it will lead to the loss of their land and livelihood.
About 200 residents from about a dozen villages around Tanjung Kupang also accused the developer, Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd (CGP), of bulldozing the project through their area without their knowledge even though it could have a huge impact on their lives.
NGOs, independent experts and political parties who also turned up at the dialogue questioned the developers on details which they claimed were lacking in their Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA).

These included measures to reduce the damage to a field of sea grass that is an important nesting ground for the fish population which sits in the middle of the project and efforts to reduce backflow which could lead to flash floods in the area.
The Forest City project will see four man-made islands being built in the waters in Tanjung Kupang between south-west Johor and north-west of Singapore.
It was reported that the islands will have both residential and commercial lots and the project is expected to make a profit of nearly RM290 billion over the next 30 years for CGP. The Gross Development Value (GDV) will come up to RM600 billion.
CGP is a 66-34% joint-venture between China’s Country Garden Holdings Ltd and Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd, whose main shareholder is the Sultan of Johor.
Johor state company Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ) is also a partner in the project.
The controversial project entails 355ha of existing land along the Strait of Johor close to the Second Link to Singapore and the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) and the reclamation of another 1,620ha.
The public hearing today is one of the terms of a DEIA on the project that CGP has to submit to the Johor government.
The project had initially been approved by the Johor Department of Environment in January but work at the project’s site was halted in June after CGP was instructed to submit a DEIA.
The project is being done off the coast of communities of fishermen and sleepy villages who make a living from sea produce and agriculture in the Tanjung Kupang area.
The hearing in the packed Kampung Pok community hall had proceeded smoothly until a consultant for the project started talking about a survey that was done among villagers.
A man who identified himself as Cikgu Hanafi immediately got up and started questioning the veracity of the survey since according to him, the villagers in the hall had never heard of it.
Explanations from the developer’s consultant that they had polled the opinions of 10% of the village’s population were disputed by the audience and the hall exploded in a hail of boos and shouts of “who did you talk to?”
Forest City project director Datuk Zamani Kasim then claimed that there was a focus group meeting with village representatives in June where the community’s leaders had supported the project.
But this further angered the audience who shouted back: “Who did you speak to?” and “What meeting?”
The company claimed it had surveyed 100 heads of households in the village. The survey showed 69.2% had agreed to the project while 71.3% thought it had more positive than negative impact.
CGP also claimed it had a focus group meeting with village heads and elders where they agreed to the project.
Hanafi then said if the company had surveyed 100 villagers, there were about 200 villagers in the hall who opposed the project.
Fisherman Anuar Musa of Tanjung Kupang told the company that no amount of money could compensate him for the shrinking catches he was seeing ever since reclamation works started.
“Your project is for 30 years and so for that long my income will be affected. How am I going to feed my children?”
Fishermen and fish farm operators have claimed that mass fish deaths in the area had been caused by the land reclamation works. This has been denied by KPRJ.
Anuar, along with some other residents, were unconvinced by the company’s promises that locals will benefit from more jobs, contracts and business opportunities once property construction began.
“These promises had also been given to us by PTP (Port Tanjung Pelepas) when that was being built. Until now, they have not been fulfilled.”
KPRJ executive vice-chairman Datuk Md Othman Yusof tried to calm the crowd and win them over with arguments that the people of Johor would benefit from massive project.
But residents would have none of it and shouted that they still rejected the project.
“You tell us we will benefit, but who are those homes you are building for? Singaporeans and foreigners, not Johoreans,” said a resident of Kampung Pok, who did not give his name.
Another member of the audience attempted to get KPRJ to confirm or deny whether CGP had been exempted by the government from having to build affordable houses.
The condition to build affordable houses in the state is applied to all other developers but CGP had somehow received an exemption, claimed the individual, who did not give his name.
“You will have to ask the government to respond to that,” said project director Zamani.
Vincent Chow of the Malaysian Nature Society claimed the DEIA lacked details on the impact of the project on the fish and other sea life of Tanjung Pelepas.
“The bed of sea grass is the biggest in Malaysia and is an important nesting ground for the fish population in the area. The DEIA does not explain in plain language for the villagers how the project will impact the sea grass area.”
Perhaps the most critical question came from Mohd Khaidin Azman, a member of the Malaysian Institute of Planners.
“How did a project like this start without a DEIA in the first place?” – September 21, 2014.
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  1. You have a weird taste in men. Geekomundo up there, quite handsome?

  2. Learn Why Seagrass is Important to the Ecosystem

    1. I remember how my good friend back in the 70's used to lament about his favorite spearfishing spot in Singapore - Belakang Mati Island - being transformed into the entertainment destination Sentosa. The developers poured tons of sand onto the vibrant reef to create the artificial swimming lagoon, and the reef went "dead" and the seawater murky. They could have created a breaker near the reef drop-off to protect swimmers and save the corals and marine life at the same time, but they opted for easy commercialism. Now Genting operates their giant casino on Sentosa.

  3. Good you put out this artcle, Annie. It’s very important subject. Gomen killing the livelihood of the people. You doing public service there.

    No need to say Sheridan is handsome la. Sorry, I agree with the opinion he is not. I know you say it to spice your write up bit. But agree he’s a good writer.

    1. You have a Chinese mother but feel for the Malay kampong people in Gelang Patah, Annie. Must be your Malay father’s influence and his singing nationalist songs often.

      Wish we know who your father is. Not kepoche but just for better understanding ok.

      He must be broad minded to have married a Chinese. Or your mother so beautiful that he got smitten and it led to the altar. Or your mother duduk selimput on the traditional kampong wedding wooden dias resplendent in Malay baju with the handsome Raja Sehari. Possible a Johor royalty or nobility? You wrote about the Johor prince berjiwa rakyat quite a bit.

      Good for you. Good for Malaysia. Mixed marriages should help bring about racial understanding and harmony. And the Malays are 60% of the country’s population, left behind economically and their problems need to be high lighted.

      Definitely the Gelang Patah fishermen etc should be helped instead of their periuk nasi kena pecah.

      God shall not be kind on those who pecah others' periuk nasi. Without ganti.

      More of Gelang Patah and more often please, Annie.

    2. Jacques Cousteau the great environmentalist and inventor of the aqualung scuba equipment and his research vessel the Calypso - John Denver's musical tribute to these men

  4. sedih tgk tanah2 milik melayu jatuh ke tangan toke2 besar yg hnya tau buat untung,,org yg kononnya mau jaga kepentingan melayu tulah yg menjual melayu..

    1. Toke2 besau local tak berat sangat. Ni toke2 mainland China, beb. Njib kasi citizenship plak. Dia ada kuasa kasi, tau. Tak caya ko cakap sini, nanti aku kasi bukti Tengku Rahman buat gitu.

  5. What in the world is the matter with the Johore Government? Are they gone crazy? Approving a project that kills the livelihood of 200 fishermen etc (there may be more who didn't attend he meeting) without providing an alternative for them to cari makan?

    Like a small project giving them land beside a river mouth elsewhere, even scores of miles away, even in the east coast of Johore? Where they can fish in the sea or do fish-rearing in cages, building houses for them there or at least getting the Jabatan Perikanan to guide them with fish farming, proving them with fish-cage nets etc?

    And the blokes have started sand filling the sea already! What, ready-mined sand by the billion tons like those sent to Singapore by you know who?

    And no bloody Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment DEIA also? And I read elsewhere the blokes got the State government to agree to give freehold status to the titles of the land they created in the sea?

    And the housing units meant for Singaporeans and mainland Chinese to live in? On permanent stay basis? After 10 years becoming eligible for Malaysian citizenship?

    Changing the status quo on the population ratio? May end up with Johore having more Chinese than Malays? Even reversing the current situation? How ridiculous and crazy the UMNO-led Johor government can be?

    Now, now, what do the MB Khalid supporters and UMNO members in general have to say to all these? I want them to answer all those questions above. I saw 1-2 comments by the MB Khalid supporters in your previous post on this.

    1. Don angry angry, amigo. We UMNO/BN supporters just grin and bear it lah.

      When we can no more, we know wat to do lah.

      Yes, now we hear what Khalid men have to say. His Political Sec, his Press Sec, got such people reply blogs ha? Even just his supporters reply also ok lah.

    2. And what is the Johor's Palace stance on this matter? I envy the Selangorians, they can be proud of their wise Sultan. I always envy people in Perak, their current Sultan is very well educated with a Ph.D from Harvard whilst his late father had also served as the Chief Justice. I hope the Johor Palace will intervene on behalf of the poor fishermen and sack those KPRJ idiots. Daulat Tuanku.

    3. It is the basic incompetence and unbridled greed of these Orang Besar that shames the Malays as a whole - orang biasa di bodohkan tidak ada suara. Tun Perak and Hang Tuah will never let these bangsat mengadaikan negeri get away.

    4. Not sure if my earlier comment went in, here's an attempt to re-write it:

      Support fully what 08:13 says. So damn important, needs to repeat the following:

      What is the Johor's Palace stance on this matter? I envy the Selangorians, they can be proud of their wise Sultan.

      I always envy people in Perak, their current Sultan is very well educated with a Ph.D from Harvard whilst his late father had also served as the Chief Justice.

      But, no, man, I don't think can hope the Johor Palace will intervene on behalf of the poor fishermen. Note that the report says

      "CGP is a 66-34% joint-venture between China’s Country Garden Holdings Ltd and Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd, whose main shareholder is the Sultan of Johor."

    5. Errr....They are being screwed royallying?

    6. Wat you meaning one, Mister Anon 00:30?

  6. I'm not sure whether this "mega" project was approved during the previous or the present MB. The question to be asked is: was this a project proposed by the normal investors or were there some big - even huge - guns involved?

    I note Sheridan's report states that the project is a "66-34% joint-venture between China’s Country Garden Holdings Ltd and Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd, whose main shareholder is the Sultan of Johor."

    Johor state company Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ) is also a partner in the project. I wonder which part of the shareholdings they are a "part of" - the mainland Chinese or the Esplanade Danga?

    The next question is: Was this just the usual "deference" to the wishes of the "State's higher up"? Or was it with the weight of the "nation's higher up", the one who salivates upon the very mention of the investment potential of China, which was communist, long pathetic state of their economy, and treated a pariah by the West until only 1-2 decades ago, when their economy became the 2nd largest in the world?

    He who is rushing to achieve a developed nation status in 2020 without much thought to the huge economic imbalance between the 23% Chinese, the richest-in-the-country for several decades already, and the 60% Malays, who has only 20% corporate wealth, much less than desired, and no mention of their wealth in other sectors of the economy, like commercial and residential properties.

    And the huge development stated above will lower the % of wealth of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, instead of increasing them, in line with their Special Position under Article 153 of the Constitution, and under the NEP.

    Economic disparity every where in the world brings social and even political problems. In this country, it brought the race riots of 1969. Attempts were made to re-structure society by the introduction of the NEP. Vigorously implemented by Tun A Razak and Tun Dr Mahathir, sadly Tun Razak's son appears to have marginalized it.

    All told, I see the changing of the landscape in Johore. Not just geographically but also politically and socially. With disastrous long-term consequences. The short-term disaster may be for UMNO and BN. At PRU14. Lim Kit Siang does not have to do much. The Johore MB has been and is doing it and the "higher ups" may even have more than encouraged "the doing of it."

    God bless us all.

    1. Can I say - except the guys who did those that people are unhappy about above? God gives them the opposite?

  7. Waaaa, 200 kampung people came out ha? And no mention of Lim Kit Siang arranging or instigating or kacau-ing the kmpong folks. Or Dyana what’sthename flashing her smile, attracting them to come. Means it must be genuine, heart-felt sakit hati against the project.

    Apa macam bo sakit hati, dia orang punya periuk nasi kena pecah worr.
    I won’t mind if they bring their wives and children holding placards and banners outside the meeting place.

    Pssst, hope Kit Siang or Dyana doesn’t read this – giving them ideas.

    (I say, I support UMNO and BN but cannot tolerate this bloody crazy project la).


  8. To what extend ,and how far those villagers can go, to save their livelihoods and their kampong , when all those powerful 'bangsat Malay' are involved with backing by the Johore state government, I supposed ?.
    Why Lim Kit Siang was quite about this ?, he supposed to be champion of the underprivileged rakyat and this happened in his constituency , oops' it's only involved the Malays , unlike Pengerang in the Johore East coast .

    Should Johore political landscape changed , it's will be because the Malay want to change it ,and they deserved to change it ,but what alternative, did they have ?.

    1. Many alternatives have. Build ikut kepentingan negara. And definasi the kepentingan negara properly. Kepentingan orang tempatan mesti nombor satu. Tak payah nak kejar taraf negara maju. Penuhi kepentingan orang asing. Mengapa nak kejar? Kita buang saja pemimpin yang macam itu.

      Nak tau siapa? Tau saja lah.

  9. I also no like pro-Pakatan Malaysian Outsider. Always spinning, twisting and slanting. Maybe also slant Anwar’s ding. Never let other dings go in. Commenting in their blog, I mean.

    They ban pro-BN comments there. Cannot even counter their nasty anti-BN comments. Damn.

    But ok this good article by the NST Bureau Chief (waaa, sounding like CNN Bureau Chief, high title, mem). They publish verbatim, don’t twist or spin. But the comments in there must be hell against Johor gomen. This time I don’t mind it. The gomen deserves it. With the royalty shareholder and all. And the long spoken-about selling pasir to Singapore issue.

    My only concern is UMNO may eat pasir at PRU14. Maybe not. Just terbenam dalam pasir.

  10. Anonymous 8.13
    You are being naive in seeking the palace to intervene. They are the main player, if you look at the composition of the companies concerned.

    1. Agree with 09:01.

    2. Anon 09:01,

      maybe anon 08:13 was hoping that due to the composition of the companies involved in the project, with the palace holding some strings, there is actually some glimmer of hope for those poor fishermen? alas, I'm with you and not as optimistic as anon 8:13 about any palace intervention. this project began without DEIA, approved by the Johor's DoE and only now the developer wants to consult the public? What about its possible impact on the proposed expansion of PTP? about the local biodiversity and ecosystem? funny, they want to erect man-made islands called "Forest City" by potentially destroying the natural environment. Money is King!!

    3. Any hanky panky by the DoE? They that stupid not to insist on a Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment before stating their "No Objection" to the authorities who approved the project?

      Or they got "sounded from above"? The boss not yet a Dato and hoping for Datoship?

      I'm told one bloke so mengampu that he got all the kinds of Datoship created in Johor. Just one whisper, he'd jump all over the places to get what the Palace wants. He was top level in the JCS before.

      Bukan jenis itu peduli orang kampung, penagkap ikan etc. Pathetic blokes.

    4. Not just pathetic blokes. Also despicable blokes, Scums of society.

      The kind bila jumpa depa dan ular, bunuh depa dulu.

      The kind that had brought about the French Revolution in the 18th century. Aristocrat, kata depa. Kena hantam dek bourgeoisie. Ramai yang berborai.

  11. If being handsome can be translated into trust-worthiness, then perhaps we might find a few Pulitzer winners from amongst the midnight cowboys.

    You know midnight cowboys? Boys riding on cows during the midnight.

    Journalists nowadays are news spinner, prostituting themselves for whatever gain that may interest them. Terms like 'mother' 'children' 'student' 'worker' 'villager' 'farmer' etc. stir the emotion of romantic Malaysians. Terms like 'analyst (who the hell?)' 'constitution expert (aziz bari ?)' 'tok guru (just another politician)' 'defense expert (arm dealer)' 'human right activist (trouble maker)' are to put some imaginative weight in the words that they say.

    Fishing villages? No doubt they were.

    Perhaps Gelang Patah Malays are the most fortunate lot the envy of other Malays in Semenanjung. There used to be a joke which says that the Gelang Patah Malay would throw away their new handphone (Motorola Star Tac II) the moment its battery runs out, because they didn't like the trouble to charge the battery and they were so rich they could afford to buy a new one each time.

    That was the time when massive pengambilan tanah was carried out for PTP and related industries in that area.

    They say, pisang tak berbuah dua kali. But this is the second chance for those who missed the boat last time. Second chance for those who actually 'own' land in terms of National Land Code of course.

    For the majority who now stay in those so-called Malay fishing villages are Indon, they own no land in terms of National Land Code.

    For those who claimed to be fishermen, they are not registered with LKIM, so they are illegals.

    For those who received fuel subsidies, they catch no fish, they live through selling fuel subsidies to the smugglers and illegal fuel dealers, and live through 'haram' means.

    Some are smugglers themselves, ask the Polis Marin Wilayah 2 and APMM Komandan Selatan.

    The real macoys? Dah dapat apa diorang lah sendiri yang tahu.

    Of course it is not right to develop forest city or whatever name you call it. Honestly I think the Malaysian rakyat deserves better government. Don't threaten BN or UMNO, vote them out. Malaysian rakyat deserves Datuk Seri Anwar Bin Datuk Haji Ibrahim, Datin Seri Wan Azizah, Encik Lim Guan Eng, Haji Mohamad Bin Sabu and Tuan Haji Khalid Bin Samad as their next government.

    1. Hah, only at the last bit you pecahkan you punya tembelang. Orang Nuor Al Juburi, rupa nya. Makes what you said before that all popaganda saja.

      Coz you people are only trouble makers. Here's what Tun Dr Mahathir said:

      Anwar creates problems, likes to divide
      Free Malaysia Today – ‎2 hours ago‎

      Former premier Mahathir Mohamad says the crisis within PAS is a good lesson for the party.

      PUTRAJAYA: Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad had lumped all the blame within PAS on Anwar Ibrahim, saying the leader always created trouble …

      No, I'm not popaganda-ing. Those are the facts. What TDM said.

      Gospel truth, you know. Don't believe, ask those Christians who know the gospels. Like Joseph Lim Guan Eng. Only he so pembohong, he even hides his Christian name Joseph.

      Anwar? God, the Courts and millions of Malaysian know. Emak dia pun dia sanggup jual if guaranteed the PM post.

    2. Midnight cowboys often don't do it at midnight. Even day time. Even at funny places. Lost his Omega. The long suffering wife said she kept it. Yet never showed it when challenged to produce it.

      Menbohong, laki bini, all over the places. Mcm tu nak jadi MB Selangor? Mana boleh. Tak di panggil "interview" di Istana Selangor pun. Mintak nak jumpa Tuanku Sultan berkali kali. Kena snub. Sampai sekarang. Apa daaaaa

    3. Hahaha, Anwar better government, he says. Joker fellow.

      He joking on poor orang kampung Gelang Patah, joking on Anwar. Big joker.

  12. Kamu orang Anwar Al Juburi masuk sini bukan main spin ye?

    You make fun of the poor Gelang Patah Malays like nobody's business. Talk about joke that the Gelang Patah Malay would throw away their new handphone the moment its battery runs out. Bukan bodoh saja kamu, bangang juga.

    Korang PKR jenis mcm ni ke? Ever thought how many Malays you offend like that? Camna korang nak sampai ke Putrajaya?

    Sampai Kajang saja cukup lah, ye? Jumpa Anwar di penjara.

    Who says the majority who now stay in those so-called Malay fishing villages are Indon not owning land in terms of National Land Code? Ngapa tak sebut punca maklumat ko? Takde punca ye? Main sebat saje, ko. Laknat lah ko nama nya.

    Same when you said those who claimed to be fishermen are not registered with LKIM, so they are illegals. How you know? If you really know, why not say the source? You tembak again, ha?

    You real cowboy but shooting from your hips, ha? Just say anything you like, ha? Wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations. You learnt from DAP, ha? You becoming ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit DAP pendatang, ha?

    1. i know these bangsat groupies; bukan melayu saje yang ada jenis ni. dia terjangkit ke manamana lain bangsa pun. watch out for their ciri2 mengumpat dan mengkhianat.

  13. Annie, pls don't change your blog format. And script size. Easy to read.

    More importantly - easily hit the heads of the Anwaristas, the ultra kiasus, the fake Josephs, Wendy, Molly, Teresa Cocky, etc.

    Not many of them dare come in, though. When 1-2 do, we feast on them lah.

  14. The sheer horror of pro-BN and pro-PR people working together for the good of all Malaysians. Time for a cup of warm milk then off to bed to forget this nightmare.

    1. Whatever made you think pro-BN and pro-PR people have ever been or can ever be working together?

      Pro-PR people always cakap tak serupa bikin.

      Careful when you sleep, pro-PR people can even enter your nightmares.

      You sleeping in daytime eh? Or in a country where our daytime is your night time?

      You pro-PR? Not explaining yourself, merely say as you like? Freedom to say, eh? Been to Guantanamo Bay? Even US still has that ISA-like detention without trial that pro-PR people made a lot of noise about.

      Ok lah, Najib did work with pro-PR people in removing ISA. Now he wants to remove Sedition Act. Many Malaysians have been asking UMNO to remove him for that.

  15. Bila ketamakan bermaharaja lela yang menjadi mangsa adalah golongan yg tiada tempat mengadu. Nasib mereka boleh diperkotak katikkan. Yang kaya bertambah kaya, yang miskin terus dihina atas nama pembangunan. Selamatkan mereka Ya Allah.

    1. Ada tempat mengadu. Tapi kalau yang dengor buat mcm tak dengor, camna? Dah banyak pasir, nak banyak tanah, nak banyak rumah, nak banyak kondo, dah ada berjuta, nak berbillion.

      Baik do'akan supaya Allah sedarkan orang yang camtu.

    2. Golongan ini bukan tak faham tapi buat2 tak faham. Kalau kena bangsa selain dari bangsanya sendiri baru dia nak buat projek ikut prosidur sebab dia tahu golongan ini akan bantah awal2 lagi. Sama dgn projek Rapid Pengerang yg sampai sekarang asyik isu pemindahan kubur2 Cina yg tak selesai-selesai

  16. Every people gets the government it deserves.

    The e-mailer of "Golongan Melayu Bangsat" and the overwhelming comments that followed, describes the kind of people which the past present and future leaders of Malaysia have to deal with.

    Reading those kind of comments, not just in this Life of Annie blog, gives one the conclusion that no one could or should comment anything about the Malays.

    You don't, unless you are a true blood Malay. May be not even that.

    And no one knows the Malays better than the Malays themselves.

    Malaysia has been under UMNO's control since 1957. UMNO was from the Malays by the Malays and undoubtedly for the Malays. Its past and present leaders, many harbored the passion and true sympathy to 'jayakan' Bangsa Melayu. But things changed when some became the leaders. Why and How?

    Well, suffice for me to say that many UMNO leaders that I know of talk and write better than the said e-mailer, more passionate to the Malays, vowed to die for his/her Bangsa.

    And, I supposed that these UMNO leaders know Malays better than many others.

    But often things could go very wrong and resulting in mutual mistrust. And what follows is unrelenting hurtful remarks calculating to jahanamkan pemimpin.

    I am not at all worry about the government that these people deserves to get. But I am very worry about getting the government that these people deserves.

    1. Sometimes you got to be cruel in order to be kind. Cruel to the bastard leaders in order to be kind to the rakyat.

      If in the process, the leaders and their gomen go, and a worse one comes in, we start whacking the worse one.

      Must never allow the bad leaders to go on. Now many people are asking UMNO to replace Najib. He threw away ISA etc and now wants to discard the Sedition Act. All hell will break loose if and when the Sedition Act is no more. Been said by others elsewhere before.

    2. "many UMNO leaders that I know of talk and write better than the said e-mailer, more passionate to the Malays, vowed to die for his/her Bangsa."

      No problem. Ada yang cium keris, ada yang hunuskan keris cakap mcm mcm. No problem. Bukan dia nak tikam orang, ha nya nak undi Pemuda lah, apa lah.

      Yang aku menyampah tu yang tikam orang di belakang. Soseh soseh sana sini nak jatuhkan orang. Orang yang baik pulak tu. Baik kita di sini. Kita tikam dari depan. Tak pakai nama, apa peduli, Janji tikam di depan.

      Tapi kalau soseh soseh mintak gantikan Najib, no problem. Aku pun dah nyampah Najib liberal konon, nak buang Akta Hasutan, tak pesatkan implementasi DEB, mcm mcm lagi.

      Ada pulak yang tikam di belakang di bontot orang.

  17. Why the conclusion that no one could or should comment anything about the Malays?

    So long as you accept he history of this country, the Constitution and all the sensitive Articles there in, you can say anything you like. If offensive or unreasonable, we hit you back. Verbally, of course.

    But if seditious, the law will hit you. And we'll shit you in our hearts.

    1. If you think Sedition Act will go away, think again. Even TS Muhyiddin said not yet decided whether the Act will be modified, replaced or removed. I think DS Najib has also said along that line one time.

  18. "things changed when some became the leaders. Why and How?"

    Why things changed is because nincompoof got to become leaders. Flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy leaders. Allowed the situation where subversives, anti-nationals, seditious blokes etc became bold and rampant. Got whacked and whacked until he was eased out by UMNO. Tun Dol.

    Then another one came in. Because he was the nincompoof's deputy. Normal order of succession. Then he turned out to be bending backwards for non-Malay votes, helped Chinese schools which run counter to Article 152 of the Constitution on Bahasa Malaysia, somewhat muted the NEP in his economic policy that he asked foreign consultants to draft at very expensive fees, got the Chinese tsunami. Yet he went on with what he did, worse, threw out the ISA, EO and RRA, now he wants to throw out the Sedition Act. Najib.

    170 out of a total 191 UMNO Divisions have stated they want the Act retained, including Ministers and UMNO Supreme Council members, a slap on his face. Now people have been asking UMNO Supreme Council to replace him.

    No worry about getting a worse government at this stage. He might be the one responsible for the Gelang Patah debacle, encouraging mainland China's investment in the unjustified rush to achieve developed nation status. If he is not replaced, we might get a worse one after PRU14.

  19. What "jahanamkan pemimpin", man? It's to get a better government, like you said. The same government but a different leader, to be precise.

    Look at what happened to Selangor. We got a worse government after PRU 12. The voters got hoodwinked into voting them again at PRU13 because of the hate and hate messages spread by the ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP and their cohorts.

    We even got blokes who don't respect the Sultan. Wouldn't even comply with the Sultan's wishes. As a result, the wife was snubbed by the Place, not invited to the "MB interview" and refused audience despite several requests.

    How can the Sultan grant audience or appoint to MB post blokes who don't respect him? Crazy for not respecting the Sultan. His functions and roles and responsibilities are enshrined in the State Constitution, man.

  20. Mohd Khaidin Azman, a member of the Malaysian Institute of Planners, asked “How did a project like this start without a DEIA in the first place?”

    Usually,12 government departments and agencies must give their clearance. Including the Dept of Environment. Then the development proposal goes to State Exco for approval, land sub-division, strata titles, etc. Anybody knows who the Exco member in charge of Housing at that time?

    Then, building plans etc submitted to Dewan Bandaraya JB. They checked everything and after clearance by their technical people, issues the Development Oder which is required to start work, including starting dumping sand which is now in progress. Anybody knows the particular officer who signed and issued the DO?

    Hanky panky? Instructed by whispers to do so? Ringgit and sen? Anybody knows?

    1. If state gomen did not follow usual procedures for approval of Forest City project, must be because of "extraneous factors". MB could not control them. Or takut.

  21. Asked by the villagers how come the company got exemption from building affordable housing units, project director Zamani said,“You will have to ask the government to respond to that.”

    Alamak, so lame an answer. How come he got the job of project director? Could at least have planned some answers, spinned a bit. Bodoh ke dia? Or want to embarass the Johor gomen ke dia?

    Or could not think of any reason because there simply was none. Only Exco has it.

    Anybody knows Exco approval of the Forest City project during which MB?

    1. Anybody asked the Johore government? Why Forest City got exemption from building affordable housing units?

  22. Alkisah diceritakan.mengenai penambakan laut di Singapura yang meluaskan lagi tanah daratannya...menjelaskan apa yang Johor ada demi hendak menghalalkan projek forest city....

    Orang yang bercerita ni orang Johor ke orang Singapura. Alkisah di ungkit jasa2 Kprj bina jalan kampong, masjid dan sekolah agama bagi menghalalkan projet Forest City yang kandungannya dijangka mempunyai tempat berlibur Dan.berjudi Dan.tempat disediakan minuman keras Dan.pelayan2 bagi memuaskan nafsu pelanggan.

    Dikisahkan lagi bahawa projek ini akan memperkukuh kewangan negeri Dan Kprj...dengan mengorbankan.sumber khazanah semulajadi negara Dan negeri kerugian yang.bakal diterima bkn saja melebihi pulangan drp Projek itu yang dianggar rm290 bil.

    Malah lebih buruk drp itu iaitu kemusnahan warisan khazanah negara dan negeri yang tidak boleh dinilai dgn matawang

    Yang lebih menakutkan apabila pelindung semulajadi ini dimusnahkan kawasan ini terdedah dgn pelbagai bencana alam yang berpotensi membawa kerosakan dan.kemusnahan.

    Banyak persoalan dan isu yang tidak berupaya dijawab dgn yakin jujur dan ikhlas oleh pemaju forest city dan consultant dari aspek alam sekitar geopolitik sehinggalah kpd sosio ekonomi rakyat dan penduduk tempatan khususnya.

    Sama samalah kita berdoa ke hadrat Allah SWT barang dijauhkan malapetaka hasil drp keosakan yang dilakukan oleh tangan2 manusia.

    1. Sdr Al Kisah,

      Suka saya mendengar luahan tak senang hati Sdr itu berkenaan pojek Forest City itu. Kalau boleh, nak dengar lagi.

      Berdo'a sahaja tak cukup. Kita kena kecam berterusan supaya yang bertanggung jawab buat itu semua sedar, kalau boleh, di lucutkan jawatan nya, supaya mereka - dan yang lain lain - tak buat lagi macam itu di masa depan.

      Pemaju, konsultan dan yang saperti nya tentu lah suka, boleh dapat untung, wang upahan perkhidmatan mereka. Biasa nya, apa mereka peduli nasib si malang. Orang politik yang patut pedulikan nya. Tapi nampak nya tak peduli juga.

      Maka kita lah yang perlu hebohkan dan jeritkan ke tidak adilan yang berlaku.

    2. Sejarah penipu, pembolot harta ada di merata dunia. Lagi lama sejarah kaum berkenaan, lagi lama dan betapa banyak lah kes menipu dan membolot harta mereka.

      Ahli falsafah British, Bertrand Russel, ada menyatakan hal "the insatiability of mankind". Yang menyebabkan berbagai, sehingga perang dunia. Rasa tak cukup dan tak puas hati merangkumi berbagai aspek hidup - politik, ekonomi dll.

      Hitler telah di benam, ramai lagi yang saperti nya masih ada. Bernard Madoff pengusaha Amerika "made off" dengan 50 beribu juta dollar wang bnagsa nya, Yahudi Amerika, dengan Pyramid Scheme nya. Dia sudah lama di dalam penjara. Tapi masih ramai lagi di luar sana, dan di sini di Malaysia.

      Yang "insatiable" dan membolot harta di Forest City tentu suka bila tak di perlu "Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment", tak di syaratkan membijna "affordable housing units", dsb nya. Mereka salah di sisi undang undang sosial - tak kisahkan yang berpendapatan rendah. Tapi yang lebih besar salah nya ia lah mereka yang luluskan projek itu begitu - melanggar undang undang awam.

  23. Dikisahkan lagi kenapa forest city hendak dibina di atas tambakan laut. Berapa peratus forest Berapa. PERATUS bandar

    Di manakah Akan dibina pusat kumbahan utk 300,000 penduduk yang mendiami forest city. Bagaimana bekalan air dan elektriknya

  24. "The condition to build affordable houses in the state is applied to all other developers but CGP had somehow received an exemption, claimed the individual, who did not give his name."

    Pengarah projek itu pun tak nafikan. Ha nya suruh tanya Kerajaan Johor pulak.

    Apekedarahnya mereka itu semua? Apa sebab nya beri pengecualian kapada projek itu? Nak ada penduduk elite class di Johor ke? Terdiri dari orang asing pulak? Sebab penduduk tempatan tak akan mampu membeli begitu banyak rumah harga tinggi?

    Mengapa abaikan kepentingan penduduk tempatan. Terutama nya penduduk di kampong kampong itu. Mengapa tak di buatkan satu projek perumahan lain rumah mampu beli untuk mereka. Siapkan kerja kerja bagi mereka yang hilang keraja penangkap ikan, petani dsb nya.

    Saya pun minat nak tahu siapa dia Ahli Exco yang mempengerusikan mesyuarat mesyuarat meluluskan projek itu. Dan siapa Menteri Besar nya di masa itu. Mengapa dia benarkan projek saperti iitu dan benarkan pengecualian membina rumah mampu beli.

    1. Sebab sebab nya saya fikir saya tahu. Tapi nak tanya jugak lagi, kalau kalau ada orang yang lebih tahu. Atau tahu dengan lebih tepat lagi, siap dengan bukti bukti nya sekali.

      Dan nak beri peluang pengikut pengikut, penyokong penyokong mereka yang bertanggung jawab beri penjelasan. Atau alasan alasan mengapa di buat begitu.

      Kita tahu Pegawai Pegawai Kerajaan tidak boleh menjawab - tidak di benarkan. Tapi rakan rakan mereka boleh. Dan politikus politikus boleh. Melainkan jika mereka sudah jadi tikus. Sebab banyak ynag tak betul di lakukan di projek Forest City itu.

  25. Yes, rakyat has to sacrifice for development. Projects for public use and for public good. Roads, schools, hospitals etc. Even graves can be moved. Even so, the Pengerang project was said to be stuck because the Chinese grave issue there not yet resolved.

    But Forest City for whose use? For whose good? Not just for the elites with money, they are foreigners, too. And will disturb the racial status quo because they settle down there in big numbers.

    The politicians in Johor and whoever else involved were / are acting beyond logic. How come no one has asked for a Commission of inquiry? No longer fashionable to do so? The Opposition also having interest in that project, happy it's on?

    Sure extremist and racist DAP are happy with the prospect of so many Chinese settling down in Johor, one day will become citizens and give them votes. The Johor UMNO politicians are blind to all these? Don't rock the boat but let the boat sink because some holes are not plugged?

    1. Good idea Commission of Inquiry. I support.

  26. Sekarang sampai masa nya untuk Menteri Besar baru, Khalid Nordin, menunjuk kejantanan nya, membuktikan dia berjiwa rakyat dan menukar syarat syarat pembangunan Forest City itu.

    Tentukan mixed development, supaya separuh penduduk di situ orang Melayu - sepatut nya 60%, kalau nak maintain status quo % kaum kaum di negara ini.

    Ada berani? Amacan, orang orang Khalid Nordin? Bisa atur?

    1. Cakap dengan "pihak atas" lah.

      Satu di Johor, satu di Putrajaya.

      Kalau tak terbenam dalam pasir kita.

  27. Dah lah Johor mungkin jadi negeri Cina. Sebab projek mcm Forest City. Ni plak Azman Ali jadi MB Selangor. Geng Anwar Ibrahim yang kata orang sanggup jual emak kalau ada gerenti jadi PM.

    Apa lah malang nasib ku ini.

    1. Tak begitu tak baik nasib kita, beb. Ada hikmah di sebalik nya. Jijah tak dapat jadi MB. Tak dapat di godeng godeng dek Pak Dalang di sabelah tabir di penjara. Kalau Jijah MB, se olah olah Al Juburi yang merintah.

      Bayangkan lah, dia selalu jawab talipon, atau so'al so'al di mesyuarat dengan kata kata, "Nanti saya tanya Bang Nuor Anugerah Tuhan dulu". Katun punya pakatan. Pakatan Nuor-Jijah dan Pakatan Rakyat.

    2. Fasal Johor nak jadi negeri Cina - tak terjawab aku, Bang.

      Nasib lah depa pun haprak sejarah nya. Asyik bergaduh antara depa di negeri China hingga kominis masuk, lagi jahanam keadaan depa. Baru naik dua tiga puluh tahu lalu.

      Kalau tak, bulan dan Maret pun dah penuh depa. Malang nya di Malaysia ini ada Pak Kadok, Pak Dogol dan Mamat Tahi Ayam yang panggil depa masuk.

      Mamat di Putrajaya tu asyik nak cepat negara maju. Tak kira apa. Di sondol dek Anwar Al Juburi, Lim Kit Siang dll pun takpa. Setuju, minta UMNO gantikan dia lah. Dan yang di Johor ni. Kalau dia tak ubahkan keadaan di Forest City.

  28. Macam plot "Empire Strikes Back" pula. Lepas ni ada "Return of The Jedi". Masalahnya siapa 'Jedi' tu di Johor? Adakah Jedi itu akan membela mangsa-mangsa pembangungan serakah di Johor?

    1. Aku tak tengok filem tu semua. Tak tahu apa Jedi tu.

      Jedi tak Jedi, kena goncangkan keadaan lah. Bukan nak jatuhkan Kerajaan.
      Jatuhkan mereka yang rosakkan keadaan.

  29. Dikisahkan juga bangun seorang engineer anak Johor bertanyakan peluang kerja krn dlm senarai ditunjukkan hampir keseluruhan orang luar utk projek forest city.

    Kata engineer itu kalau orang luar bertanya padanya banyak projek besar di Johor tentu Banyak peluang kerja.

    Kata engineer itu dia hanya menjawab projek besar banyak di sini tapi kita hanya dapat tengok jer.

    Maka jawablah si pembesar yang juga seorang pemimpin bahagian di Johor dan kini menerajui Glc Johor peluang utk rakyat Johor akan diagih kemudian

    1. "Maka jawablah si pembesar yang juga seorang pemimpin bahagian di Johor dan kini menerajui Glc Johor peluang utk rakyat Johor akan diagih kemudian" ... sambil kembali menumpukan perhatian kepada sebiji bola golf yang mahu dipukul.

      Maksudnya, perkara peluang kerja untuk anak tempatan tu benda remeh aje!

    2. Kalau dah Ketua Bahagian yang menerajui GLC Johor cakap gitu, apa nak di harap kan?

      Kalau dah 300,000 orang Cina Singapore dan dari mainland China (jumlah unit unit yang di katakan di bina dis situ) diam di Forest City baru nak agih peluang, apa nak di harap kan? Kasi sisa ke? Boleh caya akan kasi sisa pun ke?

      Masih tarak orang Khalid Nordin atau sebagainya menjawab beratus so'alan di atas. Pokok nya, ngapa luluskan projek begitu? Tarak kasi syarat syarat yang sepatut nya kpd depa. Tarak jaga orang orang tempatan itu.

    3. Aisehmen, kalaun 300,000 unit perumahan harga tinggi di Forest City di diami oleh Cina Singapore dan mainland China, 1 unit 3 orang saja, senang senang 1 juta Cina bertambah di Johor.

      Ape nak jadi negeri Johor ni. Ya Allah, tolong lah Melayu tuh. Gerakkan hati mereka yang berkuasa menukarkan keadaan. Tukarkan syarat pembangunan di situ. Syaratkan sekurang kurang nya 50% pembeli Melayu. Bermakna, syaratkan rumah yang Melayu upaya beli sebanyak itu.

  30. dlm senarai ditunjukkan hampir keseluruhan orang luar utk projek forest city?

    Sampai begitu sekali. Jahil dan bakhil yang meluluskan itu semua.

    Ayoh, kita bisingkan tak habis habis.

  31. Care to comment?

    1. Kasi lah sikit intro, brader. Dah kena masuk kerja lagi nih. Mana masa nak copy link itu dan masuk ke blog itu.

      Tapi, kalau ada intro yang menarik, boleh juga masuk blog itu masa berjalan masuk tempat kerja. Dan ingat nanti tea time boleh baca lanjut.

    2. Aku baru buka dua-dua link tu ada pulak. Ko punya akses kena block tak ka tempat kerja?

    3. The 2nd one is Johore Times "official media" (?), appears not agreeable to the project by publishing the article with heading


      and mentioning our Malay billionaire Syed Mokhtar Bukhari has also been criticizing the project. That indicates that locals like Syed Mokhtar can also carry out the project, why bring in the mainland China or Singapore Chinese.

      It has only 2 comments, by the same person, one saying -

      Norhazamry Datuk Hj Nawi ·

      Apa logiknya projek forest city ni?.apa peranan KPRJ?.Apakah KPRJ sudah tukar misi dan visi kepada menyediakan prasarana kepada rakyat asing?

    4. Yang pertama itu mencatitkan MB Khaled Nordin telah menjelaskan bahawa tiada sebarang tanah milik PTP diambil semula dan kawasan pembangunan Forest City tidak memberi kesan langsung kepada pelabuhan itu.

      Tapi apa cerita 300,000 rumah di diami orang Cina Singapore atau Cina dari China yang jumlah orang nya lk 1 juta? Melayu tak upaya nak beli di situ.

    5. Kesan kepada Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas tetap ada kerana berdasarkan salah satu pulau buatan yang akan diwujudkan daripada tambakan adalah panjang menganjurkan ke selatan. ini mengakibatkan kawasan itu semakin sempit untuk laluan kapal-kapal yang masuk ke pelabuhan. seperti kata pemaju projek forest city jarak antara pulau dengan PTP adalah 1 kilometer. melihat secara fizikal corak penambakan dilakukan dapat disimpulkan bahawa PTP akan terjejas. dengan penambakan dan projek mengambil tempoh 30 tahun, gangguan daripada kerja-kerja penambakan akan mengganggu pelabuhan berhampiran. Persoalannya adalah pembangunan projek ini akan 'membunuh' PTP secara perlahan-lahan ? Adakah tangan-tangan daripada negara Singapura terhadap aktiviti penambakan kerana Singapura menganggap PTP adalah satu ancaman (threat) kepada mereka ?. Kalau ini sebenarnya berlaku dan niatnya amat malang lah negara ini. dek pertembungan peribadi antara ahli-ahli perniagaan tempatan berstatus tinggi kerana apa yang dilakukan untuk mendapat keuntungan dan laba untuk diri sendiri tanpa memikirkan kepentingan negara, negeri dan keseluruhan rakyat .

  32. Apa naa\k sibuk2 fasal orang kampung ni? Kalu merka tak mahu pembangunan, paksa depa pindah ke kawasan Endau/Rompin.

    1. Ko ni ungrateful ingrate pendatang Cina Bukit DAP ke? Bukan main lagi, suruh "paksa" orang kampung tu pindah ke lain tempat. Kepala hotak ko.


    2. Tahukah saudara anon 16.31 penduduk kampung di Mukim Tanjung Kupang yang hampir keseluruhan berbangsa Melayu adalah penyokong teguh kerajaan sedia ada. Mereka lah antara penyumbang kemenangan calon BN di Nusajaya walaupun tidak dapat menyumbang kemenangan di peringkat Parlimen Gelang Patah,

      Adakah kerajaan mahu meremehkan sokongan mereka ini dengan tidak mempedulikan suara-suara mereka berhubung kait dengan kepentingan dan kebimbangan mereka dalam projek Forest City.

      Kalau kerajaan meremehkan orang Melayu dan penyokong mereka ini makanya kerajaan sedang menggali kubur mereka sendiri di sini, kerana orang-orang Cina menerusi wakil-wakil rakyat mereka dari DAP terutama di Skudai dan jirannya Pangkalan Rinting yang hadir pada majlis pendengaran awam itu hanya tersenyum lebar dan menunggu masa yang sesuai menggunakan tangan-tangan ghaib mereka menangguk di air keruh..

      Kepimpinan Umno di Gelang Patah diterajui oleh anak tempatan yang juga Setiausaha Politik kepada Menteri Besar Johor, sudah tentu akan berjuang bermati-matian untuk kepentingan anak Melayu di Mukim Tanjung Kupang yang juga rata-ratanya adalah penyokong kuat kerajaan.

      Dalam suasana kedudukan BN dan UMNO yang tidak begitu menentu dan kukuh di Johor, pastinya kesilapan demi kesilapan perlu diminimumkan.

      Tidak tahu lah kalau pejuang-pejuang anak-anak tempatan ini pun sudah ambil tidak kisah lagi kerana yang penting adalah pembangunan dan kemajuan ekonomi menyumbang kepada pengukuhan kewangan. Inilah masanya mengaut untung.

  33. Fasal takda Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment tu, baca lah apa yang di tulis di Johor times berikut ini (TKasih kpd Anon yang berikan link tersebut di atas):

    Di dalam pembukaan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Johor pada 31 Mei lalu, di antara titah Tuanku Sultan Johor menyoal peranan EIA (Penilaian Impak Alam Sekitar) yang dikatakan cuba menghalang pembangunan di Johor dengan melambat-lambatkan kelulusan.

    Mengikut pandangan Tuanku, tindakan EIA ini mampu meninggalkan kesan tidak yakinnya pelabur asing dan Johor bakal terlepas peluang. Justeru, sultan Johor bertitah, baginda mahukan agar bidang kuasa penjagaan alam sekitar dibuat sendiri oleh kerajaan negeri di bawah Enakmen Negeri Johor sebagaimana yang telah ditubuhkan di negeri Melaka, Sabah dan Sarawak kerana ia berkait rapat dengan urusan tanah dan air.

    Faham saja lah masalah nya.

    1 juta Cina masuk diam di Johor? Senang hati lah DAP.

  34. Pengurusan isu pembangunan Forest City ini perlu diurus secara bijaksana kerana ia membabitkan banyak stakeholder.

    Daripada penduduk kampung di Mukim Tanjung Kupang, sehinggalah kepada projek-projek strategik kerajaan umpamanya sektor pelabuhan menerusi pembangunan berterusan dan pengukuhan operasi Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.

    Projek-projek berimpak tinggi kerajaan, aspek keselamatan dari segi penyeludupan, dari aspek antarabangsa membabitkan hubungan dua hala dengan Singapura dan sebagainya.

    Semua itu tidak boleh diremehkan lantas jika pembangunan ini memberi kesan negatif terhadap perkara-perkara di atas maka ia perlu diperhalusi semula kerana impaknya begitu besar kepada negara, negeri dan rakyat secara keseluruhan.

    Memang benar Johor memerlukan pembangunan.

    Tetapi jangan terlalu gopoh dengan sembrono membawa masuk 'mereka' yang sebenarnya tidak begitu dikenali asal usulnya kerana akhirnya yang menerima kesan dan kerugian berpanjangan adalah keseluruhan rakyat, negeri dan negara. Sebab itu sering ditekankan pembangunan bersifat sustainability.


    1. Gopoh dan sembrono nya

      1.Yang senang dapat pasir nak jual pasir berjuta juta tan. Dulu ekspot ke Spore, ni hantar ke laut, tepi Tg Kupang. Tak tau pantai mana atau kawasan mana di keruk pasir nya, jika jadi lagoon di pantai itu atau gaung besau di kawasan bukan pantai di keruk pasir nya.

      2. Yang meluluskan nya tak gopoh tapi sembrono dan merono bila kena marah. Baca lah petikan lapuran di Johore Times yang di sebut di atas ni. Berani mereka di Johor Times lapurkan berita yang mendedahkan pihak yang berkenaan itu.

      3. Kalau 300,000 Cina Spore atau Cina mainland China diam di Johor dan jadi rakyat 10 tahun kemudian, undi DAP, apa Putrajaya kisah. Itu masalah pemimpin 10 tahun kemudian. Sekarang gopoh nakkan taraf negara maju, tak kira apa. Sepatut nya pelaburan teknoloji tinggi di galakkan masuk dari China. Tapi nak cepat dapat developed nation status, lantak lah.

      4. Ada berani sesiapa nak tukar keadaan? Mungkin Putrajaya kata aku dah jadikan kamu MB Johor, kamu punya pasal lah, kamu punya masalah lah. Jangan menyusahkan aku di Putrajaya. Aku banyak masalah sendiri, nak buang Akta Hasutan pun, 170 dari jumlah 191 Bahagian UMNO tak setuju. Ada yang Menteri, ada yang Ahli Majlis Kerja Tertinggi UMNO tak setuju. Pening kepala aku. Aku nakkan developed nation status, kalau ada Akta Hasutan, tak developed nation. Tak kisah lah US masih ada ISA-like detention without trial di Guantanamo Bay.

    2. Hahaha, nak kejarkan developed nation status, kejarkan pelaburan dari mainland China yang baru 10-20 tahun lalu jadi nombor 2 ekonomi terbesar di dunia, kita bawa masuk teknoloji bikin pulau. Yang Arab dah buat di Timur Tengah.

      Dulu comedienne Bob Hope kata "Land is becoming more precious because God does not make land any more". Hah, sekarang kita Malaysia bikin pulau. Bukan main tu.

      Tak kisah lah kita dapat ke tidak pelaburan China dalam high tech industries saperti heavy industries, precision engineering industries, rocket or nuclear energy industries (depa dah ada nuclear weapons di tahun 1960an di zaman Mao Zedong lagi).

      Maju le kita, Yeop. 1 juta Cina masuk diam di Johor le, Mamat. Dapat teknoloji bikin pulau le kita, Pak Long.

  35. Amat malanglah kalau keputusan membangunkan Forest City sekadar berasas keuntungan dan laba serta pertembungan antara ahli-ahli perniagaan berstatus tinggi ini kerana yang mendapat kesan yang tidak baik dan kerugian berpanjangan adalah kerajaan, negara, negeri, masyarakat setempat dan rakyat keseluruhan. sewajarnyalah kepentingan negara adalah mengatasi segala-galanya. Adakah golongan berstatus tinggi ini mendokong semangat itu ? Atau mereka hanya mahu rakyat terbanyak saja yang menanggung amanah dan tanggungjawab itu sedang mereka hanya mensasarkan untuk mencari keuntungan dan laba untuk kepentingan sendiri. Terlalu banyak kepentingan peribadi dan kelompok sendiri mengakibatkan semakin terhakis nilai-nilai murni dan kecintaan kepada bangsa agama dan negara yang sekadar hanya laungan dalam ucapan-ucapan tanpa dihayati sepenuhnya. rakyat melihat mendengar dan menilai dan akan bertindak apabila tiba masanya. Sampai ke satu tahap apabila rakyat sudah bosan dengan suasana yang berlaku, dengan terhakisnya keyakinan dan kepercayaan pada sistem yang ada.mereka boleh membuat keputusan di luar dugaan dan jangkaan pemikiran biasa. Ini amat membimbangkan kerana tanda-tanda sudah begitu menyerlah dan nampak.


    1. Mendedahkan negeri, negara dan rakyat, kapada ancaman luar ,adalah satu perbuatan yang bolih diangap penghianatan kapada Negara .

      Patutlah ISA dihapuskan !.

    2. Bring back ISA, send those blokes to Kamunting Detention Centre, tell everybody even US still has ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay.

      Dan jangan hapuskan Sedition Act. Gantikan orang yang hapuskan Akta Hasutan itu dengan yang nak both ISA and Sedition Act.

  36. Hi Annie,

    You can say whatever you like about this project but you should take note of one crucial sentence in the TMI article you quoted above.

    "It was reported that the islands will have both residential and commercial lots and the project is expected to make a profit of nearly RM290 billion over the next 30 years for CGP."

    So, how many villagers objected to the project? 200?

    Hm, let me see now, 200 villagers buat bising versus RM290 BILLION PROFIT?

    I wonder which one is louder? :)


    1. The Gaia Hypothesis

      Question: I would like to know the name of the theory which states that the Earth is a living organism much like us human beings. And what it means in today's context. I suppose it's a fairly famous hypothesis.

      Answer: The Gaia hypothesis has both scientific and philosophical components. Gaia is theorized to be a living entity that is greater than the sum of all the living and non-living aspects of the Earth . . .it provides a very important perspective that is often missing in human intellectual endeavors: that we are not the center of form and function for the world in which we live. Rather, it reminds us that Earth will maintain some sort of balance as humans continue to modify it and this balance, while being satisfactory for most aspects of Gaia, may not be satisfactory for us. If humans are mindful of the present functioning of "Gaia" (or the whole Earth) and try to keep our modifications to a minimum, it stands to reason that Gaia will continue to help make Earth livable for us.

    2. Hoi Gladiator, for the sake of money, nothing else matters? Can sacrifice 200 fishermen etc? Where you learn your values?" Chinese schools?

      And who is CGP? You'd sell your country too? If the price is right? I think you are not Malaysian. Thank God.

      Crazy fellow.

    3. Ada kebenarannya apa yang diperkata oleh Gladiator. RM290 bilion bukan sekadar boleh menutup laungan 200 nelayan, malah boleh membeli nilai, budaya, moral dan jiwa masyarakat. Ia sudah pun terbukti apabila begitu banyak wang diperuntukkan oleh syarikat-syarikat dari China ini untuk menaja pelbagai program CSR bersifat hiburan, keraian dan santai untuk masyarakat terutama golongan muda yang begitu dahagakan aktiviti sedemikian.

  37. Is Johor ready for a major influx of China residents ?

    1. Nope, not ready. Will never be ready. The status quo in the population ratio must be maintained.

      Otherwise we call all the Malays in Indonesia and southern Philippines to influx also.

      The whole country not ready. Never ready for influx. Of any community. But those who want to migrate from Malaysia, welcome to do so.

    2. Sedia atau tidak sudah tidak penting lagi. Gelombang pembangunan dan kemajuan sudah boleh dirasa. Ternyata masyarakat terutama orang Melayu terus tertinggal jauh dari arus pembangunan yang terlalu pantas geraknya.

      Beberapa bulan saja pantai yang ditimbus pasir sudah menjadi daratan yang berkeluasan beratus ekar dan mungkin beribu. Berbelas ribu dan mungkin berpuluh ribu lagi unit kediaman mewah sudah dan akan dilancar.

      Sebahagian besar peratus orang Melayu dan masyarakat tempatan difahamkan tidak mampu memilikinya. Kebanyakan orang asing yang menjadi pembeli utama. Itulah sebenarnya hasrat pemaju projek.

      Aneh. Syarikat-syarikat ini tidak dikenakan syarat membina 40 peratus rumah mampu milik atau kos rendah dan sederhana untuk golongan sasaran.

      Begitulah peraturan dan syarat yang dicipta manusia boleh berubah atau diperkenalkan mengikut suasana dan keadaan tertentu kepada kumpulan yang tertentu dengan keistimewaan untuk mereka yang berduit dan kaya raya

    3. Ramai bertanya siapakah yang akan mengurus hal ehwal keselamatan di kawasan International Zone ini ? Sudah hampir pasti pengurusan keselamatan akan dilaksana pihak persendirian mengikut speksifikasi yang mereka tetapkan.

      Sudah boleh dilihat dengan jelas kehadiran kumpulan-kumpulan Gurkha iaitu pengawal keselamatan dari Nepal yang dibawa masuk untuk mengawal keselamatan di tempat-tempat komersial ini.

      Trend pengambilan Gurkha sebagai pengawal keselamatan telah lama menjadi amalan di Singapura dan ia telah meluas ke beberapa projek komersial di Malaysia termasuk di beberapa kediaman mewah di Nusajaya dan Gelang Patah.

  38. Kenapa tak terus bangunkan Teluk Belanga ala Forest City. Bawa masuk pelabur China (/ Singapura) terus. Apa, tanah tu tak boleh kacau; keturunan aku yang punya? Kalau tanah kat Johor boleh pula?

  39. Kebanjiran pekerja asing ke Iskandar Malaysia secara besar-besaran dari tanah besar China sudah bermula secara berperingkat-peringkat apabila mereka dilihat membuat pemeriksaan kesihatan di beberapa klinik swasta berhampiran kawasan pembangunan di Danga Bay iaitu membabitkan Country Garden, F & F Guanzhou dan Greenland. Secara mereka berbahasa sudah cukup membezakan mereka dengan bangsa Cina tempatan atau dari negara jiran Singapura.

    Selepas ini akan ada kebanjiran rakyat dari negara berkenaan ke Iskandar Malaysia apabila mereka ini bakal menduduki unit-unit rumah mewah yang ditawarakn oleh syarikat dari negara mereka. Maka, akan jadilah persisiran pantai yang dahulunya begitu terkenal sebagai peninggalan warisan negara iaitu menganjur daripada Tanjung Puteri, Teluk Danga, Pantai Lido, sehingga ke perkampungan Melayu di Kg Tebing Runtuh dan Kg Sungai Melayu.

    Akibat terlalu dahagakan mahukan pembangunan dan kemajuan, keuntungan dan laba, kawasan ini kini hanya tinggal sejarah apabila nama-nama berkenaan akan tenggelam ditelan pembangunan. Dan menerusi pewartaannya sebagai International Zone yang telah pun diumumkan di dada akhbar, maka akan hilanglah satu lagi sejarah negeri dan negara dan identiti bangsa Melayu yang pernah meneroka kawasan berkenaan.

    Pewartaan kawasan berkenaan sebagai International Zone, bermakna ia akan menjadi kawasan persendirian 'gated and guarded' dan majoriti anak-anak tempatan pun tidak boleh masuk sebarangan ke kawasan berkenaan tanpa sebarang urusan. Hanya sekadar memerhatikan saja daripada jauh golongan elit termasuk kelompok kecil orang Melayu dan pelbagai bangsa terutama dari China membanjiri kawasan berkenaan.

  40. Berbelas ribu unit rumah mewah telah dilancarkan di kawasan pembangunan dari Tanjung Puteri hingga ke Teluk Danga sehingga ke perkampungan Melayu di Pendas Laut dengan projek Forest City. Maka akan bertukarlah kawasan ini menjadi kawasan yang amat terasing bagi penduduk tempatan.

    Nilai, budaya, moral, aktviti masyarakat ini yang sudah meresap masuk ke dalam masyarakat akan terus mempengaruhi gaya hidup dan keseluruhan kehidupan masyarakat tempatan.

    Sudah boleh dijangka, budaya, nilai dan moral yang diserlahkan di kawasan ini bakal mempengaruhi masyarakat tempatan yang mana akhirnya terjadi satu krisis identiti yang dahsyat yang sedang dialami oleh negara jiran di Singapura. Inilah harga yang terpaksa dibayar daripada pembangunan dan kemajuan yang berlaku ini.

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