Monday 15 September 2014

Boring politics and a bit of racing

Surfed the net just now, trying to find something interesting to write but there were nothing really new or inspiring.

The Selangor crisis is at a stalemate as I am writing this. So, nothing much for me to comment there.

Anyway, I think most people are fed up with the whole thing.

What difference does it makes whether DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail or Azmin Ali or Khalid Ibrahim or some Pas guy becomes the Selangor MB?

I don't think it will change people's life in Selangor one bit.

Go ahead, let Anwar take all those RM3 billion of the Selangor reserves.

As if he had never done it before when he was the DPM and Finance Minister.

Anyway, the Selangor Umno people, led by that not so bright Noh Omar are too dumb.

Even if the whole of Pakatan in Selangor collapsed, they would not know what to do to improve themselves so that they can take over from those clowns.

Let's not even mention the other BN component parties, okay. Totally hopeless.

Meanwhile, the Pengkalan Kubor by-election campaigning started yesterday but I am hardly excited about it.

After all, nothing going to change no matter what the outcome will be.

My prediction: BN going to win this one despite Pas taking over from PKR in their fight against Umno there.

The 1,700 majority won by BN in GE13 is good enough a cushion.

It's basically going to be a repeat of the first by-election after GE13 last year - Kuala Besut.

Let's count back the by-election results since then:

Kuala Besut, retained by BN

Sungai Limau, retained by Pas

Kajang, retained by PKR

Balingan, retained by BN

Bukit Gelugor retained by DAP

Teluk Intan captured by BN

The results in Teluk Intan is the only upset because DAP got over confident and arrogant by fielding a naive Malay girl as an experiment and expected the constituents, especially their Chinese supporters to accept it.

DAP should not lost their over 7,000 majority won in GE13 if it had fielded just any of the Chinese fishmongers at the Teluk Intan wet market as their candidate.

Really, by-election is that predictable. People's choice usually doesn't change much unless we changed it for them by either being too arrogant like DAP or being too stupid like Selangor Umno....or the current Johor Umno.

As for the other political issues....really, nothing much.

Hmmm...maybe I am getting jaded.

Ok, I better write about something else.

Last night I watched the movie, Rush on Astro.

It's a good movie based on the real story about the rivalry between F1 drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, in particular during the dramatic 1976 season.

Those were the years when F1 drivers smokes, drinks, and even takes drug as was in the case of Hunt, who also lived a promiscuous life.

Lauda was however the opposite of all that.

It's intriguing to watch the rivalry between the two.

F1 always has such great rivalry.

Another famous one was between the late Aryton Senna and Alain Prost in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Senna was a bit like Hunt, while Prost was more like Lauda.

The more colorful Hunt and Senna died young while Lauda and Prost live till today.

I always wish I can be someone nice and proper like Lauda and Prost, but the actual fact is that I am more of the Hunt and Senna brand.

Hmmmm....not very nice thought that one....never mind.

Okay, to add a bit of color to today's posting, here is a a bit of drift racing in Pengkalan Kubor,

Guess, the guys there also bored of plain politics and prefer racing more.


  1. Guys digs naughty but nice girls ; )

  2. Anne,
    Your remark on the stupidity of Sgor UMNO I think is premature.Diamx mereka diamx ubi.their politics is worst and dirty,compare to other parties,afterall they had been in the game for more than 50 yrs.They are appreciating and assessing the situation and will pounce when the time is right.Money to them is no problem.Let us wait and see.Politic is dirty or a war without bloodshed.Did not Najb mention once BN will take back Sgor at all cost and the option had opened now,do you think they want to miss it.Do not underestimate them.

    1. 12:44,

      Cd you give some indication as to what good they are doing these days? Or since the MB issue cropped up. Any indication of anything good at all. Other than just keeping quiet.

      Are they driving any wedges? Other than KFC wedges driven into their stomachs.

      Or geceh or chaketing, as the Kelantanese say. It'd be good if we know that they are doing something.

      Najib? He just wants to throw away the Sedition Act. He probably thinks doing so would automatically get Selangor back to BN, the Tsunami Chinese all run away from DAP, all UMNO Divisions will put him on their shoulders and carry him around all over the country.


  3. DAP should not lost their over 7,000 majority won in GE13 if it had fielded just any of the Chinese fishmongers at the Teluk Intan wet market as their candidate.


    1. Wrong! It is a Chinese cultural Marxist party: it is anti-Confucius and delves in rapture evangelism.

  4. Politics is never boring. For so long as the extremist chauvinist DAP is around. They are a no good lot. Spreading hate all the time. Must be condemned all the time.

    Nothing is right by the DAP. Except themselves. Yet all the weaknesses they accuse others of, they also have. Even worse. If they have been ruling this country for the last 50 years, they would have sold it to China or some others.

    Lim Guan Eng officiated the opening of a building named after Sun Yat Sen who had nothing to do with this country except tumpang duduk in Penang when running away from the revolution in China long ago. Guan Eng wants the Chinese in this country to look to Sun Yat Sen and China. Lim Kit Siang wanted communist terrorist leader Chin Peng be allowed to enter Malaysia. The bloke who wanted to bring this county under the influence of Mao Tse Tung and communist China.

    1. This is political hypocrisy at its maddening worst. Dr. Sun Yat Sen envisioned a democratic China based on Chinese civility, liberated from absolute monarchy and the cruel Manchu dynasty. How could this be remotely compatible with the genocidal cultural revolution of Chairman Mao authoritarianism?

  5. No need to wait for anything new or inspiring. Just give the old stuff some new twist. For example, anything about the old Lim Kit Siang and that Dyana girl is interesting. At the worst, we can ask what they are doing. Where, how, etc.

    Some who may have seen them may come out with something.

    Or Lim Kit Siang and mama Foo. Or Guan Eng and Betty. Or Rainbow. Those in politics should know that anything is fodder.

    Some may feel irritated at this kind of talk. Then we tell them to have some sense of humour. After all, to morrow is a holiday. And Anwar is still Al Juburi. So said Mat Sabu - that Mat was the one who first used that title on Anwar. At the time before Pakatan came into being. Now Mat Sabu would even lick Anwar's spit. That's politics, they say.

    Dyana and old Lim Kit Siang? Tun Dr Mahathir had long told Kit Siang to retire. But with Dyana around, Kit Siang would drop dead before he retires. Interesting sentence, eh?

  6. Anon 13.40
    You think those UMNO buggers want to blow their horn of what their strategy and plan.They are not like RR of PKR who blow the whistle without doing appreciation,deductions,courses open,effects on both sides,formulation of plan.There many occasion he kantoi when opponents counterback resulting in doing flip flopping.In the case of Sgor now they just tow the line and will do the assault when the time is ripe.