Sunday 28 September 2014

We need everyone onboard

I found this link in the Unspinners blog:

@KadirJasin Meroyan Lagi Mahu Jadi Hero Isu Kritikan Tun M Terhadap @NajibRazak??? 


Keadaan jelas menunjukkan seorang lagi blogger Tun M melakukan penipuan besar selepas blogger SyedOutsideTheBox kantoi dengan fitnah pertemuan Ketua Bahagian yang hanya 70 bahagian sahaja bertemu Najib sedangkan fakta sebenarnya kesemua 170 Ketua Bahagian sendiri mengambil inisiatif mahu berjumpa Najib bagi menyatakan sokongan padu terhadap beliau dan bukan sebaliknya seperti yang cuba di"spin" blogger pemfitnah pro Tun M dan dimanipulasi pula oleh media pembangkang seperti Malaysiakini.

The blog is called Kulaan Niring. It has a total page views of over three million since 2011.

I read it for the first time but I believe it's a relatively popular blog based on the page views count.

By comparison, my blog has only over one million page views since March last year.

Bahasa Malaysia sopo blogs always have better hits than English blogs of the same type in this country. It reminds me of that popular Papa Gomo blog.

I don't really read them though.

Anyway, I believe the quarrel is still ongoing between those who support PM DS Najib Razak and his critics who are backing Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who recently withdrawn support from the administration.

Senior journalist Kadir Jasin became the subject of Kulaan Niring's post because he wrote a  rather controversial piece in his blog here;

Umno President is "Strong", Umno is Weak


10. The hypocrites and the apple polishers should stop treating the rakyat like fools by saying that they respect Dr Mahathir and support the PM. They should be replying to Dr Mahathir’s teguran. To say they respect Dr Mahathir and support the PM is not the answer. To say time has changed is also not the answer. Dr Mahathir’s teguran are about policies and they need serious replies.

11. Dr Mahathir is not demanding respect. He is asking them to listen to the rintihan of the rakyat, mend their ways, be less corrupt, work harder and make Umno strong and respectable again. They should be with members instead of tugging ministers’ coattail.

Kadir, who is a tokoh kewartawanan negara also wrote a list of grouses against the Najib's administration.

Kadir was backed by another popular senior blogger, Syed Akhbar Ali in this posting;

Kadiaq Ligan Lagi

As noted, Kulaan Niring had labelled the duo as "blogger pemfitnah pro Tun M".

I think that's a rather unfortunate thing to do.

Instead of labeling Kadir and Syed Akhbar in such a way, pro-Najib bloggers should rebut their arguments with facts.

For instance, explain to them that all those millions of ringgit spend on 1MDB is good for the people.

Prove to them that 1MDB is not a vehicle for some rich cronies to swindle the rakyat's money and that talks of those millions being hoarded in offshore accounts were not true.

They can get those facts from the PM's media handlers....or those media handlers can give those facts to the bloggers. Which ever ways...

I think that's the better way to engage the likes of Kadir and Syed Akhbar.

Once the questions they asked were answered, they will not be bothering the PM anymore.

The same goes with Dr Mahathir. As Kadir said, the old man wants answers.

Of course, the answers must come from those whose hands are clean.

There should really be no crooks doing the stealing as alleged.

If there are actually crooks hanging around, then the PM must get rid of them first.

I believe things will be easy after that.

And everyone will be onboard again to support Datuk Najib.

Looking at things are at the moment, I believe that everyone was needed onboard.

Let's not be arrogant, thinking that we can just kick out those that we don't want.

We need to win them over instead.

Otherwise, I believe it will be a repeat of GE13, or even worse three years down the road.

There's not much time left.

Okay, enough of my rambling for today.

Need to go out and find something to eat.


Been drinking only soybean since last night.

Cheers everyone.


  1. Good job Annie! Well said. I wish I could belanja you somewhere. I love your writings and you are such a smart witty lady.

  2. This time I disagree with you, Annie.

    I agree with Tun Dr Mahathir and Dato Kadir Jassin. But I think Dato Seri Najib has been looking for trouble himself. And he has to do the explaining. Or get his Ministry of Information, the national news agency Bernama and all do it.

    Thoroughly. And convincingly. Not just behind closed doors to UMNO delegates before PAU.

  3. What Najib and his Establishment have to explain:

    1. Why be so-called liberal? Tried to please the non-Malays a lot but not the Malays whose rights and interests UMNO was formed to protect and promote over 60 years ago. He even almost muted the NEP in the first draft of his Economic Policy done by the foreign consultants he engaged at huge fees. And NEP was not much mentioned in the Final Draft. He put aside his father's idea of re-structuring society that was conceived after the race riots of 1969. The Malays have agreed to citizenship right for the non-Malays, NEP is within that Special Position of the Malays and Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153, the quid pro quo for citizenship right.

    2. Why, even after the Chinese tsunami, he still did the same. Having given some form of recognition to the UEC, he gave financial grants to Chinese schools, scholarships to members of the community that has been the richest in the country for many decades, the community that has a traditional system of helping the less fortunate via their exclusive clan and sub-clan associations, business and trade guilds of one sort or the other. UTAR at one time even refused RM30 million donation for scholarships etc from a Chinese millionaire. Whereas the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, who form 70% of the population mostly in the rural areas, who have been largely ignored by the British colonial rulers in terms of building schools in sufficient numbers and type (primary, secondary, English schools), had nowhere to go to for scholarships, except the Government, whose funds were never unlimited.

    No doubt starting the Single-Stream education requires some doing, but he didn't have to show encouragement for the continuation of vernacular schools, which are not in line with Article 152 of the Constitution on BM, etc.


  4. (Continuation)

    3. Why Najib played to the tune of the Opposition buggers. Repealed ISA, EO and RRA. Then wanted to abolish the Sedition Act. That which protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution concerning the institution of Malay Rulers, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras, Islam being "the religion of the Federation", etc. As a result, there's so much rancour, ill will, disharmony and seditious tendencies in the country to day. And at least 170 of the total 191 UMNO Divisions have stated they want it retained, including a few Ministers and several Supreme Council Members.

    4. If doing so is to attract foreign investments, please IMF and the World Bank which play a part in certifying this country's developed nation status, why is he in a hurry to get here. Especially when, in the process, the re-structuring of society and the objectives of the NEP are sacrificed. The Malays now have only about 20% of corporate wealth, and not yet counting wealth in other aspects of the economy, like ownership of commercial and residential properties.

    All the above need to be fully and satisfactorily explained. Otherwise many would not be on board. Many have even asked Najib be replaced. Not UMNO or the Government, but the leader be replaced.

    1. Is it true the PM did not complete his bachelor's degree in England? If it's true then how did he qualify to do his master's degree with Proton school of management? Is that why he needs to employ so many "consultants" in his own office to be able to shoulder the work of the PM? In this case, what is the purpose of the other cabinet ministers and their ministry staff?

    2. betulkah PM kita fail masa ambik ijazah dulu? tak pernah lagi kan kita ada PM yg tak da ijazah sebelum ni...

  5. Kadir Jasin really "lepas geram" this time around. I don't know why?

    1. It's not Kadir Jasin who "lepas geram". It's the keluh kesah of rakyat. Thanks so much for Pak Kadiaq and his Kedai Kopi Association (KKA). Had it not been for their insights and sharp vision, this country of ours would have gone down the drain.


    2. Agree with you, 19:02.

      Pak Kadiaq played a big role in getting the rakyat generally observing the laws and maintaining a semblance of decency by his presentation of the news, editorials and columns during his tenure as Editor in Chief of the New Straits Times Group during Tun Dr Mahathir's PMship.

      Until TDM started bashing Tun Dol's "flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy administration" and Dol's boys took over, and the NST group of newspaper became trash, people refusing to buy and the Malay Mail was given out free for a period of time then.

  6. The UMNO-paid Malay bloggers are as useless as their boss - Tun Faisal. They know how to spit vile and...that's it.

  7. .. he actually want to be, just another nice guy in the neighbourhood, the carrier of his wife's shopping bags and mending after his sleeping while awake syndrome. He never ask for all this. Blame it on TDM, UMNO and the malay for putting him as the MP at the age of 23, MB at the age of 29 and now PM while everybody else enjoy life in retirement. The more people push him to the corner, the more agigated he become, and will do just the opposite of what they expect out of him. As fas as he is concern, all these people are toturing him into what he is now. What a sweet revenge. Let's all this people suffer forever for depriving him on what he wants most.

  8. Luahan DtkKadir dlm blognya banyakmembuka minda.Tulisan Outsyed pula banyak bertanya tentang kelemahan kerajaan di bawah Najib.Cuma Outsyed tak suka ditegur.Rupa2nya Outsyed ,dalam diam2,adalah seorg yg tak setuju dgn hadis2 nabi.Beliau bersembunyi atas nama "alquranist".Itulah Syed Akbar.

    Kpd Dtk Kadir semoga terus menulis dgn rasional spt lazimnya.

    1. eh eleh...senang cerita dia seorg free thinker..byk lagi mcm dia kat malaysia ni..lagi bagus malaysia ada org mcm ni drpd byk pak lebai arab unta yg dok berckp cerita dogeng arab....sibuk hal pakaian wanita...sibuk cerite tambah 4 bini..cerita seks memanjang.

  9. Yes, the Media handlers should really be grateful, Ms Annie
    ( and keep it up adinda! )
    for any internal criticism.

    It's probably better to have Him Inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in !
    -- Late US President Johnson, 1971

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  10. Outsyed the box itu pakar Al Quran

    1. Ya betol semua kita ni kena pakar AlQuran. Baca sendiri paham sendiri.

      Kenapa kena tanya orang?