Thursday 11 September 2014

A quiet day, Azmin and a bit on birthday

I am now at this quiet place, far away from the hustle and bustle of KL.

This is my refuge.

Here, I don't have to worry about things such as the stupid Selangor leadership crisis which was caused by one man's greed for power, money etc.

Why should I care about nonsense such as this NST front page report today

‘PKR now pushing for Azmin to become MB’

when I can, just sleep and have a peaceful existence in this quiet place.

Aren't you all tired of all that stuff?

If Pakatan wants Azmin to be the Selangor MB and the Palace agrees to it, then by all means, let them have it.

I just want them to get on with it and for once start to work for the people instead of having all these stupid dramas.

Well, never mind.

If Azmin also turned out to be a dud, then the people of Selangor deserves what they got for choosing Pakatan.

That is democracy.

Anyway, it's drizzling outside where I am. There was a bit of thunder in the distance.

It's nice to sit by the window and watch the raindrops.

It's a very peaceful afternoon I am having here.

At times like these, I tend to contemplate on my life.

My birthday passed by recently with only three people remembering it and wishing me a happy birthday.

I don't really mind that as I have always been a very private person.

I never have a birthday party all my life. Not even when I was a kid.

Normally, my parents would just bought me a cake and occasionally a present or flowers. That was all to it.

Anyway, I think I would feel awkward if people sing me a Happy Birthday song at a party or restaurant with others watching.

I actually spent my recent birthday working.

My parents were not around to celebrate it as usual.

However, later in the evening, one of the three people who remembered my birthday bought me dinner at a crab restaurant in Oasis, Ara Damansara.

Just the two of us.

It was nice, and a bit fun struggling with the spicy crabs.

That was good enough a celebration for me.

Okay, the rain had stopped.

Enough of my ramblings.

I am going back to resting my brain....maybe a bit of fresh air outside and later a nap.

See you all later.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Annie !!!

  2. Gosh Annie I was there too at around 8.15 till 10pm. Well so many Chinese there but which was you?

    1. I think I'm the only one who is not a real Chinese there....hahaha

    2. Saw one wearing hijab there. But she shouldn't be you. Probably her friend she was eating with was you. I couldn't remember her at all. I wasn't looking around watching people at that time. Damn!

  3. At a beach again? Not hot bikini pics? Hahahaha sorry menyakat

    1. :-) but it's raining at the beach too....

    2. so betul la the gal in the bikini pics last time was u? dang u r hot gal ; )

  4. Thanks...Pulau Perhentian is beautiful ....but I am okay here. Just need to rest....and have some quiet time.

  5. At far and quite place ,PKR (Anuar ,Azizah ,Azmin) still hunt you ,luckily the Lim's didn't come along too .

    1. Nobody can get me here...I'm all fine. Thanks.

    2. Azmin or Azizah (2 x 5) = (10) Al-Juburi!

  6. I didn't know it was your birthday or I would have sent you a greeting, Annie. Well, glad to hear you had a nice spicy crab feast. Happy Belated Birthday!!!


    Dr Mahathir Mohamad has delivered a scathing indictment on the Malays, calling them "lazy" and lamenting that he failed to change them despite attempting to do so for two decades.

    To illustrate his point, the former prime minister, who helmed the nation for 22 years, cited the Japanese as an example, but in a rather bizarre manner.

    Accusing the Malays of not being ashamed of failure, Mahathir said: "You see the Japanese, they have a lot of shame, not ashamed of being naked, but shamed of failure. If they fail to fulfill a duty, they commit suicide (during the war era)."

    "Of course they do not do this anymore, but this drive had led to them to rebuild the country that lost badly in war," he added.

    As for the Malays, Mahathir said they are not embarrassed even if they fail their examinations.

    "They can become mat rempit. And be very proud (of it).

    "No matter how stupid you are, like I was, if you study a lot and repeatedly do it, you will eventually become good at it," he added.

    Mahathir was speaking at the launching of a book "Wahai Melayu" written by Anas Zubedy.

    He then went on to call on the Malays to discard their "lazy" attitude if they do not want to be "poor in a rich country".

    "They say, 'don't see the Malays as being lazy'. I like to look at people in the face and tell the truth. Malays are lazy," the octogenarian said.

    Mahathir also said that Malays do not have enough "integrity" in handling money, another reason that their credibility is eroded.

    "I run a bread shop now, after my retirement. And I had to fire my manager because they tried to take some money on the side. I experienced this myself," he said.

    1. He said hose to provoke the relevant Malays and to inspire others.


  9. I know a single mum who single handedly brought up 4 children by have 2 jobs. She'll also bake cakes for Raya. She's honest and has integrity. She has my quiet respect.

  10. Aren't you all tired of all that stuff? Sure.

    I've been tired of it 6 years ago. When Pakatan took over Selangor.

    Even earlier. When BN MBs shitted (pardon, annie, but that word is not seditious, I assure you) one after another until they lost Selangor to Pakatoons.

  11. "now at this quiet place, far away from the hustle and bustle of KL ... your refuge.

    I've just been back from mine, annie. My place hardly any sun, cool and I had good exercise.

    Hope you enjoy doing what you like there. Remember, at such places, not doing anything is doing something, innit? Like enjoying the rain drops and the stillness of the moments.

  12. "I never have a birthday party all my life." Me, too. Our paths should cross some day, you know. We have many things in common.

    I dislike birthdays as it reminds me being one year older. I told myself to leave ageing to God, I just watch what I eat, exercise when I can, support the Government, whack the Opposition (Pakatan, I mean) and that keeps my time fully occupied, haha.


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    Malaysian Airlines Employees Union (MASEU) chief Alias Aziz said that while the low-cost carrier is already home to many former MAS staffers, it was not the only one showing interest in snapping up the national carrier’s men.

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