Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A good prince

This may be a bit late, but I was only aware yesterday that Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim has not been well and is currently under treatment in a hospital for quite awhile now.

I am praying for his recovery.

You can check the latest on Tunku Jalil at his

Tunku Abdul Jalil Official | Facebook

Tunku Jalil is my favorite Johor prince.

He is a down to earth member of the royalty who has always been close with the rakyat.

The most memorable story about the prince was on how he mourned the loss of his colleagues in the police force during the Lahat Datu incident last year.

Tunku Jalil consoling the mother of Allahyarham Sargent Abdul Aziz Sarikon who was killed in the Lahad Datu incident at the deceased family home in Kampung Parit Punggor Darat Rengit Batu Pahat on March 10 2013 

 May Allah bless the good prince.


  1. Bismillah.Maha pengasih , maha pemurah , maha penyayang.
    Ya Allah . Sembuhkanlah segala penyakitnya , dan jadikan segala amal baiknya sebagai ubat dan penawar , Segala yang baik darimu Ya Allah .Baikkanlah dia dan sembuhkanlah segala penyakitnya . Amin Ya Rabal alamin .

    1. Allahumma ya Rabbana, pray grant healing to the good-hearted prince!

      Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Nur al-Anwar


  2. JazakaAllah.. YES, these are one of the traits of a Pemimpin (to be..?) disayangi, disanjungi DAN dihormati.. Such endearing disposition, as depicted in the 2nd. pict reflects one's upbringing to respect and love the/any elderlies. And this must transcend beyond race, religion and creed..


  3. "He is a down to earth member of the royalty who has always been close with the rakyat."

    May he always be there for his rakyat and beloved . . .


  4. Former Johor Baharu Umno vice youth chief Syed Amirrudin Syed Jaffar said today the statement by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice president Tian Chuan pertaining to the instrusion issue in Lahad Datu, Sabah can cause anger among the people and trigger chaos. He told the Sessions Court here this was because the incident really occurred but Tian Chua in his statement as reported by the Keadilan Daily.com news portal, among others, described the intrusion in Lahad Datu as merely "A GOVERNMENT FARCE"


    Down with the Biadap Anak Derhaka Pakatan Tian Chua!

    1. Setuju 100%.

      Perlu di tangkap, di lokap, bertahun tahun. Supaya dia sedar dan masuk ajar.