Friday 12 September 2014

Just writing

Caution: This posting is just me rambling again. Don't read it if you don't want to waste your time. Thanks.

Someone asked me today how to be a good writer.

Honestly, I don't know the answer.

That's because I don't think I am a good writer myself.

My language skill is actually quite bad.

Those who regularly read this blog must surely noticed that my English is not so good.

There were so many grammatical errors.

My Bahasa Malaysia is actually even worse.

I am simply not a language expert. Not even by a long shot.

The person who asked me the question however disagreed, and said that my writing could not be so bad because this blog is doing relatively quite well.

Well, I don't know whether this blog is really doing well.

All those page views come from Rockybru blog. Any blog listed in Rocky's main blog roll will have high number of page views.

Even the not so good ones, I think.

Therefore, the page views of this blog are definitely not an indication of myself being a good writer.

Anyway, I know so many other sopo blogs which are better.

This blog is actually quite "light" compared to them.

I actually just write spontaneously what's in my mind.

I also hardly do in-depth research to prove how right I am or how good a writer is myself.

Sometimes I even wrote nonsense which I am quite embarrassed to read again after a while.

It's definitely not an authority on anything. At least that's how I see it.

It's mostly about my opinion on things, and nothing more than that.

I never expect others to agree with me.

But, one thing I am quite sure about my writings, I need to have a clear mind and happy heart to write a reasonably good post.

If I am sad or stressed, my writing will be a mess.

Sometimes it became plain garbage.

Of late, my writings were quite bad.

This posting is probably one of those.

Anyway, the TV in this living room where I am sitting now is showing a Korean drama titled "Good daughter, Hana". It is at Astro's One channel.

I am not sure what the drama is all about as I am writing this instead of watching it.

Well, I hope I can regain my usual cheerfulness and write properly again.

Need to lift this heavy feeling from my heart.

I am having plenty of that lately.

There has been so many bad news.

I am also wishing for someone to text me saying that I will never be alone....well, never mind...that's another one of my nonsense.

Okay, need to snap out of this gloomy mood.

I will write again when I'm feeling a bit more cheerful.

I better try to go to sleep now. It's almost midnight.

To those who read till this point: Sorry for wasting your time with this nonsensical ramblings of mine. 

Anyway, take care you all.


  1. Aaah Annie pasti rindu the special someone she had a spicy crab feast with. One of the 3 who remembered her birthday. :) I like to read your writings Dear. It's got so much soul and heart. There's a distinct voice just like every popular singer has that distinct tone and personality. Ok better not overdo it, nanti Annie thinks I AM DRUNK.

  2. Annie, I love your writings.
    Cheers from me.

  3. To me, you're a good writer.
    No matter what, be cheerful, always.

  4. "There has been so many bad news." Annie, note that the news people think it's not news if t's good. So, expect most news are bad. Every day.

    In Malaysia, especially the Opposition so-called news portals. They are actually neither news nor portals. They report half truths, spin, slant etc.

    Google News page are full of them. Looks like the Oppo people have gotten into there.

    I try to counter them when I can and am in the mood. Sometimes even look forward to their "bad news" .

    Easy to do so. They often make what has been called "wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations." So, I just ask them for proof, or substantiation or justification. Often they come out with rude replies. I laugh at them.

    Learn to laugh even at bad news, my dear.

  5. If you are on Rocky Bru's Roll, you must be good, Annie.

    I think it's your simplicity, of ideas, of how you express yourself that endear people and make them visit you again and again. Simple English, unpretentious, just being yourself.

    To gain 1.3 million page views in 1 1/2 years is not easy. Many can't get that even after 3-4 years.

    Keep up with your style. Even what you call your "ramblings" when you are in that mood. Everybody has moods, promise you that. Carry on, annie.

  6. To write one has to be able to convert thoughts into prints and at the same time one has to do it without hesitation which may make what written unreadable - meaning bersepah lah. Boring nak baca. Baca pun sakit hati.

    You pen your thoughts reasonably well. English grammar - hah to hell with that..most of us write with rubbish grammar anyway which is why my preference of NST over STAR which I feel its writers have a lot less skill in writing in English.

    So Annie, penning down thoughts is writing. Professional writers have their works proofread too before their writings to publishers.

    Keep on writing, Annie. We enjoy reading your spontaneous thoughts. English command doesn't matter. Lim Guan Eng pun lintang pukang jugak English dia but not Dr. Mahathir whose English is immaculate.

    Write in BM sometimes, Annie. Bahasa Kebangsaan tu. Promote sikit ..try...