Sunday 28 September 2014



  1. Don't like the anti-Najib comments to your previous post, Annie?

    Changed subject to a new post after only 10 comments there, eh?

    Jangan mara, ya, teasing you a bit.

  2. merveilleuse Madame, très profond effet! Mungkin yang terpentingnya membenarkan Allah dan membuat baik sesama manusia - tak akan jadi kesunyian insha Allah.

    1. Bonjour, bonjour.

      Whoever thinks no Malay can speak French these days. Thanks to NEP.

      Watakushi wa Nihonggo wa skoshi hanase masu desu neh.

      Pls don't ask me more, that's all I know, hehe.

  3. Feel like writing more for the previous "onboard" post, but wonder if readers go to previous posts when new ones come out.

    As for this "Loneliness" post, here are more cliches and not-so-cliche remarks that are worth pondering when feeling lonely

    The higher one gets, the lonelier it becomes
    It's lonely at the top
    One can get lonely even among the maddening crowd in Ginza, Tokyo
    It gets lonely when you fail your Kajang Move
    It's certainly lonely when one thinks of prison

    Loneliness is not the prerogative only of the solitary, it also afflicts the popular, the hectically busy
    George Clooney is not lonely now but would when his International Lawyer wife spends days in war-torn Africa

    Loneliness is a state of mind, TV watching can change it. If not, wreck the TV
    Try thinking of Azmin. Or Forest City. Or Dangar Bay. Or bloody Alvin Tan
    When stupid George W Bush got lonely, he went dropping bombs in Iraq
    When Dear Leader Lim gets lonely in Penang, he goes to meet Dear Leader Kim in Pyongyang, and comes back limping with gout

    To avoid loneliness, try chatting with Ambiga. Or Marina Chin. But avoid the subject of Bersih
    Think of the Police figures of 8,000 thugs and gangsters in Penang. About the same figures as the PPS.
    Avoid the Ah Long Loan Sharks. They are like Rainbow - they like multi colours - paints thrown at houses
    Don't let Betty know, else she'd also like them thrown - at Rainbow

    Have a good day, my dear

  4. More of the same attempt at distracting those concerned from loneliness:

    Loneliness is a blessing. It gives you the chance to curse the boyfriend or girlfriend, who otherwise is always beautiful and lovey lovey.

    Curse him - ugly, warts and all. And for making you a porn star, Vivi.

    Don't eat bak kut teh any more. Been poisoned by Alvin with Islamic curses.

    When lonely don't go to Hong Kong. They are revolting, no space on the streets and you might get into the communist Chinese Black Book.

    Anwar Al Juburi is planning to bring 10,000 Hongkies for his next street demo. On top of the 40,000 Bengladeshis he brought at PRU13. He got fed up with just 300 attending his anti-Sedition Act ceramah 1-2 days ago.

    When Azmin gets lonely, he goes to the toilet.

    When Penang Limmmy gets lonely, he starts thinking of suing. Rainbow, will you keep him company often, for goodness sake.

    Don't get lonely thinking you'll run out of sand. Just dig and dig. We won't mind living in a huge lake the size of Johor.

    Watch out against being seditious when lonely. Talk about the sand and nothing more.

    Those Opposition blokes are all lonely - they want to get rid of the Sedition Act so as not to be lonely and say whatever they like any time they like. And the Police and the prison wardens will always be with them.

    Moral of the story: accept loneliness. A British Professor of Mathematics of Leicester (?) University has forecasted life expectancy rising by 3 months every year - Discovery? Channel. Current 82 years life expectancy may reach 90 in no time. Provided you exercise and eat the right foods. And try to laugh a bit when lonely.

    Txs for the chance to try and liven up the lonely, Annie.

  5. Now easy la for the fellatio. The MB office room is large and has a toilet attached or inside the room.

    If his staff say he is in, you knock, no answer, don't think he is in the toilet. Just know he is.

    And don't ever ask permission to use his toilet.