Thursday 4 September 2014

Hadi buggered Anwar, plain and simple

As everyone should know by now, Pas today totally buggered its Pakatan allies.

Here is the story by the party's mouthpiece Harakahdaily:

It is now very hard to imagine how the Pakatan coalition could survive this audacious maneuver by Pas.

From the Harakahdaily's report, it was obvious that the decision was endorsed by party president DS Abdul Hadi Awang.

Party sec-gen Mustafa Ali made the inference by stating that the letter of nominations for the Selangor MB post was sent direct from Hadi's office to the palace yesterday.

I guess the Anwarinas of Pas must had been caught totally by surprise too.

They must had been expecting their party to toe the line of PKR and DAP which want only Anwar's wife DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the sole candidate to be nominated for the job.

After all, Mustafa had in the previous days consistently denied all news reports which suggested that Pas will spring a surprise in its nomination of the MB candidates which may upset PKR and DAP.

Very sly of the guy.

I believe Hadi must had said this to Mustafa,

"Screw them. You keep them blindsided till after we sent our nominations. I have had enough of Anwar buggering everyone around. Who does he think he is, to dictate things such as wanting his wife as MB. Oh, and screw DAP and the Anwarinas too."

Now, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor is almost certain to choose the Pas guy nominated by the party.

Why would His Royal Highness wants to give the job to Dr Wan Azizah or her deputy Azmin Ali for that matter after Anwar and his gang were being obviously kurang ajar for vehemently insisting on going against the royal decree which requires them to submit at least three candidates.

I expect PKR and DAP will in the coming days bitch non-stop about the Pas' decision and threaten to move a motion of no confidence in the state assembly.

But do they really have the majority to do that?

Currently, here is the battle line in the state assembly:
PKR : 13 seats
DAP : 15 seats
Pas : 15 seats
Umno : 12 seats
Independent (Khalid) : 1

Okay, PKR combined with DAP : 28 seats while Pas combined with Umno and Khalid: 28 seats too.

I believe Pas will have their way because
1. DAP will lose one vote - Subang assemblyman Hannah Yeoh is the speaker.
2. Khalid may likely have a few loyalists among the PKR assemblymen who will switch side when push comes to shove.

Hadi must had done his calculations on this.

How about the 30 SDs signed in support of Dr Wan Azizah which include by two Pas assemblymen?

That one is just wayang only la.


  1. If indeed the PAS guy becomes MB, who will he choose to become Excos?

    The B..ged Wife as Exco for Islamic affairs? That will be a good choice. After all the husband is very alim, all selangor chinese think he's very waraq, and for sure the selangor chinese after the new appointment will love Islam even more.

    It's a new chapter in selangor history. Can wait to see it happens.

  2. Theres a hearsay, annie ;

    " Itu kenapa orang bejubah Islam ramai anak... he.. he.. Anwar mana ada kelebihan ini.. padri kristian pun tidak boleh lawan "

    Plain and simple, annie said. True, cuma selak je sikit jubah, beres !


  3. Hai yaa !, susah mau cekap ini olang , satu olang kasi goyang ,mau lain olang sambut itu buah lea aa , tatak mau kasi pechah .

    Kenapa mau kasi goyang itu buah ,maa a ,sutak panjat kasi angkat lah .
    Sikalang semua olang susah lea aa .

  4. Hadi senses blood, and must distance himself from the soon to be imprisoned Anwar especially since the issue involves the Malay Sultan. The Islamist demagogues are calculative politicians.

  5. For Full-Blown Backstabbers & Real-Politicking Schemers . . . on and on until the Day of Judgement, then heaven or HELL ! Fool, Fool the Devil is laughing and you're consuming!

    1. Ya! al-Juburi been stabbin young men in the lower back and scheming to overthrow his own party for his own freaking interests! The Satan's baddest buddy.

  6. If its true PAS did do's really bad image of Islam. Already the Muslims in Syria are giving Islam a bad name now in Malaysia we have an Islamist political party backstabbing and double crossing its coalition partners. Is Islam such a bad religion? I really dont think so but some of these people are really destroying the religion.

    1. Since when did you care about image of Islam. You must be one of the Anwarista. What you can do to others, can happen to you too.

      Time to wake up lah, and stop being taksub to that assf*****

    2. Idiot 22.34

      Seriously fucked up dumbass!! Shut your fucking mouth and stop trying to sound so dumb talking about religion!!

    3. If you guys cannot argue intelligently please dont use obscene swearings and whatnots.U really make a fool of your intellect and shows off your poor upbringings..really pity your parents .

      If you dont agree that backstabbing and double crossing and violence is not the Islam way..argue with your points..not name calling and shouting obscenities.

      Peace upon you

    4. Anon 08:15. Just go away. Don't be selective. Bila kena batang hidung baru nak guna hukum islam.

    5. It's such a waste of time, breath and energy just to argue with moron like you, that's why obscenities n what not and shouting and yelling and swearing were used on people like you. It's the sign of frustration when reading such a stupid comment about Islam from monkeys like you. Understand now??

    6. Anwar and his allies, the erdogans in PAS have been backstabbing and sodomising people all the time. Its funny that you did not say the give Islam a bad name. They are muslim too, isn't it?

    7. This is not about Islam anymore. Its politics to the core. PAS has changed to "Berkebajikan" and for those who still think PAS is Islamic, boy! (or girl!) you missed the train.

      And who taught PAS to bugger PKR/DAP and PR overall??

      It is the well-known bugger himself.....

      And brace ourselves for more drama

    8. Anon 14.46

      Yes they are Muslims too, aren't they?? Yes they do. But you can't judge Islam just bcoz of these faggots, buggers or idiots whatever you call it! It's like you saying all Christians supposed to be good and Christians priests/monks are supposed to be saints. Well all you can do is to confess your sins to them and you're forgiven - but at the same time, how many cases you hear about them buggered young boys??

    9. There is nothing wrong with Islam, it is the muslims who were creating all the mess. In this trying times, you will not get many true muslims, especially amongst those who ride on Islamic agenda and dress to reflect its mission. Anwars, the erdogans or the PAS ulamaks are not exemplary leaders for us merfe mortals to follow. They will continue to double cross, back stab or sodomise whoever they choose to.

  7. Selangor going to have an MB from PAS. Rejoice folks.

    1. An Islamist chauvinist managing a multicultural state? Malays will have it tougher coming to them, breaking up further.

    2. Apparently the term "Islamist chauvinist" came from people within PAS itself, as Khalid Samad labelled people like his own president as Islamist chauvinist whereas himself as "Islamul Rahmatan Lil Alamin", during his recent speech in Shah Alam.

      All the prophets are dead. Quran cannot speak.

      No one can tell whether inventing such terms and labels is right or wrong. It's better not to do so because there are Unit Amal and 10000 strong PPS fighters, who may catch you and send you to the chamber of Sheikh Anuwar Berahim.......

      For more than one thousand four hundred years, perhaps what Islam is waiting for is this group of Melayu who starts to know a few alphabets (500 years after the demise of Malacca Empire) to save Islam by telling us what TRUE Islam is.

      It's amazing what education can do to these Melayus.

  8. PKR ticked off Pas President for his single mindedness in making a decision which go against PR consensus.
    Oh really? When you stole his 2 Adun behind his back despite earlier call to wait for Pas's own meeting to convene, that is totally fine?

  9. If a football team manager continuously lead his team to loss - we fire him.

    Even the government has now come to its senses regarding MAS.

    There are just too many examples in Malaysia, such as:

    1. MAS vs Air Asia
    2. Bank Bumi vs CIMB
    3. Proton vs Perodua

    How many Malaysians wonder why, separated by only a strip of water, Singapore is so much richer and modern than Malaysia. But instead of learning from that example, most of us simply avoid thinking about it.

    Now Johor is opened to international influence. In time, like the poor Shenzen 2 decades ago which is now very much richer because of next door's Hong Kong, Johor's standard of living will become closer to that of Singapore. But the short sighted only look at the near term difficulties. They whine, they are not prepared to put in additional effort.

    Now the party which has the worst track record in economic management harbours the thought of managing the country's richest state.

    What shiok sendiri!

    1. PAS is not pro-UMNO. It is pro Islam. If UMNO agrees with that, then it's only incidental, though good.

      PAS will make Selangor a more moral state - like Kelantan. It aims to spread the Kelantan effect throughout the country.

      It does not belief in putting economic development as most important objective because wealth leads to immorality. Remember, in government service at least, beautiful women will be hired last.

    2. Back to the Middle Ages!

  10. HOW ABOUT BOYCOTTING THE US (world's biggest supporter of Israel)?

    Former information minister Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin warned English daily The Star that Malays may boycott the newspaper because of its perceived anti-Malay and anti-Islam stance.

    The former Umno politician said that the boycott of popular fast-food chain McDonald’s over its support for the Israeli invasion against Palestinians in Gaza was an indication that the buying power among the Malays was on the rise.

    "This can also happen to Coca-Cola, to Chinese companies opposed to the GST (goods and services tax) and to The Star if it continues with its anti-Malay and anti-Islam stance by portraying Malays and Muslims as extremists and racists for upholding the sovereignty of the Constitution," he said in his blog today.

    1. The Christian evangelist ably supported by liberal malays are bigger threat to us here than the zionist in middle east. Worry about that first.

    2. If you want ultimate victory, you must go to the ROOT of the problem.

      Not merely time wasting for-show actions.

  11. WASHINGTON – More than 17.5 million American (14.3 percent) households struggled against hunger in 2013, according to new data released today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Economic Research Service.

  12. tentulah hadi marah bila anwar ambil dua orang adun pas sokong pkr. sekarang hadi balas. anwar buat tak tau aje -- dap pejam mata. padahal mereka nampak itu semua.

  13. Kalau Sultan lantik orang lain jadi MB pun lepas ni bila ADUN bersidang diorang mesti usul undi tak percaya.

    Macam ni lambat le habis.

    Tak boleh pakai betul kerajaan Selangor ni.

    Naik gaji sia-sia. Gaji ngalahkan menteri tapi semua macam monyet.

  14. Anne,
    All this huru hara happened in the state of majority of the population called themselves urbanites.These urbanites had the guts to call the rural folks Dunggu and Bodoh for still chose BN to govern Malaysia in last GE 13.Now who are the real Dunggus now?.Serve them right,small day to day affairs such water,rubbish collection,roads with potholes and so on not resolve,it is best for them to come back to their senses,have respect to others and do not be arrogant.

    1. That's why I am totally contemptuous of these urban, middle-class, opposition and pro-opposition NGO types who denounce rural voters as "dunggus", even though I myself am a very much urban, middle-class and English-educated type who has never voted BN but voted opposition all my voting life, except for 2013, when I voted independent for parliament and state.

      To win Putrajaya, the opposition must win over the hearts and minds of rural voters who have very down-to-earth and practical concerns about their daily survival, so issues such as Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, Scopene submarines, ISA, Sedition Act, human rights, freedom of speech, corruption in high places, clean and fair elections, nepotism, cronyism, good governance, press freedom, freedom of speech and so forth matter less to rural voters than matters of their economic wellbeing and survival, but besides PAS, the opposition parties have been known to have raised these issues which more comfortably well-off urbanites have the luxury to prioritise when campaigning in rural areas.

      Whilst visiting Jakarta in 1995, our tour guide told us impromptu that yes, there is corruption amongst government leaders in Indonesia, but these leaders ensure that they leave enough for the masses.

      Thus the regime of President Soeharto only fell when the IMF literally held a gun to his head and made him sign a deal after which he cut subsidies on essential items.

      Now that, opened my equally, arrogant. elitist, conceited, western-oriented, urban, middle class eyes to a political reality I had hitherto not seriously considered. It also made me realise that politics is not about one-size fits all but has its unique nuances conditioned by historical, economic, cultural, sociological, religious, traditional, ethnic and so forth factors relevant to people at each specific place, time and stage of economic of development.

      Just as one cannot simply bring a plant from some other country and clime and transplant in some other country and clime, likewise, one cannot simply transplant political principles and ideals from one place to another without suitable adaptation to suit respective local conditions and circumstances.

      Likewise, a competent civil engineer knows that one cannot simply build a duplicate of a bridge one kilometre downriver or upriver from the original, since the soil stability and other conditions are different at different locations, so each bridge must be custom-built for its local conditions.

      After six years of Pakatan Rakyat rule of Selangor State, I see no improvement on the ground in terms of efficiency of services, traffic congestion, parking problems, double and even triple parking, unruly drivers, potholed and rutted roads, haphazard cordoning off of roads, the continued construction of high-rise buildings including PJ Sentral, the water rationing earlier this year, approval in principle by the Selangor State government of the monstrous KiDEX elevated highway in Petaling Jaya, the massive disruption caused and damage to residential buildings caused by the laying of the Petaling Jaya North Sewer in my neighbourhood, the rise in dengue cases, rubbish collection, maintenance of drains and so forth, despite minor concessions such as RM6 per month rebate on water bills.

      Also, instead of more city and town council recycling bins and education, we get a token no plastic bags on Saturday in Selangor state, supposedly to "save the environment".

      Selangor residents opposed to construction of the several highways in our area such as DASH have claimed that they are unable to reach their Pakatan state assembly persons via e-mail or phone.

      If Pakatan want to win Putrajaya, get off your high horses and come down to earth and address the day to day concerns of both urban and rural voters.

    2. "After six years of Pakatan Rakyat rule of Selangor State, I see no improvement on the ground in terms of efficiency of services .."

      There cannot be improvement when RM3 billion was saved for window dressing, not spent on projects for the benefit of the people. And not long after announcing the RM3 billion in the kitty, Khalid Ibrahim announced hefty salary and allowances increases for the MB and the ADUNs. Just cannot be good for the rakyat like that.

      So why talk about "If Pakatan want to win Putrajaya"? Read about what Murad M Noor, a senior Bank Negara official said of Anwar amassing a personal fortune of some RM 3 billion when he was Finance Minister, Bank Negara directly under his bidding and Murad had to do things for Anwar's benefit. It's in Murad's statutory declaration that I can copy and paste should anyone wants me to.

      If Pakatan reaches Putrajaya, the plan was for Anwar to be PM. How can he be a good PM with a record like that. Then he has his criminal records. Note that the Federal Court allowed his appeal "on technical grounds" but did have it recorded in their Judgment that Anwar did sodomize. And his Sodomy II Appeal may lead to his prison term be increased to 10 years or more. It was a repeat offence.

      Other than Anwar as PM, who is the alternative? Hadi? Read what they said of Hadi as MB Trengganu. Next alternative? Mat Sabu? He'd have huge sculptures of the communist terrorist Mat Inderra of burning Bukit Kepong Police Station fame placed all over the country. He had said Mat Indera was a national hero! Crazy.

  15. Agreed 101% that it's time for PAS to take over as MB Selangor. ADUZn Iskandar is more than qualified and he has been supportive of Tuanku from day one. Let's hope that Tuanku will bless him and agree! A good man will always win, but my hero is still Khalid as he doesn't seem to be power crazy! Looking forward for a new government with new blood under Iskandar. Fed up already with Anwar and his cronies and the PKR big stinking mouth!

  16. Hadi buggered Anwar, melahirkan PASMA, the bastard son of Malaysian Politics.

    1. Ini Gurindam 12: pasal yang keenam & kedelapan: :

      Cahari olehmu akan sahabat,
      yang boleh dijadikan obat.
      Cahari olehmu akan guru,
      yang boleh tahukan tiap seteru.
      Cahari olehmu akan isteri,
      yang boleh menyerahkan diri.
      Cahari olehmu akan kawan,
      pilih segala orang yang setiawan.
      Cahari olehmu akan abdi,
      yang ada baik sedikit budi,

      Barang siapa khianat akan dirinya,
      apalagi kepada lainnya.
      Kepada dirinya ia aniaya,
      orang itu jangan engkau percaya.
      Lidah yang suka membenarkan dirinya,
      daripada yang lain dapat kesalahannya.
      Daripada memuji diri hendaklah sabar,
      biar pada orang datangnya khabar.
      Orang yang suka menampakkan jasa,
      setengah daripada syirik mengaku kuasa.
      Kejahatan diri sembunyikan,
      kebaikan diri diamkan.
      Keaiban orang jangan dibuka,
      keaiban diri hendaklah sangka.

      Allahuma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad, cahaya atas segala cahaya, kunci perlepasan pada segala mudarat.

  17. Hadi didn't say bad of Azizah until after PKR accepted the 2 PAS ADUNs' declaration of support for her. He must have been very sore of "PKR back-stabbing". Then he said Azizah is incapable of being an MB Selangor.

    And he did a good job of explaining in Trengganu recently that the PAS Constitution allows the President to decide on such things as the PAS nomination, the Deputy and Vice Presidents have to support that.

    They have to eat their hearts out. Very unpleasant to do it as most of their hearts have gone to Anwar - Anwaristas, they are called. PASma they might become.

  18. They were planted there as anwar's eyes/