Sunday 2 December 2018

Why write about Hindu temple riot

The rioting at the Hindu temple started in the early hours of Monday, Nov 26.

I decided not to write anything about it that day because I know how sensitive the issue was at that time.

Then another rioting broke out at the temple the next morning on Tuesday, Nov 27.

I still told myself not to write about it as I was confident that the authorities could handle the situation and writing about such incident would not be helping the situation.

Instead of writing about the riot, I wrote about this rotten manoeuvre by Wong Tack and gang,

However, later in the day, I received the video of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim in ICU and I decided that I can't refrain from writing about the riot anymore.

I think they had gone too far.

I could have still understand if they had beaten up a police or FRU guy, who was trying to stop them, but a fireman who was trying to put out a fire?

That's too much, okay.

Even that I just wrote a small piece saying my prayers for Muhammad Adib's recovery and expressing my displeasure that the rioters were assured that they will get what they want by a minister.

Prayers for Muhammad Adib

Yet, many comments that I received (most likely from PH supporters who hate me) were like these;

Annie is an instigator extraordinaire.

She does not have anything good to write for the betterment of society except to menghasut.

So, I told myself that that's all there is to it and I shouldn't write more about the riot.

However,  the next day on Wednesday Nov 28, the temple people came out with a statement that Muhammad Adib, who was fighting for his life at that time was not beaten by the rioters but instead was hit by his own fire engine.

The statement was so ridiculous to me that I have to ask the question;

Muhammad Adib was ran over by fire engine? 

I wouldn't have wrote that if the temple people didn't try to bullshit everyone like that.

Why can't they just expressed sympathy for the fireman and his family and pledge to help the authorities catch the rioters who attempted to murder Muhammad Adib?

And of course these type of comments kept coming in,

When bloggers like Annie resort to instigating racial tension, disharmony and clashes show that these bloggers are devoid of good ideas to promote and contribute to society.

So, am I not to write about such lies?

I think that's should be it. I couldn't care less anymore what they think of me.

And it's just so happened that prominent Pakatan blogger Datuk A Kadir Jasin, wrote about the same issue and his words were more aggressive than mine.

That's why I said I'm

Standing in line behind Datuk Kadir 

But of course for Datuk Kadir, they commented such as this,


"Again, I repeat, these were written by prominent Pakatan blogger and personality Datuk A Kadir Jasin."

Please lah, don't try and call DAKJ a "Pakatan blogger".

He cannot be labelled.

He is a true newsman and veteran, and if anyone's "neutral" it's him, at least compared to the other so-called "senior journalists" who switch camps and sewa dubur every five minutes to the highest bidder.

Read a few of his books, he's always been consistent with his views.

On the plus side, you finally quoted someone worth quoting.

Please don't go back to your old habits of quoting the pink lips pirate, OK : )

While for me they continued to say things like this,

It's not called Lifeofhypocritical Annie for no reason.

Hey, with all due respect to Datuk Kadir, I believe I was more neutral than him during the Dr Mahathir-Najib war.

He is after all a Pribumi Bersatu supreme council member.

Anyway, I hope things will get better soon.

Just follow the law and things will be okay, I think.

If the law says move the temple, then move the temple lah.

If the law says beating up a fireman close to death is attempted murder, then charge the bastards with attempted murder lah.

That's how it should be.

Whatever it is, this kind of fighting fighting is quite common in Malaysia.

Even though they may sound like racists, they are not necessarily so.

Like this one,

Well, at least they were quarelling in Bahasa Kebangsaan.


  1. Aiya need to justify your malicious intentions la. However much you want to spin, no one believes all your rhetoric.

    You should instead heed Sultan Nazrin's advice not to incite racial and commununal tensions.

    1. Anon 11:17,

      Tun Mahathir has declared that the Temple Riot was a criminal act.

      And the government had declared that the incident has got nothing to do with racial conflict.

      So the incident should be viewed as declared by the government.

      It was a crime. Everyone could talk and comment on crime.

      Whatever was the intention of Annie to write about this crime, it is her right. It was a crime.

      If it is a spin, you rebuke it with proof.

      But you don't. Instead, you and your kind keep using the 'offensive words' to retort:

      malicious intention

      batu api

      racial tension


      adding fuel to fire



      melaga-lagakan kaum


      please your boss


      love for corrupt leaders

      These are propaganda tactics, possibly originated from the old communist bloc era, calculated to attack, defame, and to spread untruth on your innocent target. In this case, your target is this lifeofaannie blog.

      There are people like you out there, earning a living doing shameful deeds like this. You may think that you are skillful, but you are awful.

  2. Instead of adding fuel to fire, why not write about unity and coming together of Malaysians or is Annie just perpetuating the obvious that she is a hypocrite and anything but neutral.
    So it's true then that for lifeofhypocritical Annie, siapa yg makan cili dia yg rasa pedas.

  3. Ish ish ish ..

    Tak habis habis Annie mau melaga lagakan kaum.

    Lepas tu pandai pulak putar belit kata tak menghasut. Annie ni memang pompuan terror cakap tak serupa bikin.

    Entah berapa UMNO bayar kat dia suruh putar belit macam tu.

  4. are really stretching this out to please your bosses, kan Annie?

    All part of Annie's "Sudden Concern" after May 9th this year.

    Suddenly, everything like Rule of Law and anti-Corruption and Rights of East Malaysian Christians are sooooooooo important.

    Now, Prihatin Neutral Annie is caring about official services on duty.

    Awwwwwwwwwww, so sweet!

    Where was your concern about this?

    "KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 16 — The Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) had to take action against the mob outside Petaling Street this evening when they refused to budge and even resorted to shoving enforcers and pelting them with rocks, police explained today.

    Senior Asst Comm Roslan Abdul Wahid, deputy director of commercial crimes, operations and intelligence, told reporters that in a face-off with demonstrators who insisted on marching through the popular shopping hotspot also known as Chinatown, at least two police personnel were injured."

    By the way, this incident was reported internationally...

    So, Annie, when Jamal Jamban was taking a huge shit on Malaysia's image internationally, where were you?

    Any outraged blog posts?


    Any concern for injured policemen?



    What's the difference?

    Oh yeah, Jamal is a fellow macai.

    You work for the same people.

    So it's OK, lah.

    No wonder someone called you "Life Of Hypocrite" : )

  5. I hear Annie on 8th December has been put in charge of "Other Pribumi" demonstrators.

    Apparently, about 3.7 million Dayaks, Dusun, Bidayuh and Kadazan protesters are flying over to show their deep love for the corrupt leaders of Umno and PAS.

    I advise them not to look through Annie's blog archive, because she didn't give a shit about this...

    Remember or not, Forgetful Annie?

    Funny how when someone else's place of worship is desecrated, you don't give a fuck, kan?

    Why arrrr like that, Annie?

    Macam hypokrit jer.

    Oh yeah, the protest was led by KBAB1's brother, and hence endorsed by your bosses.

    Anyway I'm sure when you tell the Christian East Malaysians they are also "Pribumi", they will ask how come they don't have Birkins and pink diamonds.

    Then you can explain how some Pribumi are more equal than others : )

  6. Why write about the Hindu temple riot?

    To distract attention from this:

    "A senior official also told the daily that TH had “faked last year’s accounts to justify its dividend payout” of up to 6.25% in February, a few months before the May 9 polls, which saw Pakatan Harapan wrest Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional.

    This, ST reported, amounted to RM2.7 billion, just shy of a net profit of RM2.8 billion.

    The fund, it added, has yet to present its audited 2017 accounts, following changes made to its top management and board after the 14th general election.

    Just two days ago, TH lodged police reports against its former chairman, Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, former chief executive officers Ismee Ismail and Johan Abdullah, as well as senior management staff.

    It said the reports lodged were the first following internal investigations into past transactions, spearheaded by the new management, since July 2018."

    That's right.

    Fake accounts to cover massive theft.

    Where are the champions of Agama?

    Where are the champions of Bangsa?

    As quiet as mice.

    Hoping that harping on race, race, race can cover all their masters' past sins.

    Won't work.


  7. Nah Annie, your ex-boyfriend Ibrahim Katak has words of wisdom...

    "Ibrahim also said that the Prime Minister should re-evaluate the quota of Indian ministers in his cabinet.

    “The Indian population only makes up 7% so why must there be so many Indian ministers. Are there no other capable Malay leaders in Pakatan Harapan?” he said."

    You must be torn between worshipping his green webbed feet or worshipping you-know-who...

  8. Seriously...why let people comment? Just close the comment section or screen the useless comment out. These PH sycophants won't give you any credit..ever. your blog will be more...peaceful and your opinion still gets out. Most reader stops reading at the end of your article anyway.

  9. Hey self righteous Annie, you can start to comment now on Tabung Haji and the opening of can of worms.

    With all your hyped up writings on Lynas i am sure you are not short of words on the latest revelation of Tabung Haji scandal.

    1. I can guarantee she won't.

      Umno stealing = halal.

  10. “I could have still understand if they had beaten up a police or FRU guy, who was trying to stop them, but a fireman who was trying to put out a fire?”

    A bunch of Malay thugs stormed the temple and they did it because they were paid by the developer. That is as clear as the day not a racial issue but what’s the reason Indian mobster mercilessly beating up a public officer who was not even related to the temple issue? safety issue? security issue? national issue? apartheid? He’s trying to do his job but yet he’s been attacked?


  11. Quote; at least they quarelling in Bahasa Kebangsaan.

    What other language could they argued with ? ,yet they choose to go to SRJK C and SRJK T.

  12. Annie,

    You were perfectly right to be angry about Muhammad Adib being bashed, simply for doing his job, i.e. serving the community.

    But, I think it probably came across to some readers as being that you were angry simply at Indian rioters who bashed a Malay fireman doing his job.

    Unfortunately, there was very little from you about how in the first riot on Monday 26th, Indian worshippers, which apparently included women, were terrorised by Malay thugs.

    I am sure you were just as angry at those Malay thugs for walking into an Indian temple and acting aggressively with parangs :)

    Yes, it was sensitive because we have the race element of Malays terrorising Indians BUT I think most readers would have understood if you had said something like those Malay thugs were simply cari makan only.

    Those Malay thugs were simply paid to do a job - nothing racial, nothing religious, just business, cari makan aje.

    We Malaysians understand cari makan.

    In fact, our Malaysian mentality, regardless of race, treat the concept of cari makan with almost religious fervour and respect.

    We are ever so forgiving towards virtually whatever is done in the name of Cari Makan.

    I like to think that if someone had explained to the second rioting crowd that the Malay thugs were just there because of cari makan, there would have had been no rioting and no problems for Muhammad Adib.

    Anyway, I am not even sure if Muhammad Adib was bashed because he is a Malay, or whether because he represented authority.

    Maybe I would wait for Muhammad Adib to recover well enough to tell his story in his own words.


  13. If we seriously want peace in this land,everybody must be just including politicians.Unfortunately politicians are selfish and will put their interests above everything else.Look at the temple fracas,policians rushed to become heroes of their kind and their supporters.They easily forgot that they are representing Malaysians and not thei race but they were qiuick to judge UMNO and PAS for behaving in the same manners.A judgement had been lodged in High Court several years ago and the judge had acknowledge the authority of the person representing the temple committee but some people change their minds and this is good enough to repudiate the agreement signed.If wr practice this in our business affairs,chaos will reign in this country.

  14. Congrats Annie.

    At first your Papagomo threatens the Indians & non Malays.

    Now your Ibrahim Ali wants to go amok or mengamuk against non Malays.

    All these scumbags have nothing to contribute to society except stir up & instigate violence.

    1. Annie is just a less relevant and less interesting version of Papagomo.

      Full stop.

  15. What a good deed by Vincent Tan to donate RM50,000.00 to Muhammad Adib.
    A chinaman donating to help a Malay on humanitarian grounds. Great stuff !

    1. Yeah, it would even be a greater stuff if Ananda Krishnan could buy a piece of land somewhere remote and 'wakaf' or bequeath it for a Hindu Temple.

    2. Of course, giving back maa, after all he has benefitted from his rel'nship with malays- of blue blood, mix blood, the whole works.

    3. 16:42
      shud be grateful for the indians & chinese for pioneering & building the nation...

  16. The Permaisuri of Johor, Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah has expressed her sadness over the racial intolerance and misunderstanding that has blighted the nation following the recent rioting at the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Subang Jaya.

    In a post on her personal Facebook page, she shared a reminder of the warm friendship her family has had over the years with four Malaysian Indian men.

    She credits the family doctors Datuk Dr Subrahmanyam Balan and Datuk Dr N. Singaraveloo as they “were part of the medical team who helped look after my late son, Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim while he was undergoing cancer treatment".

    Tunku Abdul Jalil passed away of cancer on Dec 5, 2015.

  17. Life Of Macai,

    Pls. arrange 2 partner with PAS for rally about this?

    "Malaysia’s dedicated savings fund for Muslims to perform the mandatory haj pilgrimage should have RM64 billion in assets, but has been found to be short of RM4 billion in deposits in 2016, according to The Sunday Times."

    Ohhhhhh......if umno doing the stealing, it's OK?

    The TH funds are for kak hippo's personal use after azeez baling passes her the money?

    I see.

    Cop halal.

    That's cool.

  18. Lifeofannie

    Well state what is ur objective?

    U dragging this on n on

    Don’t use ur usual baling batu sembunyi tangan taktik doh

    You want what?

    We should hate all Indian?

    We should cause counter riot so ur boss dun hv 2 masuk penjara?

    Please say so clearly la

    All u ameno bloggers are muka dua talam

    No wonder zero credibility n zero results

    So state it la, ur agenda

    As if we dunno!

  19. Annie,

    Even your Fellow Failed Macai are trying to spin away the 4 billion theft from Tabung Haji.


    Stuck in temple mode pulak.

    Fail, lah, Annie.

    Consult your supervisors for updates, girl!

  20. Hi, Annie,

    Who is the "they" mentioned below in a quote from this posting?

    "I think they had gone too far."