Thursday 29 November 2018

Standing in line behind Datuk Kadir (updated)

A commentator highlighted this one by prominent Pakatan blogger and personality Datuk A Kadir Jasin at my last post,

You can click on this link to read the post,

Polis Kena Berlaku Adil dan Profesional

excerpts 1;

Yang anehnya sehingga hari ini tidak seorang pun perusuh keturunan India ditahan dan penyerang Muhammad Adib dikenal pasti.

excerpts 2;

Mula-mula P. Waytha Moorthy, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri yang bertanggungjawab atas perpaduan negara dan integrasi nasional.

Tindak-tanduk beliau dalam peristiwa keganasan di Kuil Sri Maha Mariamman rasanya tidak membantu mengukuhkan perpaduan negara dan integrasi nasional.

excerpts 3;

Takkan menteri yang cerdik macam Maszlee tak tahu bahawa banyak ibu bapa bukan Melayu tidak lagi menghantar anak mereka ke sekolah kebangsaan kerana sekolah kebangsaan sudah jadi macam sekolah agama.

Again, I repeat, these were written by prominent Pakatan blogger and personality Datuk A Kadir Jasin.

Not by me okay. So, don't accuse me of trying to instigate and fan racial sentiments.

I suspect that even Datuk Kadir is unhappy with what's happening, especially concerning the arrogant and stupid ministers.

By the way, I went to check on reports by The Star on the temple issue and find the whole thing quite convoluted.

First Muhyiddin said

Thugs hired to ‘take care of things’

but then

Developer denies hiring men to create ruckus


Lawyer Haniff refutes allegations that he 

and colleague involved in temple riots


Fire and Rescue Department lodges report against 

allegations that Adib hit by fire truck


High Court rejects bid to block Seafield temple relocation

All very pening one.

Maybe that's why, to make it easier for everyone,

 Dr M says government will take action 

against those who abuse freedom of speech

I was like, shit, just because of this temple thing we are going to have less freedom of speech.

"Abuse freedom of speech" could be anything, okay.

I really didn't write much in my last two posts but Pakatan supporters already accused me of being an instigator and fanning racial sentiments.

I think Datuk Kadir's post above was even more direct and braver compared to mine.

But then again he's a Pakatan blogger.

Well, I think I better step in line behind Datuk Kadir in case of anything.

If they want to tangkap me, then at least I can say, hey tangkap Datuk Kadir also lah.


UPDATES at 18:03

A lesson from India,


  1. Hahahahaha.... funny lah you. I don't care if you are BN blogger, I like your blog and I visit it at least 3 to 4 times daily. I also do the same with Outsyed blog. Nothing wrong in seeing both sides of the divide even though we are on the opposite fence. :)

  2. I think the people already make noise regarding these ministers much earlier and even got petition signed against them but PM don't take them seriously...

  3. Annie,

    "Again, I repeat, these were written by prominent Pakatan blogger and personality Datuk A Kadir Jasin."

    Please lah, don't try and call DAKJ a "Pakatan blogger".

    He cannot be labelled.

    He is a true newsman and veteran, and if anyone's "neutral" it's him, at least compared to the other so-called "senior journalists" who switch camps and sewa dubur every five minutes to the highest bidder.

    Read a few of his books, he's always been consistent with his views.

    On the plus side, you finally quoted someone worth quoting.

    Please don't go back to your old habits of quoting the pink lips pirate, OK : )

  4. "I was like, shit, just because of this temple thing we are going to have less freedom of speech."

    You think so?

    Your pinklips pirate gets maximum coverage every time he kentut.

    Zahid is going around sowing racial discord.

    The Umngok underground is busy trying to start some racial conflict (check out the WhatsApps.)

    The Neutral Bloggers Ha Ha Ha are jumping on the bandwagon.

    Yeah, yet you're all running around free.

    Under the previous regime they arrested cartoonists and balloon girls.

    You sure have a short memory huh Annie?

  5. Kadir Jasin has on numerous occasions commented on Najib's and Rosmah's scandals but not once did Annie quote him on such scandals and corruption.

    Tiba-tiba Batu Api Annie wants to quote Kadir Jasin pulak.

    Hilarious betul Annie.

    1. Anonymous29 November 2018 at 16:48

      Annie is suffering from what doctors call...


    2. It's not called Lifeofhypocritical Annie for no reason.

    3. Annie just follows orders.

      This week's briefing at the Macai League of Malaysia was to attack Waytha and start some racial kecoh online.

      Now the other macai are doing the same.

  6. wow PH check & balance themselves, like that BN no chance sure kaput (BN najib pon tak mau kasi cucuk) muakakaka

  7. The temple riot exposes how quick some politicians are at passing judgements before the full facts are known - mulut laju dari otak. IMO Waytha has failed his first big test as Unity Minister.

    To those interested to understand the context of the riot:

    1. Problem is, people are too gullible.

      Blame ourselves, too.

      "Bukit Aman has detected several instances of fake news being circulated online aimed at manipulating the relocation issue of the Sri Maha Mariamman Devasthanam temple in USJ 25, Subang Jaya, which saw two days of unrest from Monday and urged the public not to fall victim.

      Bukit Aman Corporate Communications chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Datin Asmawati Ahmad said four fake messages being circulated on WhatsApp have been identified.

      “The first one consists of a voice note claiming gangsters were committing random acts of violence against anyone near the area with a warning to the public not to go out at night.

      “The second one, also a voice note, urged the Malays to prepare sharp weapons for the scheduled rally on December 8 which will purportedly see racial clashes involving three ethnic groups,” she said in a statement today.

      Listing further, the third instance includes a WhatsApp message claiming federal police have issued warnings regarding random acts of violence by unknown groups around Subang Jaya, Puchong, Klang and Old Klang Road after 9pm.

      The fourth fake news being shared consisted of manipulated photos with the aim of creating a false perception that public disorder was taking place nationwide.

      Asmawati said all of this fake news can affect the security of the country, and can incite racial tension and religious sensitivity in the multicultural society of Malaysia."

      See the problem?

      If we are so easily manipulated then it's our fault.

      And there are plenty of people who have dark motives for wanting trouble to break out, and will be willing to do anything to stay out of jail.

      If we forward all these WhatsApps, we are part of the problem.

  8. Letih la dok kona kona cakap..pi la buat kerja...tangkap mana yang patut...

  9. Annie,

    Kuil Rusuhan itu dikatakan telah wujud beratus tahun, pada mulanya ia berada dalam estet.

    Estet siapa punya, tak tahu la. Tapi biasanya kalau bukan orang putih maka tokeh cina yang punya.

    Beratus tahun kuil takde geran tanah, tak dengar pula depa berani mengamuk di depan Sir atau Tokeh depa.

    Walhal depa nak kentut pun kena pergi jauh jauh kat luar.

    Kini dengan kerajaan Melayu pula bukan main garang. Tanah nak, perintah mahkamah tak peduli, dan kerajaan negeri kena bayar beli tanah untuk depa.

    Dan budak korang kena juga dipukul sampai nak mati.

    Lepas ni jangan la nak sebut ketuanan, malu la Annie

  10. Kadir Jasin ia the voice of Mahathir.As the Malay saying says 'pukul anak sindir menantu' or roughly translated ' to beat your daughter to send the message to your son-in-law

    Prof Kangkung

  11. I am standing behind DKJ too .

    If everybody follow the law ,there would be no issue .

    1. Correct, bro.

      In this case, a consent order was obtained by a court process.

      Frankly, everyone needs to realise we can ONLY do things this way in a so-called civilised society.

      So the temple should move, no questions, no violence.

      Rule of Law.

      The alternative?

      If mobs start screaming about May 13, then they think they can change govt policy.

      If mobs start rioting even though a court settlement has been made to move a temple, then they think rioting can defeat our legal system.

      And so on.


      Well, it's not progress, to me.

      It's actually quite silly after 60-plus years of independence.

    2. Just follow the court order and move forwarded


  12. Annie,

    What are you writing nowadays? There doesn't seem to be any goal oor objective to your post nowadays.

    Hope the old quality of writing comes back soon.

  13. Annie,

    Minister KDN said a lawyer and his associate paid RM150K to malay boys to enter the Kuil Rusuhan.

    Now the IGP said he didn't want to say anything about it.

    The Developer said the arrested staffs were not lawyers, and asked not to spread untrue rumours.

    Lawyer Haniff also advised that the minister was not telling the accurate information.

    Skrine, the developer's lawyer, had also denied involvement.

    Now, from amongst those taken to the court for remand order, none were lawyer.

    Bar Council said if there's any lawyer involved, they will take action. So far, they have not been able to identify any lawyer amongst those arrested.

    So who is the stupid fool now? Spreading untruth and all?

    The cabinet line up for the country now is really a sick joke.

    And because no one knows how to handle the situation, they cried: stop talking about it! Jangan jadi batu api!

    Of course the public should not spread rumours, but what about the ruling political parties that represent the Rakyat?

    Those claimed to be Malaysian not Chinese not Indian not Malay?

    Those who married Indian but registered one kid as Chinese another Indian?

    Aren't they supposed to calm the situation?

    Instead they were nowhere to be seen when riots broke out. And they blamed the police.

    Well, Tun M, while you might be wondering why the cases against the corrupted BN people are not progressing, perhaps due partly to the incompetency of your administration, you should also conduct night classes to teach the cabinet ministers to work.

    They are supposed to be the cream of the cream amongst the PH.

    Hahaha hahaha :-D

  14. Annie,

    Talking about the RM150 paid to the malay boys, now when the claim of the KDN minister about it being paid by lawyers has become doubtful, no one should continue to make stupid allegations against the malay boys.

    Instead, they should see it from another angle.


    Because there were over two hundred Indian rioters present in the Kuil Rusuhan, reported widely.

    It was said that number of the malay boys were far less at the Kuil Rusuhan vicinity.

    Their cars were burnt down.

    How did the Indian rioters arrive at the Kuil Rusuhan? By buses? Cars? Motosikal?

    Were their vehicles burnt? Damaged?

    Against the apparently overwhelming number of Indian rioters in the Kuil Rusuhan compound, why didn't the malay boys ran away?

    Talking about reasonable action, self defense etc., it's doubtful who were the aggressor and who were the victims.

    On average 4-5 big angry mobsters against 1, and the media passed judgment on who were the victims?

    That's journalism nowadays.

  15. Annie said:-

    "I was like, shit, just because of this temple thing we are going to have less freedom of speech. "Abuse freedom of speech" could be anything, okay"

    Wow Annie, you are a lousy pretender or buat bodoh.

    Tun M was referring to those who intentionally instigate and incite racial clashes and violence.