Thursday 6 December 2018

Fuziah's latest Lynas drama

Some of the Pakatan trolls who commented at my last post,

Farewell Johor's Ramsar sites

tried to divert the issue of their Johor government de-gazetting the state's Ramsar sites and National Park areas by challenging me to write about Lynas.

Okay, fine.

Let me pick this one;


No, that's not all.

"This was proven when the executive committee report on the operations of LAMP published on Tuesday noted that there was an increase in heavy metal concentration such as nickel, chromium, lead and mercury in the ground water, she said.

Nickel and chromium, she added, were carcinogenic substances.

Fuziah said this proved that the storage of radioactive waste at the LAMP site had contaminated the ground water.

“I am angry, sad and disappointed. Imagine, for so long we have allowed them to store their waste on site and now it is proven that their waste has migrated into the water.

“We don’t want (to see) 20 years down the road that there’s a sudden increase in cancer cases. Who will pay for it?” she asked during a press conference yesterday.

She stressed that Lynas must keep its promise, made in 2012, to send the residue from its rare earth plant in Gebeng back to Australia."

So an independent panel of scientists concluded that there's been severe contamination of water.

If you want to selectively pick on stuff, why not ask yourself which BN lawmaker tried to protect Kuantan from Lynas?

The de-gazetting was criticised by PH lawmakers, Boo and Surendran.

That proves they really are "neutral" (your favourite word.)

Wrong is wrong.

Which BN lawmaker ever whacked their own side for doing wrong?


I think you're missing the point here.

Very well. I'm going to concentrate on the drama by Fuziah Salleh, the deputy minister in charge of religion and ignore the rest of the nonsense in the comment.

The commentator was actually referring to this The Star article;

I told you so, says an emotional Fuziah

Go ahead click on the link and read it, if you like drama.

Well, it's actually a bad drama and I'm not interested to spend too much time and effort on it.

So, here is the response from this story

Now ministry tells Lynas committee

 to clam up…..

Do click on the link to read it, or if you are too lazy, just read this


Common sense however dictates that the committee’s continued silence would only allow politicians to further concoct lies to score brownie points. A case in point was today’s claim at parliament that the stated Lynas’ residue had contaminated the ground water in Gebeng.
This was a blatant spin because nowhere in the report has the committee stated that the ground water was contaminated by Lynas’ residue. Which is why, it recommended the company to conduct a study to discern the cause of such contamination.
An officer with the Department of Environment has a theory on how such a contamination might have happened and according to him it could be due to the rampant mining of bauxite in 2015 to 2016.
“The report did not include the movement pattern of the ground water below Lynas’ site but mind you that the spike of heavy metals tainting the ground water happened throughout the bauxite mining controversy.
“For all we know, the heavy metals could seep into the ground water during heavy rain and the latter could meander its way below Lynas’ refinery because why Lynas had been operating since 2012 and that spike was only recorded in 2015 to 2016,” said the officer.
For more reading, click on this link;

A path littered with potholes for Lynas 

despite thumbs up from independent reviews

But if you all still need more drama, watch this video by Fuziah again,

Okay, I think that should do for now.

I'll write again about this later.



  1. LOL....

    Ohhhh, Annie, Annie, Annie.


    So you provided two links as "proof"?

    And the links are to where?

    The Mole!

    And who's behind The Mole?

    *krik krik krik*

    So, your entire evidence is Macai-Quote-Macai?


    Please stick to quoting Jibby as your ultimate source of authority, as you enjoy doing.

    After all, he has no motive to lie, right?

    Too funny!

    1. If you don't believe the report then you go and read the executive review committee report and point out where did it said the contamination was caused by Lynas.

    2. What we must do

      Learn lesson fm bukit merah

      There also, people kept sayng don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry

      Then when so many case of leukaemia.....nasi dah jadi bubur

      Why we need this kind of fdi?

      We can open Malaysia 4 so many other form of investment

      Why Lynas choose Malaysia? Tu lah soalan cepu mas

    3. You want to learn from Bukit Merah? Sigh...again. Watch and listen carefully this video I put before in previous post about Lynas,

    4. Lifeofannie

      Why all the bloga2 upahan all jerit “lynas, lynas, lynas” together?

      Conincidence ke?

      Kih kih kih, please la lifeofannie

      We r not stupid

      Ada radioactive udang di sebalik batu

    5. Anonymous7 December 2018 at 12:48

      You're quite observant, bro / sis.

      And correct, too.

      If one *ahem* lady outside Lorong Haji Taib starts singing a song, then she likes the song.

      If a whole group of them start singing the same song...yes, there's an orchestral mama-san or papa-san : )

    6. Annie doesm't like Fuziah. Fuziah is anti-Lynas. So Annie defend Lynas.
      Krik krik krik .

    7. Suka hati engko lah nak kata apa.

  2. "An officer with the Department of Environment has a theory on how such a contamination might have happened and according to him it could be due to the rampant mining of bauxite in 2015 to 2016."


    Your anonymous "officer with the Department of Environment", does he have a grey ponytail and very, very flexible principle$$$?

    Just asking, ya...

    Personally I would prefer scientific evidence, y'know?

    1. I have checked and the DOE officer is real. He didn't want to be named because he may lose his job. Whatever it is the bauxite issue in Kuantan was real too. That no one can dispute.

  3. Why does Lynas want to come here?

    Same reason Western companies want cheap slave labour in China.

    So they can escape regulations.

    Why can't Lynas just set up shop in Australia?

    Home country, what.

    After the locals here proved not to be so stupid and started making noise, Lynas actually tried to set up an arrangement to ship all the toxic by-products back to Australia.

    Australia told them "no way".

    “Robin Chapple MLC, Greens spokesperson for Mining Issues, commented on Lynas’ recent move: “It seems that again Lynas thinks it is outside the law as it is operating in Malaysia, and may be subject to less rigorous legal scrutiny. Well, it isn’t, and if it thinks that Western Australia will take this radioactive waste, it can think again.

    “It didn’t consult with community on shipping its radioactive ores through Fremantle port, and it certainly hasn’t consulted on shipping back the radioactive waste. The WA Nuclear Waste Storage (Prohibition) Act 1999 prohibits it here. Period!”

    So there’s laws in their home country that prohibit these substances.

    Better to find some 3rd world, corrupt country whose leaders are addicted to kontrak2 and kickbacks.

    Naturally, the Najib-era Malaysia was perfect.

    Now the Review Committee has told them the same thing.

    I think Annie should fly to Australia and tell them everything is Numberrrrr One Bullshit, there is no radioactivity, and to allow Lynas to dump waste in Australia.

    Of course they will agree with Annie.

    SAVE LYNAS, ANNIE!!!!!!!


    1. This I have answered in previous postings on Lynas. Same things over and over again. Tiresome.

    2. Annie,

      You explained why Australia has legally banned the import of the same by-products that Lynas wants to dump in Malaysia?

      I don't think you did.

      Here’s what Norman Moore, the Western Australian Minister of Mines and Petroleum, said in response to the suggestion that the Lynas wastes be shipped back to Western Australia for safe storage and disposal:

      "Australia does not support the importation and storage of other countries’ radioactive waste."

      Thailand has also said "no" just last week to indiscriminate mat salleh dumping of e-wastes that are heavy in cadmium and others.

      Why is Malaysia left with the stuff that even Lynas's home nation won't touch?

      You mean it's Fuziah's fault that Aussies have banned Lynas?

      Power lah, makcik tu, that can persuade these matsals - whoops, the Aussie legislation was passed back in the 90s, when Fuziah was still selling popiah basah at the pasar malam.


      Actually, Fuziah has a UK MBA and a degree in Counselling Psychology, Annie. (Yes, really.)

      Maybe you should go see her to help you calm down : )

    3. Anon 18:17

      Agreed. Good analysis.

    4. Haha...tiresome ? What a lame excuse!

    5. Sigh. Okay, since you all Pakatan trolls insist, I'll go through with this again. But let me put it as simple as possible as I really don't want to waste too much time repeating myself.
      First, it's not radioactive waste as you put it. It's actually a type of scheduled waste. The Lynas plant is not a nuclear plant, okay.
      Secondly, Lynas has a license to process the rare earth in Australia but it decided to do it in Malaysia due to to logistics (lots of water and raw material that Malaysia has for rare earth processing) and it was invited to do so by our previous government. Thirdly, it's just Australian government's policy not to accept any type of industrial waste from other countries and not just that of those produced by Lynas. If it can give Lynas the license to refine rare earth in Australia, then of course its okay with the residue. It's just that the Australian government does not want that's coming from other countries. Fourthly, Lynas has three options on what to do with the waste instead of just shipping it back to Australia as insisted by the minister. It's at point 28 on page 17 of the Lynas executive report. Go and find it out yourself now or wait for my next posting on this issue.

    6. This is Numberrrrrrr One, Two & Three Bullshit.

      "Secondly, Lynas has a license to process the rare earth in Australia but it decided to do it in Malaysia due to to logistics"

      Lynas only has a mining license in Australia in Mount Weld. Meaning, it takes only the unprocessed ore out of the ground, transports it to Fremantle, and sends it here. It's never been given full approval ever to set up a full facility like at Gebeng, generating the same wastes. Where was this Australian Gebeng facility approved, and when? If you think Malaysians are vocal about this, try setting up a plant like Gebeng in Australia and see what happens.

      "Thirdly, it's just Australian government's policy not to accept any type of industrial waste from other countries and not just that of those produced by Lynas."

      So...if it's not dangerous and from an Australian company, they will not allow it into Australia? Why? Because it might have traces of sambal belacan? LOL...the reason countries in Asia like Thailand ban the import of foreign wastes is because it's HAZARDOUS.

      "Fourthly, Lynas has three options on what to do with the waste instead of just shipping it back to Australia as insisted by the minister."

      What, creating a PDF? They were supposed to do that when they set up the plant!

    7. Of waste is safe of course la no country will block

      U think aussie wont sokong their own company?

      They block becos the waste is dangerous

      The omputih knows la

    8. You people I tell you the sun is hot and you will say the sun is cold. So, never mind.

  4. Annie,

    //the issue of their Johor government de-gazetting the state's Ramsar sites and National Park areas//

    I think the problem here is that most Malaysians don't really understand what a Ramsar site is.

    You are the only person I know of who has mentioned Ramsar.

    We don't hear about it in the news, we don't hear about it in Parliament and we don't hear about it anywhere.

    Shame, shame, shame on Malaysians.

    And shame on the Pakatan administration in Johor for betraying the heritage of future generations.

    As a Pakatan supporter myself, I really am embarrassed :(

    So, nobody wants to talk about saving a Ramsar site and forcing the Johor govt to reverse the de-gazetting?

    Shame on you all.

    You are as stupid as the UMNO and PAS supporters you hate.

    Wanna talk about Lynas?

    What a bunch of fucking hypocritical wanna-be environmentalists who know fuck all about the environment and allowing a Ramsar site to be lost. What morons!!!

    OK, let's talk about Lynas, you fucking bullshit wannabe know-nothing environmentalists.

    Not a single one of you morons have asked what studies the review committee have based their studies on.

    Are these new studies? Old studies? What studies? Where are they from? Who did them?

    You idiots don't even know what questions to ask.

    You just want Lynas closed because you are such brave and concerned environmentalists.

    Well, fuck you morons because Lynas will now stay open and it is all your fault because you idiots don't know anything about fighting for the environment.

    //An officer with the Department of Environment has a theory//

    Read and understand the theory of that officer in the Department of Environment.

    What is he saying?

    Do you wannabe environmentalist know how to counter his theory?

    Have any of you wonder why the heavy metals concentration in groundwater could have been low between 2012 and 2015?

    Is bauxite mining REALLY to be blamed for that increase?

    No, you don't know shit because not one of you fuckers have said anything about it - BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIGHT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!!


    Well, I am getting tired of this.

    I am a big fan of Malaysia getting into the rare earths industry and I want it done properly.

    BUT I don't know if Lynas is doing it properly because I have so many unanswered questions about how the plant is runned.

    Lynas is running a dangerous business and I want it done right.

    I have seen nothing so far which convinces me that the review committee has made the right decision to let Lynas continue its operations and yet, Lynas will continue because the review committee said it is all ok.

    Very simply, what studies have the review committee relied on and when were those studies conducted?

    What monitoring mechanisms are in place now?

    Which govt authority is checking those monitoring mechanisms and what reporting mechanisms are there for the public to scrutinise?

    Etc etc etc etc.

    So, fuck you all, you wannabe environmentalists fighting to shut down Lynas.

    You can make all the noise you like now, and Lynas will stay open because you lot failed miserably in fighting for the environment.

    Serves you all right and I am going to buy shares in Lynas.

    I am glad I got that off my chest and I don't apologise for a single word of it.

    And I am sad we have lost a Ramsar site, regardless of what the Sultan of Johor says :(


    1. Don't be too upset. The committee was set up by the Pakatan government and you being a Pakatan supporter should accept its findings. But the minister is now still pushing to evict Lynas. I will write more about that part later. As for my Pakatan trolls....don't mind them too much as they are just doing their job, okay :)

    2. Apa ko merepek nih gladiator

      The committee impose conditions

      Dispose or export waste la

      They r keeping lynas under control

      Good what

  5. BN komedi shud advise unhappy lynas to migrate back to australia sob

    1. Can't you support Pakatan more intelligently?

    2. why not annie tutor dumbo komedi & other Bodoh Nasional to speak more intelligently muakakaka

  6. I am pretty sure someone, somewhere, probably a MAHATHIR crony is lurking in the background, snatching up lynas shares at low prices. The moment the Australians throw in the towel, that someone will take over the operation and become richer by selling the product to American since PRC won't sell to them anymore after the Huawei debacles. Believe me that the 'new Management's will have no such problem like these Australians had.

    1. What you snatched that out of thin air. Mahathir crony, really?


      Duplicate Nasi Lemak

    2. Given the fact that Annie and The Mole and a certain guy I cannot name are all publishing crap to defend Lynas sampai mati, I think Anonymous7 December 2018 at 03:11 is probably right, but it's a Najib crony who needs this monster to continue.

      After all, we all know how sincere Annie and The Mole and the certain guy I cannot name are in looking after the genuine interests of Malaysians, right : )

    3. Anon 07:01

      Apa susah nak snatch tu semua? Tu pasai boss2 saham semua cepat2 dh kena tukaq.. tenyeh aje nama2 dalam borang (proxy macam Jews he eee), kejap aje akan jadi "thin air" million/billionaires la.

      Kesian Gladiator.. nak beli shares ciput-ciput? sampai you six ft under oso payah nak jadi billionaire tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. I wouldn't want to stoke racial tension by calling the lurkers DAP stooges. And I don't believe that they can envisioned such elaborate multinational ruse, their level of intellect is only at selling govt owned propeties away and real estate scam like Fundmyhome. MAHATHIR is a different game altogether, JAMBATAN BENGKOK and hsr to fuck Singapore, third car project and ecrl cancellation to fuck with PRC. Lynas, Australia. DAP don't have neither the brain nor the balls to fuck at international level. You would know if you read some real news rather than this drivel commenters like you spew day in and day out. I do also think that Annie is a borderline narcissist that she let you all bukkake'd all over her blog so she thinks she is loved by some. Lol...

    5. "I do also think that Annie is a borderline narcissist that she let you all bukkake'd all over her blog so she thinks she is loved by some. Lol..."


      Get a room, dude.

      By yourself.

      Our beloved Annie is too busy making ICERD banners at home for tomorrow's rally : )

  7. With the latest revelation on Lynas' harmful activities here, Annie has been exposed yet again as not only an instigator extraordinaire but also a spinner extraordinaire.

    1. Whatever it is, we want Annie to stay well hydrated as she supervises the 3.7 million East Malaysian Christians at the ICERD rally tomorrow.

      Take 100PLUS with you, okay Annie?

      You voice will be very sore from explaining to those Pribumi why their religious rights got crapped on so often by the previous Umno-BN regime : )

      They are all Pribumi too, okay?


  8. Kau dah plan elok-elok macam mana nak bayar hutang PTPTN tiap-tiap bulan dengan komitmen-komitmen lain dengar gaji yang kau dapat, tiba-tiba PTPTN dah rosakkan plan kau dengan buat pemotongan gaji berkala ikut rate dia..I was like WTF!!

    Memang hancing kena kencing hidup-hidup dengan puak-puak PH ni!!..Masa BN dulu tak sekejam ni!!!...

    1. Kalau kerajaan dulu buat kerja dengan sungguh sungguh untuk kutip bayaran PTPTN dan tak tunggu sampai dah tak de duit baru cari penghutang, mungkin al kisah PTPTN takan seteruk ini. 2 tahun sebelum ini anak saudara saya yang menggangur 6 bulan, tak boleh bayar hutang PTPTN, faedah hutang melambung sampai $1800.00 walaupun PTPTN tangguhkan bayaran ansuran. Nasib baik anak saudara saya ada machik yang baik (saya) pinjam kat bank dan bayar balik tunggakan tersebut. Walaupun gaji dia baru $2500.00 dia terpaksa bayar ansuran $500.00 setiap bulan (sebelum pilihan raya). Sekarang orang kalau gaji 2500 awak kena bayar $75.00.

      Sebelum ini semua senyap macam kucing, tetapi sekarang riuh sangat suara masyarakat. Dah hutang bayar lah, sedikit pun okay apa. Buat bising sampai kerajaan “backtrack”, lepai tuh marah pula kerajaan cakap pusing pusing. Masa BN kentut pun tak boleh dengar, takut sangat pada BN. Silap cakap kena tangkap Sosma.

  9. Hooray, Lynas has been approved to continue operations!

    Now Annie won't have to curry sympathy for its workers by showing them praying in the hot sun.

    But the approval, alas, comes with a condition - the accumulated waste must be removed from Malaysian soil. That's over a million tonnes.

    Now, Lynas being a commercial concern, will be facing a big challenge. To which country can it dump that mountain of waste?

    None. So...

    it will be dumping them offshore into the sea.

    Come fifty years later after Annie and all have passed on, including many of those workers, the salt water will corrode the drums and waft the particles back to Malaysian shores.

    Prevention is better than no-cure, and certainly more convincing than trying to win arguments by ignoring science.

    1. This Pakatan troll simply yapping without reading. Hey stupid, read my answer to your fellow trolls above. Thank you.

    2. Lynas will try and get away with a PDF.

      Which is equally a disaster waiting to happen.

      Never mind, I want to be like Najib and start caring about FELDA folks after cheating them repeatedly.

      Ditto the environment, rule of law, transparency, national debt, not wasting money, media freedom.

      All the things that didn't matter before 9th May, and now have new defenders *cough cough*

      It's about being a Caring & Aware Malaysian (?)

      Ha ha.

  10. Too much drama la this govn. Asyik nak cari gaduh je. More work less talk pls.

  11. Annie,

    //The committee was set up by the Pakatan government and you being a Pakatan supporter should accept its findings//

    I may be a Pakatan supporter but it does not mean thatI will blindly accept anything and everything a Pakatan government tells me.

    60+ years of blindly accepting anything and everything a government tells us has led us into the shit hole.

    I will not be party to another 60+ years of being blindly led into another shit hole.

    //But the minister is now still pushing to evict Lynas.//

    And why not if the evidence suggests that Lynas is no good for the environment and the people of Malaysia?

    The problem is we do not know what the evidence is.

    After bitching and crying about what studies the review committee depended on AND receiving no answers for the wannabe fuckwit environmentalists commenting on this blog, I went and looked for myself.

    Here's my starting point.

    I am sure all the fuckwit wannabe environmentalists commenting here have read the above report and understood it all, so please forgive me for being so stupid and having to read it now.

    Personally, I found it very difficult to read because of the high level of Bahasa Melayu used - like I said, I am stupid and ignorant and not clever like fuckwit wannabe environmentalists.

    BUT, I noticed something.

    The entire report appears to be relying on, mostly, old studies!!

    Most of the studies were from prior 2017.

    The ONLY new data I could see, seemed, to be about the number of employee accidents at the plant.

    Another interesting point was that the radiation dosage for each employee appears to be increasing.

    I also felt that the review committee did not suggest new and more stringent monitoring standards for, say, the quality of waste water discharge into the environment, or air quality, or seepage into ground water, etc etc

    Maybe I am misunderstood because of my poor command of Bahasa Melayu, but I don't think the review committee has covered enough ground.

    Maybe it is not in the scope of the review committee to cover the areas I am interested in.

    I dunno.

    //As for my Pakatan trolls....don't mind them too much as they are just doing their job//

    Well, you already know that trolls come with the territory :)

    But, there are several Pakatan commentators here who, in my opinion, are truly intelligent - way much more intelligent then me.

    OK, some of Pakatan commentators here are pretty average, like me, but they know what they want to say, even though their premise may be somewhat clouded.

    I am not going to comment on the UMNO/PAS trolls here who want to fight back against their favourite bogeyman, the RBA - I already know their mentality and intelligence :)

    What I am interested in, is where are the UMNO intelligensia who can come here and provide some insight to current events like the temple riots, the Ramsar de-gazetting, the Lynas debacle?

    Where are the opposing views? Those from UMNO, from PAS?

    Is the use of race and religion for their political ambitions all they know?


    1. RBA has been searched since 2012 with thousands of reports made whether to PDRM or MCMC. ironkcally not found any!!! even the "so-alled" kepala bapak "RBA" TONI PUAKA not been question at balai PDRM!!!

    2. >>>The entire report appears to be relying on, mostly, old studies!! Most of the studies were from prior 2017.

      The review was supposed to be a 6 months but Yeo Bee Yin shortened to 3. So what do you expect?

  12. I hope and pray the pinklips pirate is the main speaker at the Himpunan Penyamun tomorrow:

    "Najib Abdul Razak has urged the court and police to expedite the process on the RM116.7 million seized from residences linked to him in May, which the former premier claims belongs to Umno.

    He was responding to news reports that the court had fixed Feb 11 to hear the police and government's application to strike out Umno's claim over the funds.

    “Umno requires the funds for its monthly operational and political activities as well as to settle outstanding bills related to the 14th general election,” he said in a Facebook posting this afternoon."

    Tell you what, pirate:

    Worry about the RM20 billion you stole from us first.

  13. Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah says the Malays appear caught in a race to embarrass each other, and are obsessed with the blame game which only reflects poorly on themselves.

    He said the nation’s political culture had created a new obsession of a racist nature, and promoted a form of thinking that prioritised loyalty to a group over accepting the importance of the truth, and influencing minds to give more importance to the group than to the survival of Muslims in general.

    He added that the Malays appeared increasingly weak as they had lost the spirit of “ukhuwah” or brotherhood. He said they were weak in character and were sinking in the race for materialistic gain and becoming increasingly intoxicated with the competition for power.

    How true.

    Tomorrow's shameless pro-corruption rally proves it.

    PAS hypocrites and UMNO thieves - who is worse?

  14. a message to anti icerd macai2, dumbo2 are actually icerd = i curi engkau ramai2 defend sigh

    1. "icerd = i curi engkau ramai2 defend"

      HA HA HA!!!!

      Best line of the day... 2 thumbs up!

    2. 18:29
      Or dumbo say i corrupt engkau ramai2 dedak solidariti penyamun2 adoi

  15. are you ready to help tune up the anti ICERD crowds tomorrow annie! if less than 50,000 turn up for much noises also dramas, we KL bisness will in big loss!

  16. Anonymous @ 7 December 2018 at 12:52,

    //The committee impose conditions//

    Who is going to monitor those conditions?

    //Dispose or export waste la//

    How will the waste be disposed?

    How will it be stored while waiting for disposal?

    Who will monitor the storage conditions to ensure there are no leakages into ground water?

    //They r keeping lynas under control //


    I think you have waaaay too much faith in whatever you are being told without asking yourself questions.


  17. Anonymous @ 7 December 2018 at 17:59,

    //I wouldn't want to stoke racial tension by calling the lurkers DAP stooges. And I don't believe that they can envisioned such elaborate multinational ruse, their level of intellect is only at selling govt owned propeties away and real estate scam like Fundmyhome.//


    You are obviously someone who hasn't been following the news in the last few years, right? :)

    Never heard of 1MDB? Never heard of Bandar Tun Razak? Never heard of ECRL? Never heard of what is happening at FGV, FELDA and Tabung Haji?


    You are one of those blindly trusting morons who believes everything your UMNO/PAS leaders tell you, right?

    So, that RM150million cash in 26 currencies found in Najib's homes really all belong to UMNO?


    You are sooooo cute and trusting :)

    If you were here in front of me, I would be pinching your cheek and patting you on your head :)


    1. Banyak makan taik dap ke bro? Very clear it's a comparison between DAP and Mahathir. Membaca pun dah Tak betul. You are slipping RBA

  18. Anonymous @ 7 December 2018 at 05:51,

    //With the latest revelation on Lynas' harmful activities here//

    Could you pls post a link to what these revelations are?

    Or at least, roughly tell us what these revelations are?

    I have seen nothing in the news recently about any "harmful activities".



    1. You must have been living in a cave lately Gladiator.

    2. revelation came to prophet when he was in cave so???

  19. Anonymous @ 7 December 2018 at 09:09,

    //Which is equally a disaster waiting to happen.//

    A disaster has already happened - we have lost a Ramsar designated wetland and nobody seems to care.

    Yet, we get wannabe caring environmentalists gettingup on their hind legs trying to pretend they know everything about how bad Lynas is.


  20. Anonymous @ 8 December 2018 at 11:00,

    //You must have been living in a cave lately Gladiator. //

    Well, it is a very comfortable cave with all mod cons and high speed internet.

    How did you think I found the link to the review committe report? :)

    I don't see "new revelations" in that report about "harmful activities" by Lynas.

    Of cos, if you mean "OLD revelations", fair enough :)

    Seeing as you appear to know about "new revelations abt harmful activities" by Lynas, why don't you tell me cos I can't find any NEW revelations.


  21. 2 very reputable NGO SAM and CAP fully support the government stand on Lynas.remove all toxic substances from malaysia as per agreement or close down.

    1. Close down all factories then. Especially all those chemical factories. Also don't let people drive. Smoke from car exhaust is toxic too, right?

    2. there is no need to close down all chemical factories,only those that are radio active in nature,no amount of money can undo the damage from radio active material, once leakages happen.
      The arguments put forward by SAM and CAP is very logical,if there is no risk why their own country disallow the waste from being send back to the aussie land.
      Are we so hard up with foreign investment to the extend that even those that may pose high risk to malaysian are also so welcome.
      Do malaysian worth so little?

    3. That's a stupid analogy by Annie.

    4. Just now shut down those that are toxic, then shut down those which are radioactive....aiyo, whatever lah.

  22. anti icerd mcm anti climax (less than 50k people) & mother nature is grumbling with dark cloud...

    1. Apala bodoh benar, ni bulan dec, mmg musim hujan. Budak darjah 5 punya argument. If the dark cloud is mother nature's grumbling then the landslides in penang is mother nature's cursed.

    2. 21:16
      911 mecca was mother nature curse???

    3. 21:52 another bodoh, baca pun x reti.

  23. annie anti icerd rally no see other pribumi minorities - orang asli, sabahans & sarawakians, most likely they (minorities too) support icerd wink

  24. Rare Earth bahan sgt penting utk pembuatan tepun, tv lcd,tv led, computer board dan banyak lagi barangan cangih letronik. Kalu nak kira waste dari rare Earth Ni, Kat Penang lagi manyak.
    If this factory were to be built in Penang, no one will complaint. Some segment of the race are not happy bcuz it was built in a Malay state.
    For people like Pojiah jika sgt sensitif Abt this rare Earth matter, pls stop using their smartphones that have WA, Tweeter, Fusbuk, Tinder etc as well their laptops bcuz they all contain rare Earth inside.

    1. 21:02
      australia also got diamond mine, why they donot sent here (lynas) to process because diamonds are not radioactive (but priceless which mrs MO1 will concur) OK

  25. Annie,

    Why bother to reply those trolls at all when you know no amount of words or explanation can ever convince them, simply because it is all part of thier job.

    All you need to do is to wait a little while more and they will all disapear once their Bentong big boss or any of his gang of three goes kabut!

    I can't see how these traitors and bullies can be funny anymore soon.