Thursday 13 December 2018

Handsome old man and Proton X70

Well, this is nice,

Hopefully the handsome old man will not be angry about the Proton-Geely partnership anymore.

This is what he said at the launch of the X70 last night,

PM hopes Proton-Geely collaboration will 

produce truly Malaysian car

Honestly, I don't mind a car not so truly Malaysian if it works well, unlike previous Proton cars which people complained so much about.

But, I do understand how Dr Mahathir feels about the whole thing as Proton is his baby.

Ya, hopefully there will be a truly Malaysian car one day. A truly good one, that is.

Anyway, watching this video made me quite tempted;

But, I think I'll wait for the full review first.

Okay, that's all for today.


  1. Tak silap..Dulu dia yg marah jual kat Cina.

    Whatever credit must go to Najib.

    1. Anon 16:19

      Yes, credit should go to Najib.

      RM2.6 billion credit should go into his account.

      Oh did!

    2. Aiit... Tak bagi kredit kat Syed Mokhtar Bukhary ka?
      Najib ka... yang arah Syed Mokhtar, jual 49.9% pada Geely?

    3. lembu punya susu, babi dpt nama.. haha dulu menangis cakap jual negara.. sekarang puji pulakk.. samalh mcm macai dedak walaun pakar-u'turn..

  2. Hey Annie,

    If not for Tun farsightedness, we will not be here, a car with our own logo.

    What did those others had achieved? Illek.

    I heard the car is quite good. You can tell the car to open the sunroof and open the radio by talking only, no need to push button.

    Later on, Tun going to initiate the third car. Protiga or Protun?

    I suspect, the third national car will be all electrical like Tesla.

    I heard now, BMW also going towards electrical car manufacturing.

    Now, the automotive manufacturer have adopted madular approach whereby the same plant can either produce, conventional, hybrid or full electrical. No need different plant.

    In US, I heard Tesla electrical car sales surpass Mercedes Benz.

    So, it will exciting if our third national car can be electical car like Tesla.

    1. Correct

      Actually it’s better if done via private sector

      We cannot spend too much money on proton now

      Much more urgent things

      But should not give up

      Hey if korea n japan have such big national car industry

      Even India

      Why not Malaysia?

  3. Annie,

    Please let The Guy You Worship know it's time to switch sides yet again....

    "At least 32 Umno MPs have switched allegiance to Dr Mahathir Mohamad, FMT has learnt, with five of them ready to declare their exit from the party which is reeling from its biggest ever exodus in Sabah since entering the state 27 years ago.

    Of the five, two are from the east coast, and the rest from Perak, Johor and Selangor.

    “Once this happens, more Umno MPs are expected to leave their old party,” said a source close to the inner circles of the party.

    Describing it as the “second wave” of exodus from Umno, the source said this would happen in stages.

    Yesterday, 36 elected representatives, senators and division heads in Sabah announced that they were leaving Umno, effectively crippling the party’s state chapter which was established in 1991."

    Don't worry lah.

    The Guy You Worship is quite used to it.

    In fact the internet is full of photos of The Guy You Worship plus his macai2 posing very happily with Tun.

    It's impressive that these boys are soooooo "flexible".

    They must exercise a lot : )

    1. At least bung is new umno sabah chief

      But chief with zero followers

      Kah kah kah

    2. Anonymous13 December 2018 at 19:55

      I heard Bung is going home to Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, where he was born.

      "Country roads, take me home...."

  4. Why no noise from PokPek Parrot?

    From largest party in Parlimen, his paymasters are now 40/222....and falling.

    That Parrot better peck the dedak while it's there.

    Going, going...

    1. Bro

      Game not over

      I think kj going 2 cabut also

      Tun like kj very much actually

      So pls don’t be surprised

      Anyway tun plan very clear

      Bersatu = new umno

      In fact

      By 2020 i can predict 1 thing

      Bersatu will be biggest party in parliament

      Bigger than pkr

    2. Model baru beli cash ke hadiah sagu hati? Model yang lama2 pass la kat Gladiator.. bole dia masuk race... broooom

      Kutip jangan tak kutip katak2 semua. Ni musim hujan, pasti gemuk2.. croak croak masak sweet and sour kaki goreng2 ...finger licking good. Croak croak

      Alamak 40/12+1 = lebih kurang Sgd dgn ringgit la bezanya kekekeke

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Anonymous13 December 2018 at 19:54

      KJ was seen with Nurul and Rafizi, so maybe PKR? But you are right, Tun will allow him to join Bersatu.

    4. nurul is available, KJ is eyeing sigh

  5. On your favourite topic of Lynas, I was shocked to learn how much they have been twisting the rules....

    "Yeo clarified that there was continuous accumulation of two primary residues at the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) — namely Water Leached Purification (WLP) Residue totalling 451,564 metric tonnes and Neutralization Underflow Residue totalling 1.113 million metric tonnes — which have no viable near-term solution to be managed.

    “The risks to the surrounding communities and environment increase with the increasing amount of accumulated residue as it is exposed to the threat of natural disasters such as major flooding.

    “Your employer (LYNAS) has TWICE made the commitment to the Government of Malaysia to remove waste from Malaysia,” she said.

    She also attached letters of undertaking written by Lynas Corporation Ltd, Australia and Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd dated February 23, 2012 and March 6, 2012 respectively, indicating their commitment to remove LAMP residue from Malaysia, if necessary.

    Malaysian law allows 20 metric tonnes of waste or a limit of 180 days for temporary waste storage.

    Lynas had requested an exemption where it has accumulated hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste over a six-year period."

    Pendek kata....

    Legally you can accumulate 20 metric tonnes of waste for a limit of 180 days.

    Lynas has accumulated....

    451,564 tonnes - Water Leached Purification (WLP) Residue

    Neutralization Underflow Residue - 1.113 million metric tonnes

    And it's been there for YEARS.

    Who in the previous govt allowed this to happen???

    1. Ah...the condescending letter by the minister to the people she is trying to make jobless. I will write about it later. Be patient, ok.

    2. No, apart from your overused, cliched racial spin of Chinese minister vs Malay workers, can you explain why the amount of waste stockpiled by Lynas is tens of thousands of times higher than that allowed by law?

      PS: You've milked Lynas dry, girl. If you think you can instigate people using Lynas, you have to wake them from sleep first, because let's face it - borrrriiiinggggggg : )

      Surely there are more creative ways to create racial tension, no?

    3. Racial spin? Hahaha. Whatever. Boring? You are the one who brought it up here in this post which has nothing to do about Lynas. As I said, be patient okay. I'll write about it.

    4. Bukan I cakap, Annie. Boss u yang cakap! If you deny it, you should ask him to correct his blog. He's definitely trying racial spin. I guess some people never grow up?

      Yes, write about it, but seriously...what is the point any more? Lynas has been given clear options to comply, so comply lah. Tutup kes, move on...

    5. Boss? Hahaha. Whatever. If you want to move on, why you brought up Lynas issue here? Wait la until I write about it again. Just yesterday I wrote about Lynas what.

    6. Why is the radioactive waste still in Malaysia?
      It will costs the Company a cool US60 million to nave it ship back to Australia
      They have don't their maths


  6. Annie,

    Sorry, but I could not care less.

    Do you know how hard it is to play Pokemon Go when one is driving?

    In a bus or on the LRT, I can relax, catch any Pokemons which appear, spin any Pokestops I pass, pop a Pokemon in a Pokegym if I am quick, etc etc.

    Our roads are congested enough, our drivers are mostly rude morons who show no respect to other road users, amd we have pedestrians who would be very useful as suicide bombers or kamikaze pilots if ever Malaysia goes to war with anybody.

    There are lots of good things which we can spend public monies on and a third national car aint one of them.


  7. Good advice from Annie's best friend:

    "Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin hopes the exodus of Sabah leaders will trigger a renewal in the party that he claimed is desired by its members and the Malays.
    “To change and rise again, Umno cannot continue to flip-flop and live in denial. The leadership, direction and restoration of the party must be an agenda that is pursued firmly and seriously,” he said in a statement tonight.

    “We must also immediately and openly admit that everything is in a mess in Umno. This party can also rise with a leadership that is accountable, effective and has integrity,” the former Johor mentri besar said."

    Let's see what "Umno" there is left in six months...

    Poor Umno bloggers gonna lose all their dedak for sure.

  8. Betul kata SM Salim. Dulu lain sekarang lain. Dulu cakap lain sekarang boleh cakap lain.
    Dulu marah marah serang Proton sekarang boleh terima pulak.
    Betul cakap P Ramlee....demokrasi terpimpim...taik kuching..

  9. Annie,

    I am very excited with the new Proton X70. Sound like Volvo X90.

    So, if I order now, when can i get the car?

    How about the engine, is it using Volvo Engine?

    Price also quite reasoble.

    If I buy this car, am I eligible to get the petrol subsidy, since I am a supporter of the national car and whatnot.

    Please advice.

    1. This one u just check with Proton. I'm not sure myself because I don't work for them.

  10. PNL,

    //Model yang lama2 pass la kat Gladiator.. bole dia masuk race... broooom//

    No idea what you are talking about.

    But it does appear to amuse you somewhat.

    Here is some Internet wisdom I came across recently which almost seems to be talking about you :)

    On the Internet, nobody will ever know if you are, in actual fact, a smart pig or a clever dog with some keyboard skills.

    BUT everybody will know when you are a moron.

    So, pls do carry on :)

    Believe me, I do enjoy our interaction :)


  11. Annie,

    //I will write about it later//

    If and when you do write about Lynas again, I hope you will offer some of your views on the huge stockpile of waste products.

    Frankly, I am shocked at the sheer size of the stockpile.

    I hope adequate measures are taken to ensure the stockpile is safely stored and and monitoring protocols are maintained at the highest standards.

    Unfortunately, I have zero idea what those monitoring protocols are.

    Also, I dont know if the stockpile was mentioned in the review committee's report as my Bahasa Melayu skills were not good enough.


    1. also excited by Yeo Bee Yin's letter. Ok fine. I will comment on it in my next post. But tell la yr Pakatan friends not to say the issue is boring la, basi la and what not, ok.

    2. Annie, no need to waste your time in your personal vendetta against Yeo Bee Yin.

      You should instead focus on the emergency situation at hand now which is to stop the severe bleeding that UMNO is experiencing now. UMNO is losing jobs on massive scale.

      Start with SAVE UMNO instead of Save Lynas.

    3. See, this one wants me not to write about Lynas pulak. Eh, you all Pakatan people are difficult, you know or not?

    4. Not that we dont want you to write on Lynas Annie.

      Just that we love you to write about UMNO which is something close to your heart.

    5. "UMNO is losing jobs on massive scale."

      Very true.

      Annie, please lah start a "Save Our Dedak" campaign for yourself and your fellow macai.

      Tak kan a party with less than 10 MPs remaining will shower dedak on you guys...

    6. We are not Pakatan people. Just like you, we are neutral :)

  12. Annie,

    //you also excited by Yeo Bee Yin's letter. //

    No, I do not know of any such letter and have seen nothing about it in any news portal that I read.

    If you do have a link, I would be happy to read it amd offer you my views.

    //But tell la yr Pakatan friends not to say the issue is boring la, basi la and what not, ok.//

    It's up to an individual how he/she wants to feel about a particular subject.

    I believe in ppl making their own decisions and charting their own course in life.


  13. Well done to Yeo Bee Yin for giving a splendid reply on Lynas.

    Lynas should ship out the radioactive wastes overseas and not store in Malaysia. No more excuses from Lynas.

  14. Another UMNO MP quits UMNO.

    And now KJ is demanding for Zahid's resignation.

    Prof Pokpek Parrot, do something to save your UMNO ! UMNO going from 42 to 22 and 2 very soon.

    1. Anon 14:56

      Banyak katak2 tersepit bawah balak2 dalam hutan sana kut? Mai pula musim hujan klo banjir2 takut nanti hanyut tengelam pula.. croak croak.

      Hmmm get ready excel 12+1+?+?+?+?+?+?+?+?/222

      innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun. Salam takziah kepada keluarga Arwah Zainuddin Maidin.

      Professor Nasi Lemak