Wednesday 26 December 2018

Counting on Pribumi Bersatu to seek justice for Adib

The Pribumi Bersatu's second AGM will be held in Putrajaya this weekend.

In this report,

Bersatu will be the preferred choice for Malays, Bumiputera 


Its Information chief, Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin is confident that  the party will be the preferred choice, compared with Umno and PAS, in championing the special rights of the Malays and Bumiputera as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.
“The Malays will look at us as a party that can continue to help them…the Malays see Bersatu as an alternative for them. The current political dynamic shows many Malays are now ready to be with Bersatu,” he said during an interview with the media.
That's very nice, I guess.

Since that was said, I'm hoping that Pribumi Bersatu, as the main Malay and Bumiputera based party in the current ruling coalition can use its AGM as a platform to tell the government to give justice to murdered fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim and his loved ones.

Adib was clearly murdered during the riot at the temple because he was a Malay Muslim.

So, I believe that all those who claimed to be championing the Malays, Islam and Bumiputera in Pribumi Bersatu should voice out their demand for justice to be done.

You can't make a claim of being such a champion when racists and religious extremists can get away with murdering a Malay Muslim while those who instigated and supported them continue to sit next to your leaders in the government.

Umno, Pas and those Malay and Muslim NGOs can only make noises over the matter but they don't have the power to do what Pribumi Bersatu could do to bring justice for Adib and his loved ones.

I'm not even counting on Amanah to do anything about this because I think they are even more useless than the powerless Umno and Pas....because I actually think they are really scared of DAP.

Have you all ever heard of any Amanah leader saying anything that contradict DAP?

Well, Pribumi Bersatu leaders are different, I think.

For one thing, they have Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the party president and prime minister.

So, why should they be afraid of DAP or PKR for that matter, right?

I know they will be busy with all the GE14 victory talks and such but still, I really hope the Pribumi Bersatu delegates will all speak out to demand justice for Adib and his loved ones at the AGM this weekend.

They must put pressure on the government and authorities to take action.

They really should not let the murderers and those who instigated and defended them escape punishment.

That's my wish for this coming Pribumi Bersatu's AGM.

However, I was a bit concerned when I read this report which quoted the party's secretary-general,

Agenda to improve country among focus 
at Bersatu general assembly


He advised delegates, especially those who would be on stage to debate for the first time, to control their emotions and to not deviate from the topic.

“It will be a closed debate because of the sensitivities involved,” he added.

I was like...What? Closed debate?

Come on la, what are they so scared of now that they are in power?

Just say what needed to be said, okay.

Here, I give an example,

"Dear Malaysians, please don't beat up a fireman to death just because he is a Malay Muslim. Malay Muslim fireman just want to put out a fire and save lives. He is not there to destroy your temple. Thank you."

Now, don't tell me Pribumi Bersatu people can't say that openly at their AGM.

Come on la.

You all said you are better than Umno and Pas. So, be brave la.

Well, I hope the party secretary-general will change his mind and let the delegates say things like that openly.

Otherwise Pribumi Bersatu will just be a Malay pussycat party....too scared of DAP like Amanah, I guess.


  1. ‘.. for one thing, they have TDM as party president and prime minister ..’
    hmmm .. cheeky huhh


    1. TDM a PM for all Malaysians


  2. #rinduzamantun-"voice out for justice...?" Alamak! Macam la dek anine tak kona that atok hensome...once he perform that 'skillfool'kona baring...nobody even the montori muda yang masuk politik bukan nak jadi 'pak turut' also will bersatu membatu bersatu tergamam...tercokik halkum! Tak cayo,ekao tahu la why they all kasi buek the persidangan tertutup!

  3. Payah juga ya with only 12+1/222 voices kan? Macam singa dalam kandang.. meghaung kasi hingak satu zoo aje.

    Nak buat ni, kena jentik telinga

    Nak buat tu, kena jentik telinga

    Terpaksa bawa ramai katak2 UMNO masuk? Dah nak buat A-Z jenuh dok kena luku kepala tiap hari pulak dah.

    Takpe. Takpe. DAP ade banyak roket. Pribumi Bersatu lagi tera dah ade Superman. Malaysia Baru...UP UP AND AWAY..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. eh x payah eh walaupun 12+1/222 pun.....depa kan kerajaan la ni so sukahati depa la nak buat apa pun kan...
      yg lagi payahnya ialah 54 48 43 37 kot....kot kot kot kot tau tau orang tanam ja....tu lagi payah kot....

    2. eri, kalau ikut aku, biar lah Pribumi Bersatu tu ambik SEMUA wakil rakyat Umno asalkan dia orang dapat bersuara menuntut keadilan untuk arwah Adib. Tak payah segan2 buat debat tertutup masa perhimpunan nanti.

    3. 'Tertutup' kerana nak bincang pasal bakal PM-8 yang nampaknya sudah tidak sabar-sabar tunggu 2 tahun?
      Maklumlah, kena juga berbincang dan berdebat, bagaimana persepsi masyarakat dunia, terutamanya Negara-Negara Pak Arab, jika Dr.M melepaskan jawatan PM kepada bekas banduan salah-guna-kuasa dan liwat yang telah diampun YDPA secara bidan-terjun.

      Jika keadilan untuk Adib pun mahu dibincang secara tertutup dalam AGM, maka jelas Bersatu sama seperti UMNO dan Amanah, tidak ada telor, sama seperti rakan-rakan yang abandon Adib.
      Saya sangat benci pada haramjadah tak ada telor, nak bersuara bela Adib pun. Setakat kutip duit, derma kepada keluaraga Allahyarham, tidak memadai.

  4. Annie
    Kena la tertutup ...tersilap cakap habis telinga kena pulas, kepala lebam kena luku.. masuk PKR tersembam lebam kena baling kerusi..

    eri nampak gaya begitu excited nak menyambut Katak2 UMNO? Berapa dah masuk dalam jaring?

    Hati2 satni tersilap pilih dart frogs, menyesal tak kesudahan.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  5. What is there for Bersatu to discuss that required a closed door meeting? What are they afraid of? Hantu Kak Limah? If someone broke the law, just say so. If action is demanded, just demand it!!

    Tak de telor cakap je la tak bertelor. Jangan cakap berbelit2. Nothing2Hide or Nowhere2Hide?

  6. Bersatu have two aging stars.One is 93 years old.Another one is recovering from cancer.Can we imagine what will happen if these two leaders are gone
    Prof Kangkung

  7. Awat yang takut sangat. Jiwa Onn Jaafar dan Tunku Rahman kuat perjuang hak bumiputera sampai Mat Salleh pun lari. Tak mau hingaq macam orang utara kata tin MILO kosong...pong pang pong pang habuk pun tak dak.

    Memang ada political risk which will impact national integration but risk kena manage la. The trade off biar Tun draw the balancing act. Jangan takut...face it macam Erdogan buat. Otherwise the repeat of Uighur...The repeat of Palestine..the repeat of the next 100 years...menyesal tak guna seduit.

  8. justice for adib but no need to resort to violence mcm jmm azwanddin right

  9. Bersatu is only held together by Mahathir.
    After he dies, Bersatu will disintegrate. Mooheedeeen and that young little shit has got no relevance at the national level.
    As much as you hate DAP, they have a whole lineup of battle hardened and capable leaders that are difficult to dislodge.

    Adib’s death is just ONE issue out of many in the national discourse.
    You gonna win the next election based on one little criminal case?
    I know you monkeys are stupid but surely that must register somewhere in your prehistoric brain, right?

    1. You swine 14:17. Just when I thought DAPigs are smarter than the pariahs that killed Adib, here you come showing your numb-skull. Mahathir, even after his death, will never allow the Chinese to run the country, what more the DAPigs Chinese. So, if Australia is calling you, just go. Vamoose!

    2. After soo many failed attempts, it took dap's kissing mahathir's feet for them to win the election. Capable??? Hahaha pigs are delusional.

  10. Langau dalam UMMO27 December 2018 at 19:04

    I don't understand yr struggle. The police are in charge of investigating the case of Fireman Adib's murder. What more do u want politician to demand other than Waytha's resignation? That has been rejected by TDM.

  11. Telokwanjah was:
    Dear Annie - you’ve made the claim a few times that Adib was beat up because he was Malay. Are you just guessing/speculating or do you have any basis for making the claim? Maybe the video of the Indian boys carrying him to safety was cropped or doctored and in fact they were the ones who beat him up ?

    1. He was beaten up to death because he was a firefighter, is it? The Selangor exco said the temple was being attacked by Malay Muslims not by firefighters, okay.

  12. Telokwanjah says:
    Maybe he tried to stop the temple attackers in his line of duty and they walloped him ? Mobs and riots make people crazy. Anyway I was really wondering who beat him up and thought you had some info or details behind your comment that he was beaten up because of his race.

    1. So, during a riot it's okay to beat up a fireman to death is it? You are still wondering who beat up Adib to death and why they did it? Stop trying to make excuses for the murderers.

  13. Anon 19:04

    ...The police are in charge of investigating the case of Fireman Adib's ...

    Polis dgn begitu megahnya pampang dan tayang2 bag2, duit2 Rosmah dlm segala media.. supaya bahalol2 kasi berbuih mulut pokpekpokpek siang malam.... napa muka2 pembunuh ni sorok2 taknak bagi satu dunia tengok?

    Hai.. Nape gini eh???

    eri.. dah berapa KATAK UMNO masuk dlam jaring kamu? Croak croak..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Singh yang tayang handbag Rosmah pun dah pencen.You tamil ka,Singh ke.It doesn't matter.From my point of view,all of you are Indians
      Prof Kangkung