Sunday 23 December 2018

Adib's murder is a hate case the AG doesn't know

It's almost been a week since fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim died, and almost a month since his murderers rioted at the temple.

Yet not a single person has been charged for it.

A police friend said they have to wait for the Attorney General's decision for it.

Okay, what is this AG waiting for?

Difficult to write the charges in Bahasa Malaysia is it?

Then write la in English or Sanskrit or whatever.

Just charge them, okay.

At least for rioting first.

We'll get to Adib's murder later.

Just get the bastards in jail first.

Ya, and those instigators too.

Such as this V.Ganabatirau

He clearly incited the rioters hours before they beat up Adib to death.

If not for his FB posting about a Muslim group attacking the temple, I don't believe the riot on the second night when Adib was murdered would had happened.

I don't care  a shit about his insincere bullshit apology after that.

Ya AG, why you are not charging him?

Is it because he's from DAP? Or is it because of his race?

Then there were all that talks about the developer hiring Malay gangsters to attack the temple.

Even my friend, who knows a lot about the underworld was unhappy about it.

The guy, who is a Chinese told me that those bunch are not real gangsters but instead part-time security guards that the developer hired to secure the place after it got the court order to move the temple.

'And there are also Indians along with Malays in the group," my friend said.

No wonder the developer had denied hiring gangsters, let alone Malay gangsters to attack the temple.

We will also wait and see if the government will get rid of that Hindraf extremist Waytha Moorthy, whom it appointed as Racial Unity and Social Well Being Minister.

He did nothing to stop the riot and in fact wanted to reward those responsible for Adib's murder.

If nothing happens, then I have to conclude that this is the Pakatan government's thinking,

If that is so, then Adib's death will be in vain indeed.

They keep saying that it's not about race and religion, but really, what do you think was in the mind of the murderers as they mercilessly kicked and hit the defenceless Adib that night?

Do you all really think it's because Adib was a fireman?

It's a hate crime, okay.

They murdered Adib because they hated him as a Malay Muslim and not because he is a fireman.

How can anyone hate a fireman anyway?

Why Adib's murderers hate Malays?

Because some politicians incited them, telling them that Malays have oppressed them, ethnically cleanse them, wanted to destroy their temples, etc.

Eh, go find some Hindraf videos and you'll know what I'm talking about.

While you are at it, watch also some videos (especially during the GE13 campaign) of how Guan Eng said the Chinese were treated as second, third, fourth, fifth class citizens of this country so that they get angry with the "Malay government" at that time.

Ya, watch the Christians being marginalised campaign videos by DAP too.

And they said Malays who demand justice for Adib are racists.....sigh.

A friend asked this morning why I keep "harping" on Adib's death.

Well, it's because I'm still angry and I keep receiving rememberance videos such as this one from friends who want justice for Adib and his loved ones,

I will always remember Adib. InsyaAllah.


  1. Wow..
    Cool down nyonya.
    How do you know it is a hate crime when the were riot around that area?
    The riot is the main issue not the race.
    If the PDRM/FRU were there to help those fire fighter do their job nothing will happen to adib n their like.

    What is the SoP for the serviceman to follow when the riot occured?
    Why everybody turning this case into racial issue when the original case was the temple vs developer?

    Why would developer want to ruin their oppurtunity when it is the temple who has nothing to lose?

    Before this temple got nothing, now they got the land. Heck, even people fro. nationwide give charity so they can acquire the land.

    Now u think is it really racial issue or just cheap move by "some people" of coz with help from the politician.

    1. I'm letting this one through as an example of the bullshit excuses for Adib's murderers that I deleted previously. Hey, at least try to make the bullshit coherent and not like this one, can?

    2. Bodoh punya orang.Do you think the rioters will harm the Bomba if they saw Arumugam Pillai were inside insteas of Adib. Adib was harmed because the rioters saw a Malay inside the vehicle.It was racial, stupid.

  2. Anni,

    “Adib's murder is a hate case the AG doesn't know“

    The AG cannot be that stupid not to know that.

    I hate to even think that the AG needs the PM’s go ahead before charging those whom you called ‘bastards’.

  3. Stop this racial nonsense! Hei, annie@fart, looks like you don't have many readers on your posts anymore. I think most got fed-up.

    1. Since I don't have many readers anymore then you shouldnt worry what I write about. Beating up a fireman to death because he's a Malay is racial nonsense, is it?

    2. Anon19:28

      If you dont like Annie 's posting, please go somewhere else or write on your blog

    3. Anon 19:28

      ..Looks like you don't have many readers on your posts anymore. I think most got fed-up...

      Simple logic meh.

      Majoriti yg berbuih ayaq lioq komen sini kapiaq2 belaka, bzz preparing for Christmas or enjoy2 NewYear pi nganga2 tgk bunga Api.

      Tu pasai hilang kejap.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. Get those bastards quickly la AG. Still waiting for divine intervention ka?? Ayoyooooooooo..Come on yang bijaksana...

  5. Amboi, tak lengah2 serbu rumah Najib, rumah ibunya.. siap papar meluas dalam semua media sampai akaun bank cucu pun tak sabar2 nak satu dunia tengok..

    Mai tang pembunuh sunyi sepi macam church mouse pula nu?? Hmmm agaknya leka dok menjaring katak2 dalam hutan, bawah2 kayu balak.. kes bunuh orang pun dah tak nampak nuuu?

    Mata juling2 semua dok teliang $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, ni seisi keluarga katak2 tengah ghairah Christmas shoppings kat Paris, London, US kan??

    PH sedang meletup sekarang, tunggu dtibai tsunami aje nampak gaya.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. I'm with you Annie. Still angry How can I be cool. Ramai ramai pukol sorang berani la. Tak dak telor punya orang. Sekarang tidur tak lena la those yang pukol. Hantu sudah cari those yang pukol Adib.

  7. I sokong you Annie. Org yg nak ambil tindakan pun bastard, so macam mana nak tangkap those bastard...

  8. This is what you get when you vote for tun and pakatan.
    nyawa rakyat is meaningless to them.Where Najib try to bring all rakyat together with 1 Malaysia and better transportation, Tun n PH prefers to divide and remain in power.
    Fuck them all.

    1. This is what u get when u syok sendiri and refused to listen to the rakyat's rumblings. BN would still be in power had u lot forced najib razak to retire gracefully.

      No regrets toppling bn. It had to be done. If ph doesn't perform, we will topple ph too. The question is, if that happens, will it be an umno or pas led govn? Fikir2 kan lah.

    2. bodoh lah nak test tukar2 kerajaan ....last2 habuk pun tadak...and guess what ....that very same person u think is bad n want to topple is the same person who is trying to save the rakyat and the country....without najib consistent postings the ph gov wouldnt have a clue what to do....Bodoh punye PH n lagi bodoh voters mampusss....

    3. Anon 11:55, kegilaan adalah melakukan perkara yg sama tapi mengharapkan penyudahan yg berlainan. Org yg buta hati je x rasa apa2 yg ganjil bila pemimpin menyimpan ratusan juta dlm rumah. Org yg buta hati je x rasa ada apa2 yg salah bila banker 1mdb dah pun mengaku salah.

      Jgn jadi katak yg x sedar dirinya sedang direbus hidup2. Hidup mesti ada keberanian utk mencuba & berubah.

    4. Ratusan juta selepas pilihanraya? lah tu....kenapa tak selongkar rumah pemimpin2 parti lain selepas pru14 hari tu???? Cer citer mana diaorang dapat dana PRU dan dana untuk menghentam kerjaaan BN and Najib...ingat Clare tu keje free ke mangkuk?
      Hello... jangan jadi bodoh berkali2 ok....kena kencing busuk Tun and DAP....mmg padan lah muka korang....

  9. yohhhhhh... take a few puffs of ganja nd relax...
    the world is not gonna end anytym soon...
    U educated kat sekolah mana Annie..?
    showing yr anger nd hatred won't change anything...
    klau pun marah sngat, tak perlu laa vulgar sngat...
    nanti bila org kata u got a bitchy mouth, u marah pulak..
    anywaz, ganja pun da mahal skrng, go slow on the puffs nd stay cool k .

    1. Dulu aku cakap baik2 pun dia orang kata aku macam2. Lantak la dia org nak kata apa kat aku sekarang. Engko nak hisap ganja tu engko punya pasal. Aku hisap vape perasan mango butter je.

  10. Annie; I just wonder that so called Malay gangsters; Had they damaged the temple or harmed any Hindu devotees while they were guarding the temple.Initially report if I am not mistaken that they were threatening the swami neck but when I saw swami safe and sound, I wonder whether that this news was true or not.

  11. All this while, their loud mouth lawyers calling Malaysia is not truly democratic country, that Malaysian justice system flawed, that our courts are not fair enough, that our judges are flawed, but what did these people say when their deranged, demented and violent people REFUSED to follow court order???

    A BIG NOTHING!!!!.........