Wednesday 5 December 2018

Farewell Johor's Ramsar sites (updated)

Back in November 2013, I asked,

Will Johor government protect Ramsar sites?

That's because I had earlier heard they were going to develop the area and I pleaded

 PM Najib, please save the Ramsar sites in Johor

Then nothing happened.

The Ramsar sites remained as they were except for some minor problems.

For a while I thought I had done some good there. That they heard my pleading and questioning and decided to let the Ramsar sites be.

But of course it's not true as mine is just an insignificant anonymous blog.

Most likely it's the authorities back then who changed their own mind over the whole thing.

I have to admit that I didn't keep much attention to the matter after that, especially now that Pakatan Harapan had taken over Johor.

With all its claim of being environmentally friendly, I thought there should be no worries over the Ramsar sites anymore.

Then by chance, someone alerted me of this story this morning,

Pulau Kukup to change from national

 park to Sultanate land, says TMJ

excerpts 1
He claimed that the island, one of the few pristine wetlands in South-East Asia, will be "better protected" after its status is changed from national park to Sultanate land.
“In the past, several national parks were privatised but in Johor, His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar has a different vision.
“To better protect all national parks, Sultan Ibrahim decreed that all the national parks be changed to Sultanate land,” he tweeted.

excerpts 2
Lawyers for Liberty has asked why the stripping of national park status was done "silently", without any public announcement, until the gazette was leaked online.
The group's advisor, N. Surendran, noted that the island was originally gazetted as a national park in 1997 by the then Barisan state government.
"By de-gazetting, the Pakatan state government is proving that they are even worse than Barisan in terms of environmental preservation and protection," he said.

excerpts 3
Renowned as the world's second largest uninhabited mangrove island, it is one of five Ramsar sites in Malaysia.
Ramsar sites are wetland sites accorded international importance under the United Nations’ Convention on Wetlands.

I was like, WTF is going on.

So I called my friend who is in the know in Johor and he told me that it's all true.

In fact he said the other Johor's Ramsar sites at Sungai Pulai and Tanjong Piai had also been de-gezzetted and earmarked for "development".

I have to say that I'm very sad over this latest development.

I once visited Pulau Kukup with my beloved 

I was wrong after all when I wrote this,

"Honestly, I have nothing personal against Osman, but if he becomes MB I believe it is going to be business as usual in Johor....not better."

at this post,

Osman Sapian is the leading Johor MB candidate

right after GE14.

Ya, it's actually worse.

As what those Lawyers for Liberty said.

UPDATES (at 07:03 on Dec 6 2018)

My friend in Johor just now forwarded this statement by the State Land and Mineral director dated Dec 4, 2018,


1. Tanah PTD 4024 seluas 636.2660 hektar (1,572 ekar) Mukim Ayer Masin,
Pontian telah diwartakan sebagai Taman Negara Johor Pulau Kukup oleh
Perbadanan Taman Negara Johor sebagaimana WKJ Bil 561 bertarikh 27
Mac 1997.

2. Di atas keseluruhan tanah adalah hutan pokok bakau semulajadi yang
diselenggara oleh Perbadanan Taman Negara Johor meliputi jeti
pendaratan, balai pelawat, menara peninjau, laluan penjalan kaki dan
bangunan pentadbiran.

3. Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Johor di mesyuaratnya pada 7.3.2018
sebagaimana R/M Bil 443/2018 telah mengambil keputusan sebagaimana
i. BERSETUJU tanah PTD 4024 seluas 636.2660 hektar (1,572 ekar)
Mukim Ayer Masin, Pontian dikurniakan kepada DULI YANG MAHA
ii. BERSETUJU Warta Kerajaan Bil 561 bertarikh 27.3.1997 sebagai
Taman Negara Johor Pulau Kukup DIBATALKAN.

4. Pembatalan Warta Perizaban Taman Negara ini adalah bagi tujuan
mendaftarkan hakmilik atas nama DULI YANG MAHA MULIA SULTAN

5. Lanjutan daripada keputusan tersebut, warta pembatalan rizab telah
disiarkan dalam Warta Kerajaan Negeri Johor Bil 3808 bertarikh
25.10.2018 dan seterusnya hakmilik atas nama DULI YANG MAHA MULIA
pada 29.10.2018.

6. Surat pemakluman berhubung keputusan MMK tersebut juga telah
dipanjangkan kepada Pengarah Perbadanan Taman Negara Johor
sebagaimana surat pentadbiran ini bertarikh 5.8.2018.

7. Draf Rang Pembatalan Perizaban Tanah Bagi Taman Negara di bawah
Enakmen Perbadanan Taman Negara (Johor) 1989 telah disemak dan
dipinda oleh Y.B. Penasihat Undang-Undang Negeri Johor sebagaimana
surat bertarikh 6.8.2018.

8. Walaupun pembatalan rizab Taman Negara Johor Pulau Kukup telah
diwartakan dan seterusnya pendaftaran hakmilik tanah tersebut kepada
ISKANDAR telah disempurnakan, , ianya dipercayai tidak akan
menjejaskan fungsi-fungsi Taman Negara Pulau Kukup sedia ada yang
diselenggara oleh Perbadanan Taman Negara Johor selaras dengan hasrat
ISKANDAR semasa menitahkan PTG untuk memproses dan membawa
kepada pertimbangan Pihak Berkuasa Negeri atas permohonan kurniaan
tanah tersebut.


Okay, let me go through this one in simple English. If the Land and Mineral director was not lying, these are what he basically said;

1. Johor BN government under TS Abdul Ghani Othman gazetted Pulau Kukup as part of the State National Park on March 27 1997.
- Yay, I'm a Ghani's fan. He's a good guy. This whole shit would not have happened if he is still the Johor MB. But the current Sultan of Johor doesn't like him very much, and most people know that.

2. Johor BN government with DS Khaled Nordin as MB made the decision to give the land to Sultan of Johor on March 7 2018.
- So, my suspicion that something was not right with Khaled's administration since he took over in 2013 was right. Read back my posts from back then if you don't believe me. The links were at the start of this post.

3. The de-gazetting of Pulau Kukup was on Oct 25 2018 and officially given to the Sultan on Oct 29 2018.
- Well, Pakatan took over Johor on May 9 2018. So, that dastardly Khaled's BN administration made the decision to give Pulau Kukup to the Sultan in March, then Osman Sapian's Pakatan administration actually de-gazetted and handed the island over to the Sultan in October. See, I told you all that nothing change. Actually which is worse, deciding to give away the island or actually giving away the island?

4. The letter which convey the decision to de-gazette Pulau Kukup was given to the Johor National Park director on Aug 5 2018 and the draft to de-gazette the island was checked and edited by the State Legal Advisor on Aug 8 2018.
- And the exco said the Pakatan's Johor government didn't know anything about it before the whole mess went viral. Come on la. Land and mineral affairs come directly under the MB's  office the last time I checked. Eh, and anything done after Pakatan took over Johor on May 9 is Pakatan's doing. They know the whole thing was bad yet they carried on with it. Why?

5. The State Land and Mineral director said "ianya dipercayai" (it is believed to be) that the whole thing is going to be fine.
- So, that's the rationale of the Pakatan's State government.,,,,okay, never mind. I don't want to continue further because if I do then this post could be deemed as seditious and I would most likely end up in jail. So that's that.


  1. Protect the ecosystem, wildlife, animals, earth and the human race. If I miss out anything, please add on.

  2. Please update your facts and don't spin.

    excerpt="Malay Mail learnt that Pulau Kukup’s degazettement was approved by the previous BN government on March 7 this year, just before the May 9 general election."

    1. This is by the same writer,

      Boo, who was also the previous Skudai assemblyman, cited the announcement in the Johor State Government Gazette Volume 62 (22) Item 3808 dated October 25, 2018 under Subsection 3(3) of the National Parks (Johor) Corporation Enactment 1989.

  3. Annie,

    I do recall you writing sbout the Ramsar sites.

    In fact, it was amongst one of the first articles that made me realise that that Pakatan supporters and UMNO supporters (which you were at that time, although now I dont know lah) can sometimes share common aims, in this case, the environment.

    Anyway, I hope that both Pakatan and UMNO supporters, at large, put aside their political differences and speak up on this matter of de-gazetting Ramsar sites

    The Johor Pakatan govt should be ashame of itself for de-gazetting the Ramsar sites.

    I could probably write a lot more but I have been on the go-go-go for the last 14 hours, plus, unusually for me, I had 4 beers and a massively huge meal to finish off the day.

    Right now, I feel fat and lazy, so I am going to have an early one tonight.


  4. I just hope they're not going to built another 'Forrest City' over there.

    1. Money money mpney that all that count for some people

  5. Lynas have been asked to send back wastes to Australia.

    People before profit !

    1. That one is politics before people. The review committee already said Lynas is ok but they still need to justify their anti-Lynas campaign. It helped won them elections. Last time they said it's radioactive, now the waste pulak.

    2. "Last time they said it's radioactive, now the waste pulak."


      ....please lah Annie, try and spin better than this.


      It's ALWAYS been about the waste.

      That was ALWAYS the issue.


      "Based on Lynas’ Radioactive Waste Management Plan (RWMP) submitted on 30 December 2011, every tonne of rare earth oxide it produces will be an accompanied by 13.41 tonnes of solid residues — 7.93 tonnes Neutralisation Underflow Residue (NUF), 2.63 tonnes Flue Gas Desulfurisation (FGD) and 2.85 tonnes Water Leached Purification Residue (WLP).

      The worrisome residue is WLP, which has a radioactivity of 7.98 Bq/g.

      In 2014, an experiment to extract the radioactive Thorium from WLP conducted by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) proved to be non-viable.

      However, the experiment revealed that the radioactivity of WLP was much higher than that declared earlier by Lynas."

      Annie, I want to sponsor you for going back to Blogger Spinning School for refresher course.

      Spin standard dah merosot teruk, beb.

      My own money, okay, not stolen from 1MDB like your favourite lanun Bugis : )

    3. Ya lah. Usual diversion tactic for this de-gezetting Ramsar sites issue.

    4. Not diversion lah Annie.

      Just pointing out, if you want to show concern for environment, at least be consistent : )

      Otherwise we'll be back to your Stealing Is Bad, But Umno Stealing Is Good!

      Did you complain about the eco impact of Forest City?

      "The 1,386 ha total area of the four islands is nearly four times the size of Sentosa.

      The company had earlier proposed to reclaim one giant island amounting to about 2,000 ha, then scaled that down to four islands spanning 1,623ha.

      Enclosed within the four proposed islands would be a seagrass bed known as Merambong Shoal. CGPV said the seagrass bed is rich in biodiversity and home to endangered species such as seahorses and dugong.

      A temporary access road from the mainland to the first partially reclaimed island has "split the (seagrass) ecosystem into two", the DEIA report revealed.

      Merambong Shoal is considered one of the most important seagrass beds in Peninsular Malaysia, said the DEIA report, adding that it "will be heavily impacted by the proposed development".

      Though the plan is for this access road to be removed, damage to the seagrass bed will be hard to control given the area's close proximity to the project, said the report."

      Kesian the dugongs, they have no Birkins to cheer themselves up even though they look like the former de facto PM...

    5. If anyone thinks these waste are harmless,they can volunteer to keep in their backyard. Annie can volunteer

    6. why annie so Bodoh Nasional mcm dumbos called it radioactive waste kautim OK

    7. Anon 10:14
      Search the archive of this blog under "reclamation" to read what I wrote about the development along the Tebrau Straits during the previous Johor government. Don't be such a malicious lazy asshole. Thank you.

      Anon 10:18
      Seriously, I don't mind. You go and arrange it.

      Anon 10:43
      You are the stupid one. Cannot comment properly ka?

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    10. Anon 11:25, Anon 11:32
      I know that you are the same person
      You said I deleted comments, so I deleted your comments lah.
      And I will delete your future comments because you are clearly a malicious asshole.

    11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    12. annie i was the Wise One so that Bodoh Nasional ejected me (plus many others) sigh

    13. Anon 12:15
      You told me to delete, I delete lah.

    14. Laaaaa apa nih lifeofannie budaya delete delete censor censor jer

      Konpom dna ameno

      Perangai pon sama

      “Block the messanger”

      Kih kih kih...

      Dats why ur jibros gonna go 2 sg buluh x lama lagi, sis

      Degil n bodoh sombong

    15. Laaaa....dah orang tuduh aku delete comments yang tak setuju dengan aku, so aku delete la betul-betul. Dia siap cabar aku delete lepas tu. Aku pun delete la lagi. Selama tu selama ni korang kutuk aku pun aku publish juga. Yang aku buang tu sebab terlampau teruk atau cuba nak buat aku gaduh dengan blogger lain. Baru tadi aku buang satu yang tulis pasal jilat bontot. Kalau engko ada blog engko suka ke orang comment tulis pasal melancap lah, puki mak lah? Korang Pakatan macam tu ke?

  6. Nothing change in Malaysia Baru.

    1. Got.

      At least you now know 4 billion is missing from Tabung Haji.

      If Kak Ros was still our PM, you think you'll ever find out? Ha ha!

    2. Hahaha...standard Pakatan mantra.

    3. Annie's mantra was Lynas and Indians Are All Violent.

      I think she'll have to drop both.

      Let's see the replacement mantras...

    4. Another stupid Pakatan SoB

    5. Annie, time for another beach vacation : )

    6. Tu la

      The minute they hear truth, this ameno macai all maki hamun the messanger

      100% ameno SOP

    7. Oooo...korang maki aku tak pa. Aku maki balik tak boleh. Truth kepala bapak engko la.

    8. Kihkihkih ikut cara najib ke

  7. I'm glad TMJ is doing something useful, after his campaign against your Handsome Old Man just before PRU14 backfired very badly.

    Tuanku, please leave the job of backfiring propaganda to Neutral Bloggers, though I must admit I don't know any : )

    Daulat Tuanku.

    1. OIC...Pakatan ppl think it was a useful move by TMJ. Fine.

    2. This one is called curi tanah by another name, no?

    3. "Anonymous6 December 2018 at 09:14

      This one is called curi tanah by another name, no?"

      Annie not in favour of sedition, but...*wink wink* heh heh might be on to something there!

    4. Useful move by tmj because indirectly clean the ameno lanun from Johor

  8. Annie,

    Why no post on your favourite topic?

    "The Lynas rare earth ­refinery in Gebeng, Kuantan, will be allowed to continue operating provided it removes and disposes its processing by-products from the country, particularly the controversial water leach purification residue.

    The Environment, Science, Tech­nology and Climate Change Minis­try, which announced the decision, said the government will allow Lynas to renew its future licence and permission if the company complies with two pre-­conditions for the management of its wastes.

    “The ministry is concerned with the increasing risk arising from the continued accumulation of residue without a viable solution to manage the accumulation in the near term,” it said.

    It said Lynas must remove the accumulated 451,564 metric tonnes of “water leach purification residue” (WLP), which contains radioactive materials, from Malaysia.

    Secondly, Lynas must submit an action plan on the disposal of its non-­­radioactive “neutralisation un­­derflow residue” (NUF) scheduled waste totalling 1.113 million ­metric tonnes."

    Well, it's pretty fair.

    If you keep an animal, you need to clean its waste.

    Ditto, rare earth plant.

    Guess the Aussies now know that.

    Maybe the stupid brown natives aren't so stupid after all.

    1. Coming soon. One at a time. You don't want to comment on your Pakatan government de-gezetting the Ramsar sites ka?

    2. ""

    3. LOL...

      No, that's not all.

      "This was proven when the executive committee report on the operations of LAMP published on Tuesday noted that there was an increase in heavy metal concentration such as nickel, chromium, lead and mercury in the ground water, she said.

      Nickel and chromium, she added, were carcinogenic substances.

      Fuziah said this proved that the storage of radioactive waste at the LAMP site had contaminated the ground water.

      “I am angry, sad and disappointed. Imagine, for so long we have allowed them to store their waste on site and now it is proven that their waste has migrated into the water.

      “We don’t want (to see) 20 years down the road that there’s a sudden increase in cancer cases. Who will pay for it?” she asked during a press conference yesterday.

      She stressed that Lynas must keep its promise, made in 2012, to send the residue from its rare earth plant in Gebeng back to Australia."

      So an independent panel of scientists concluded that there's been severe contamination of water.

      If you want to selectively pick on stuff, why not ask yourself which BN lawmaker tried to protect Kuantan from Lynas?

      The de-gazetting was criticised by PH lawmakers, Boo and Surendran.

      That proves they really are "neutral" (your favourite word.)

      Wrong is wrong.

      Which BN lawmaker ever whacked their own side for doing wrong?


      I think you're missing the point here.

    4. Oh...about the crazy Fuziah. Wait for my next post ya. Sabar.

  9. Annie,

    //And the exco said the Pakatan's Johor government didn't know anything about it before the whole mess went viral.//

    Firstly, thanks for that translation. Gua mayak susah mau baca itu lah :)

    On a more serious matter, I don't know how the de-gazetting process works but I suspect it happens in the State Parliament.

    As far as I am concerned, for the current Johor State Exco to say that they didn't know anything about it sounds quite farfetch to me.

    It is simply no good blaming the previous Johor UMNO/BN administration for starting the de-gazetting process if it was the CURRENT Johor Pakatan administration which actually de-gazetted the Ramsar sites.

    The current Johor Pakatan administration needs to come up with a better explanation.

    Frankly, as a Pakatan supporter, I am embarrassed at how the community has been fucked over by the loss of these Ramsar sites under a Pakatan administration.

    I put on par with 1MDB - seriously, I do.

    It is environmentally and socially criminal!!!

    For those who do not understand the implications of a Ramsar designated wetland, think of it as a World Heritage classification.

    A Ramsar designation is that significant!!


    1. Forest City was equally devastating for marine life.

      Still waiting for Annie to go back in time and write an outraged blog post on that one : )

    2. Anon 10:18
      Search the archive of this blog under "reclamation" to read what I wrote about the development along the Tebrau Straits during the previous Johor government. Don't be such a malicious lazy asshole. Thank you.

    3. Ahhhhh, yes, your anti-Khaled Nordin archive, you mean?

      Actually Khaled is one of the few sane Umno people recommending the party distances itself from Najib.

      You should rethink your views of him.

      How many sane people does Umno have left?

    4. So, for a Pakatan supporter, Khaled wanting to give the Ramsar sites to the Sultan is sane? No wonder Khaled's replacement from Pakatan actually gave Pulau Kukup to the Sultan.

    5. He had a choice?

    6. Ah Annie the last time Utusan made noise, some people were summoned. But because it was an UMNO government, Utusan's "derhaka" was buried. How do you expect Pakatan to say no when even UMNO couldn't say no. 2 x 5 = 5 x 2.... hahahahaha sometimes choice is really no choice at all.

    7. Ghani Othman said "NO" many times when he was MB. He lost his job in the end but he kept his honour and integrity.

  10. Sorry Annie, off topic:

    Two big rallies set on same day

    This worries me. I think the govn is courting trouble.

    1. The PJ rally is in conjunction with an actual commemoration.

      It has a reason to exist.

      The so-called ICERD rally is just some thieves hoping to stay relevant.

      As Tun says...

      "4. Di zaman pemerintahan yang percaya “cash is king” atau “wang adalah raja” maka pemberian dan penerimaan rasuah menjadi satu dari nilai hidup dan budaya, terutama dikalangan orang Melayu.

      5. Apa sahaja sanggup dibuat jika disogok dengan wang atau pemberian yang diminati. Soal baik buruk sesuatu yang diberi atau diarah tidak termasuk dalam pertimbangan.

      6. Percanggahan dengan undang-undang, bahkan berdosa dari segi agama tidak diambil kira. Yang diutamakan ialah pendapatan yang memuaskan nafsu."

      Who will be the speakers at the ICERD rally?

      a) Najib

      b) Zahid

      c) Annuar Musang

      d) Pasir Salak

      Any more?

      Apart from minor clowns like Katak Ali, lah.

      They keep underestimating the intelligence of the Malays.

      These crooks are fooling nobody.

      Actually, I think it's the crooks who are courting trouble.

    2. Whatever. Ya, it's off topic. But go ahead, knock yourselves out.

    3. Anon 10:28, Oh IC, any gatherings organised by ph & ph allies are good. Anyone else's is detrimental.

      I think the govn sengaja nak cari alasan haramkan any future rally. Nak backtrak dah termalu, dah byk sgt u-turn.

    4. If the objective is anti-corruption, rather than a bunch of crooks trying to remain relevant?

    5. 11.36

      U giler ke bro

      This anti icerd bullshit gonna b same boring rhetoric la

      Same ameno crooks n konco2 from pispaspus gonna jerit sbout hak melayu

      This is like gang rapists holding rally for women rights la doh

      Damn funny

      But not gonna keep pokjib and zahid out of jail

      Pls take selfie w smeno leaders ya

      U won’t see them again for 20 years


    1. What to do, it's a Pakatan's de-gazette season.

  12. At least Surendran is consistent:

    Good lah.

    Never heard any BN lawmaker call out Umno for their many actual crimes - let alone degazetting wetlands.

    At least Surendran is being honest.

    1. So you agree la that the Pakatan's Johor government was being dishonest and crooked?

    2. Aduhai, an Umno blogger using the words "dishonest" and "crooked"?


      Ahhhhhh, I love you Annie.

    3. Let's see if ph govn will listen to the voice of civil societies that are among its core supporters bef ge14.

    4. Anon 11:35
      Why are you laughing like stupid. Answer my question la.

    5. Answered above already.

      The de-gazetting was criticised by PH lawmakers, Boo and Surendran.

      That proves they really are "neutral" (your favourite word.)

      Wrong is wrong.

      Which BN lawmaker ever whacked their own side for doing wrong?


      Why not ask yourself which BN lawmaker tried to protect Kuantan from Lynas, or tried to save all the billions looted from Felda, 1MDB, TH, KWAP and many more?


      The ones that opened their mouths, like TSMY and Shafie, got kicked out.

      You think Surendran will be kicked out of PKR for this?

      I can bet he won't.

      That's the difference between speaking up for the people and speaking for a lawless klepocrat regime.

    6. Are you sure no Pakatan people ever been kicked out for going against their leaders? Go check again la. Especially DAP.

  13. Ini semua poyo...berlagak sure they want to reverse earlier decision by former administration. Luncai dgn labu labunya...biarkan biarkan...hahahaha

  14. there are 2 rallies on dec 8
    i. one for human rights bravo
    ii. one for human wrongs (songlap2 dumbo2, 1mdb, TH, felda, mara, kwap, solar panels, bangla, etc) sigh

    1. Good comment bro

      Setuju 100%

    2. Nak termuntah aku tgk komen korang. Champions of human rights konon. Setakat tau eja human rights x yah le perasan sgt. Hypocrite giler

    3. 15:17
      telanlah dgn gembira semua najis2 dumbo muakakaka

  15. Apa - Apa pon lakyat and negala lugi dulu maa aa .

  16. Hi Annie...
    U have problems with the Sultan of Johor ka???macam x percaya ngan Sultan ja nak jaga tanah ni??takut ur Sultan tu jual tanah buat projek lagi ka??

  17. kahkahkahkah x berani jawap ka soalan aku tu annie??

    1. Hi eri, Sorry, aku on the road tadi. Tak sempat jawab. Ni baru bukak blog lagi. Pada aku la, tanah hutan simpan dan Ramsar tu rakyat yg punya. Betul la aku nak rakyat yg jaga. Maknanya kerajaan yg jaga dan bukan Raja.

    2. oooo sori2 terburuk sangka pulak kat annie....kerja raja apa pulak tu??bukan kerja jaga rakyat ka??kerajaan negeri johor tu sapa punya pulak?bukan ka sepatutnya bila raja jaga bermakna selamat la tanah2 tu semua annie??

    3. Kalau engko rasa Raja jaga semua selamat, engko bagi la dia jaga segala harta benda engko. Letak semua atas nama Raja. Kalau aku, aku lebih confident jaga sendiri.

  18. Minta maaf Annie saya terpaksa bertanya disini. I haven't read the actual warta. Does it clearly state any restrictions of land use. Dalam laporan Pengarah Tanah dan Galian hanya tulis 'ianya dipercayai'.

    1. Saya pun tak pasti. Yg dah sure tanah tu dah jadi milik Raja sebab dah tukar nama. Kalau nak lagi detailed kena tanya kerajaan Pakatan Johor.