Monday 24 December 2018

The other side and new icon of Malay liberals

Okay, I admit that I have been unfair the past week.

I deleted comments and used foul language a lot.

I was angry.

It's hard to be fair when I'm angry.

I'm angry because they murdered a fireman because of his race.

I'm angry because there are still people who refuse to admit that it's wrong to murder a fireman just because he is a Malay.

They even came up with all sort of excuses for the murderers and those who instigated and defended them.

Yes, I was angry because of all that and that's why I have been unfair in this blog the past week.

So, for the sake of fairness, today I'm going to highlight the voice of those who defended the murderers and others on their side.

This is their story today (with little bits of my comments in blue) ;

NGOs present memorandum to PM
in support of Waytha Moorthy

PUTRAJAYA (Bernama): A total of 30 activists representing 211 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) handed over a memorandum to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to support Senator P. Waytha Moorthy.
(30 activists representing 211 NGOs....hmmm, shouldn't it be 211 activists representing 30 NGOs....weird)
I think they need to make it more multi-racial next time
The memorandum asks for him to be retained as a Minister in the Prime Minister's Department.
Lawyer and social activist Siti Kasim, said Waytha Moorthy should not be blamed for the riot at the Seafield  Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Subang Jaya last month.

Ohhh....this woman is their leader, I guess.
“We hope the Prime Minister does not bow to the demands of racial and religious groups seeking to aggravate the situation," she told reporters outside the Perdana Putra building here on Monday (Dec 24).
(So said the new icon of Malay liberals)
The memorandum was submitted to the Prime Minister's Political Secretary Abu Bakar Yahya.
There have been demands for the National Solidarity and Social Welfare Minister to resign as a result of his failure to ease racial tension over the riot that killed firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim - Bernama

Well, that's their story. See, I highlighted theirs also.
So, fair or not?

Meanwhile, this is the latest development about people being charged over the temple riot,

Six more charged over temple riot

excerpts  :
Manimaran are charged with three counts – obstructing a public officers from discharging his duty, rioting and causing hurt, while the five others are charged under Section 148 of the penal Code with possession of weapons at riot.

They are Mohammad Shahril Danniel Sajel, 22, Mohammad Saifullah Abdullah, 31, Muhammad Hasneezam Shah Samsudin, 29, Akmal Izzat Aziz, 24 and Mohd Norul Ismawi Islahuddin, 40, who are charged with 13 others who have already charged and a few others who are still at large.
One Indian and five Malays. None were charged for Adib's murder.

I will continue to wait.


  1. Malay cannot get angry ,they are supposed to be tolerance and in an acceptance in any circumstances .


    1. To some extent you may be correct.
      I am Malay... I might not get mad but I do get even.

      ...and I am sure that I’m not alone.

    2. Yer AkuMelayu
      Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia
      Prof Kangkung

    3. Bangsa Melayu, memang tidak akan hilang di dunia sampai bila-bila.
      Mana tidaknya... Cina, Siam, Iban, Dayak atau MatSalleh yang kawin dengan Melayu, terpaksa 'masuk-Melayu/Islam'.

      Sebenarnya... yang akan hilang adalah 'Tanah-Melayu'.


      Biar papa, asal asal bergaya... sanggup berhutang keliling-pinggang. Terdesak bayar-hutang, dijual dan digadainya tanah-pusaka kepada Bangsa-Asing.

      Demi WANG, ditambak tanah jadi Pulau untuk dibina kondo- mewah. Sasaran jualannya adalah Warga-Asing yang kayaraya.
      Jika penduduk di Pulau itu, majoritinya bercakap bahasa-asing, lama-kelamaan ia akan jadi sama seperti Singapura.

    4. RD 09:04
      (Youtube: Asal usul Melayu)

      .. cari buku dia dan hadiahkn menjelang Tahun baru 2019 kpd semua rakan2 Melayu.

      Proud to be a Melayu.. Yeah!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  2. I went to Batu Rakit, Kuala Trengganu, during the week-end. Had to re-tune the car-radio for all frequencies available. But each time the auto-tuning stops at Minnal-FM or something, where the presenter spoke Tamil, my blood boils and the thought of Adib being beaten and abandoned by his friends, flashes in my mind.

    Like you Annie, I'll be waiting for the Government or the AG to charge those murderous racist bastards.

  3. It’s okay to be angry. It’s never okay to be cruel.

  4. Interesting reading Annie.In case the apeks here need to know a bit of their history.

    The Chinese needed Malaya; Malaya did not need the Chinese – Malaysia Today

    1. why are the banglas here???? becos the banglas needed the malays???? or else they die straving in bangladesh!!!!LOL!!!

    2. Anon 07:11

      Nape nak tanya bangla pula? You shld direct this question to your elders, why bertongkang2 came to Malaya/Tanah Persekutuan Melayu/Malaysia?

      Payah kalau tak sedaq dari. Rumah pasang cermin banyak2 tau. Carry one in your pocket.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Bertongkang bertongkang mereka datang, tanpa duit sesen pun, lepastu bawak anak bini..

      kat negara ni mereka hidup makmur tanpa gangguan orang Melayu, mereka boleh bawa agama mereka, budaya mereka, buat sekolah, buat tokong, bawak budaya gangsterism, bawak candu, bawak perjudian dan pelacuran.

      Dah hidup makmur kat sini tak reti nak balik balik dan tak reti pulak nak bersyukur.

    4. Stupid Anon 07:11,

      Then who hired those Bangla, aren't those the so called 'hardworking' cina businessmen who claimed they paid the most taxes in Malaysia?

    5. how many tongkang???? lol!!!!
      1800-1957 malaya was british!!!! lol
      i asked the bangla, not many malaysia want to sapu tandas in malaysia but do not mind do in singapore or australia!!!!1 lol

  5. Ala Kak Siti Kassim....rambut pun macam mop lantai dok aksyen macam terra. Jangan dok ingat hang loyar hang tau semua. Allah bagi akai kat hang dan pilih hang jadi loyar untuk jaga kebajikan ummah. Jangan dok aksyen pandai sangat. Ingat sama...

  6. Someone said he read in Mkini that they change his name from Waythamoorthy to P****h-moorthy. So he ask me what that is. So I said it’s Pariah-Moorthy.