Wednesday 28 November 2018

Muhammad Adib was ran over by fire engine? (updated)

I was alerted of this latest development by the post of this commentator at my last post,

Latest, not sure how far is true.
"On the injured fireman, new video has emerged that the hindu devotees helped rescue him and send him to hospital. He was runover by a reversing bomba truck. So much for the professionalism of BOMBA. No headcount check b4 vehicle moves??? Also where was PDRM? Kudos to the hindu devotees adhoc rescue brigade."

And I found this video of the press conference by the temple people,

Well, this is the video of the incident,

And this is how the bomba chief and minister explained what happened,

You all judge for yourself.

I don't want to write more. Like this also PH supporters will accuse me of being an instigator lah, fanning racial sentiments lah.

So, that's all.

UPDATES at 23:09

And this is the Fire and Rescue Department's response to the claim by temple people,


  1. Let’s wait for his medical report. Beaten up or ran over, it’s going to be VERY CONCLUSIVE..

    1. Beaten up or ran over, either is a tragedy.

      It is very sad to see any rescue personnel injured for any reason in the line of duty.

      That applies whether bomba, polis, etc.

      It is very sad to see all the vultures trying to twist this whole incident for their own selfish purposes.

      Like trying to exploit dead dogs and pizza for autistic kids wasn't bad enough...

    2. Some indians who were there themselves said they saw Adib was beaten up. This include Ketua of one Group called Pemuda Harapan India (or something like that) named Maniam (his fb live video recording has gone viral). He said Adib was beaten by a group of gangsters.

  2. What kind of colleague who left one of his buddies behind? Everyone should look after everyone in a team. One shouldn’t left to fend for themselves and look after themselves when situation got out of hand.

    Where is the spirit of camaraderie in the team? The fireman agency always landed wrong footed for no obvious reason lately. Since last incident where 6 rescue personnel unfortunately perished due error of judgement of the chief ops, and now leaving the operation site without a doing a head count. This is all due to incompetent leadership from the top.

    They only realized one head was missing after reaching the base. There’s only a handful of them that night. How come you can forgot your buddy? The head of the team would quickly realized if one his staff is missing. I think the head of the team needs to have his HEAD examined!..

    1. Poodah, arm chair critique, cakap je pandai.

    2. Bengong! If people rushing to your car with stick and steel, stones throw to your windscreen, do you think you still ca think about your comrades? Bomba are not train to handle that kind of situation, they only think to save themselves.

      I really wish you accidentally bit someone and people rushing woth stick and steel to and see hoe you react. Bengong!

    3. Anon 19:50

      Kau pun left komen kat sini. Dikira arm chair critique juga..

    4. “Saving themselves” sampai pecut balik ke ofis??? Bukan berkumpul di tempat yang selamat ke untuk regroup??

      Macam mana kau tahu bomba tak dilatih untuk handle that kind situation? Kau pernah tengok training diorang ke?? Untuk pengetahuan kau dekat training bomba, lebih teruk dari tu lagi ada..

      Setakat maki hamun la kerja je la kau..Biasanya orang yang cakap asyik nak menang jer suka maki-maki ni...Bila cakap tak ada isi, nak menang punya pasal, habis semua maki-hamin keluar...

    5. Anon 21:02, ko pagam tak nakna critique tu apa? #bodohtakbolehdiajar

  3. Annie,

    Even if Muhammad Adib was accidentally runned over by his own fire engine, I refuse to whack Bomba for any incompetence.

    I have always had the greatest of respect for our men and women in uniform, especially Bomba,

    Bomba is one Malaysian institution which I consider to be truly race-blind - they help anybody and everybody.

    Bomba follows the proud traditions of firefighters all over the world - they truly serve the community at the risk of their lives.

    It takes a very very special person to be Bomba.

    Having said all of that, I believe that there is A LOT of room for improvement in Bomba in MANY areas, eg risk assessment, hazard management, etc.

    If it is true that Muhammad Adib was left behind at the scene of an incident, then somebody needs to be spoken to and disciplinary action taken.

    One needs to be mindful that, based on the video above, tensions seemed very high, because we can see the fire engines retreating.

    Fire engines do not normally retreat from fires.

    Decision-making under such high stress conditions is not always easy and Bomba will need to go back and have another look at how they handled the situation.

    I fully condemn ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who was throwing stones and other projectiles at the Bomba trucks.

    I can understand the emotions but there is no room in our society for such behaviour against people who are trying to help.


  4. Anonymous @ 28 November 2018 at 18:17,

    //Let’s wait for his medical report.//

    Even better, wait for Muhammad Adib to recover and let him tell us what happened.


  5. Ok, but let's see the video. Anyway why were stones thrown, jumping and beating at the fire brigade ? They were there to douse fire. Anyway Annie, the RBA will find you at fault anyhow, you wait and see. Hahahhahaahaha.

  6. They really don't know when to shut up. Kaduk dah naik junjung

  7. Cakap kona kona ni...budak tadika boleh la temberang...

  8. It was obvious that the crowd were attacking the fire rescue vehicles and there was no reasonable explaination for their behaviour.Wether Adib's injury was due mob attack or accidental,it wouldnt have happened if the mob behaved in a civilised manner.There was no reason to treat fire engines as hostile and no amount of sweet talk would justify their actions.

  9. Tak payah jadi batu api la Annie.

    Ingat. Dosa tu.

    1. Yg batu api tu exco selangor yg siap pi tuduh orang islam tanpa usul periksa. Yg tu ko tak nampak pulak.

    2. Anon 23:07,

      Betul la orang India guna batu api buat thosai.

      Nak buat thosai, dia sama juga macam prata, kena pusing pusing.

      Tiada lagi lebih pandai berpusing pusing selain kawan kawan Tamil dan Hindu. Itu sebabnya Thosai dan Prata dia sedap.

      Tamil dan Hindu juga pandai main ular kobra. Ular kobra tu bahaya, bisa boleh bunuh orang.

      Tapi ular kobra tak serang Tamil dan Hindu, ia bahkan boleh naik menari ikut rentak Tamil dan Hindu. Kalau bangsa lain dah mati diserang.

      Kenapa? Sebab ular kobra lagi takut pada Tamil dan Hindu.

      Suruh dia jaga jamban, dia kunci tak kasi orang lain masuk, pasal nak tunjuk otoriti sangat.

      Suruh dia jaga gate, dia kasi susah mahu daftar ini dan itu, bila orang minta cepat sikit dia kata “wait la!”, sebab dia nak tunjuk otoriti dia .

      Itu belum kasi dia jadi menteri, boleh pikir dirinya sudah naik pangkat jadi dewa di kuil sri sri.

      Maka jangan Annie jadi batu api, sebab kawan Tamil sama Hindu sembahyangkan batu api. Apakah Annie layak disembahyangkan macam dewi?

      Nak jadi dewi kena tangkap satu ular kobra ajak menari, lepas tu belajarlah berpusing pusing pakai roti. Barulah boleh jadi.

    3. Ahhhhhhhh, this ^^^^^^^^^^ is the kind of racist shit that Annie was hoping and praying for : )

      Post some more like this, bro.

      Let's all help Annie meet her KPI when her bosses check her work :)

      Kipidap, dongibab!

    4. When bloggers like Annie resort to instigating racial tension, disharmony and clashes show that these bloggers are devoid of good ideas to promote and contribute to society.

    5. Anon 05:04

      Nanu Nanu.. up up and away

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    6. Wei Prof Pokpek Parrot,

      Mu mabuk ketum ke?