Saturday 8 December 2018

Anti-ICERD rally

Everyone seems to be talking about the anti-ICERD rally today.

I can't write much though, because I just got back from an outstation assignment.

See, I have to work like everyone else.

I don't like to write too much about an event which I didn't attend myself.

Really, I only saw the rally on YouTube Live while in the car on the way back to KL.

Well, this is one of the videos of the rally,

I think it's about as huge as all those Bersih rallies of the past.

I know that some people don't like this anti-ICERD rally.

They said it's stupid and labelled the participants as racists.

Don't know lah. I'm not very sure with the definition of stupid and racists now that it's Malaysia Baru.

But at least let us be glad that nothing bad happened like these,

Sometimes it turned out that people who called others stupid racists are the actual racists and behave worse than those people they called stupid racists..


  1. Lifeofannie

    Very lazy post

    Bloga yg paling malas

    Zero substance, cut n paste same pix as previous posts, tu cukup la

    For u to get ur dedak


    Let’s celebrate the I Curi Engkau Ramai2 Defend rally by lifeofannie bosses


    Hidup Ameno, mampus Melayu!!!

    1. I was there Annie.It was a peaceful event, no one was arrested, no gas pemedih mata, no police was hantam, no one pijak LKS photo or LGE photo, no kereta get terbalik. And yet PH troopers called them racists n religious extremists.I am puzzledlah Annie.

  2. annie i will only celebrate or thanksgiving when all those dumbo thieves of 1mdb, TH, felda, etc are caught & punished...

  3. Anon 21.05 Another ph desperadoes. Hehehe

  4. Surprise...Surprise...hahahaha...

  5. Annie makin lama tulis makin bodoh.

    1. Ko baca pasai apa? Ko lagi bodoh

    2. Anonymous8 December 2018 at 22:23

      Annie has no choice and no free will.

      She has to march in lockstep with all her fellow hired macai. They are all parroting the same message.

      It's all very predictable, and we've heard it all before.

  6. Zahid's hope is dashed to the rocks when his 500,000 didn't turn up, although this Jawa foolishly lied through his teeth, so typical of this loser, hehe.

    Tomorrow in the quiet of his huge mansion, he still need to crack his kepala batu how to find yet another power-seizure moment to somehow wipe off his 45 criminal charges and to completely stop dead in its track his inevitable date with a cell room in Sungei Buloh, hehe. Looks like his partner-in-crime Hadi failed to deliver, in spite of the stern command that all muslims have a religious duty to attend this Icerd rally and a public holdiday was also given on Sunday as a inducement. Heard that many took advantage of this coming public to go north instead for a holiday. But at least 30,000 attended but even this number was achievable only when the travelling expenses are all paid for and pocket money also were given. One mak cik from Trengganu being interviewed, when asked why she came, started off very confidently that she came became because of Icerd. When asked what is Icerd, she was completely at a loss and started fumbling, and in the end she gave up, because she really doesn't know what Icerd stands for. But at least she got a chance in her lifetime to travel phree to Kay L to makan angin and mingle with the crowd. Win-win.

    1. "One mak cik from Trengganu being interviewed, when asked why she came, started off very confidently that she came became because of Icerd. When asked what is Icerd, she was completely at a loss and started fumbling, and in the end she gave up, because she really doesn't know what Icerd stands for."

      This is exactly what happened in Jamal Jamban's red shirts fiasco.

      Same thing, a lady being interviewed about why she joined the rally and basically she had no idea what it was about, she was told to get on the bus and was given RM50.

      This is adding insult to injury, because once these Umno crooks have stolen our money, they use the very same money to bribe people to "support" them.

      How sick is that?

    2. Annie,

      Please, please, please can I join your Propaganda Gang?

      I love it!

      You spend about 5 minutes posting the same pix of Bersih you've posted 5 times before, write a few lines of unconvincing bullshit...and still get paid!

      Good life : )

      Where do I apply???

      Do I hang around BSC until Ponygod turns up?

    3. Hahaha,iced bagi makcik bukan perkara penting utk ambil tahu,cukup dgn hadirkan diri bagi perkuatkan tekad bagi pru15 nnti...makcik Akan pastikan u kembali ke dlm gua..haha

    4. Anonymous8 December 2018 at 22:55

      Don't worry, one of Annie's fellow macai is claiming the attendance was 1.97 million.

      I personally think it was 2.6 billion.

    5. I was there and no one has paid me.I was and am not a member of any political party whether UMNO, PAS, or PH parties but in the last 3 PRU I had voted PH.

      I had attended the rally not to support PAS or UMNO agenda but as a statement of my concern I am not happy what's going on under PH rule.Under PH rule, the way I see it, Muslims/ Malays were being pushed while Chinese benefitted the most.Do I concern? Definetely, my concern if the trend continue, my anak cucus life will be worse than now.

  7. Annie,

    As far as I am concerned, the anti-ICERD rally is simply a case where 50,000+ Malays have been fooled into thinking that Islam encourages racist behaviour.

    When even a non-Muslim like me know that Islam is totally against any form of racism, I think Malays need to ask themselves questions on why Islam is dragged thru the mud yet again by UMNO and PAS.

    Agama, bangsa, negara?

    Maybe it was never about agama first.

    Maybe someone is hungry for power and agama is merely a quick and easy way to get into the minds of the Melayus.

    Maybe Islam is nothing more then a wedge to force open the minds of the Melayus, so that other ideas like racist behaviour can be implanted.

    And racist behaviour is valuable political capital.

    Racist behaviour can be harnessed and used to win political battles.

    The anti-ICERD is a classic example of racist behaviour being harnessed.

    Will such racist behaviour win political battles for UMNO and PAS?

    I dunno - I cannot see the future.


    1. "Will such racist behaviour win political battles for UMNO and PAS?"

      Not everyone is dumb enough to look at that array of thieves on the stage and think it's being done in the name of Islam.

      I'm looking forward to seeing PAS MPs in Parliament on Monday trying to defend Umno's theft from Tabung Haji.

      I think TGNA would not believe what his party has become - willing accomplices to criminals.

      Very sad.

    2. Yup we are racists.Maybe it was time for you to migrate.I have been seeing this "racist" thing since 1969 but the bulk of you decided to stay.wonder why?

  8. I thought Tun M said 1 million people turned up ..hahahaha

  9. most people donot understand why anti icerd participants still want to pander to these dumbo thieves, if i was there sure i will guling all these dumbo thieves from the lori stage, annie care to explain sigh

    1. "....most people donot understand why anti icerd participants still want to pander to these dumbo thieves"

      But this is not the first.

      You had Jamal Jamban red shirts, then the PAS rally in KL, etc.

      Nothing changed.

      Malay lives did not improve.

      The stealing still continued.

      Jibros, Zahid and the Umno crooks are all heading to jail.

      A UK court will find next year that PAS did actually accept money from Umno.

      The full extent of the corruption will be exposed.

  10. Wow Annie, penyokong totok ph really meroyan big time. I thot they all believe in human rights & freedom of expression?

    Kudos to the DrM & Muhyiddin for walking the talk.

    1. "Kudos to the DrM & Muhyiddin for walking the talk."

      Well, they even opened Dataran for this rally.

      The previous regime never allowed it for Bersih.

    2. I looked at the video again and I don't think the rally was allowed onto Dataran Merdeka. And unlike the Bersih rally, the anti-ICERD people didn't push into it and appeared contented to be on the road next to Dataran.

  11. With u Annie. Dont despair. Keep on wrting.

    1. Annie will never gibab!

      Unless she marries a rich guy and doesn't need any more dedak, lah...

  12. Perhimpunan yg penuh keganasan berlaku diera zahid kerana kerajaan bersikap negatif terhadap perhimpunan.

    ia tidak berlaku di era sekarang. Perhimpunan aman di alu²kan..

    Selesai perhimpunan, umno dan pas buntu, tak ada isu lagi.

  13. Aiyoyo annie! takde pic lain ke...bpe kali nk spin pic yg sama eh...mentality org dumpno...

    1. Bro,

      Annie is very eco-conscious.

      All her blog posts are recycled over and over and over : )


  14. Good show , anti- ICERD participants.

  15. Alhamdulillah.Everything went well today.Official figures states 55k attended the gathering.Some said half a million.It does not really matters.In my opinion for every attendee,there are 100 or more who supports from afar
    Prof Kangkung

  16. Anonymous @ 9 December 2018 at 10:25,

    //Not everyone is dumb enough to look at that array of thieves on the stage and think it's being done in the name of Islam.//

    Well, there are at least 55,000 Malays who do think that the anti-ICERD rally is very Islamic.

    On a nationwide basis, I think I would not be far wrong if I multiplied that figure by 100.

    Note that the usual suspects on this blog have not commented on the rally.

    I dont know whether it is becos they are know I am right about Islam being against racism or maybe they are still mabuk from celebrating with the high-grade kratom which Hadi Adawang brought from Kelantan.


    1. "Well, there are at least 55,000 Malays who do think that the anti-ICERD rally is very Islamic."

      Not really.

      They are told by the party to go, they go.

      But even with a public holiday, 300,000 PAS members did not show up.

      Some Muslims DO remember that supporting theft is NOT Islamic.

      There was nothing new in this "rally" that they have not tried before.

      Scream "ISLAM!!!!!!! MELAYU!!!!!!!!!!!!" while stealing from the Malays.

      How ironic.

  17. I don't give a damn, whether or not the government ratify ICERD, but I agree with Annie.

    "Sometimes it turned out that people who called others stupid racists are the actual racists and behave worse than those people they called stupid racists.."

    1. The spin that this is "racial" is pure Umno spin.

      That's all they are programmed for.

      Bersih was a rally against corruption, the Himpunan Penyamun was a rally for corruption.

      These "protesters" are just reminding everyone that the Malays have rights.

      As we have seen very clearly from 2009 onwards, Malay rights are very powerful.

      They have the right to have FELDA money stolen.

      They have the right to have MARA money stolen.

      They have the right to have their KWAP pensions stolen to fund extravagant luxury spending sprees.

      They have the right to money stolen to make Hollywood movies and buy New York penthouses.

      They have the right to fund grossly overpriced contracts for uITM maintenance, just so Umno politicians can get rich.

      They have the right to have 4 billion in Tabung Haji funds go missing.

      They have the right to have BR1M payments used to plug 1MDB debts.

      In fact, the list is endless.

      That is why the Umno crooks facing jail are big supporters of the ICERD rally.

      They and their cronies desperately want their "rights" back.


      What do they want?

      I don't know, but they seem to have zero interest in the fate of Tabung Haji.

      Very strange, for an "Islamic party" whose leaders drive very expensive cars with custom number plates...

  18. "I looked at the video again and I don't think the rally was allowed onto Dataran Merdeka. And unlike the Bersih rally, the anti-ICERD people didn't push into it and appeared contented to be on the road next to Dataran."

    You're right Annie. This 'Thank God, gomen iced ICERD' rally is much more civil than BERSIH. After the rally, the streets is cleaner too.

  19. But... I'm very curious as to reason why the protesters would want to carry Saudi Arabian flags at a time when the whole world are tongue-lashing the state over the gruesome murder of a journalist critical of the Crown-Prince?

    Haven't the organizers read or hear the news about Jamal Kashoggi?
    How he was brutally butchered like a turkey, in Turkey?
    How his dismembered remains was dissolved in acid, then flushed down the sewage?

    Was it because of the RM2.6 Billion donation?

    Doesn't the participants not realized or have any thought of the bad image and reputation to Islam, when those corrupted ex-leaders or kleptocrats, facing multiple corruption charges, are at the center-stage?

    Ehmmm... no wonder the Kafirs would treat Muslims and the Muslim world with scepticism, suspicion or distrust.

    Maybe.. everything boils down to MONEY. Like some people said... No Money, No Religion.

    1. "Doesn't the participants not realized or have any thought of the bad image and reputation to Islam, when those corrupted ex-leaders or kleptocrats, facing multiple corruption charges, are at the center-stage?"

      It will not do the image of PAS any good in the long run.

      The few "tembikai" (green outside, red inside) have destroyed PAS.

      It's become a party that openly embraces corruption.

      However, the grassroots of PAS are not happy, in many cases, with this alliance.

    2. Mr. RD,

      You cannot blame those PAS people.

      Now that they had rejected all the Pakatan marriage proposals, Bersatu, PKR, Amanah, and DAP, the only one potential partnet left is UMNO.

      Good or Bad, they had to accept, otherwise they will stay single.

      PAS future will not be as bright as the full moon if they stay single.

      They recited doa yesteday so that Pakatan power is shortlived so that maybe and just maybe PAS and UMNO can take over.

      The last time they recited doa cursing PAN, Parti Amanah, God send them a small tornado at Kedah and all the Ulamak and Ular dalam Semak ran berserk.

    3. Hmmmmmmmm, it seems that PAS loves to curse others.


      Pahang 8 /42 DUN
      Perak 3/59 DUN
      Perlis 2/15 DUN
      Penang 1/40 DUN
      Selangor 1/56 DUN
      Johor 1/56 DUN
      Melaka 0/28
      NS 0/36
      Sabah 0/60
      Sarawak 0/82

      Looks like those who curse, are cursed...

    4. Anon 09:09
      Eh.. kan kerusi mereka atas sikit dari 12+1/222?? You tak perasan ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Itu kalimah Tauhid Bro.Kebetulan Arab Saudi n ISIS gunakan kalimah Tauhid sebagai bendera mereka.

  20. without MO1, komedi & bawang, perhaps dumbo & pas lebih berjaya muakakaka

  21. Alhamdulillah.. syukur tenang dan sejuk mrlihat gambar2 dan video2 perhimpunan semalam..

    ...baru dapat rasa suasana perhimpunan dalam Malaysia sebenarnya

    Klo perhimpunan Bershit dn lain2 dulu kita bole confuse, macam tonton video dari negara2 asing.. perhimpunan kat India ke atau kat Hongkong atau Tianaman Square ke??.. macam2 banner muka Gandhi la, Obama la, Mandela la, Queen Eli la...

    Gladiator pi tengok horse race ke? Tikam ekoq banyak2 bole cepat jadi kaya bole beli shares lynas banyak2..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  22. Professor Nasi Lemak,

    You are no Muslim, you fuckwit.

    At best, you are a misguided racist.

    Despite your words against the fundamentalists, you insult Islam with every word you utter.

    Stop pretending to be a Muslim.


    1. Gladiator, this is what you get when you flirt with the likes of Annie and Prof Nasi Lemak dickhead. They belong to the same gang of hypocrites. The only difference is Annie masks her devious ways whereas the Prof dickhead is a straightforward idiot. Good luck to you trying to reason with them.

    2. Rilek lah....

      Annie & Prof Parrot just want to get paid.

      Annie cut & paste, Prof Parrot cut & paste, everyone gets paid, don't worry be happy!

  23. its their country so let them do as they like...outsiders should just shut the FAK up

  24. if you want to drink go straight to the tap, instead of going direct to PH or Dr M (negotiable meh) these anti icerd participants gone to be used by MO1, komedi & bawang for their political survival so Bodoh Nasional enuf said muakakaka

  25. Hello.. aliens2 from outerspace dan mereka sewaktu dengan jenis tu.. Golongan Bumiputra Malaysia ada beratus ethnic RACES tak tau ke?

    Berbilang adat bahasa dan Agama.. tapi bila bercampoq majoriti able to communicate in BAHASA MELAYU/Malaysia.Kamu kalut race tak abis nape?

    Okay la.. you dont like horse races, can go to Sepang race kereta. Boss2 byk collection kereta dan kuda, bole pinjam kut? Atau you gang Mat rempit suka race motorbike?? Broooom neighhhh

    Agaknya ni kat mana?

    Anon 18:09
    Dickhead idiot ni caya atau tak terima reality??? Google tgk perhimpunan kat Hongkong, China, India dan Bershit.. easily can confuse dengan perhimpunan Bershit2 dan Hondraf dulu..

    Wake up, jangan dok mamai tiap malam.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Prof Pokpek Parrot.
      Kau ketua perhimpunan ABSURD ke ? kahkahkah

  26. Hello Amoy Annie,

    Saya rasa memang tak boleh dibandingkan Bersih dan demo semalam tuu.

    Bersih nak mintak itu dan ini yang masih lagi tak dapat.


    Demo semalam adalah demo keshukuran. Lagi pun, ICERD pun dah terbatal.

    Kalau Omputih kata Thanksgiving lebih kurang gitu.

    JAdi itu, tak payahlah nak gempak sangat.

    Lagipun, Bersih ada banyak, 1 2 3 4 dan 5 sampai satu Malaysia, UK, US, Australia, New York, South Korea dan lain-lain.

    Semalam setakat di KL saja. Kalau buat kat New York, anti ICERD, nanti Omputih ketawakan.

    Dia kata depa tuu support diskriminasi kaum.

    1. Anon 23:19

      ...Semalam setakat di KL saja. Kalau buat kat New York, anti ICERD, nanti Omputih ketawakan..

      Masalah dalaman Malaysia yang gatal pi buat kat outer space apa hal?

      US? Bukan saja halau bikin tembok lagi.

      SKorea?? Baru2 nih dah clamp entry visa restrictions on Egyptians. Locals dh pening dah sekat kebebasan tau. Takde masa depa nak ketawa pasai ICERD 812 la.

      Australia.. baca statement exPM Howard .."IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT". Nah.

      UK? Bapa segala penjajah depa ni kan? Dok pening sabit Brexit, ade masa ke nak ketawa dgn negara lain?

      Apa la kamu ni. Hang buat dalam kelambu malam2 pun nak heboh satu dunia?

      Professor Nasi Lemak


    ...ATOK GILA...

  28. Jangan main main maaa...mulut lu bau busukkk

  29. What these rally goers don't understand is that the govt of the day don't have to amend 153 or rectify ICERD and STILL be able to change things.

    The death of Ketuanan Monkey is just a matter of time.

    The key word is IMPLEMENTATION.

    Change the rules a little bit here and a little there. And before you know it, we are equal........more or less.

    We are alright that the lazy, shameless and greedy monkeys can have their fucking "special rights", but just not THAT much rights.

    You feel me??

    1. Hahaha, u cracked me up sometimes. Dream on dude, dreaming is free. U pigs had to kiss the feet of the one u despise to win ge14. In GE15, sayonara, we don't need rascist pigs.

  30. Hi Any,

    100,000 ? 200,000 ? 500,000 or even a can decide.

    But all of them shouted God is though no one knows about it.

    While they shouted....I enjoyed an uninterrupted 8 hours of pure Bob's classics done by Ponto de Equilibrio.

    Rasta Rules

    1. but who cares what you enjoyed

  31. It seems a bit funny that people like to compare Bersih and the ICERD rally because, apart from the latest Bersih rally, PAS was a participant in all the others. So when you say Bersih was violent and ICERD was peaceful, what does it really mean?

  32. The anti ICERD demo is just a smokescreen by those who want to divert attention from corruption scandals by Najib Zahid & the likes.

  33. 1/n

    Ramblings, the sequel.

    When we look only at small pictures, we will obviously get small thoughts and therefore have to use our imagination more to 'get the picture' about things.

    Conversely, when we look at 'big pictures', we should get big overarching thoughts that will try to capture everything in a single screen because the process itself leaves little to imagination.

    SO what is the big picture of things about matters in the last few months that Annie had written on?

    Put away the highlighter. Here's a tabulation:

    (1) Annie

    Take her weight. She became conscious of her weight. So she exercised more to try and change her status quo. The big picture here is she became CONSCIOUS about something that she then DECIDED to do something about. Alas, it is just what is outside. Not what is inside.

    In the best tradition of discretion, we should leave out the other part about her personality. Her being pluckily fatuous must have been caused by something in her past; over time, she will sort herself out of the organized chaos. Or, as is a likelier bet, NOT. Therefore, the end will be no better than the start. Which however can't be excused as not being much in the first place. IF she really wants to be better. And that's a BIG 'if'.

  34. 2/n

    (2) Taxi Drivers

    Next, the plight of our taxi drivers. They are unhappy about their daily earnings. Most are in their middle age but few realize they are in the Middle Age of service delivery.

    They want to maintain their status quo but don't know how to integrate what they want with what the customers now demand; their reaction is to assemble and vent, and also scowl at customers, or even at people who try to say a few nice words to them.

    They are caught in a vacuum where the irresistible force of change brought by technology meets the immovable rock of their pride.

    BUT this is a trend which will only gain momentum as more technology impinges on lives of those who still CHOOSE to live only in their lazier past.

    Which comes to the policy to 'help' them by making the Grab and Uber drivers suffer through additional costs to annually check their vehicles. Why the need when most of those vehicles, if not all, are almost brand new? Just go to the airport terminals and see for yourselves.

    Secondly, those drivers could well be the sons of those taxi drivers. You know, youngsters who are still trying to pay off their PTPTN loans. Organized chaos, baby.

  35. 3/n

    (2) Race Economics

    Then there's Hindraf and Waythamoorthy and the Indian Malaysians. Someone posted our Indians are actually richer than our Malays but then didn't qualify that statistics can warp reality on the ground.

    If their numbers are relatively small, then an Ananda here and there can significantly skew the per capita average of their cohort.

    Displaced from rubber estates and left to fend for themselves by malignant neglect and thus social stigmatization, most inevitably ended up being disconnected from the moving economy of the past so that many became just lorry drivers, receptionists and despatchers where once they had carried themselves as surgeons, doctors, lawyers, economists, teachers and diplomats. Who had SERVED this country. Too.

    And notice something else. Except for our Amar Singh who had open-sesame'd the condo cave, most of our Singhs have disappeared from our great Malaysian society. Where have they all gone? These the science and math teachers, and magistrates and engineers of the land.

    Ta'kan all those communities which had served this country with distinction had suddenly devolved and collapsed?

    Could it be, in the larger view of things, a direct and indirect result of certain policies to exclusively help one community at the absolute expense of the other communities, all of which composed of the Malaysian compost which had fertilized this land since days of the Alliance, and even before the vaunted Malayan Union?

    Let's continue....In the same vein on the statistics, our Malay population is much bigger so that many poor can eclipse those numbers with Sri Lankan banknotes and exotic baubles in their condos and homes or unlimited credit card spending and properties in London and Melbourne - until the per capita figures get distorted and loaded downwards, ergo the conclusions, hence the national policy foci.

    Likewise, there is a persistent myth that our Chinese Malaysians are all rich. Most are however middle-incomers at best and too many are still struggling to make independent living to keep up the engine of growth that gives our economy some semblance of progress when there ain't, and you know it.

    For every one in the shopping mall having a weekly family meal together, at least ten languish in the backdrop and living paycheque to paycheque, or statutory withdrawal to crummy withdrawal. Thus, inflating debts.

    Which leaves all to ask: are our indigenous natives doing better? Yes, some have but one suspects most haven't and you know as much because there is NONE among them who can ARTICULATE their plight. And the 'yes' is only because they came a bit up from a ridiculously low level - for being the original asalians.

    1. For every ananda krishnan, there is the mahathir's clan, the jamaluddin jarjis, ts shahril, daim, etc to also skew the numbers; that is why statisticians use median instead of just mean/ average.

  36. 4/n

    Someone once blew a fuse upon seeing one of their lads wolving a plain noodle - with nothing on it - while steps away our OTHER bumiputras and bumiputeris were lumbering away laboriously from the table on which their plates, still half full with half-chewed pieces of KFC. Git' the grittin' picture?

    So, before he dies, when is M2.0 gonna get back the nepotistically accumulated wealth of Md Taib the ex-Sarawakian lawyer? The political grassroots have moved on to a Malaysia Baru and are awaiting the return of state wealth. Do the right thing-lah.

    (3) Icerd

    And someone else once asked - if our Malay Malaysians don't have their race and religion, what do they have?

    Sadly, no one retorted, "But they already have been having them all along so why the question, and more importantly, what did having their notions of race and religion given back to them?"

    Take Hadi All-wang. The Kelantanese who walked from Sogo and elsewhere this past Saturday, many for reasons they themselves seem unclear, must have gotten some money from the state to come. Money would also have been spent to hire buses to bring them all the way. And since it would be a stretch to believe that after walking those kilometers in the heat they would be bused back immediately over the strenuously long distance, it also means they would have stayed overnight, and so money provided too for the hotel stays.

    Where did all those money come from? It could not have come from the state coffers which are meant only to uplift the plight of the Kelantanese poor and help maintain and develop the state, not pay for politics since it was not used for immediate economics.

  37. 5/n

    And those reading in this morning with fresh and trenchant minds would also be CONSCIOUS that only recently the PAS state government had exerted hubris in Parliament over the disclosure it had actually asked for a federal loan - to pay its civil servants' monthly salaries.

    So Hadi and his bunch can answer these questions and NOW:

    (a) where did the money come from if not from the rakyat, whose many tax-payers are those who remain the ones indirectly funding our Kelantanese to come and walk against Icerd which is the universal, some will add Islamic, standard of humane treatment of OTHERS not of one's genetic make-up. But, apparently, that of the Almighty?;

    (b) does he and his bunch have no conscience what the rally has done to others, Malaysia, and an Islam purported to be accurately represented, and by their act therefore impugning our 3rd R's who are gatekeepers of the faith?;

    (c) does PAS support M01's sending our Muslim troops to help the Muslim house of Saud fight Yemeni Muslims? Perhaps the inability to distinguish between communities of the same religion has spilled over to distinguishing communities of different races of the same human root?;

    (d) does PAS support the Rohingya minorities of Myanmar, a fellow anti-Icerd discriminator?,

    (e) how much did he and his PAS leaders get from Najib's Umno through 1MDB?

    (f) how has the draconian PAS administration fighting for RU355 (666?) been doin' with the opoid epidemic in the state, and why should good-minded faith-keeping Muslims there suddenly have to turn to opoids unless they have all along been suffering from lack of work opportunities to uplift their own lives?

    (g) what investment plans have succeeded in the state; if none, why not? If some, what be they?, and

    (h) what can PAS' leaders and workers tell Malaysia of what they know are the abiding principles of the other religions of the world? If one is stirringly faithful on just one, that must mean one must first know what the others stand for, no? Otherwise one might end up following some principles of other religions even when practising what one believes are exclusively one's own religion, yes?

    It's easy. There are not many world religions left. Start from the bottom up. Try Z for Zoroastrianism...

    Hadi's answers will however only be pieces of the mosaic of the big picture message behind this anti-Icerd rally.

    For the message coming out is this horrendous implication - namely, Mob Rule will override Rule Of Law in this country, as to be determined by the PAS-Umno Islam-Malay complot.

    M2.0 should ask himself what M1.0 has done to this country. AI should note very carefully M2.0's answer to himself.

  38. 6/n

    And Mujadin should get cracking at revamping mainstream Islamic education to progress the minds of our Muslims for a new era of change that mandates the imperative of more realistic inter-communal relations. Since tahfiz funds yearly come from the rakyat now denied Icerd, he should at least wake up and do the right thing.

    Surely Malaysia doesn't want another anti-Icerd rally, even bloodletting using implements of old, just so some irresponsible politicians only serving their own survival by deflecting attention from their next appointment with the land's court of justice did try to do so by stoking racism and fanaticism in weak minds and poor spirits of the masses who can only live on handouts and special privileges even after sixty years of national coexistence and bounteous dispensations.

    This can't be so....or can it? Shall the citizens of Malaysia have to ask our felicitous Nazrin what he had meant by our Malay brotherhood? Power struggle between Malays or power struggle OF Malays, and if OF, AGAINST who, should one dare to ask?

    Let us be clear once and for all. Only gangsters live by trying to inflict pain on others in order to extract territorial privileges based on unsupportable claims of political supremacy in tribalism. In the world of mob rule, are our Malay Malaysians hiding anything that reflects that?

    And, oh, we finally get it. Zahid paid for the whole event using his credit card. There, solved!

  39. 7/n

    Yet... we all know our Malay Malaysians are by nature a courteous and reflective people. Just take, as an example you will never have thought about. Letters of decision by our Malay civil servants of yonder days when there was checks-and-balance. Brief, neat, summarizing, and accurate yet sufistically sublime in choice of words and delivery. If you reflect on that, it reflects the best contribution of our Malays to our national identity. Not the keris and spears of silat exponents, nor the diatribes of sardonic politicians out to only play monkey tricks on unsuspecting if not underdeveloped minds of the poor and needy, the so-called hoi-polloi of our anti-Icerd world.

    And it is precisely because everyone knows our Malay Malaysians have that special quality that the others have generally showed tolerance whenever battered (note, not spelt with an 'u'). The only times otherwise were when the former screwed up the country, or the others. Thus, May 9th (including 13th).

    Find the middle ground of constant moderation. All live together. Help one another as one would like others to help one. Show genuine gratitude and friendship, not the supercilious 90 degree bending down to kiss the hand of M01 that one Shahidan was shown to have done. See where he is today. In a wheelchair but still able to gallivant in dark vans near dawn.

    All our Malaysians , and not just Malay Malaysians, who know better should help their other Malay brethren to grow up faster. All have important roles ahead to help this common nation get up again after the devastation wrought by Umno with its PAS holding onto its shirt-tails. After all, one of the greatest achievements any Malaysian can aspire to is to help another Malaysian - whatever the race - get up in life and achieve as much as well.

  40. 8/n

    (4) The Seafield Saga

    Is there a big picture for this one? If it's not 1974, then it could be 1891, the year peoples started praying there. That's even longer than the life of this COUNTRY. But apparently not as long as when the Indians had first arrived to this land whose Hindu elements were unearthed in Kedah and Johor. And immediately and officially expunged from all records. Like how it was done on who from this country had scaled Mt Everest first. Like what had happened to the Tuah-Jebat saga.

    So....our Malay Muslim civil servants who have the onerous task of approving temple sites should no longer dither on their approvals if only not to give the impression that our Indian Malaysians are targeted for exclusion right down to their right to pray. Because those sites are hallowed to them. Hallowed because their deities...respond to them.

    Of course, there's the matter of location. In this Seafield case, it was apparently an internal discord over to move-after-receiving payment versus to stay-on-sentimental grounds and not based on commercial reasons which would be an insult to all deities, for that matter the presences of other faiths.

    This tension ultimately climaxed on the threatening appearance of armed hired hands who were exclusive our Malays.

    How else could the Indian believers have reacted? Depend on mostly Muslim Malay officials to enforce protection of their sacred grounds deemed older than any of those intruders?

    While that sentiment may not excuse infringement of the law, the whole matter should be truncated all the way back to item (3) above if only to understand what Waythamoorty had tried over TWO administrations to uplift our Indian Malaysians - and that despite M2.0 mentioning them in his FIRST press conference; programs now out of sight, it seems.

    As for Adlib the fireman, may he speedily recover for his age to tell us what had really happened.

  41. 9/9

    Folks, Cabinet - like earthquakes, what is subterraneanly wrong will come up sooner or later. Be fair to treat the real roots of matters for ALL races, not delay or subordinate or procrastinate. Or worse, deflect for lack of will to do the right thing on the roots of matters just because one is not of the same race or religion as those in plight. Be responsible as multiracial Malaysians.

    (5) Annie's Lynas

    Not commenting on my earlier three pdf links which have rightly beefed up Fuziah's concerns, the debate went downhill to focus on whether Fuziah was being overly dramatic et cetera.

    The big picture on this one - namely Lynas - is the answer to the big question:

    If Australia refuses the waste for the lifespan of Lynas as a strategic, commercial and environmental concern, why should Malaysia accept it for all eternity?

    So if Lynas now tries to comply with the ruling that it must get rid of the waste, where will it be dumped next?

    Annie will say read her posts but as one is apparently too stupid to locate the right answers, maybe she can have a heart to help clarify beyond just using the low-life labelling of commentators as Pakatan this or Bersih that or Pribumi or DAP...or even, heavens forbid, the Opposisi!

    After all, political labelling is just a lazy way to slip and slither away by deflection from getting to the heart of matters. Surely Annie is not like Profesyori's Nasi Lemak and Kangkung?

    As for Ramsar and Pulau Kukup, the piece of news that TMJ said the island will still be under the Johor state administration but now its maintenance will be funded by the state's 3rd R. True or not, who knows these days of incantations and recantations?

    Which comes to Mazlee. He should be pinned down and given a stick of weed to supersaturate his weedy effects so far. Maybe it will just blow him into the right quadrant of planning so that the right things - long overdue - will be done about our national education system.

    Say, get our kids interested in know, those little things which thrive in big mangrove swamps like Pulau Kukup. The new generations are too introspected on their handphones and online games to realize there is a magical world out there in our very midst. Look up to the sky above at night somewhere in the suburbs south of the khatulistiwa and the entire majesty of the heavens open up to show the greatness of the Almighty. Planets, stars, even cosmological black holes (;P) light up the canopy of our wondrous existence in this limitless firmament. Then one and all will feel so small that Hadi-and-Hamidi's race-and-religion seem puny and laughable and anti-God.

    And if M2.0 can overcome himself for once, the fastest to solve the M-S imbroglio, is to invite the MOE(Sg) to liaise and help the MOE(My) achieve the same reengineering of minds so that the two can finally talk mano-a-mano like good neighbors and progressive minds to survive the onslaught challenges of this 21st century.

    Not waste time on an electric car when we have no battery or 5G expertise so that using rakyat money to do research when there are no local researchers will be irresponsible, especially when at the same time he has asked treasury to help the poor and needy. What-lah, we print money or it falls from trees, kah?

    Just get those Umno and PAS crooks fast out of circuit so that they (a) can't cause social mischief anymore, and (b) their ill-gotten gains are reappropriated by the rakyat for the rakyat.

    Of this fucked-up, dimwit, screwed-through, negara.

    Taking a leaf from a narcissstic maniac, MMGA!

    1. Hello 11:02
      1 sampai 9

      No wonder over 6mths negara malap sja.. pandai pokpekpokpek air lioq berbuih2 saja performance elek..

      Go help the Ministers la.. 6mths probation period dh abis semua macam blur aje

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Yawn...Too longlah Bro..Just focus on few issues lah.

  42. Anonymous 9 December 2018 at 18:09,

    //Gladiator, this is what you get when you flirt with the likes of Annie and Prof Nasi Lemak dickhead. //

    I flirt with nobody.

    I talk to everybody.


  43. Prof Nasi lemak,

    //Golongan Bumiputra Malaysia ada beratus ethnic RACES tak tau ke?//

    Yeah, sure, and who is the Number One race who rules all those other lesser bumiputeras?

    Are you not embarrassed that you try to use other bumiputeras as an excuse for your racist behaviour?

    You are a shameless excuse for a Muslim who mouths the words of your prayers but piss on Islam every chance you get, like now.

    So much so for a wannabe pretend liberal Muslim like you who goes onto other blogs criticising the fundamentalists.

    What a joke you are.


    1. Racist he he...Your kind are still here.Go migratelah.

  44. Anonymous @ 10 December 2018 at 11:02,

    //Ramblings, the sequel.//

    Great write up and quite a lot in it, so very hard to respond to because you bring up so many issues in one big chunk of writing.

    But here are a couple of things.

    //Next, the plight of our taxi drivers.//

    Taxidrivers are simply not organised.

    There does not seem to be a centralised system of receiving jobs and allocating jobs.

    This is where Grab killed them.

    //because there is NONE among them who can ARTICULATE their plight.//

    Yup, the Orang Asli are one of the most marginalised groups in our society despite being THE ORIGINAL BUMIPUTERAS.

    Fuckwits like Prof Nasi Lemak continue to exploit them by insisting that the bumiputeras consist of sooooo many races and hence he is not a racist.

    //Take Hadi All-wang.//

    Yes, please, take Hadi Ada-wang - all the way to where he belongs, Hell.

    Kepala Anak Syaitan di Malaysia - that is Hadi Adawang.

    He is just another racist Malay who has no shame in calling himself a Muslim.

    Like Prof Nasi Lemak, Hadi Adawang will piss on islam every chance he gets in word and in deed.

    These are the false Muslims in our midst who do their utmost to make non-Muslims hate Islam.

    Well, there's a lot more in your post to talk about but the above will have to do.


    1. Alamak Gladiator? Ade ORIGINAL BUMIPUTRA pulak kamu nih?? Go tell off China their land belongs to the AFRICANS la gini.. haiyaaa mmg dari outer space la kamu ni.

      Claimed to be an atheist. Apa bebel pasal Islam or god? Nak tunjuk cerdik ya? Alif ba ta tulis atau baca tau tak? Nano nano.

      Race lagi? Tarak suka Horse, car, motor races ya. Okay la next March kamu jgn lupa join le tour de langkawi ya...

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. PNL,

      //Ade ORIGINAL BUMIPUTRA pulak kamu nih??//


      Ever the fuckwit, aren't you?

      Were you born this way or do you work hard to be one? :)

      You brought up the issue of bumiputeras and now you ask if there is such a thing as an original bumiputera?

      Does this mean you, a Malay, and I, a non-Malay, are equal? Go on, answer me that simple question if you dare :)

      //Apa bebel pasal Islam or god?//

      Eeerrrr... because I see religion being used to control and enslave the minds of ppl?

      Controlled and enslaved minds affect me - as you can see in the case of what has happened in Malaysia in the last 60+ years.

      //Nak tunjuk cerdik ya?//

      Well, at least, nobody controls my mind and my thoughts are entirely my own.

      How about you?

      Or the fact that you are superior to me, by virtue of your race, is something you thought of all by yourself? :)

      //Race lagi?//

      No idea what you mean here.