Friday 28 December 2018

Prayers for Mary

Just received news that my dear friend, Harian Metro journalist Mary Victoria Dass is currently warded at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Baru in very serious condition.

She was earlier admitted for dengue at a private hospital several days ago before transferred to SAH after her condition worsen.

I have been Mary's friend for many years now, since my days back in JB. She is a selfless gentle lady with a kind heart and always ready to help anyone who came to her for assistance.

I'm praying for Mary's recovery and hope you all could do the same.

For those who do, thank you very much.

Mary is known by many in JB as a writer of social community issues, especially those affecting the well being of ordinary people.

She is much sought after by people irrespective of race or religion to write stories about those with problems and in need as in many occasions her writings helped them.

May Mary recovers soon. InsyaAllah.


  1. I'm pretty confident that she will recover.

    I had dengue twice.

    The first time in mid-1977 was the worst and when I was admitted to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, where they just gave me Panadol (anti-biotics don't work against a virus infection) to bring down the fever and two weeks after the symptoms and high fever appeared, the fever went.

    The second time was in 1980, when it started with aches and pains in my shoulder and back but this time, I was not admitted to hospital and recovered.

    Of course, if it has got to the stage of bleeding, then it has got pretty serious.

  2. Papaya leaf juice do wonders. Own experience.

  3. Annie suruh dia makan sup ketam renjong aka bunga dn minum 100+ bnyk2, it really works

  4. Thanks for the kind words and advices guys, but Mary is still in the ICU.

  5. If u visit her annie bring alot of 100plus fr helps with the dehydration...