Tuesday 13 May 2014

Najib's brave Terengganu move gives new hope for Johor (updated)


Just minutes after I finished writing this posting, I received news that Ahmad Said who is the Kijal assemblyman and Ajil assemblyman Ghazali Taib had announced that they quit Umno.

It is now BN 15, Pas 14, PKR one and Independent two in the Terengganu assembly.

If Ahmad Said and Ghazali joined Pas or PKR, it will be 17 Pakatan and 15 BN.

Yes, I was wrong. Ahmad Said is really a traitor who only cares for his MB post.

Will update this.


I believe what happened last night could be the turning point for the leadership of PM DS Najib Razak.

Ahmad Razif Dilantik Menteri Besar Terengganu Yang Baharu

I do not know how he did it, but apparently Najib had managed to persuade now former Terengganu MB DS Ahmad Said to relinquish his post.

This is, I believe the best move Najib had made since the 13th general election last year.

He must had managed to persuade Ahmad Said that a change of leadership in the Barisan Nasional's administration in Terengganu was necessary if the coalition is to continue to rule the State after the next general election.

Currently BN has 17 to Pas' 14 and PKR's one State seats in Terengganu.

Ahmad Said must had been convinced that he would also be a loser if BN is to be defeated in Terengganu.

I believe Najib had also done a great job in persuading the Sultan of Terengganu that the change of MB will be good for the state.

After all, Ahmad Said was the Sultan's choice to replace his predecessor DS Idris Jusoh in 2008.

Previously, talks were that Ahmad Said and at least two other Umno assemblymen may switch to Pas if Najib made this move, causing the collapse of the BN Terengganu government. However, I don't think this is true.

I don't think Ahmad Said really wants to betray his party the way former Selangor MB and an Umno vice-president TS Mohd Muhammad Taib did when he joined Pas.

If he do that, he will forever be remembered as a selfish bastard who only care about his post as an MB.

Najib must had made him realized that ever since he took over from Idris as MB, Terengganu Umno had been torn apart by factionalism, causing it to only barely manage escaping from being booted out of office by the narrowest of margin in GE13

I viewed the move by Najib as a very brave one and it will possibly pave the way for more actions which will save Umno and BN from destruction in the next general election.

After the move in Terengganu, I hope Najib will do something similar in Johor to end the abuses and excesses which have been going on in my home state ever since a new administration took office after GE13.

Honestly, I am not really asking the PM to sack Johor MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin.

I am instead merely asking him to  put an end to the abuses and excesses which may reflect badly on the establishment, Umno and BN.

I am hoping for him to tell Khaled to grow a backbone and learn to say NO when he needs to do so.

Khaled also need to be "advised" to throw out those hangers-on around him whose real interest was to make money for themselves instead of struggling for bangsa, agama and tanahair.

Yes, Khaled needs to be reminded that he was chosen to head Johor by Najib as his boss in the government and party.


Of course, Najib also need to crack the whip and uproot the crooked elements in Kota Iskandar, Irda and the GLCs down there in Johor

I am praying for Najib to keep the momentum going on this matter and do the necessary to affect changes elsewhere like what he did in Terengganu.


  1. You should not called him a traitor... he is a survivor... he survive during BN / UMNO failed in 1999... he survivel well before that... but what has UMNO done to him? asking him to resign... that show how bright our PM are..

  2. What's the latest news about the investigation into the collapsed stadium roof under the former state admnistration before Encik Ahmad Said? Sudah lama kita tunggu penjelasan dpd pihak tertentu! adakah akibat rasuahkah ataupun kejadian alam


  4. What do you expect from policians? i didnt know you r so naive about politics.

  5. Sorry Annie, I disagreed with you. Just when I thought Najib is positioning himself next to Tun M's intelligence & leadership quality, judging from his handling of Terengganu, obviously I was wrong. Sebagai orang Melayu, Najib patut jaga air muka Ahmad Said, nak minta orang letak jawatan, janganlah seperti menghalau.. BN just had 2 seats advantage over pakatan, now that two UMNO assemblymen quitting, maybe more soon, Pakatan is soon to take over the Terengganu administration.. Gutsy but stupid move by Najib.. I'm a kampung man who voted for BN because I did not see pakatan as the better alternative, now I'm losing faith in Najib... No more loyalist vote for UMNO next time I guess..

    1. I agree with Anon 9.55 above, to a degree. If any MB or other rep is doing a lousy job, they must be replaced for the benefit of the people and the benefit of BN. But there are good ways to do it and bad ways. At least go to the effort of discrediting the guy first. I think that Selangor would have fallen apart (through the implosion of PKR) if Khalid had been deposed, the only thing saving them was their own incompetence at backstabbing. Overall, the timing is right for Najib to act in Terengganu as it gives BN time to smooth things over and make some developments before the next GE, but he needs to bring these independents back into the fold - maybe some juicy GLC jobs would help?

  6. Najib dah betul bila lantik idris jusoh ke pusat untuk mengurang kemelut idris n mat said. Tapi buat wrong decision bila buang mat said. Sebaik kalu nak buang buang kedua dua. Bila buang satu ini lah implikasi nya. Sekearng dah adun umno join bebas. Umno jadi krjaan minoriti

    1. Idris berasuah tak betul, Awang wahhabi tak betul, Ahmad Said ganti rugi pula.

  7. I'm sorry Annie but you are WRONG. He is not a traitor. Ever since GE13, Najib has made one stupid move after another.

    Why is it that he can 'bersabar' with the non-malays although he and his entire have been humiliated by them but with a fellow muslim, he cant bersabar for just a few days?

    Najib, please resign!

    1. Because he is Bugis. and Bugis love licking chingk arse to spite the Melayu.....ask the Bugis fuckheads in Johor 150 years ago and they will tell u how they sold the state capital to wong ah fook back then. Sounds familiar, aint it, fatimah?

      Blogger, you bet he will lift a finger in Johor? Dream on. his tactic is simple: fuck the Malays and punish them for refusing to "change"; refusing to give up their special rights and privileges enshrined in the Constitution ratified by political consent and a national plebiscite; refusing his One Malaysia crap etc. In short for refusing to be like the Chingk scum, he loves sooo much.

      But because he is Bugis, he deliberately forgets and refuses to acknowledge that the Malays were the ones who kept him in power circa 2013 which is not surprising because a Bugis hates Malay guts. History screams just that. You wont find a Nusantara folk more hateful of the Malays than the Bugis and the Acehnese, the two cultureless sewage scum who strove for years to destroy the Malay sultanates of Malacca and Johore. Call it penis envy or whatever.....

    2. Do you think it will get better if Jokowi or Prabowo becomes the next President of Indonesia?

      As it is, it is difficult for Malaysia and Indonesia to get along. In spite of both being Muslim-majority countries.

      So, when Indonesia becomes the Numero Uno (and it's a question of when, not if), how is that going to play out?

      I don't see the views of Isma and Perkasa, for example, gaining much traction in Indonesia.

      So, I would think twice before calling the Bugis and the Acehnese "scum". These are the same "scum" who lorded it over parts of the Malay Peninsula before the British and Dutch appeared on the scene.

  8. The PM have to own up for this latest debacle. It is his own doing. I believe he was pressured by the palace as well considering the willingness of His Majesty to attend the hastily arranged swear-in ceremony. As PM, at least he can work it out with the palace considering BN precarious state in Terengganu right now and any move to remove current sitting MB will be suicidal. he has been MB since 2008. Ahmad Said is still popular among Terengganu Umno and has huge following. He will not go quietly and it has already proven the way things pan out right now.
    He has to be responsible if BN does lose Terengganu. Taking responsibility and leave the way South Korea PM did.

  9. Ini lah satu artikel yg saya baca agak lain cara berfikirnya.Moga -moga apa yg tuan tulis menjadi doa dan mendapat keberkatan Allah.

    UMNO perlu dipulihkan walaupun terpaksa menyimpang arus.........

    1. Ya UMNO boleh dipulihkan dengan Tuan Presiden meletak jawatan kerana membuat huru hara...

    2. Sokong 100%. PM punca ibu segala masalah.

  10. Strange things do happened in politics. I don't think UMNO bigwigs make the decison to remove Ahmad Said without evaluating the consequence, including, his faction leaving UMNO. One possible scenario is that PAS will be invited to join the government, PAS is no longer the pondok party. They and UMNO have much more in common now, especially in the malay heartlands. Terengganu is definitely better without the maverick Mad Said.

  11. How much UMNO are Mohd Said really is ?, and how much UMNO are , in other UMNO leaders that Malay put their trust in them, to uplifts and safeguard their "perjuangan " demi ugama bangsa dan negara.

    The UMNO members / Malay should see this as very serious outcome , of personal status override loyalty to the perjuangan and believe in the party, which could result to the fall of state administration and possible kiosk , which end's result, the rakyat are put in burden .
    Members of UMNO who believe in their party and perjuangan ,must take note of this , when choosing their leaders in the coming UMNO election . UMNO will never last long with this type of leader .

    1. Alasannya PM tak benarkan dia letak selepas majlis perkahwinan anak perempuannya hujung minggu ini. Mengapa? Supaya majlis itu ditaja oleh pihak2 tertentu?

  12. Najib : Weak Leadership and Clueless


  13. Why bother who is what and why in UMNO Trengganu or Johor. Bagi jer kat PAS Dan PR.

    Mereka kan Melayu jugak. Apa risau sangat?

    Kau sokong UMNO jadi pencacai Dan pengampu, dapat apa? Subsidi ke? Kontrak ke? Grant ke? Lesen ke?

    Tu tanggung jawab sesuatu kerajaan . PR pun boleh Bagi jugak. Siapa kata tak boleh? Bukti mana?

    1. Kalau sokong PAS dapat apa?
      Tiket ke syorga?
      Kalau sokong PKR dapat apa?
      Bontot di sondol?

    2. Re. PR pun boleh Bagi jugak. Siapa kata tak boleh? Bukti mana?

      1. Badan manusia mengandungi 70% air;

      2. Manusia menurut kajian hanya boleh hidup antara 8 hingga 14 hari tanpa air, tapi boleh bertahan 7 hingga ke 8 minggu tanpa makanan;

      3. Kerajaan PAS di Kelantan sejak dari memerintah hingga kini gagal menyediakan bekalan air bersih kepada rakyat Kelantan;

      4. Kerajaan PR di Selangor sejak memerintah hingga kini berdepan dengan masaalah air;

      Perlukah saya cerita lebih panjang lagi?

  14. Rakyats put more sympathy to mat said than najib. Its najib failure for losing 2/3 majority in parliament. Who dare to give him time to improve? His way of improve,emt does t please the people at all. All his moves looks stupid.

    1. Najib did not lose the 2/3 majority in parliament in GE13 since he never had the 2/3 majority in the first place when he took over the premiership from Pak Lah.

      UMNO performed better in GE13 compared to the previous GE12.

      BN fared worse in GE13 because MCA and Gerakan lost many Parliament seats that they contested in.

      Get your facts right, before telling others they look stupid.

    2. spot on..

    3. Inheriting a problem Pak Lah did not give Najib an excuse to handle the Terengganu issue in such lousy manner. Look at how smart Tun M acted to sack Anwar & a fromer Kedah MB long time ago.. A lesson not learned obviously... UMNO gained more parlimentary seats especially from Kedah.. why, Mahathir's son factor lah.. by the way please don't underestimate the stupid people he he..