Thursday 1 May 2014

GST, what?

Woken up, and remembered that I need to work today despite it being a public holiday.

May 1 is Labour Day.

Exactly 11 years ago today, I had a very great Labour Day holiday with someone I love.

Well, never mind, that's in the past.

Today I have to work and as for that beloved someone, I am not sure where she is today. I just miss her a lot.

The supposedly big thing happening in town today is the Pakatan's GST protest.

I am not sure how big it's going to be, but I don't think it would be bigger than all those Bersih protests.

After all, these sorts of things have become a bit tiresome for most people.

I wonder if most of those who will turn up even know exactly what is the GST thing was all about.

Some, I suspect probably would not even know what GST stands for.

I wish they can go somewhere like a stadium. instead of doing it on the streets.

Lots of nuisance la.

Never mind, hopefully no one will get hurt and they don't cause too much disruptions or damages to public property.

Actually I sympathize them. Following around the likes of Mat Sabu and the other nut cases on a protest of which the issue that they don't even really understand.
That is really stupid.

Well, I better get up and go to work.

I leave you all with a bit of nice old music and hope you have a restful day,

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  1. Mat Sabu dia come undone ...