Tuesday 27 May 2014

Malays' level playing field

My mother send me a text message last night which pointed out this article to me,

Discrimination Against Hiring Of Malay Graduates - UKM

I'm not really sure why my mother pointed out the article to me.

It's dated last year.

But she cautioned me,

"May (my Chinese name), I know you are passionate about these sorts of things, but please don't overdo it."

Okay Ma, I'm not going to.

I am just going to highlight some of the findings by the two senior lecturers from the University of Malaya, Dr Lee Hwok Aun from the Department of Development Studies and Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid.

Race more than résumé quality is the main consideration for getting an interview for jobs in Chinese controlled and International companies in this country.

Overall 22.1% of the Chinese applicants receive call backs from prospective employers with the Malay applicants receiving only 4.2% call backs.

Analysis of the results was extensive with the figures clearly showing that there is discrimination against Malay graduates even in Malay controlled companies where the number of call backs received by Chinese candidates was 6.8% against 4.8% for Malay applicants.

As for the Chinese controlled companies out of the total resumes sent 24% of the Chinese applicants received call backs for interviews but only 6.8% Malay applications received call backs.

For foreign controlled companies the numbers are 22.9% for Chinese applicants with none of the Malay applicants getting any call back.

I advise you to read the entire article at the link above. Don't be lazy.

Actually, I had discussed this article with a Chinese friend when it first came out last year.

My friend said the Chinese controlled companies have the right to do whatever they like.

"It's their money, what," he said, adding that in contrast the government-linked companies should not practice such discrimination as theirs are tax payers money.

Well, I think the GLC and the civil service are trying to open up their doors to all races. 

I can name a few which had done so, such as Sime Darby and Petronas.

But that argument about "It's our money, so we can do whatever we like" bothers me quite a bit.

Is it okay for the towkeys to discriminate because it's their own companies?

Is it okay to treat your workers like slaves because it's your own companies?

Is it okay to abuse your maid because you pay their salaries with your own money?

Sorry Ma, I have to ask those questions.

I hope I am not going overboard and make you upset.

Well, stupid Malays, you really think you are on a level playing field?

Go figure. 

p.s Ma, I think Pa more handsome than that Dr Lee, okay.


  1. Thank you for bringing up this issue. It has been known for a long time actually, it is just that the Malay applicants couldn't be bother about it anymore. These are some of the tactics used by them to systematically sidelined the Malay applicants in any organisation:

    1. If the Head of Human Resources is Chinese you are most likely have to kiss your application goodbye, for you will never be good enough for them;

    2. If the Head of Human Resources is Malay, but the Head of Department who is hiring is Chinese, again you can kiss your application goodbye;

    3. In order to cover the blatant discrimination practice, they will hire the Malays for a lower positions in the department so that it won't be that obvious;

    4. If you are a registered applicant or have registered your CV/Resume in a very popular recruitment portal you may have also been a victim of another type of discrimination. Sometime in 2007, a former staff told me that the said recruitment company unknown to many have also discriminated the Malay applicants over the other race. His friend who worked there and had since left discovered that.

    5. I have commented about this in here or in Helen's blog before. For the Malay job seeker and new graduates out there, please do not get disheartened. We always believe that "Rezeki itu datang dari Allah swt". Thus here is what you need to do:

    a. Look for the job advertisement in the said portal that interest you;

    b. Go to the company websites and look under career, and check whether the same position is posted there. Even it is not there you can still apply for sometimes to forget to update them;

    c. Look at the list of Management Team, and look for the Head of Human Resource, Name and E-mail;

    d. Send your application directly to the Head of Human Resources, if there is no email address available you can send a hard copy of your application directly to the office address; another option is by calling the general line and ask for HR department and ask for the email address if possible;

    e. For additional measure, please also search for the department that is hiring and send a copy to head of department as well;

    f. There is reason why you are doing this. Many of the time I was informed that the said recruitment company had allegedly and purposely suppressed your applications favoring the other race application;


    KPJ Heatlcare, KFC Malaysia, Tabung Haji, Bank Rakyat, Koperasi Tentera, Felda FGV are few examples of Malay dominated organisations that are very successful. These organisations have been recognized internationally unknown to many of you.

    If your care to read the SME business portal, you will see more and more successful Malay entrepreneurs and they are very young and vibrant.

    I am giving you these examples so that you understand, whatever they can do, we can do better.

    1. I think you are racist because you do not want apply to gerakan, dap or ppp. Did they reject you because of race?

    2. Wei anon 20.25 lu tak ada cerita lain ka bila kena lu punya muka sikit-sikit rasis, boleh pi lingkup la !

    3. Re. I think you are racist because you do not want apply to gerakan, dap or ppp

      I have voted for MCA and not Gerakan, because Gerakan was not a contender in my constituency, same with PPP. But that was before PRU13 but anymore sweetie. In case you missed the news, I have proudly declared that I am Ultra Totok Melayu UMNO Racist after PRU13.

      As for DAP, whoever Muslim vote and join DAP and knowing for a fact that DAP is anti-HUDUD and anti-Islam may Allah swt shows them mercy in the day of judgement if they do not repent.

    4. Spot on LOL. From now on I will only vote for UMNO. If my constituency is represented by MCA or Gerakan, I will abstain from voting. As far as I'm concerned, those 2 parties are dead and buried.

    5. Even before PRU 13, I have decided not to vote for MCA or Gerakan as, in their effort to win the Chinese votes, even then I could see that they were behaving exactly like the Dapsters. Luckily, my constituency was represented by UMNO. However, should our UMNO leaders continue to keep on kowtowing to the likes of the Cinabengs at the expense of the Malay's rights/interests, come PRU 14, my vote would only go to ISMA or none at all. Rasa-rasanya, duduk rumah tengok TV lagi baik daripada mengundi wakil yang akan menjahanamkan ugama dan kepentingan orang Melayu/Islam.


    6. Here, the subject is one apply to join or work for a company/org. voting takes a minute. You vote for a mca, gerakan and the boss ptefers to employ otherd? You habe double standards

  2. Orang kafir, kuat makan babi, jiwa jadi kotor, akhlak jadi buruk, tak percaya pada Hari Akhirat, tak percaya pada syorga neraka, tak hairan apabila diskriminasi berlaku.

    1. Saya juga percaya kalau kita makan apa saja, babi, tikus, katak, dll, buktinya boleh dilihat dengan mata kasar.
      Lihat kulit orang orang Islam ( kecuali yang ada sakit kulit ) biasanya halus, tidak berbintik bintik dan lebih lincin.
      Lihat pula kulit golongan yang suka makan apa saja, kulit mereka kelihatan banyak 'frackle' ( bintik bintik yang hodoh ), kasar dan kelihatan kesat!

      Maha Besar Allah yang melarang memakan apa apa sahaja bahan yang tidak halal. Itu baru kesan luaran, belum lagi dalaman.

      Itu sebabnya hati mereka keras mampu buat apa sahaja pada orang lain asalnya diri sendiri untung!

  3. Some of you may have received an email from a recruitment company that says "EMPLOYERS DON"T WANT YOUR APPLICATION EMAILED DIRECTLY TO THEM" and I was appalled when I read it. According to the email 76% of the employers prefer the application done via their company and not via E-Mail. Let us ask the company these questions:

    1. Is that based on their findings upon researching and sending survey to the prospective employers or is it based on complaints made by the respective employers who received the e-mail?

    2. 76% employers of the whole country?

    3. 76% employers of what industry?

    4. 76% employers out of 100 organisations you surveyed?

    5. 76% employers of Multi-National, GLC or SME?

    6. 76% employers that have signed MOU with you exclusively?

    7. 76% employers which Human Resource Head is of certain ethnicity?

    Let's look at the statement that says "Employers Don’t Want Your Application Emailed To Them Directly" . Can they explain to us how sure are they about that, whilst:

    1. Many of the advertisements posted by them are reproduced from other news papers and you don't have any reserved right over it:

    2. Many of the advertisements posted by them are reproduced from other recruitment agencies e,g. Michael Page International is one them, and these recruitment agencies have in fact advertised the same positions in their websites, with their own pool of potential applicants;

    3. Unless they have a special agreement and MOU with the respective employers, they have no right to claim that "Employers Don’t Want Your Application Emailed To Them Directly";


    I believe the organization has seen a drop in their revenue and/or even pool of applicants, since I have alerted many of my friends last time, hence the said email

  4. I knew this all along. Since GE13 I don't bother to conceal my disgust & hatred towards these hypocrites. The self proclaimed discriminated 2nd class citizen kiasu lot choose to ignore that they thriving because Malays have been tolerant & non violent all this time. Their hard work alone wouldn't be enough. Not all Malays are lazy & stupid. With all the insults towards Malays & Islam lately, we're reaching the boiling point soon..

    1. "With all the insults towards Malays & Islam lately, we're reaching the boiling point soon."

      This is so true. I do not wish for another May 13 to happen soon but I do admit to wishing that more of the leaders from the "Dog and Pig" party will die soon.

    2. Actually many people fed up with the corrupt practices of selfish politicians from all parties, but tak tahu nak buat apa lah!

  5. Okay la tu. Civil servants ramai Melayu so fair la private companies prefer non-Malays. Win-win situation. Kalau private sector Melayu pun nak conquer, amboi, banyak cantik muka you..

    1. hoi anon 9.36 Memang melayu muka cantik , lu orang la selalu bising kata kerajaan selalu tak ambil cina kerja sektor awam , selalu MCA , gerakan buat bising , Dapig kaki api saja , Dah lah bising nak kerja pun nak pilih pula tu masok polis cuma nak pegawai , masuk jabatan nak pegawai keatas apa punya muka tak malu la.

    2. Orang Melayu memang cantik. Their eyes got double eyelids unlike the Chinese. But Annie being a mixed race, also has double eyelids. Annie mesti cantik even prettier than gundek baru Lim kit sial. And another thing, Annie is a qualified lawyer unlike you know who only got a degree in legal studies but claimed a lawyer. Memang lah lawyer loyar burok lah

    3. Annie tentu cantik dan pandai, nampak emak nya. Tetapi, dia cinta dengan orang cina. Cowok nya dari DAP.

  6. The findings are totally not surprising. In fact it confirmed the general understanding of Chinese by the Malays. That is the reason why when DAP said they are multi racial, no right minded Malays believe them.

    DAP as an institution maybe multi racial, but an institution is not made up of laws and buildings only. It is the members that charted the course and we all know that majority of the DAP members are hardcore racists.

    Having said that, I'm not here to blame the Chinese. They are what they are - greedy, selfish, materialistic. Malays' problems are mostly due to their own characters - tak apa attitude, put more emphasis on the well being of their afterlife so they are mostly satisfied with their little wealth.

    Even the political problem that besiege the Malays now are due to Malays themselves - UMNO's weakness and corruption and PAS' successful brainwashing of "Islamic" agenda. If UMNO is led by strong, wise and clean leaders, I'm pretty sure Malays will be strong and united. Malays must also believe that they are capable of reaching greater heights.

    1. How dare you confirm to say umno is corrupted. You confirm umno = malays are greedy, then you are ingrate and ungrateful.

    2. Ini la cara RBA punya kerja dah tak ada jalan salah umno , wei anon 10.18 lu sendiri mengaku cina tamak , lagi bongkak kemuadian lu salah umno rasuah apa ni , Lu orang rasuah paling utama sebab orang tak mintak rasuah pun lu cuba kasi jadi itu pasal ada rasuah apa punya bodoh .

    3. Tak suka makan bubur kachang merah. Suka kachang putih'

  7. The chinese are reaping the riches through selling stuff to malay consumers, and not forgetting bribing the malay officials too.

  8. Hai dear annie , The statement ," The chinese controlled companies have the right to do what ever they like , It their money", wow sound so arrogance , this type of spies also we have ka ... dont tell me all the malay graduates are idiot . bye dear .

    1. Not all oxford, Cambridge graduates are smart. Malaysian graduates may be better. Why they are among the top in the world and not us? Racist assessment , make me boil, start 13 May.

    2. KJ dapster and Tony Puaka are both Oxford graduates. Are they smart? I don't think so!

    3. Anon 20:37 is right. The level of OxBridge graduates these days is not like in the old days where only the cream of the crop are accepted. I know this because I even proofread papers for students in Oxford. The ratio of international students to Britons in Oxford is 70:30 and these international students even consult external services for editing their assignments, projects, papers, etc to get better grades. In the old times, those who are admitted to OxBridge excel in English that they do not require proofreaders and they can compose everything themselves. International students are cash cows. Basically, if you have the money and you are willing to work very hard, then you can go to OxBridge. I also know of an Oxford graduate who can't produce good research and publications here - the last time he produced great research was when he was in Oxford since the research was his supervisor's proposal. Now all he does is 'menumpang' the publications of other people in research areas which are not even in his area of specialization. And I have seen those who graduated from local universities who can produce better research than him. At the end of the day, it is not so much about brilliance, it is about hard work and attitude. Even if a person gets straight As but doesn't mind cheating in the process, he or she will not learn much, really.

    4. So who is tony and also kj? There are there because who knows who better.

  9. What to do? Taukeh Cina takut orang Melayu nanti dengan sikap Ketuanan Melayu nak jadi bos pulak.

    Lepas tu panggil taukeh pulak kafir, pemakan Babi, Tokong, Keristian, menghina Bangsa Melayu Dan agama Islam kerana tak sediakan Surau, time sembahyang ber jam-jam.

    Kena kritik sadikit dipanggil diskriminasi Bangsa Dan agama dia Dan terang-terang tak ada motivasi majukan syarikat kerana dikatakan syarikat Cina.

    You nak ambil pekerja macam ni ke?

    1. KAu dah komfirm cina..2 thn kakak aku jadi admin kt cmpny cina,,dah ckup kenal cina y racist mcm mana..bg gaji new chinese staff lg tggi drpd senior malay staff wlaupun taraf pendidikan sama..apa kejadahnya mcm tu..?

    2. Anon 10.40 tak payah cakap banyak , kalau kamu suka ambil pekerja melayu , kamu boleh atur masa sembahyang dengan baik dan boleh kontrol saya pernah buat di kilang saya tak ada , tapi kalau awal -awal dah rasis dengan orang islam memang kamu buat macam x2 alasan , cuba belajar hidup jangan rasis dan tolak ansur. cakap banyak pun tak guna memang tak akan mau faham.

  10. The Chinese says, it is their money, up to them to hire Malays or not.

    When the Malays are asked to buy Chinese last, they are told they are racist.

    But it is their money too to buy Chinese last. Why call the Malays racist?

    Let make a deal. The Chinese don't hire the Malays and the Malays don't buy from Chinese shops. Let see who will suffer most?

    1. If I have money to buy, I dont need to work. Chicken or egg. Work first or money first

    2. Wei anon 20.40 lu cakap apa ni tak habis-habis mau tunjuk lu punya tamak ka , wei lu boleh simpan sendiri la .

  11. So, if the Federal Constitution says Malay and Islam get priorities, don't complain meh, it's the Federal Constitution. If the government say cannot accept UEC, also cannot complain meh, it's their policy. If the government say cannot operate SJKC forever, also cannot complain meh, that was supposed to be temporary measures and it's against the Federal Constitution anyway. And the list go on lah.

    Want to bring up the tax-payer issue? Malays also pay tax one, you think all those lazy kucing kuraps don't pay tax eh? Even racist grandmothers also pay lor. Unlike those who work in the private sector, always say they pay tax more, where got one? They like to under-report their taxes and shunt numbers all over the places, that's why they want some stupid malays to demonstrate against GST lor, afraid cannot lie-lie anymore. They also very slow to adopt the minimum wage, always complain-complain one. What problem, more people earn, more people pay tax lah, where got problem? Not everyone can be Selangor Speaker or Excos, got paid a lot for doing nothing. Water problem also cannot solve, want us to mandi air lombong until GE14 arr?

    1. "Water problem also cannot solve, want us to mandi air lombong until GE14 arr?"

      Mandi sahaja tak apa. The worst case scenario cuma badan dapat penyakit kulit gatal-gatal sahaja. Ini suruh minum air lombong sampai ada kemungkinan boleh dapat penyakit cancer dan mati cepat oi. Gaji besar untuk "bunuh" orang rupanya.

    2. Exactly. Don't you all find it sooooooo funny that Himpunan Hijau, the NGO which tirelessly campaign against the Lynas rare earth plant in Kuantan by saying that it is radioactive and so on forth. When experts say the plant is safe and the mechanisms at work is safe, they claimed such expert reports cannot be trusted la, whitewash la, itu la, ini la.

      And then, when the Selangor Government, which opposed Langat 2 project by saying that Selangor has enough water for years to come, suddenly were caught with their pants down and cannot solve the water problem, decided to pump in air lombong which undoubtedly has heavy metals, we were told to accept the experts' opinion? How come there are many studies which show otherwise? How come they are so stingy with information about the safety of the air lombong? How come several scientists express concern. Oh pandai plak nk ugut saman.

      Best of all, how come Himpunan Hijau is soooooo elegantly silent about the whole issue? Do they know what is heavy metals toxicity? Do they know what heavy metals can do to humans especially children? Why so quiet? Kenapa tak nak pergi tunjuk perasaan as usual or better still threatened to burn the lombongs like they did against the Lynas plant?

      What a bunch of bloody hippocrites!! And don't let me start on what illegal pig farms can do to the environment. Don't trust me, go and ask the Singaporeans.

    3. Langat 2 is treating raw water from dams but the dams are empty unless it is urinated

  12. Saya pertama kali masuk ke blog ini dan tertarik juga dengan isu ini , ada kenyataan bongkak , mengatakan taukey cinabeng ini semua bayar cukai jadi duit mereka mereka suka nak buat apa pun, kerajaan pakai duit rakyat jadi semua kena sama rata, Saya ambil pengalaman berniaga industri perkilangan plastik di penang sejak tahun 1995 sampai 2007. Kenyataan yang diberi tak tepat , boleh dikatakan hampir 90% taukey cina ini kalau masa bayar cukai mesti menipu selalu diaudit untung sikit atau rugi , bukan susah boleh tanya banyak auditor tapi kena songlap sikit kalau tanya buta macam tu tak dapatlah , Syarikat yang betul-betul bantu dana kerajaan adalah GLC seperti petronas, tenaga dan lain;lain mereka ini tulus mereka lah pemberi rezeki utama kepada pembangunan negara nak harap taukey cinabeng ini asyik-asyik untung sikit lepas bila untung sikit kata rugi mampus kerajaan bankrupt kalau nak tunggu duit mereka ini . jadi tak payah bongkak la . Ini kenyataan bukan fitnah tak percaya siasat . Lagi satu bab rasuah bila kena kaki tangan kerajaan bising wow , Tapi banyak orang tak tau sektor swasta lah yang mengamal rasuah 100 kali ganda berbanding sektor awam , Terutamanya dibidang pembeliaan barang bekalan syarikat multinasional kalau senior manager puak mereka habis orang melayu out , ri tak mampu bagi ringgit tiap-tiap bulan. saya ada kawan bukan taukey pun cuma senior manager multinasional bahagian pembelian ini bukan jutawan lagi dah tahap puluhan jutawan , ini bukan fitnah tapi fakta boleh siasat. Si beri rasuah pun semua bangsa mereka jadi nak buat macam mana , saya pernah bergaduh dengan kawan cina mereka bagi tau ini bukan rasuah ini sebahagian dari business Kalau dekat penang ini melayu nak berniaga jenis industri pengeluaran vendor pada multinasional disini boleh mimpi la kecuali jadi alibaba (bukan di negara China) Sebab kulit warna lain dia orang rabun warna . Tapi nak berniaga makan dan buka kilang sos boleh la .Jadi bagi tau dekat kawan annie jangan sombong la boleh jalan da! , Bukan semua cinabeng pandai sangat berniaga ada yang saya kenal pun selalu kena tipu juga , melayu pun ada yang pandai tapi bila main bab kena bagi rasuah dan warna kita tak mampu la , Tak semua taukey cina ini yang tak baik ada tapi sikit jumlahnya , melayu pun bukan semua bodah dan kaki joli ada yang bejaya tapi terpaksa la ditolong oleh kerajaan kalau tidak boleh sesak nafas . Pasal anak melayu susah masuk kerja sektor swasta ini dah jadi kebiasaan orang dah malas nak cerita . kalau boleh pun meraka masuk syarikat GLC dan Konsotium bumiputra , Kalau ada taukey cinabeng ini ambil pun boleh kerja dalam bidang tak kritikal , kerani , Human resorces , kakitangan teknikal tu kira ok dah tu , kalau ikut hati dia orang tak ambil terus . Jadi annie ini la malaysia rakyat berbilang kaum satu kiasu dan tamak haloba , satu lemah lembek (terlalu baik dgn bangsa lain tapi bangsa sendiri macam nak bunuh ) satu lagi tak bolek lawan cakap mesti kalah punya kena goreng . Pada cinabeng yang sakit hati dengan apa saya tulis itu lu punya pasai la , Lu talak kasi makan sama gua , gua pun tarak kerja sama lu , boleh pi mampoi la.

    1. Re. saya ada kawan bukan taukey pun cuma senior manager multinasional bahagian pembelian ini bukan jutawan lagi dah tahap puluhan jutawan , ini bukan fitnah tapi fakta boleh siasat. Si beri rasuah pun semua bangsa mereka jadi nak buat macam mana

      Memang betul mereka makan kiri-kanan; Yang menjual dan membeli sama-sama kongsi komisyen. Ini memang dah jadi darah daging dia orang. Lain kali kalau sesiapa dapat tahu, hantar aje surat layang pada management dan suruh mereka auidit dia orang ni.

      Kalau pegawai bank pulak, mereka biasanya akan dapat komisyen dari towkey-towkey kerana tolong dapatkan pinjaman.

      Re. satu lagi tak bolek lawan cakap mesti kalah punya kena goreng

      ROTFL... itulah asal perkataan Kelingtong @ Klentong.

  13. Rezeki kita di dunia ini ditentukan oleh Allah, bukan oleh towkay cina. Kalau tak dapat kerja dengan kompeni cina, orang melayu akan kebuluran ke? Kalau tak boleh pakai kereta mewah orang melayu hina ke? Kalau tak mampu mimum di coffee house, orang melayu jadi bangsat ke? Aku bangga orang melayu boleh buat kereta Proton. Aku bangga orang melayu boleh buat jambatan Pulau Pinang. Apa orang cina sudah capai, selain dari kaut untung berlebihan, menipu dan rasuah sana sini.

    Semua orang Islam perlu percaya bahawa, kekayaan yang Allah beri adalah untuk kita lebih takwa kepadaNya, bukan untuk memenuhi nafsu.

  14. Cik Annie,

    Di Malaysia peniaga2 cina tak gemar nak mempelawa pekerjaan kpd org Melayu.Lainlah jika perniagaan restoran halal.Towkay cina akan sedaya upaya mencari pekerja2 Melayu.Semuanya demi perniagaan.

    Dan agak ramai peniaga2 (sme) Melayu dah berani meneroka pasaran borong di negara China.Maka agak ramai usahawan Melayu telah berjaya dlm perniagaan import-export barangan buatan China yg murah.Towkay2 China agaknya tak memilih bulu,tiada diskriminasi kaum dan agama.(Ramai org Arab dan Iran berdagang dgn towkay2 China dgn jayanya) Kenapa?Fikirlah sendiri.

    Tetapi lain pula di negara kita.Towkay2 cina akan mengenakan harga berbeza - murah utk pembeli cina dan mahal kpd bukan cina.Ini kenyataan.(Maka sebab tu lebih berbaloi kita membeli di super market - tiada tawar menawar - sebab harga dah ditetapkan.)

    Apapun diskriminasi dlm apa bentuk pun jgn diamalkan.

  15. Cina kalau dungu pun diaorang ambil kerja. Sanggup bagi training lagi. Dah memang terang-terang cina mendiskriminasi org melayu. Najib dlm hal ni tak nak pulak buat transformasi. Transformasi najib nak meramaikan lagi cina dlm petronas. Wht abt meramaikan melayu dlm multinasional companies. In the end cina juga untung both sides. Najib pls take note.

    1. '.......In the end cina juga untung both sides. Najib pls take note....'

      Or OUT YOU GO!

  16. How many of the UKM grads are fluent in English?

    How many of them graduate in the "hard" disciplines - computer science, engineering, accountancy, business administration, maths, science, law and medicine?

    As compared with the "soft disciplines" such as arts, social sciences etc?

    How many of them can compare with grads from foreign universities?

    Why blame private sector employers for picking the best-qualified candidates? Is the government going to bail them out if they fail because of substandard staff?

    I am sure that Malaysian Malay grads from Oxbridge or the Ivy League colleges will be snapped up by the Malaysian private sector. That is, if they decide to return to Malaysia.

    1. Too many unis. BN should have more technicak training centre, building ships. Oil and gas etc. Korea no oil and gas but is no 1. They have overtaken Japan. Malaysia gostan.

    2. Isn't it too many private universities and colleges in our country .... is hard to vet the standards of the instruction and the program curriculums. Like in Singapore the few private unis are of high calibre

  17. Sudah la anon 14.04 ini semua rektorik sampah , dah banyak kali dengar , pendek cerita kenapa lu ingat ambil UKM grads boleh bankrupt syarikat ka , ini semua alasan yang aku tak boleh terima jangan prajudis la. Wow oxbridge , Ivy league , Awat lu ingat CEO petronas , sime darby , Maybank d.l.l yang untung tiap-tiap tahun , bayar cukai paling banyak mai dari universiti macam ni ka , poorah

    1. All GLCs, right? All constrained to follow "affirmative action" policies in hiring staff!

      Who are we kidding here? "Rektorik sampah", my foot!

      Now, you will be claiming that the MNCs HAVE to employ local grads?

      Yah, I can just see the government mandating this to the likes of Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft etc!

      And while we are about it, post the comparative rankings of UKM against other universities in Asia.

    2. Anon 16.15 apa lu cakap ni Apa punya bodoh nak cerita pasal google , IBM ,Facebook ini tu bukan GLC , Mangkok aku cerita pasai jangan prajudis dekat UKM punya grads mereka pun tak semua tak ada kualiti , serupa juga Ivy lge Universiti pun tak kan semua 100% bagus jangan menipu , lepas tu nak cerita pasal rangkings universiti pula ini dah keluar tajuk jangan sombong dgn raking la , sebenarnya kalau mau bagi kerja dah lama boleh bagi kata saja la lu rasis habis cerita tak payah pusing-pusing cerita apa punya biol belajar saja dekat Ivy lge Univ. macam ini budak belajar sekolah kampong lagi faham apa aku cakap.

  18. This phenomena is not new , infect in the 90s it's goes openly ,that when the government ruling 30% Bumi empliyment on all level .
    Alas !, what can the government do more then gave a ruling , somehow they did ,to look compliance for their own benefit too ,to get government assistant and to secure government contract. One's can see numbers of Malay non's executive directors and ordinary employee in those days to make them look's goods.

    The government can't just monitor all the time right ! ,and they come up with all the excuses and hanky-panky not to resort to the ruling but still got government favoring to their businesses by resorting to all dirty tactic which Chinese are good at .

    Advertisement such as ,"only Chinese and Indians are encourage or Manderin speaking @ dialect are common to see.

    Ada Melayu bising ?, Malay are very tolerance and acceptable .

  19. Hello hominy grits. You really is a kampong n stupid chinese. Go to UKM website. 99% graduates of hard diciplines are MALAY lor. You think UKM graduate stupid and cannot speak english? You are really katak bawah tempurong. My first degree was from UKM and i never work in Malay company instead only in Chinese companies. I can survive maa, my bosses loves,me and Quek also respect me because im much better than you all China. You are racist!

    1. Well, your spelling and grammar aren't exactly of "first world" standard, are they?

      But I suppose you can be excused because your emotional rantings are screwing up the purported logic of your views.

      So, you work in a Chinese-owned company (as distinct from a Chinese company)? Well, bully for you! Did your employer pass over equally well-qualified Malaysian Chinese and Indian grads in order to employ you? If they did, then they can't be "racist", can they?

      And your point that 99% of UKM grads in the "hard disciplines(sic)" are Malays is neither here nor there.

      How "employable" are these grads? How many secured jobs immediately after graduating? After 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? How many are still unemployed or are working temporary jobs?

      Surely UKM has all this data readily available, don't they?

    2. No they are not available. Not all vote and some disciplines are not employable. Some have been linked like member of parties or families

    3. hominy grits = cina tongsan rejected from mainland china

      thinks everybody's english is not as good as his,i wonder if he can speak good fluent English (lorry not loly) because the way he writes suggest that:

      1. he is a racist with a deep hatred for the Malays (maybe his parents taught him that or maybe he's an avid reader of the Star newspaper)
      1. the Chinese is superior compared to the Malays

      Ok horrr...thank you arrr...

      (why we accept the Chinese here in Tanah Melayu as citizens is beyond me..we should only be issuing them residence visas only..no voting rights)

    4. Ooh, anon 21:47 - are you a UKM alumnus too?

      And you don't believe in university rankings, is it? Perhaps you think that these are tools of Zionists and colonialists who are bent on suppressing the aspirations of you-know-who?

      Ok, do carry on with your delusional fantasies. That's one less competitor for those of us who have to make a living in the real world, where race and religion are irrelevant.

      Oh, I forgot - Malaysia is an exception, that it is magically immune to globalization and competition. Which is why our public universities are always struggling behind the curve, and crying foul when the private sector chooses to employ graduates from, let's say, better regarded institutions.

      If you believe in the strength of your arguments, you should have no problems in convincing the government to impose mandatory hiring quotas on the Malaysian private sector (both local and foreign companies).

      Let's see where gumption runs up against economic realities!

    5. I think that hominy grits despite his rather confrontational approach to the issue being discussed, expresses his views rather clearly, and i'd venture to say that the ministry of education should not cancel the PPSMI curriculum ie. teach Science and Maths in English, if the Malays and all Malaysians are not going to be handicapped by our command of English under the present circumstances of our global village. The PPSMI may not be readily applicable in certain rural regions of our country, but to disband the entire program would be to set Malaysia back again just when it is about to effectively encounter the global challenge facing us.

    6. hoi Anon 7.35 lu pagi-pagi sudah merepek apa pasal semalam lu boleh tidur ka ,mau fikir apa saya tulis , Lu punya tulis macam lu prajudis la sama UKM , Tak payah tunggu , sekarang pun lu boleh siasat tu CEO Petronas , Maybank , Tenaga Nasional , Celcom KPJ . Ini orang semua mari itu Oxbrige U ka , ini orang semua cinabeng ka , Ligi untung besar hari kasi cukai banyak sama goment tarak tipu punyak ai yo bodoh punya.

    7. Anon 11:09

      Let me spell it out for you in simple language:

      - government
      - mandatory hiring quotas
      - private sector (MNCs and local)

      Let's see you analyze the heck out of the above.

    8. hello hominy grits = china tongsan

      No I am not from UKM but I am a qualified accountant from the UK.

      It seems that your english is not that great despite you trying to fool the malays with some over the top choice of words (gumption anyone?). As the saying goes, you need to learn to walk before you learn to run. Therefore let me correct your grammar first before you waste your time writing long winding sentences that people dont understand.

      'And you don't believe in university rankings, is it?' - grammatically, this sentence is wrong, the correct sentence should read as this - 'And you don't believe in university rankings, do you?'

      So there you go, I have corrected your grammar,the very basic thing in English. Now we all know that Chinese like hominy grits are not that smart or good in English, they just pretend that they are.

      Okay Horrr..Thank you ahhh...

    9. Anon 05:08

      Really? Is that the best that you can come up with?

      I make no apologies for the use of "Malaysian English", on occasion. MaybevI should have written " izzit", instead of "is it", to be more "hip"!

      In any case, I note that you haven't refuted any of the points that I raised in my posts on this thread.

      Why? Are the facts confounding your attempts to find excuses?

      I note that you claim to be "a qualified accountant from the UK".

      Good for you.

      But as they say - there are accountants and there are accountants. In the case of the UK, with Chartered Accountants who used to be at the top of the profession.

      But did you secure your UK slot through open competition or though some form of " sponsorship"?

      Sorry, ah - all these arguments about meritocracy very siong, one.

    10. Oh, yes - one more thing.

      Check out the QS University Rankings: Asia 2014.

      The top 10 universities in Asia are: NUS (Singapore), KAIST, University of Hong Kong, Seoul National University, HKUST, Chinese University of Hong Kong, NTU (Singapore), Peking University, POSTECH (Korea) and University of Tokyo.

      Dang it - these Singaporeans, Honkies, China Chinese, Japs and South Koreans must be doing something right - in the field of higher education, that is.

      What of our Malaysian public universities?

      Well, their rankings are as follows: UM (32), UKM (56),USM (57), UTM (66) and UiTM (ranked among the 201-250 positions).

      So, it wouldn't exactly be rocket science for a Malaysian private sector employer or a MNC operating in Malaysia to recruit grads from, say, NUS or NTU, than from Malaysian universities.

      And isn't it ironic that UM and NUS were siblings back in the day? In fact, many Malaysians would have fond memories of studying at the then University of Malaya in Singapore, which became the University of Singapore.

      So, why aren't the UKM alumni, for instance, raising a stink about where their alma mater is ranked in the Asian pecking order? Or have they given up, because it's all about politics?

    11. Olek Skilgannon29 May 2014 at 16:57

      To paraphrase a saying, a country gets the schools and universities that it deserves.

  20. I hope one day, as a Malaysian, i don't have to worry about my race identity anymore :)

    1. Hello , chandran selagi kita ada macam ini punya keadaan selagi itu akan ada race punya problem , 1. Hapuskan sekolah berlandaskan race jadikan satu sekolah saja . 2 cara politik pun kena ubah kena selagi tak hormati perasaan sesuatu kaum asyik main sedap mulut selagi itu lah akan ada isu. 3. Kena terima satu bentuk budaya bangsa Malaysia supaya boleh dikenali sebagai satu bangsa . tapi saya rasa ini semua mimpi kosong kerana para 1. dan 3 mesti banyak akan bantah termasuk diri anda jadi jangan mimpi la " One day i hope I dont have to worry about my race identity".

    2. Hello Chandran, kalau lu duduk India tempat datuk nenek kalu, lu ingat sana pun lu tak worry about race ka? Hari2 gaduh dgn paki dan bangla. hari-hari gaduh dengan kasta. Lu duduk USA jugak lu ingat lu tak worry about race anymore ha??? Wake up lah! they dont event want to get near you!!!! Mana2 ini dunia duduk kalu semua ada race lah. So lu pun kena tukar nama jadi Tony Chandran, hahaha...

  21. Can't you see oh fellow Malaysians, the prejudices of us adults were being introduced during the 11 years of our primary and secondary school education kept apart in separate vernacular systems? Integrate the National mainstream school curriculum now because it is futile to present all these facile data about the obvious discrimination that naturally built up from not being together while we were growing up, . . . don't you think?

    1. What prejudice? Chinese are bastards behaving like bastards, period!

    2. Good suggestion. Does it be Malay college, alam shah and residential adopt 40% for others

    3. Just look at the rundown condition of many of our Sekolah Kebangsaan in Selangor, its backdated designs and lack of facilities, then can understand why some parents opt for Chinese vernacular schools.

    4. anon 21.58
      You also mean annie' s mother who is s chinese and ridhuan tee behave as what you say and Annie as half Chinese is half way?

  22. May/Annie,

    In reply to your question,
    "Well, stupid Malays, you really think you are on a level playing field?"
    the answer is yes you and the morons who have pounced on this article are stupid because you are not asking the right questions.

    And no it is not a level playing field but not in the way you think it is.

    What is the sample size of the study? Assuming the researchers sent out resumes in proportion to the ethnic make up of the population ie out of 100, 60 were Malay, 30 were Chinese to each company types.
    Therefore in Malay companies, 2 Chinese got a call back while 2.9 Malays got called.
    In Chinese companies, it was 7.2 Chinese and 4 Malays got called.
    Likewise in MNC, it was 6.9 Chinese and no Malays.

    Now lets assume Chinese companies tend to favour Chinese while Malay companies favour Malays and MNCs are neutral.
    However based on their callback practices, it appears all 3 company types (even the Malay companies) are 'racist' in their hiring practices and MNCs are the most 'racist' against Malays.

    The question then is why would MNCs prefer to hire Chinese compared to Malays if they are race neutral? Do they get more economic value in hiring Chinese based on past hiring experience? If not, what is the reason then?

    Instead of asking these questions, all you idiots zeroed in on the Chinese companies that actually did hire Malays rather than the MNCs that didn't hire even one. And you May, what is the point of asking your Chinese friend about hiring practices when he obviously doesn't run a company. You think just because he is Chinese makes him an expert on hiring practices in Chinese companies?

    Definitely won't hire you clowns if I was in charge of hiring in any of these three companies.


  23. Wow reading those comments from vernacular educated Red Beaners really spoiled the beauty of the English Language.

    You can easily indentify the comments written by the beaners as they think and write in mandrin and then did the translation to English.

    No wonder these racists cinabeng Red Beaners can easily be sodomised by Kit Siang with hatred and lies.

    1. Umnoputras can only refute by such answers and vulgar statements. No thinking and reasoning facts. They never provide direct answers and miss the moon by light Years. They prove by themselves

    2. Wei Dapigs kita sudah malas mau jawap sebab lu punya kepala dalam ada batu besar , kita cakap baik lu memang tak la mau dengar punya.

    3. Anon 10.55
      Adoi, malas belajar Dan berkerja?

  24. Wow Annie, your Papa sure is a handsome man if your comparison with Dr. Lee is on target.

  25. Dr. Lee is ten times better looking than Tokong Guan Eng.


    1. Yes his look is better than this study. No cewek interested,?