Wednesday 28 May 2014

Old friends from Johor

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday.

An old Johorean friend called and asked me to join him for lunch.

Unfortunately I am not in KL at the moment.

But it's always nice to get a call from him.

We chit chatted a bit and promised to meet up when I got back to KL

I am always proud that I had "fought" alongside this friend of mine in the defense of Johor during GE13.

We fought very hard to prevent DAP and the gang from taking over the state.

It was the toughest of battles.

Considering the full force of the Chinese tsunami which hit Johor, I believe we did well that BN retained its two third majority in the state assembly.

Bear in mind that Chinese made up about 40 per cent of the Johor population.

The casualties were however high. Five parliamentary and 18 state constituencies. Mostly Chinese majority areas.

Anyway, my friend is a really good man. Sincere, honorable and incorruptible. One of the guys whom I most respected.

After GE13, he left Johor and settled down to a quiet life in KL.

The new leadership in Johor made it clear that he is no longer wanted there.

Stupid arrogant new leadership.

I got several friends who are like this from the good old days of Johor.

Most are no longer with a permanent job and struggling to survive after the new administration took over in Kota Iskandar.

These are good people who worked sincerely for Johor and expect nothing more than their gaji at the end of the month. These are not the corrupted people who abuse their position to get rich.

I know one of them who is still jobless till now after being chased out from her office to make way for the "new people".

These people had fought hard for BN but once that done, they were cast out.

MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin once said that he is a menteri bear for all. Well, Khaled, the way things were, you can't even be the menteri besar of the people who fought for BN.

Khaled, was you aware that your boys sent security personnel to escort out from office that lady who set up the entire Johor's election mapping strategy?

Even PM DS Najib Razak acknowledged that Johor BN's strategy and execution was the best for GE13.

What a waste of talent.

Well, this time, I am not going to write about the excesses and abuses which are ongoing in my home state.

I think I had done that too much already.

For a change, I would love to see those brave Johorean bloggers who went on a crusade about Lim Kang Ho and KPRJ before GE13 to ensure the departure of former MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, write about the current Johor exploits of Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Peter Lim, the Khaled's boys, Irda bosses etc.

That would be indeed nice to read....but I wouldn't count too much on it.

Well, I am going to take a rest from all that for a while.


  1. Dear annie pity to you and your friend, really all this craps never ever want to learn a lesson from what had happened in GE 13 .They still dreaming never want to wake up . Annie I think all this happened because Najib is weak and having alot of idiot around him . Dont worry , let it be...let it be ..let it be.- The Beetles. Bye dear

    1. There the plain truth. Umno for malays? Seri Delima says is nothing more and nothing less?

    2. Anon 20:43
      Umno is for the Malays. Umno is not celaka. The celaka ones are the individuals who use Umno to get what they want for themselves. And of course those who call Umno celaka are themselves celaka.

    3. So Gurney, which one are you, Celaka or Mangkuk Ayun?

    4. Certainly only Malays can be part of it to use others as stepping stones. Once they are in heavens, the stepping stones are no use amyone. Hindraf was once being used and see the similar case. $$£€¥ tells all.

    5. Who is Gurney?

    6. Dey ! tambi anon 20.43 , apa cakap ini , saya melayu bukan ahli umno pun lu sama itu paria cakap kami celaka ka , Apa pasal mulut lu orang tak boleh jaga sikit ka , apa itu celaka lu ingat nama lu punya "nenek mau mampus ka!, Apa lu ingat lu orang kepala dalam ada batu besar boleh tunjuk act ka , cakap baik-baik jangan mau sedap cakap , Memang lu orang paria anak haram jadah , pukimak lu.

  2. "......the current Johor exploits of Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Peter Lim....". What are these "exploits"?

    Why single out these individuals?

    It's not as if Johor has been a paragon of development from the 1960s onwards.

    Did successive state governments in Johor do enough to position the state to make the transition from an agriculture-dominated economy to an economy dominated by services, high-tech manufacturing and IT?

    There are still hundreds (some say thousands) of Johoreans who commute daily across the Causeway to work in Singapore. Not just skilled workers, mind you, but unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

    I have always wondered why Johor state governments have not done, or are not doing, more to reverse this flow of labour to Singapore.

    Is Johor (and the Iskandar region in particular) destined to land up as a "Maquiladora" adjunct to Singapore?

  3. Habis manis sepah dibuang aptly describes your friend's "misfortune".Must be strong to face any problem.It's a pity when one's talent wasn't recognised after "bertungkus lumus".It's a bad politics which led to unkind ending like your friend (Hang Nadim).

    Johor is destined to end like another Singapura dilanggar todak.

  4. Annie says she will take a rest. Better retire and enjoy with your DAP boyfriend.

  5. i am not from johor and i dont know much about johor....but looking at some of your post lately i choose to believe that something terribly wrong is going on in there...hmmm hope the PM *will* (i mean can) do something or maybe a strong leader will step out from somewhere and save johor.

    1. Save Malaysia too not only johor