Friday 2 May 2014

Babies and idiots at Pakatan's anti-GST rally

I was at Dataran Merdeka yesterday.

It happened that I was to attend to some work nearby and since I was already there, I decided to have a look at the Pakatan's anti-GST rally.

The first thing that strikes me about the protesters was that they were almost all Malays  and that the majority were Pas supporters.

Quite a number of them brought their children, including babies.

Crazy women. What are they trying to achieve by bringing along their babies to a potentially violent rally?

Is that your kind of jihad or something?

I casually talked with some of them, and therefore can confirm that this report was true,

Most participants don't know what GST is

So, Info minister Sabery Chik, what the hell are you doing? Can you please do something so that the people can understand the GST better.

It's embarrassing to know that a lot of Malaysians are so dumb that they are protesting against something that they don't really understand.

The almost all Malay protesters were the first to arrive at Dataran Merdeka.

There were not many policemen there. No FRU or water canon there either.

The police retreated to the sidewalk immediately after the protesters arrived in numbers.

So much for the garang Home Minister DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Zahid, did those protesters break the law? Isn't it the police job to stop people from breaking the law?

I think, after yesterday, I rather have DS Hishammuddin Hussein back as the one in charge of security, especially after his good performance in handling the MH370 tragedy.

There was a group of Chinese carrying DAP flags who arrived quite late along with pro-Pakatan NGO members such as Himpunan Hijau and such. Most of the non-Malay protesters were in this group.

They probably only started moving to Dataran after it had been confirmed that police are not going to stop the protest.

I am quite sure that they would not have gone to Dataran if violence broke out between police and the mostly Malay protesters who had arrived earlier.

"Kalau yang nak kena belasah dengan FRU tu biarlah yang Melayu. Kita tengok je dulu," they must had thought.

Anyway, the speeches were the usual Umno bashing type and quite repetitive.

Anwar, for instance, mostly went around bitching about his sodomy conviction. How Umno conspire against him, fixed him up, get the judges to convict him etc.

At one point there was a fistfight and mineral water bottle throwing incident involving a group of protesters affiliated to PKR and Pas Unit Amal members.

You can watch the incident here,

Crazy pricks.

Well, the rest of the protest was rather boring.

When they started to disperse about 4.45pm, I walked a short distance with my colleague who was with me to the nearby Central Market for a drink.

I had air asam boi while my colleague had teh O ais.

After that we took the LRT at the Pasar Seni station and back to our office.

P.S, in case you want to read the Pakatan's version of the rally, you may read it  at the MCA-own DAP supporting newspaper The Star here, Huge turnout as anti-GST rally ends peacefully


  1. It's true what others have been saying about the Malays: they are mostly stupid, lazy and won't take jobs that don't pay a CEO's salary. They'd rather lepak and make noise and receive handouts (kais pagi makan pagi...).

    And the others are using Malays to get these idiots to do the stupid things. Sorry to say, that's going to be the Malays' lot in the future and formost among them will be those ketayap-wearing jantans and the hooded betinas.

    1. By the same token, you should also agree that the Chinese are mostly prostitutes, pimps, and loan shark, that stop at nothing to get their hands on money, while the Indians are mostly gangsters, poor and destitute.

    2. anon 22:30

      please do not condemned the chinese, can you feel how the chinese hd been oppresed for past 60 years, they were marginalised every second in every area.they have 2000 years of civilization so they can never go wrong..they dream about their race to become prime minister, no more monarch and malay in the government and they dream chin peng to be installed as the real bapa kemerdekaan of malaysia..keep on dreaming!!!

    3. Re. they have 2000 years of civilization so they can never go wrong

      Historically they are not decedents of palace courtiers or any dynasty. Their forefathers are coolies and comfort women who were brought here by the British or Japanese. What 2000 years civilization are we talking about here?


      Your sarcasm is understood btw.

    4. @LOL

      I can guarantee you, that most Chinese not from Malaysia or Singapore (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong), don't give a flying crap about Malaysia or Malays.

      Yet you repeatedly bring up things like Nanking and Japanese and talking about mainland China.

      It seems like you forget that when Japan occupied Malaya, they returned Kedah and Kelantan to slavery under the Thai.

      Although the Japanese did not do it to the Malays in Tanah Melayu, in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) they beheaded all of the Malay Sultans (the Sultan of Sambas and his sons were both beheaded by the Japanese), in the Mandor Affair and Pontianak Incident in 1944. They showed no mercy to the Malay elites and royalty of Kalimantan and mass executed them in that incident along with Chinese and other Indonesians.

      Thailand used to be master of Malay Sultanates. Ayutthaya ruled Tanah Melayu before China ordered Thailand to free Melayu and turn it over to Parameswara (Islandar Shah).

      Thailand was the master of Kedah, Kelantan, and Pattani. They all paid tribute to the Thai king and called him their master. It was the British who took Kedah and Kelantan from them in 1909, but the Thai still rule over Malays in Pattani to this day.

      Malays did not fire a single shot of resistance to foreign rule for over 300 years. When the Dutch occupied Malacca, Malays did not resist, when the British came , you willingly became slaves, when the Japanese came, they turned you over as slaves to the Thai and you did not resist again.

      And again, the Japanese chopped off the heads of the Malay Sultans in Kalimantan.

      Whenever foreigners came to China, they were fought against, the Dutch were defeated and driven out of the Pescadores and Taiwan by Chinese, and China actuallty resisted the British and Japanese invasions unlike Malays, the reason they didn't kill you is because you became willing slaves.

      Slavery is really not something to boast about, I don't know why you are so proud of being slaves to Thai, Portuguese, Dutch, British, and Japanese for over 300 years. Oh i Forgot, you are still slaves to Thai in Pattani, make that 400 years.

      And in Indonesia, Malays like Sultan Hamid are viewed as first class traitors for collaborating and serving the Dutch, all the Malay Sultans and Kalimantan have been deposed.

    5. @LOL

      Before talking about Chinese in other countries who have nothing to do with Chinese in Malaysia, why not go to free your Malay brothers in Pattani from getting killed and tortured by Thai? Are you scared after all your keyboard warrior boasting?

      "The Asian Human Rights Commission accused the military of beating and torturing suspected insurgents by burning their genitals with cigarettes, smashing beer bottles over their knees, and chaining them to dogs. Such abuses were alleged to have occurred in October 2006, after the military seized power.[229]

      In December 2006, a group of 20 Muslims, 9 men and 11 women aged between 2 and 55, sought political asylum in Malaysia. They claimed that the post-coup regime was more aggressive against civilians and that they were continuously harassed by the Army. The Army admitted that the group sought refuge in Malaysia out of fear for their lives - but that the threat was from forces.[230]

      A group of Muslims from Narathiwat that fled to Malaysia in March 2007 claimed that they were escaping intimidation and brutality by the military. The group complained that they have been beaten and that their sons have been missing or detained since 2005. It also claimed that some youths had died after they were poisoned during detention.[231]

  2. Bring toddlers and babies to the rally? I mean what there were thinking? Those guys are not fit to become parents! What's up with putting their young ones in danger like that. What if things got heated up and turned insanely ugly? The crowds could get rowdy and it could be stampedes down there. They didn't even have time to run for safety with their kids came in droves. If you come to protest, just travel light folks. What if someone got injured and killed? you'll scream Kerajaan Umno zalim! Diktator! Holy sh#%, the whole thing is so annoying..

  3. Dont be ignorant, let us put ourselves in their shoes. Those babies and toddlers will act as perfect human shields you know. Police an FRU for sure dont have the heart to bash adults with babies in front. See how thoughtful Malaysian parents nowadays esp from PR sides..:)

    1. They are paid per pax. It is a known fact. Thus everybody in the family counts.

  4. Annie,

    By not stopping the protestors from marching, the police actually came out looking good and by brawling amongst themselves, the protestors look bad. The police must have learned something from Sun Tsu's Art of War.

    Anyway, it's clear to me that this anti-GST May Day rally by this bunch has nothing to do with the plight of workers, the urban lower income group, rural smallholders, petty traders, etc., but everything to do with opposition to win power and NGO agenda to achieve whatever.

    I oppose the GST but I don't support this NGO-fest in Dataran Merdeka because that's what it is - an NGO-fest.

    If they genuinely wanted to celebrate May Day in solidarity with workers, they would have joined the MTUC May Day and anti-GST rally in Dataran Petaling Jaya that morning and not done their own thing separate from the unionised workers.

  5. RBA RBA...No comment ka? So busy clapping their at these stupid Malay I suppose.
    Nak nangis pun dah tak ada air mata...Seriously I do not know what to say anymore....

    1. To the Blue Wave Army above, kalau tiada airmata baik pergi ke dapur potong bawang siki, janji ada airmata. Walaupun crocodile tears macam Mamaktahi Mahathir pun tak apalah.

    2. Anak Malaysia2 May 2014 at 21:29

      Anon 15:25,

      You merayu-rayu and suddenly muncul sekor betina RBA - Anon 18:45.

    3. anon 18:45 aka red bean street bitch

      itu lim guan eng babi sama lim kit siang tua kutuk nak mampus bila dia nangis memang nampak real lah serupa macam lu punya emak nangis lorr... pigi titon la lu...

  6. Kiar ok lah. No tarian bontot or cow head stepping, wo. No keris waving also.

    1. anon 16:44

      no keris waving lahh.. just stabbed straight to your heart once you got ball enough to show your fucking face!!! about the tarian bontot anwar ibrahim can do much better for free..bring along your mother

  7. All the information on GST is available via internet.Refer to a relevant govt website.Jgn salahkan Dtk Sabri Cheek.Tanya diri kitalah.Tak nak seribu alasan.Mereka yg dungu saja tak cari info.Himpunan tersebut cuma alasan nak buat demo saja.Raja liwat pun ambil kesempatan bantai kerajaan.Itu saja.

    Kesian dgn anak2 kecil tu.Berpanas.Bau badan pendemo tak terkiralah.Muntah.

    1. Betul jugak cakap asek2 semua nak kena suapkan. Kalo compare antara gomen and PR, lg banyak video tentang GST from gomen side available in youtube. Come on la.. cakap mo jadi mcm singapore, so GST implementation is one of them.

    2. The website referred to is:-

      Study it and judge for yourself how it will impact especially upon lower income earners.

    3. Give them all the links also no use laa.. When online they only go to tukartiub milosuam itu macam ini macam... Mana boleh pandai..sampai bila2 Melayu kena bodoh...yang pakai hijab bawa anak tu...kesian laki or bapak2 kau yg pakai kopia tu..mampus nanti baru la diarang tau...

  8. Menghabihkan boreh ajo

  9. Anak Malaysia2 May 2014 at 21:36

    PAS supporters have no brains. The women kemain lagi pakai tudung yang labuh dan yang singkat tapi bercampur gaul dengan lelaki berketayap yang bukan muhrim. Tidak berkecuali, kanak-kanak perempuan telah ditudungkan dan yang lelaki pula telah diketayapkan. Jelas sekali bagi mereka Islam hanya terletak para zahir (luaran) sahaja. Buat malu orang Melayu saja!

  10. Tanya mat sabu pasal mazhab islam pas, atas tutup tapi bawah boleh jilat........lepas tu murshit pas boleh ampunkan.....

    1. Mustafa Ali telah melakukan zina tetapi video tak boleh jadi bukti kerana besi! Di bawah hukum Hudud PAS, 4 orang lelaki mesti menjadi sakti. Jadi orang PAS lah yang akan menjadi pengintip?

    2. Read here for better understanding of HUDUD.

      Salah Faham Tentang Hudud

      Credit ;

    3. Mengintip pun tak boleh lah!

    WHAT TO DO ..