Saturday 10 May 2014

Tired and bitching about Johor again

Just reached home from office.

It's been another busy day.

I'm too tired to write anything heavy tonight.

In fact, I have been tired most of the days of late. Lots of work in the office.

Last month, I only did 19 postings, the lowest since I started this blog.

Normally, I try to discipline myself and do a posting per day.

The dull political scene nowadays was of not much help either.

All the issues are repeats of pre-GE13.

There's the Pakatan side flogging on their now stale anti-Umno mantra to keep the momentum going, hopefully until GE14.

How much the people can still swallow their bullshit was beyond my calculations.

Then on the Umno and BN side, it's the same old case of bastards running around doing their shit of damaging the party to further their personal vested interests.

Just look at the rampant abuses and excesses in Johor and you will know how Selangor became the Pakatan stronghold now.

After a while, the people will realize that the state is being plundered by the very people they supported and they too will get fed up and later on choose to go with the Pakatan side even though it's not much of an alternative.

Honestly, I am fed up too, every time I think of what are happening now in my home state Johor.

Khaled, can you please tell your boys to take out their hands out of the cookie jar. They are getting too blatant okay.

Anyway, why the hell do you need 18 special officers for? All paid with five figures salaries some more. Still not enough is it, that they need to raid the cookie jar?

They cannot even do a decent job, okay.

What? You said I am lying?

You want me to write here in detail what most of them are doing in Irda, KPRJ and the other GLCs?

How I wish Datuk Najib as your co-chairman of Irda could check what were happening in that organization. Send in an independent audit team or something.

Or you want me to write here how you have to rely on ex-members of Datuk Ghani's team to manage that persempadanan semula thing because all your people and special officers only know how to order people around but don't know how to do their work?

Lucky for you that Datuk Ahmad Zahari was willing to reassemble his team to help you.

Eh, this is very tiresome lah.

I think I better listen to a nice song instead,

In case you don't understand Italian, it's about his heart being burned to a cinder...just like my heart.


  1. Where is the long-awaited Sungei Segget cleanup? Waiting for a "directed" or "negotiated" award?

    What about the cleaning up of the polluted Straits of Johor, from the Causeway to Danga Bay?

    What about the pollution and environmental damage caused by the massive reclamation works in the Straits, from the Sultanah Aminah General Hospital to the site of the former Marine Police Base before Lido Beach and Danga Bay?

    What about the revitalization of downtown Johor Bahru and making it more pedestrian- and public transport-friendly?

    The list goes on....

    And long-suffering Johoreans and JB residents have no choice but to suck it up, because everything is framed as a racial and religious issue today.

    If it weren't for Singapore money and investments coming into Johor, or for Johoreans and JB residents working in Singapore and bringing their Sing Dollars back home, the Johor economy would be in a more parlous state.

    1. What about our petro dollar from petronas?

  2. Allah help johor frm Ahmad Zahari.Amiin.


    1. Org Muar memang selalu jeles kat org Batu Pahat sebab org Batu Pahat hensem hensem belaka.

    2. Khalid ok. Situasi normal under control .

    3. dari Tun Abdul Hamid; Mantan Ketua Hakim Malaysia:

      "Pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO juga patut sedar diri. Sebenarnya UMNO sebagai sebuah parti Melayu berada di atas landasan yang betul. Yang dipersoalkan ialah pemimpin-pemimpinnya. Mereka, isteri dan anak-anak mereka dilihat sebagi hidup mewah di luar kemampuan mereka yang membangkitkan isu rasuah. Saya dapati, politik wang dan tertutupnya pintu untuk “orang baru” memasuki dan memenangi apa-apa jawatan dalam hierarchy UMNO adalah faktor utama mengapa kalangan professional tidak menyertai UMNO. Mereka lebih mendapat tempat dalam PAS. Jika hal ini berterusan UMNO akan ketandusan pemimpin. Hal ini telah pun dirasai hari ini."

    4. Aku setuju. Depa memang mewah. Isteri pak-pak menteri rembat jet kerajaan pergi berfoya-foya di UAE. Kononnya untuk tugasan rasmi. Betul la tugasan rasmi, yang rasminya 2 jam, lagi 21 jam buat apa?
      Ya memang seronok. Orang putih kata 'living a life on the fast lane'.Hidup dalam dunia khayalan penuh dengan kemewahan. These people live in the bubble. they don't know how hard real life is. living a life shut out from real world which is wick and brutal. They hardly understand what life in its purest sense supposed to mean for people like us. Sigh..

  3. Once cross the causeway from sinkapore, tourists wil see the jungle boys and sheen khan tigers

  4. Najib Taking Action?
    Madam Dreammm Onnn!!

  5. Eh, this is very tiresome lah ..... just like my heart

    Ladies Playing a Haunting Nambu Cow Herding Song

  6. Annie Clearly Loves Johor.

    Here's another demonstration of love - in Hong Kong:

    Expat woman stabs 5-metre python with pocket knife to save her dog's life in Hong Kong's Sai Kung West Country Park.

    Courtney Link said at first they thought Dexter had encountered a wild boar. But when they ran ahead they found the dog was in the deadly grip of the python, which appeared to be about five metres long and was coiled around the dog's body, neck and head.

    "I immediately began to pummel the snake with my fists, but to no avail," said Link, a British expatriate who lives in Sai Kung. Her husband remembered he had packed his pocket knife and pulled it from his backpack.

    Link said: "Dexter was starting to weaken and he eventually stopped struggling altogether. At that point we really thought we had lost him. So when I suddenly saw the snake's head, I just started stabbing furiously."

    It was enough to make the snake loosen its grip and it slowly slithered away, leaving the dog stunned and injured, but alive.

    Link, who runs a pet-sitting service, used her training in responding to canine emergencies to administer help to Dexter.

    She said: "Apart from some nasty bite wounds to his chest and legs, Dexter has made a complete recovery and he is back to his exuberant and hyper self".

  7. Annie..,
    You want Najib to help Johor? Aiya.. this fella also depends on his con-sultans. Nanti jadi seperti tikus membaiki labu la Annie.

  8. Ha ha Johor Bahru sampai Gelang patah ke Pasir Gudang shall be part of Singapore, dream annie, keep dreaming of your so call UMNO pejuang bangsa. This is what dol Ghani and all UMNO want. Khazanah is working hard sanggup kena sodok belakang Temasik untuk jadi multi billion dollar real estate play.

    It will be a matter of time PAP shall open their office in JB. Oh yes, that why Lim Kit Siang prepare for his place in Gelang Patah.

    He want to be the first minister of JB region

    How did this happen, well the history of Palestine is the story. Just like kaum Yahudi beli tanah Palestine, bukan jajah palestine.

    You join them or jangan belagak sebagai pejuang bangsa