Wednesday 14 May 2014

Datuk Najib, now Terengganu settled, next should be Johor

So, it turned out that former Terengganu MB D Ahmad Said was just throwing a bit of tantrum.

Ahmad and gang today retracted their resignation letter from Umno.

They made their point though, that the Terengganu BN government is currently very fragile.

It's without doubt that Ahmad could not continue as MB if BN is to survive in Terengganu beyond the next general election.

Terengganu Umno was too fractured under his leadership.

But the manner of asking him to let go off his post could have been better.

Nonetheless, at the end of it, PM DS Najib Razak did what he had to do while Ahmad, though he made himself such a nuisance, managed to salvage some dignity.

Well, never mind. At least it ended nicely.

The new Ahmad Razif guy at the helm now need to go all out to unite the Umno factions in Terengganu.

Of course he also need to be a good MB.

Okay, since Najib had shown his will to change things in Terengganu, he needs now to proceed to correct other wrongs so that BN could be strengthen elsewhere.

For that, I would very much recommend him to make a move in Johor.

Please Datuk Najib, please stop the nonsense currently going on down there.

You had proven yourself capable of being brave for Terengganu. I am sure you can do the same for Johor.

I am sure support for BN in my home state could be restored to what it used to be if Najib could clean up Kota Iskandar from the crooks and empowers MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin so that he can stand up and not be too cowed by others.

Really, Khaled is currently spineless when dealing with certain people.

Only Datuk Najib can give him the support so that he can be a true MB instead of being a mere budak suruhan.

Really, I am not asking for Datuk Najib to remove Khaled. I just want Datuk Najib to back him up so that he is not being bullied anymore.

Of course, Khaled needs to stop the nonsense by his boys too la.

Okay, that's all my message for tonight.

Actually, I am not feeling well since yesterday.

Bad period.

Need to sleep early.

Good night.

Er, here is a bit of nice Johor music,


  1. Change the Pahang MB first! please PM..

  2. It was not Najib who solved Terengganu's problem. It was his deputy.

    1. Yup, TPM went down to Terengganu bawa rotan

    2. Bawa rotan atau rm

  3. I don't understand why you tenaciously pursuit this Annie. There's a lot of something else you could write. The stake is high. What if the guys down there loose patient with you and crack, You don't want SB officers banging on your door at 3.a.m. in the morning and taking you away.

  4. Easiest way to deal with Johor problems - give it to Singapore - two main benefits - 1. no more Johor problem for Malaysia and 2. Gives all the headaches to Singapore.

    1. Give to Singapore win-win for all. Like umno give away singapore, less headache, Singapore bigger is bigger then rm. Singapore happy to have more land.