Sunday 11 May 2014

Don't want ISA, shoot them dead.

Today I saw in the newspaper that PM DS Najib Razak said the government will not bring back the repealed Internal Security Act.

I didn't read the whole story.

Just read the headline as I stood at the newsstand of a 7-Eleven shop. I am on the road and got no time to read newspapers properly. Not even on the internet.

Personally, I think Najib is doing the right thing.

I never like ISA as I have never been comfortable with the concept of detention without trial.

It's just not right.

I know, in the US they got the Patriot Act while other countries also have such preventive laws. But, why must we be like them?

We are better than them.

Singapore still have the ISA, but I don't think Singapore should be the right benchmark for us all.

In fact, we have always been more democratic then them.

I know, some of my friends want the ISA back, but I disagree.

We must move ahead and improve ourselves instead of wanting to rely on an instrument of power from the past to safeguard our security.

Enforcement of laws needed to be tighten and that should be the priority instead of reviving the ISA.

What? How to stop all those terrorists?

Errr....just shoot them all la. How about that?

I am sure we can set-up an execution squad to do the job.

Why bother to catch them and all that? Troublesome only leh. Pakatan people always complain about ISA anyway. It has become their "modal politik".

So, we just shoot them, okay or not?

Well, once they were dead, they are no longer threats to the country, isn't it?

What? How to stop those who instigate racial disharmony such as by lying that certain ethnic groups were being treated as second class citizens and such, just to win their votes?

Nope, you don't revive the ISA for that. That's an archaic draconian law. Isn't that what they said?

Hmmm...should we....or should we not just shoot them too.....hmmm.

Well, I'm leaving it at that.

You all think about it.


  1. Exact Anti-Thesis of Syed Akbar Ali found in internet!

  2. when knives give way to gunfights the innocent people are the losers

  3. There is SOSMA to replace ISA. The authorities already used SOSMA to arrest several suspected terrorists such as Yazid Sufaat and the Somali guy.
    As for those inciting hatred, we have Sedition Act and other laws to deal with that.

  4. It's a question of want you want or maybe what you don't want? Is it more preferable to face an increased risk of crime and disorder or to have someone looking over your shoulder the whole time and the risk of facing unfair punishment from the state? Annie paints a simple picture - a bit more freedom versus the risk of being killed by a terrorist. Okay, that's easy to weigh up. What about a bit less freedom and the risk that the state kills you by accident? But we should trust the state, right? All good people with our best interests at heart? And they only use their powers against the "bad guys", right? If we give up the power of the ISA, then we must give the resources needed for the law enforcement agencies to do their job. The same agencies must consistently strive to be better. Also, terrorism is changing - its not just about home-grown threats, its about cross border complex organisations and we need to work with international law enforcement to combat the threat. Not just when the guy has the gun/bomb, but able targeting of those that justify their beliefs, that promote hate, that finance them, that recruit the vulnerable, that arm them, that shelter and succor them. Its not as easy and one dimensional as a single law in a single country. Think about it.

  5. Annie cuma sindir pm kan

  6. Why only Ahmad Said who had to step down as MB... Najib too should resign as PM.

    1. Anon 21:12

      I agree .. as long lim guan eng did the same!!!

    2. Karpal Singh has resigned. No one from bn?

    3. Anon 20:20

      Karpal resigned bcos he knows that he wont stay any longer...kabish!

  7. Blame Mamakutty for the abuse otherwise it is a good Act for the country.

    All those abuses made the ISA so obsene to even think of defending the Act.

    Want to name all those victims of ISA?.

    1. Anon23:31

      Blame mamakutty? calling mahathir mamak is not racist?!!..when malay defending their rights its racist!!

      Well..just blame your mother bcos births you on this country.. low life!!!

  8. Someone posted in my FB and I am sure whether it is genuine stating that 'DAP will help Malaysian Chinese to migrate to western countries which is better than POOR MALAYSIA should BN win GE14".

    Alhamdulillah, pucuk dicita ulam memdatang. I will personally volunteer to help them fill in the form and tear off their passport if this is true.

    1. That's would be wise things to do , they can set their vernacular education elsewhere .

    2. Lol supported his relatives 6 years in sjk cina.

    3. Only anti government and traitors will tear and deface malaysian government's property

    4. LOL 23:43

      not only that..even im willing to packs their bag and shuttle them to the airport for gift included if they can packs within 30 minutes!