Sunday 4 May 2014

Jihad cosplay and other Sunday thoughts

It's another Sunday. A rest day.

The weather where I am now is beautiful.

The sky is blue with clumps of huge cloud floating about.

I am sitting with this laptop on a bench at the edge of a neat little garden.

The birds which set up their nest at the ledges underneath the house ceiling were chirping away. Probably their eggs had hatched last night.

I am feeling restful.

Except for the slight pain in my chest, the rest of me is all right.

Okay, my knees can't bend properly and I am overweight, but still I am feeling good today.

There's so much to be grateful in this life.

As for excitement, I think I have enough of those.

I always wonder why so many people find it so hard to appreciate what they have and always asking for more.

I believe all those complaining people have what I have, those fine pleasure to pause and see the beauty of the world around us.

We ate the same food, more or less living the same standard of life, have the same amount of excitement....yet they want more and more.

Well, I guess everything is never enough for some people.

And when they don't get what they want, they have to blame it on someone else.

Never mind that their capabilities were limited, and the fact that what they want were not meant to be theirs.

Some have love, but want it to come from others who are more "capable".

Forsake the love they already have to chase after what they believe they deserved and end up with nothing.

In the end...blame others for their stupidity and miserable life of their own making.

These people would forever be seeking an outlet from their pitiful existence.

The Chinese among them will work themselves to the bones and with whatever money they have spend it on pleasurable activities such as gambling in Genting or  having an overseas holiday.

The Malays among them, however, always find the "work themselves to the bones" part not so appealing. So they went for a more relaxed way of seeking an outlet from their miserable life.

They dream of paradise.

Yes, it's true, the guys among them dream of virgin houris in paradise among other things. I am not sure what the women going to get out of it, but they were equally devoted in wanting to go to paradise.

Well, can't blame them. Heck, I also want to go to paradise. It's nice, okay. Rivers of milk, honey and wine among other things.

The problem however with these people was that they want everything easy including when it comes to finding their way to paradise in the afterlife.

For example, they don't want to be a good Muslim scientist to improve the knowledge of the Muslims or be a good Muslim businessman to improve the wealth of the community so that Islam could be more respected.

Those were all good deeds which Allah promises paradise in return , but they are not very interested. Those were too much hard work for them.

They want the easiest short cut way to paradise.

They joined Pas.

Yup, they believe that by joining Pas they can go to paradise in the afterlife.

The men among them believe that by supporting things such as the Pas' version of hudud, they can get virgin houris in paradise.

To add excitement to it they occasionally have Jihad cosplay sessions on the streets of KL: pretend to be Islamic fighters battling the evil Jews in the Middle East, while calling for the end of evil Barisan Nasional rule which policies had enabled their Malay community to raise above the poverty line all that many years ago.

Quite exciting, I guess. Never mind the hot and humid weather and that middle eastern clothing's.

Look, I think the occasional Chinese girls at these protests have better fun okay. And they don't sweat too much due to their more infidel outfit.

And I bet the guys, including those from Pas were tempted...a bit at least.

But, nonetheless, these days it's not so much fun anymore.

The police are not even bothered to do anything to stop them.

No more tear gas, water canons, charging FRU, etc.

It's just gather around, shouting slogans, takbir here and there and that's about it.

Really, people are tired of it all.

I suggest they really go to the Middle East and fight the Jews there for an exciting exit to paradise.

Anyway, it's so lame la fighting jihad so that the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and Mat Sabu can rule Malaysia from Putrajaya.


  1. Sekiranya Hudud mahu dilabelkan sebagai agenda golongan ekstrimis Islam, maka apakah semua orang yang bernikah kahwin mengikut syariat dan bersolat jamaah juga perlu dilabelkan sebagai ekstrimis Islam? Maka, siapa lagi sebenarnya di kalangan umat Islam yang bukan ekstrimis melainkan kesemua muslim yang baik akan digelar ekstrimis Islam belaka.

    1. Siapa itu yang melabelkan hukum hudud sebagai tindakan ekstrimis? Lagipun adakah pernikahan dan solat berjemaah itu merupakan hukum balas seksa yang bertumpah darah?

    2. ANON 10:32 above has cut and paste a section from an article that I posted about 'Salah Faham Tentang Hudud" without giving credit to the source.

      My apology if I am wrong, I believe he had done the same in Helen's blog.

  2. Hi Annie, please do not turn your back on Johor. The plundering has not stopped. Feudalism reigns wide throughout the state. Aren't we suppose to be a state where the rakyat rules, represented by the Menteri Besar. Let us campaign for a change in the constitution of the state, as we did in the matter of the "immunity" issue.

  3. Annie,
    Why do you think now the Police just ignore these morons?One of the good reasons that I can think of is that they bloody well knows the these morons are hangatx taik ayam type.Apart from being paid and small time excitement seekers,they had no real cause to demonstrate.They are miles apart compare them with those in Egypt or the red or yellow shirted Thais.The PDRM learned fast from past experience.So the end of result of 1st May the other day was a real waste of time and naturally it was again hijacked by Anuar and gangs and this sparked angers to those who really came to protest GST.End result they fought each others and what a shame...LOL

  4. tebing tinggi4 May 2014 at 13:07

    In the animal kingdom they demonstrate in number to show their strength , in human world demonstration in number are considered strength too .
    What the difference between human and animal when both resort to the same tactic ,didn't human are born with brain with reasonable intelligence ,but if they resist to used their intelligence ,what difference are they.

    Sadly to see Malay didn't used their intelligence and had been an easy target of influence .

  5. ' They want the easiest short cut way to paradise.They joined Pas '

    Annie, he..he...right on their ' lubang buntut '. Tembak tepat ! RBA too...seeking for easy money... hantam apa saja, fitnah apa saja. RBA also includes PR's macais cum bloggers

    Those ungrateful, semua ada penyakit. Penyakit hati.

    1. Yup, they believe that by joining Pas they can go to paradise in the afterlife.

      The PAS guys are Salafi Islamists in the majority. They have transformed the Prophet's message of soul salvation into the party's political rally for Putrajaya. Many among them have an aversion for spiritual chanting like this below:

  6. Yes, grateful is the word.How we wish everyone is grateful for what one has.No need to complain over "lack of this and that".I think we're much better than those in Mynmar who even have no pillow to sleep on.And those who don't have no clean water or their taps run dry.Yes,we should be grateful to our govt for this beautiful country.

    I recommend "" for Annie.

  7. What's the pain in the knee due to Annie?
    Try this exercise:

    but the weight loss comes from simple determination and regular sporting activities is it not? hehehehe

  8. "We ate the same food, more or less living the same standard of life, have the same amount of excitement....yet they want more and more. Well, I guess everything is never enough for some people."

    Poverty, Prosperity, and Contentment:

  9. Many of the PAS dudes and gals are rape victim blamers. Imagine if PAS version of Islamic law is implemented.

    Harakah Daily used to often advertise "UBAT KUAT". There is nothing in their brains other than "Sex, sex, sex"

    Why can't these people just live their lives peacefully? Why do they want extremism? Why do they want to see women covered up like lepat pisang? To avoid rape? Kepala otak kau lah oiii. Just go to the link I posted here. Aceh girl got gang raped. Aren't Aceh women covered? Isn't the "covering up" introduced to avoid rape?