Thursday 29 May 2014

Pakatan's lack of sensitivity

Just got a call from a journalist friend who is in Teluk Intan.

Apparently, the passing of Sultan of Perak, Al-marhum Sultan Azlan Shah on Wednesday had not affected the Pakatan's campaign for the by-election there.

My friend who was staying at a hotel in the town centre could hear from his room their ceramah tonight which was held at an open space about 150 meters away.

"They are very loud. Complete with the blowing of vuvuzela," he said.

Actually, the ceramah was so loud that I could even identified the speaker who was on the stage as I was talking to my friend over the phone.

It was 11.40pm and the speaker was DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang.

Kit Siang was ranting away as usual, primarily against the Umno leadership.

My friend said he was quite disturbed by the lack of respect shown by the Pakatan leaders and their followers.

"It's the State's mourning period. They shouldn't be doing this," said my friend, his voice quivering with exasperation.

"I think they should give it a rest for at least just tonight. After all Almarhum (Sultan Azlan Shah) had just been laid to rest earlier in the day," he added.

I asked why he didn't go and cover the ceramah.

"No point. It's the same lambasting the government session as usual. Furthermore, I am quite disgusted that they don't even have the decency to show respect by observing the mourning for the passing of the late Ruler," he said.

I believe, these Pakatan people think their mission to gain political power in this country is bigger than anything else.

They don't seem to care about decency or decorum.

They probably even think that the passing of Sultan Azlan Shah is of no consequence as the late Ruler was the one who in 2008 invited the current BN state leadership, as according to the law, to form the State government after the Pakatan's one collapsed due to lack of support in the state assembly.

Whatever it is, I believe the Pakatan gang were really desperate to win this Teluk Intan by-election that they decided to ignore the mourning for the passing of the good Sultan.


  1. The attitude that they dont deserve to be

    Real tongsan !

    1. Never came to know that Chinese had any sense of respect ,to the Sultan ,or any Malay leaders . They only show respect if they can gain something out of that ,they even willing bows at the Malay .

      Chinese still think they are "pendatang" that just rooted hear in Malaysia ,that why they still want to keep their vernacular education, and everything that Chinese but not Malaysian which they regards,everything are inferior to them.

      They behave like one ,they talk like one ,but isn't that disgusting, when they wants equal right on everything that is Malaysian.

  2. "I believe, these Pakatan people think their mission to gain political power in this country is bigger than anything else. They don't seem to care about decency or decorum."

    Meditations for Kit Siang before his meeting with eternity:

    Death and the Eternal . . . .

  3. Wow! What a cheap shot la Annie...

    Dyana Sofya took time out from campaigning to pay her last respect to late Sultan Azlan funeral yesterday as a Perak-born daughter of the state.
    While Mah Siew Keong was nowhere to be seen at the funeral the whole day.
    Later Mah was found out doing hamper politicking in Teluk Intan town in the morning and then went lepaking with his party workers at a local PDM. Aiyoyo!
    Takkan cannot even spare some time to pay respect to the late Sultan...
    Ish ish ish, what kind of veteran is this?

    Dyana was solemn at the Sultan Azlan funeral while Mah was laughing spending time with party workers. Tell that to grieving UMNO supporters in Teluk Intan, which candidate prioritize the late Sultan and which candidate prioritize himself...
    So sad la.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Mourning for show then at night blow vuvuzela, party time!!!

    2. Re. Wow! What a cheap shot la Annie.

      This is Pakatan at their best "decorum" paying their last respect:

      Re. Dyana was solemn at the Sultan Azlan funeral while Mah was laughing spending time with party workers.

      Annie can you print the above picture so that everybody can see what kind of people are they.


      Re, While Mah Siew Keong was nowhere to be seen at the funeral the whole day.

      Quote "The Barisan Nasional campaign machinery is similarly gearing up in this final leg of campaigning, after its candidate Datuk Mah Siew Keong attended the funeral of the late Sultan Azlan in Kuala Kangsar. " Unquote


      I guess as usual her Non-Brahmin Uncle from Bukit Aman must have been feeding her with Oh! so Reliable News and Berita Terkini. ROTFL

    3. You not respect for umno president. He flew back from china? Why he went to China you dislike no much?

    4. Re. Why he went to China you dislike no much?

      We dislike the Chinese Prostitutes and all the related vices associated with the Chinese. There are more two prostitution and vices in this world where one can make money. There are legal and clean business that can be made and that is why our PM is there. Plus there are also Muslim in China and he also went to visit the 1200 years old Mosque there.

      Our PM/UMNO President is a very patience and humble guy, if he were to be like "moi", you and your ilks would have been long gone just like the Chinese in Indonesia (at least few thousands of them) before.

    5. LOL,

      We have been printing your anti-Indian comments to show that Indian voters in Teluk Intan the type of people UMNO/ISMA thinks of them. We specifically ask them to read all your previous comments and get their kids to online to print-out for their other Indian neighbours too...
      The local MIC cawangan2 fellas were quiet when we showed them your anti-Indian masterpieces. All they can say is typical low-class UMNO/ISMA idiots sabotaging their own BN campaign.

      Since you probably didn't do research that most of them are working-class Indian voters, so your particular insults are just the kind of materials we need!
      Thanks. Haha...

      Is Mah Siew Keong in Kuala Kangsar for the funeral?
      His own FB pages have photos of him in town during the funeral period.
      RTM, TV3, Utusan, Berita Harian, Star, Sinar Harian, Sin Chew also never mentioned anything about Mah paying his last respect to late Sultan Azlan.
      And you have to rely on BN cybertrooper website Chronicles to spin the lies for you.
      Come on LOL... Betul engkau ni school boy standard la.
      Why Media Prima, Karangkraf, RTM tak laku anymore to spin your cheap lies?

      ~ Kluang girl

    6. LOL is a racist. Will die as a racist and his body filled with maggots.

    7. Kluang Girl. If you are not there, don't talk lah. Don't bullshit around.

    8. Kluang Minaci

      Re. We have been printing your anti-Indian comments to show that Indian voters in Teluk Intan the type of people UMNO/ISMA thinks of them.

      Send my regards to them and ask them whether what I have written is a fabrication or a historical factual. And not to forget about the Indian being blatantly discriminated in DAP CEC debacle. Nobody wants them to be frank not even the Brahmin in Mother India and Sri Lanka.

      Re. The local MIC cawangan2 fellas were quiet when we showed them your anti-Indian masterpieces

      They are quiet because there is nothing to dispute about my comment. The truth hurts, I know....

      Re. All they can say is typical low-class UMNO/ISMA idiots sabotaging their own BN campaign.

      1. Low Class? Speak for yourself a descendent of No Class People @ Non-Brahmin

      2. Sabotaging? When was the last time the Indian as a community have come out in the open in support of BN? All that we hear are notorious and blatant insult from them about the government.

      Re. Come on LOL... Betul engkau ni school boy standard la.

      ROTFL ....and for you to throw the first salvo at Annie without any concrete proof is a GENIUS ACT to begin with? Try better next time.

      Re. Why Media Prima, Karangkraf, RTM tak laku anymore to spin your cheap lies?

      PETALING JAYA: Despite a challenging year, Media Prima Bhd remained resilient to register a net profit of RM214.2 million for its financial year ended December 31, 2013. The growth in profit was driven by the group's strong and complete media offering across all media platforms which reach an audience of more than 25 million people.
      Media Prima also saw revenue climbed RM25.1 million to RM2.04 billion compared with RM2.01 billion a year ago, riding on the group's robust radio networks, outdoor media, television networks and digital media.

      Read more: Media Prima remains robust in 2013 - Latest - New Straits Times

      RTM are free TV channel. What is there to be "laku or tak laku " ?

      Watch here for Karangkraf.

      Quote "What started with just one title when it ventured into the publishing industry over 30 years ago Karangkraf now has over 25 publications under its roof. And with more than a 60 per cent domination of the magazine sector the company is reaching out to some 7 million readers nationwide each month." Unquote


      KLUANG MINACI please read more before you want to debate with me next time.

    9. Re. LOL is a racist. Will die as a racist

      Glad you have finally got that into your head.

      Re. and his body filled with maggots.

      And your body will turn into DIAMOND when you die? Listen here sweetie, unless you opt for that technology where they can turn your remains into Diamond currently available in the US and Europe, you are either going to be food for feast for the maggot or become ashes like Karpal Singh.

      LifeGem Memorial Diamonds

      A certified, high-quality diamond created from a lock of hair or the cremated ashes of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life.

    10. Re. We have been printing your anti-Indian comments

      ROTFL... patutlah orang Indian dan Ahli Politiknya semua ketinggalan dalam segala segi. Isn't it easier for you to forward the link via email? Tak IT-Savvy langsung. We are already heading towards paperless transaction, to save the environment and you people just simply "BUAT SAMPAH DENGAN PERANGAI SAMPAH".

    11. I think this LOL guy never was ANTI-INDIAN; why do you label him that? What he lamented was the racial chauvinism and social prejudice of the Brahmin caste over the so-called low caste or outcaste people in the Hindu deity system. Here is the Buddha Gautama's view about "caste":

      A Brahmin once saw the Buddha meditating by the river. He engaged the Buddha in conversation. "What caste are you? asked the Brahmin. "Caste is irrelevant," said the Buddha. "How so?" asked the Brahmin, "surely you would agree that Brahmin and Royalty are of greater worth than peasants and commoners?" "Caste and riches do not matter," replied the Buddha, "it is the person's conduct that matters." "How is that?" asked the Brahmin. "Just as fire may arise from any type of wood so can a wise person come from any caste. It is through knowledge of Truth that one becomes noble, not because of one's caste! The noble one is he who doesn't cling to unworthy worldly attachments. The noble one realizes the true way that things are, he no longer thinks of the importance of his ego; thus he has gained clear insight into his nature." Then the Brahmin confessed: "You are truly wise."

    12. You can tell najib to sign an agreement to take the ungrateful muslims in china to malaysia and vice versa. After all those insulting wordd but when najib goes to China, you turn into a scare of umnoputra pay cut.

    13. Re. You can tell najib to sign an agreement to take the ungrateful muslims in china to malaysia

      Ungrateful Muslims in China. It is their home land and they the native there. Not Pendatang like you.

      Re. and vice versa.

      We will be happy if you buy one way ticket back to Tong San on your own accord.

      Re. After all those insulting wordd but when najib goes to China,

      Likewise, after all the insulting and raiding by the Police the China Dolls keep coming here.

      Re. you turn into a scare of umnoputra pay cut.

      Why should I?

    14. Something to ponder. Not everyone died and become feast for the maggot.

      Mayat guru al-Quran dikebumi pada 2006 masih sempurna

      Segamat: Jenazah seorang guru agama yang dikebumikan kira-kira tujuh tahun lalu ditemui dalam keadaan sempurna dan berbau wangi ketika kerja menggali tanah perkuburan di Kampung Batu Badak, di sini.

      Jenazah Allahyarham Maheran Jaaffar, yang meninggal pada 2006 adalah antara 350 kubur yang digali semula untuk dipindahkan bagi memberi laluan kepada projek melebar Jalan Segamat-Ledang.

      Selain itu, dua jenazah lagi turut ditemui dalam keadaan sempurna dan berbau wangi walaupun dikebumikan sejak berdekad lalu.

      Anak sulung Maheran, Hamisah Kassim, 67, berkata beliau terkejut dan hiba apabila dimaklumkan jenazah ibunya dalam keadaan wangi dan masih sempurna, termasuk kain kapan yang masih utuh.

    15. LOL,

      Kluang girl is "I'm not Indian actually but a Christian" type of person. Nak sangat jadi orang Putih tapi bontot hitam macam kuali tak sedar diri!

    16. Kluang Minachi

      Re. We have been printing your anti-Indian comments to show that Indian voters in Teluk Intan

      What do you have to comment about that? It is either you are a pathological liar (which is ingrained in your community DNA), or the Indian votes are too insignificant to give any impact on the result, or it works against Dyana who is a Malay.

  4. "My friend said he was quite disturbed by the lack of respect shown by the Pakatan leaders and their followers".

    It just proves the point that they are not called "Pakatan HARAMJADAH Rakyat" for nothing. Memang standard kurang ajar. Negara boleh terlungkup sekiranya pemimpin-pemimpin samseng macam mereka diangkat untuk menerajui kerajaan.


  5. With radios and tv channels belonged and closed to the government filled with Quranic recitations to show a state of mourning nationwide, it's puzzling that it's business as usual to them. The lack of sensitivity is disturbing considering TI is a constituent within the state who had lost the beloved ruler. If they form government, what kind of government would that be?

  6. I guess Annie must be scraping the barrel for things to write about in her blog.

    But she ducks the hard questions.

    Like when I asked why so many Johoreans commute daily across the Causeway to work in Singapore. And not as skilled labour, mind you, but as unskilled and semi-skilled workers. Let's not even talk about Johor parents who send their kids to study in schools in Singapore, or Johorean PMEs who live in JB, but work in Singapore.

    I asked why the Johor economy can't provide good and well-paying jobs for these Johoreans.

    No answer from Annie.

    Instead she has moved on to her next cause de'celebre.

    Which is this by-election in Perak.

    Leaving aside the fact that the EC could have chosen to postpone the by-election because of the official mourning period in the state (which it didn't do), one has to ask exactly what parliamentary democracy entails and whether it has to take "sensitivities" into account when voters exercise their democratic franchise.

    1. Re. Like when I asked why so many Johoreans commute daily across the Causeway to work in Singapore. And not as skilled labour, mind you, but as unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

      1. Workers migration is not unique to Malaysia only, in fact in 2010 study, England is listed among the top countries in the world in this regard. I have commented so many times about this, unfortunately, there will always be one goondoo who missed the train.

      10 Countries Facing the Biggest Brain Drain

      Quote "England - While it isn’t seeing staggering losses like many countries on this list, it is valuable to see how brain drain is a problem even in developed and relatively wealthy nations like Britain. Over the past few years, England has seen a large number of its skilled professionals leaving for work abroad, with over 1.1 million university graduates living and working outside of the country. This accounts for almost 1 in 10 skilled citizens choosing to emigrate. This mass emigration of skilled professionals may have serious ramifications for the British economy, as professionals add to the workforce of nations like Australia, Canada, America, France and Spain rather than at home. When compared to other developed nations, these numbers are especially high, with only Germany coming close in terms of losses (with 860,000 workers lost), making it clear that even top nations with good schools, public health and lots of resources can be subject to brain drain. " Unquote

      2. Just like the Indonesian, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Myanmar and Pinoy who come to Malaysia to work, for jobs are scarce in their countries, the Malaysians who went to Singapore are lured by strong SGD not because there is lack jobs available in this country. Proximity is another reason why Johorean prefers to work to Singapore.

      3. The unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and professionals Malaysian who work in Singapore not because the jobs opportunities are abundant in the RED DOT. The fact remains that they are cheaper than the locals, so much so they have rob the job opportunities from the local. If you care to visit the various independent blogs in Singapore you will read about this fact. They are literally furious about this scenario.

      4. Malaysians are not the only labour force that have influx Singapore, in fact the Indian, PRC Chinese the Westerners are the strong work force there currently. As the Singapore PM had said recently Singapore cannot survive without foreign talents.Unlike the Whites, they are paid much much lesser for the same jobs.

      Singapore economy rebounds in 2013, PM sees need for foreign workers

      (Reuters) - Singapore's economy grew by 3.7 percent in 2013, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday, as he stressed the need for a balanced approach on foreign workers, whose presence has underpinned growth but riles some citizens.

      Note: Rebound in 2013? Malaysia has not seen that since the aftermath of Asia Economy Crisis, slowdown YES, in tandem with world economy scenario but never as bad.

      5. If Singapore is so good, why is that 89% of Malaysian PR there refuse to give up their Malaysian citizenship by becoming Singaporean? The talk about their love for Malaysia is just another BS, as they know what kind predicament that the local Singaporean are in now. The only reasons, why they are still here is that the western countries are no longer as generous as before, for their economy is still not fully recovered the unemployment rate is still high.

      6. There are more and more Singaporean and Malaysian PR relocating in Johor now, for the cost of living in Singapore is too high to compensate their real income.


      Unless you are currently gained fully employed and currently residing in Singapore, please don't TALK COCK here.

    2. Re. But she ducks the hard questions

      She has never ducked the question, for it has been discussed at length in this blog right after PRU13 mostly by "moi".

    3. Re. I asked why the Johor economy can't provide good and well-paying jobs for these Johoreans.

      Can you explain why the Whites are also flocking Singapore? Please take these factors into consideration before you answers that:

      1. They are paid more than the locals, and any other ethnics for the same job;

      2. Why is that despite the fact Singapore claims that they have top education in this part if the world, still the Malaysian, Indian, and PRC are much preferred by the Multinational employers;

      3. Define good paying job, when a starting Salary of SGD2500 minimum for fresh graduates in can earn you nothing due to high living cost? Mind you, dollar to dollar without conversion one can own a car within a year with RM2500 Salary.

      4. Earlier this year, it was announced that there will be estimated 300 to 400 jobs opening this year in Singapore and that number is to competed among the locals and foreign PR.

    4. LOL

      Ask the chibai lickin, arse fucking pundek tiu niamah Kenching Mab to read this:

      and fuck his mother before slitting her throat, goddamn useless cocksuckling whorepiss swilling uncouth lout of Chingk pig!! Shameless bastard can lick Lim Kit Siang's arse to give that old bastard some respite after his shameful loss today.....hahahahahahahaha ROFL

    5. Re. Kenching Mab

      I have very strong feeling that he is a non-Brahmin just like Kluang Minachi and one other that I have exposed before that I can't remember the name. The tone and lingo of commenting is very Tamil-Centric.

  7. But, but Mah is Keristian. Different God name. Afraid he may pray loudly and confused the Mufti and pegawai Agama there and get bashed up.

    Furthermore, Keristians are not encourage to go to Muslim's funeral and Muslim's not encouraged to go to Keristian's funeral. Maybe Haram or Sinful afterwards.

    Cannot say Al Fatihah for Keristians or RIP from Muslims also.

  8. Hei ! Kinchin tak ada bunyi , apa ni pagi -pagi sedah merepek ini lu satu malam tak boleh tidur ka pikir pasai annie sama dia punya blog ka? lu pegi tanya itu orang apa pasai mau pi itu singapork , Dia orang sudah macam itu ma , mana ada gula sana mau jilat , dia syok ingat itu singapork boleh kasi gaji banyak tinggi ma! jadi itu lu sama itu orang punya hal la , apa mau kacau sama annie , Ini sudah mentaliti suka jilat singapork gua boleh kata apa , lu buat apa bagus pun dia bilang itu singapork gaji bagi lagi bagus lu tak boleh buat apax2 ma. kadangx2 ini orang tamak serupa lu la . Serupa juga mau hantar anak pi sekolah singapork apa boleh buat dia suka dia punya pasal la.Sini bukan tak boleh baca , ramai jadi doktor peguam dak da hal pun. Dia orang gatal lu punya pasal la. Ini pasai SPR (EC) mana ada isu semua orang pergi buang undi ma macam pergi kerja cari makan ma , Bukan pergi kempen macam lu punya kawan bunyi macam itu vevezula , bukan pergi cari cinadoll ma bukan mau pi mabok ma lagi pun sudah selesai itu kebumian tuanku ma itu pun lu talak boleh beza ka , Lu kata " It has to take sensitivities into account when voters exercise their democratic franchise" Ini SPR ok ma bukan macam itu pkr punya election hari-hari mau gaduh tarak sensitivities , kalau dia orang pegang itu federal goverment gerenti gaduh , mau power sebab mau sapu duit lo ! Kalau itu selangor miskin bankrupt mesti talak gaduh punya . Jadi itu sensitivities takda isu la ! kalau ada lu pikir sendiri la itu lu piunya problem bukan SPR . Hai ya itu pun mau cari gua punya kawan annie ka. Hai yo ini macam malaysia dalam pun ada ka .

    1. All of which amounts to freak-all nothing!

      It's ok for Johoreans (Malays, Chinese and Indians) to work in Singapore because (a) they can't get good jobs in Johor (b) Singapore salaries are higher (c) 1 Singapore Dollar fetches 2.5+ Ringgit in JB, is it?

      It seems to me that you are tacitly acknowledging the fact that the jobless rate among Johoreans would be higher if they didn't have the "safety valve" of being able to work in Singapore. And this doesn't bother you one bit?

      Sure, it may all be about personal choices, but I find it hard to believe that Johoreans would willingly endure lengthy daily commutes across the Causeway if they had good opportunities back home.

      And you can't run away from that, no matter how you spin the issue.

    2. Ai..Yaa ,Kinchin mab,

      Bulayu mana atak lamai keleja itu Singapork lea aa, itu Sinapork kasi iklan aa a ,"only Chinese and Indian are encourage " ,Bulayu tatak chan maa aa.

      Cina keleja Singaprork , Bulayu lapat keleja Johor lea a , itu keleja Cina tatak mau punya , kila atak baik juga loo ,jadi itu kuli angkat balang .

      Manyak tolong sama Bulayu maa aa , itu kelani susal mau lapat loo oo.

    3. Salah, brudder!

      Malays from Johor also kerja in Singapore!

      You tak faham itu, eh?

      Pagi lu go see the Causeway - berapa Orang Melayu naik motor pergi kerja Singapore?

      Dia kerja Singapore macam-macam: security guard, bus driver, gardener, fast food delivery men, cleaners, factory workers dll. Starbucks baristas pun ada!

      Lu tak malu, ah?

    4. kinchin mab,

      Ya..lor rr , itu keleja Cina tatak mau punya maa aa , selupa Johor maa a , Cina tatak mau, balu itu Cina tauke kasi Bulayu maa aa .

      Wa atak luluk itu Causeway , juat itu lokok lea a , lu atak luluk situ ?, apa juat ?.

    5. Re. Pagi lu go see the Causeway - berapa Orang Melayu naik motor pergi kerja Singapore?

      How do you know that just because they are riding motorbikes they are they as mainly low skilled labours? Is that a proven by study? Owning a Car in Singapore is expensive, what more to drive your car into the City State on daily basis. My Ex Boss, a Caucasian don't even have a car there, he will enjoy the luxury here in Kuala Lumpur.

      FYI, I have friend who is SG PR, but currently living in JB to save cost and he took a bus every morning and he is a Chemical Engineer.

      Re. Lu tak malu, ah?

      Why is that to be ashamed of when you work to earn an honest living? It is not like they go there to prostitute themselves like the PRC Chinese always do.

      Here are some news flash for you?

      THEREALSINGAPORE 24 May 2014 - 11:21am

      Dear TRS, I would like to share with you my experience in seeking for a job in Singapore. I’m a Singaporean with an ‘O’ level and had always wanted to be a cook. Not so long ago, I tried to apply for a baker job in a local restaurant, Bakerzin. As most job application by locals, I suppose the job eventually went to a foreigner. It took the company almost 1 month to get back to my application and I was interviewed by someone from the company who spoke and sounded like a foreigner.

      Note: This is just a position as a Cook.

      THEREALSINGAPORE 24 May 2014 - 9:23pm

      I am very concerned over the deteriorating standards of foreign doctors working in Singapore. For instant, the PRC Chinese doctor who gave a 3 min treatment to my sister.I am concerned that why is employment opportunities given to foreigners easily. As Gilbert Goh had highlighted in his article, that the NUS School of Medicine faculty has being freezing medical students to 300 even though there is a huge demand for practicing doctors due to our fast-aging population. This quota number has being there for the past few years and not being raised.


      Please read my reply to Anon 09:24 to understand more about this.

    6. Everyone wants cheap2. Here toilet cleaning jobs are sapu by bangla, Nepalese or Indonesian. In past, only kg melayu, Indian, cina or Siam. Now, you have a to z. Singaporean stay and shop in johor. Malaysians stay and shop in Thai. Brunei comes over to Sarawak every week . Blacks do business in Guangzhou, chinese in Russia and other parts of Africa. Malays, please tell us

  9. had been found out that BN also campaigning last night and night how now? gonna write something hantam BN now or you just double standard like our police force and civil servants..

    Its ok la can support who you want but make sure your facts first before posting or shit hits the ceiling will fall on your pretty face...

    1. Campaign can, but no need la blow horns and make so much noise. Not nice at time of mourning, okay.

    2. Annie, you are insensitve. Are you there. You just tell you what your chemeleon told you. If the person says dyana is chantik, you will ssy the same thing here? You are insenstive to all

    3. hoi !!!!!!...before you want to instruct our lovely loving annie of what and how she should blog...why not you start it with yourself and yourkind first....when pr(especially the DAP) wrong things up at least you make some noise lah...


    4. So you the one who telephone Annie to say dap ceremah is bising. To you is bising because there is no come in umno ceremah. so it is very very very quiet. You only phone 1 incident and omit the rest

  10. Yesterday , the BN tent was giving out hampers, with the M/C blaring out "Vote for Mah" over the speaker.
    Is that disrespect for the late Sultan?

  11. PETALING JAYA: It was a cliff-hanger ending for the Teluk Intan by-election with unofficial results showing Barisan Nasional has taken the seat by a majority of 579 votes.

    Barisan's Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong garnered 19,671 votes against DAP's Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, who had 19,092 votes.

    1. Gerakan should not rest on their laurel. More than 40% voters didn't turn up and that 579 margin could easily be beaten should the Dapster in Singapore alone decided to come back and cast their votes.

      Gerakan should be thankful to Malay Voters for that. I don't believe the Indian have that much influence in this PRK, for they believe Dyana is the one for them. Kluang Minachi is a good example.

  12. Yesterday Chingkie filthy pigs lost. They tried to con the Malays with a fat ugly, forktongued pariah Melayu who licked Kit Sial's arse.

    The Malays were not cheated and theChingk pigs got arsefucked. So Chingk pigs keep quiet and eat your shit

    1. Re. They tried to con the Malays

      Indeed they did. To make thing worst, Dyana and her mother had made a grave mistake by going all out against everything Malays i.e. UiTM, ATRM, Hudud (to certain extend) and there was a report posted by pro-UMNO FB stating that Yummy (is that how you spell her name?) has uttered ” Dyana Tidak Perlukan Undi Melayu Untuk Menang”. And for Dyana to say “UiTM untuk semua” is just like saying “Hapuskan Sekolah Venakular” to the Chinese, is another big blow;

      It was a small margin, trust me the Chinese are still with DAP and it is the Malay votes that brought in number. As comparison, when MCA didn't contest in Bukit Gelugur the turn out rate dropped by 50% and all 3 other candidates lost their deposits. Ram Karpal Sigh won by the support of the existing staunch followers of his late farther and DAP, not because he is good or has certain aura on his own, the fact that he is using "I am Karpal Singh" slogan proved that. When questioned after that he vehemently denied that and try to whitewash it typical "Lidah Bercabang" DNA. I believe majority of BN supporters didn't caste their vote in Bukit Gelugur.

      Re. The Malays were not cheated

      It will be a Malay-Tsunami in all Chinese majority Areas in the next PRU and any PRK in future ( if any ). What Dyana and her mother have done proven to be fatal.

    2. You are right in your analysis. The Malays have learnt to hate the Chingkie bastard pigs now because the Chingkie bastards asked for it with their piggish ways.

      PAS too is no longer drawing the Malay votes as proved in Kuala Besut. That will put an end to the Chingk pigs dream of capturing power. Kit Sial and Guan Chibai Eng can lick each other's arse and cocksuckle one another now onwards for comfort.

      Because of the PaRiahs antics and the filthy cuntlicking Chingk pigs greed, any hope of a constructive opposition force to be formed by right thinking Malaysians as check and balance like what Tun Mahathir once envisaged is doomed.

      As for Singh junior, he is a chibai mouthed Chingkie throat fucked sonofabitch who is merely perpetuating nepotist politics.He thinks he is macho man when he is more a pundek coward hiding behind his goddamned, pariah father's filthy underwear. His goddamn dead father and Kit Sial believe that family politics is democracy. Fuck them both and their goddamn devil children. But the Chingk pigs love them as the Chingk pigs like to be arsefucked and they like to lick arseshit. Filthy goddamned race!

      You are right too, BN core support in Bukit Gelugor is about 15000 which proves many did not turn up to vote.

      One last thing,the pariah Malays who appeared in I am Karpal Singh posters are kaffir/murtad according to hukum. A singh is a religious term. Anyone can google that. Malays who say they are Karpal Singh therefore should wear turbans and main belakang..they are no longer Malays/Muslims. Strange the arsefucked Jabatan Agama and Majlis Agama Pulau Pinang is quiet about this as is PAS. But they are arsefuckers and arseraped all the same.

      Keep up the good job,LOL.

  13. Alhamdulillah, we don't get a malay looking chinese puppet doll as our lawmaker.

  14. Melayu dikelirukan dengan "khairil Khir Johari". Kini dengan pendekatan berbeza dicoba pula dengan "Dyana Sofya". Mujur ada juga yang tak keliru.