Tuesday 3 July 2018

Getting Najib

Was waiting for Grab to get back to office from Bangsar when I received news of Najib's arrest today.

The Grab driver, a middle aged Chinese man was celebrating.

"Now we can throw Najib in jail and get back the billions that he stole. After that we'll get the others," he gleefully exclaimed.

Then he went on and on with the usual RM1 trillion debt, country about to go bankrupt etc.

I just kept quiet.

No point saying anything.

People like him have always wanted to see Najib going to jail.

It was after all a PH election promise.

One way or another they have to do this.

I just want to see how they are going to go about putting Najib in jail.

Next, it should be Rosmah, then Zahid, then the rest of those other people, as what the Grab driver said.

Well, that's how it's going to be over the coming days, weeks and months, I guess.

All these reminded me of the time when they first put Anwar in jail.

I was very young at that time but I remember the events well.

I remember that no mercy was shown.

They even brought to court the mattress on which Anwar allegedly had sex with Azmin's wife.

It was ugly, to say the least.

I wonder if Najib's case will be that bad.

Hopefully not so.

After all, Najib's case is more about money.

But still, anything could happen.

Well, at least the case is going to a real court instead of just public cyber lynching and trial by media as it is now.

However, if I have to bet on the outcome, I would not hesitate to choose where to place my money.

I just can't imagine Najib being found not guilty.

I think all the PH people would agree with me.

They have made up their mind about this.

Innocent until proven guilty....I don't think so.


  1. Sweetheart more news tht wud never stop to amazed u. Juz came up the director general of the immigrations said a total 0f 25 millions permonth nid to feed those abt 7k illegal immigrants at the detention depots.


  2. Sweetheart if a person tht hv nothing to hide why the hell wud he evade a problems raised so many times by his opponents ? Evading the problems juz not gonna solved it.


    1. "It was after all a PH election promise."

      No, it wasn't.

      Recovering the RM22 billion stolen by BN via 1MDB was the promise.

      How many autism centres can we build with RM22 billion?

      How many hospitals, roads?

      Maybe it's better just to let the crooks keep their loot, right?

      And you wonder why these bloggers look dumber by the day....

    2. A lot of Malays hv some kind of sentimental towards the party. Shud read wht Kuli said abt the party struggles in the beginning.


  3. LOL...

    With a "defender" like Very Neutral Annie, I guess Pinklips & Hippo are pretty screwed.

    Why can't the Umno Shitbloggers refute FACTS, I wonder?

    If you can read, Annie, go through the 136 page DOJ report on your darling MO1.

    A few highlights:

    1) Transactions from Prime Minister Najib’s AmBank account 211202211906 reveal that one of the beneficiaries of this money, which came from 1MDB subsidiary SRC International, was his son. On 4th July 2014 RM200,000 was cashed out to Nor Ashman Razak.

    2) On the SRC credit card (hence, money from KWAP): EUR750,000 (RM4.091 million) at an Italian branch of Swiss-owned jewellery store De Grisogono (in one visit) and USD130,635 (RM534,297) at Chanel in Hawaii (in one visit).

    3) From same account, RM167,959.50 spent at Signature Exotic Cars Sdn Bhd on 28th June 2011; RM104,110.69 at Telagamas Motors Sdn Bhd 26th Sept 2012; RM947,178.70 at Angkatan Hebat Motor Sdn Bhd 9th October 2012; RM105,000 at Naza Quest Auto Sdn Bhd 17th December 2012; a staggering RM2,496,000.00 at Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd on 27th February 2013 and another RM146,801.30 and RM155,779.00 also spent at Edaran Tan Chong on 7th February 2014 and 23rd September 2014 respectively.

    This is forensic evidence.

    Unless of course, 7 countries conspired to frame him, and made it all up?

    You people need to up your tadika-level game lah, Annie.

    After winning 36% of the vote for your paymasters (except Annie - who is Unpaid & Very Very Very Very Neutral), you can't even defend him now.

    Keep supporting the thieves, it's the best way to get the public on your side.


    Kipidap, dongibab : )

    1. Do you know that he authorize another person to manage that account? How do you know Najib authorize all thai transactions?

    2. anons 08:15

      do you mean to say that if you authorize someone to go kill somebody, and after the killing is done, you are not responsible for the death of the person the ?

    3. "How do you know Najib authorize all transactions?"

      Keep up lah kawan.

      These were purchases made directly on the SRC credit card, while the hippo went shopping, in USA and Europe, with the Bugis pirate in tow.

      The police already have the eyewitness ID from the shop assistants.

      They know hippo as a repeat customer.

      Try keeping up with the case details.

    4. So jho low embezzled 1mdb account without najib authorisation :)

    5. How come DOJ has all these reports which are mostly local transactions?

  4. Pathetic Annie. Still defending a kleptocrat.

  5. annie dont cry for MO1, he dug his own grave :)

  6. Since the PKHKC Melayu love to ape the Arab culture, why don't they follow the Libyan example?


  7. Morning Annie

    I heard najib got behind bars today

    I’m a little shaky here
    Defend me more macai
    You want my money don’t you?

    Jho Low

  8. Well annie its no suprise to see your respond to this.

    But i mean people like u have always insisted on due process. This is that. So like it or not we are just gonna have to take it.

    Rosmah.. well this might be a long shot though. Shes smart everything will link back to najib not her. Accept i guess the altantuya thing. I hope justice will be served.

    But on the matter of justice, how long do u think until najib will finally be sentenced. Last time anwar set a record on 6 years with delay upon delay. I think najib will somehow set a new one.

    If u think about justice then this is somewht unjust. If u have money by all means delay the trial as much as u could. If u think from the victims perspective such as saiful this is unjust. Id like to think whtever happened to him is more brutal and cruel.

    1. "She's smart everything will link back to najib not her."

      Not really bro.

      Read the WSJ expose.

      She was the mastermind.

      Najib was just the accomplice.

    2. When I saw the picture posted in outsyedthebox: Bomoh , first thing that came to my mind is: KESIAN NAJIB. All, keranamu ROSMAH - he went down to such a low level. Macam mana boleh jadi gini......????
      Dia seorang anak keturunan bangsawan Bugis. His father, grandfathe, grand-grand father semuanya Menteri Besar atau orang kenamaan Pahang. Macam mana Najib boleh ends up percaya kepada bomoh dan mintak bomoh selamatkan dia...........????
      He should listen to his father's advice, not to get involve in politic. Just work in the bank, like his brother, tentulah Rosmah takakn perangkap dia. Dia takkan terdedah kepada so much temptation.

    3. Great bro. I think only when rosmah is sentenced then justice is served.

  9. Thailand and Malaysia. Two nations suspended in anticipation. Trapped in maze. One celebrates heroes. The other anti-heroes.

    This link provides graphic of the maze of flooded cave in Thailand's Sleeping Lady Mountain.


    We need our own graphic to understand the maze that is enveloping the anti-heroes of our nation.

  10. Jangan cakap mcm org bodoh laa Annie.

    Tak semua org PH mcm you tulis tu. Let the rule of law govern the outcome.

    You bodoh betul ingat semua org PH hard up sgt nak tengok Najib masuk penjara.

    You tu pandai sgt ke? Arrogant mcm org UMNO. Bodoh tak boleh diajar!

    1. Shamshul anuar4 July 2018 at 10:00

      From my view point, there is this one element that i feel the govt needs to verify. Najib claimed the fund as donation from Saudi Kingdom. And the Minister of Foreign Affair of Saudi did admit that the donation was from the Kingdom. There is a recording to what he said. Many of my non muslim friends did not believe it. But I explained to them that inIslam, sedekah is given without expecting any return. Only blessing from Allah is cherished.

      Najib has a point here. He claimed the fund from Saudi and the Saudi Minister admitted it.

      why cant the authority verify with the Saudi Minister himself. I am sure the Saudi Givt will agree to explain.

      iF justice is what the new govt wants, just take this extra effort

    2. and where n when did the taukey unta confirmed it was a donation from Arab Kingdom??

  11. Najib's lawyers need to prove that the transaction slips showing the money being transferred from two companies into Najib's personal acct as fake.

    ...need to prove that Najib did not give the instructions to Nik Faisal or Mohd Suboh to transfer the money.

    ...need to prove that Najib did not know at all about that rm42 million in his personal account.

    (btw Annie, how come Najib never came up with an excuse abt this RM42 million? Not a donation juga ka? )

    Guilty until proven innocent!

    p/s: Lokman Nor Adam said SRC International case is not part of 1mdb scandal. Hahahahaaa.... the whole world knew it is.

  12. Najib not guilty?...No way missus; I will belanje u dinner if I am wrong.Too many solid evidences against him and no way he can wriggles it out. The next battle will be at the court between AG Tommy VS Shafee Abdullah.I am sure Shafee being an experienced lawyer will give a good fight with the newly throned Attorney General.Buku bertemu ruas. Anwar shivered when he heard Shafee will prosecute him in the last sodomy trial.SRC for a start, after that 1MDB, Felda, PFI etc etc.The lawyers will be busy for the next few years.

    1. Why did Shafee get RM9.5 million payment in secret from Jibby?

      If this is exposed, Shafee will be in Sg. Buloh before his boss.

    2. in a few weeks time shafee will be busy defending himself....that 9/10mill sudah kasi balik ka mamak paria??

  13. You said innocent until proven guilty. Yet you don't offer the same innocent until proven guilty concept towards the PH government. And yes, the taxi man was gleeful, how about the other countries which have frozen assets, do they also have a personal agenda towards Najib? By the way, Najib's son in law, is just the step son of the bother of the Khazakstan president. Correct me if I am wrong, the step father is suing Najib son in law for fraud and for theft.

  14. The evidence of criminal offences perpetrated by Najib are too overwhelming that no amount of spinning by Annie can change that.

  15. A lot of propaganda nowadays...im not interested anymore in this kinda news

  16. Lifeofannie

    You r very lazy lah

    Just play racial card pastu imply "ph peoples" gonna find pokjib guilty

    So ph also control







    And all d other countries that have evidence?

    Please la

    Come up with something better arguments lah

    You are fooling nobody

    1. Exactly.

      I guess Tun must be the most powerful man in the universe.

      Even Trump cannot force 7 countries to create false forensic evidence!

  17. Anonymous4 July 2018 at 08:15

    //Do you know that he authorize another person to manage that account?//

    I don't know that - Najib Razak refuses to return my ph calls.

    //How do you know Najib authorize all thai transactions?//

    I don't know that - Najib Razak refuses to return my ph calls.

    BTW, who were the people who benefited from all those transactions of jewellery and cars, etc?

    And why would the fairy godmother in SRC rain money on them?


  18. Walao wei, Melayu holding up signs written in Mandarin calling for release of Najib!!!

    Apa sudah jadi kepada kedaulatan Bahasa Monkey?

    Maruah kepala bapak kau kat mana?

  19. If I am haul up by MACC to be charged in court, I will be force to wear the infamouse orange/purple outfit.

    Noticed Najib rocks up in a suit and tie.

    How nice...

    These PH people better get their act together. Why is he given a preferential treatment? The rakyat is watching.

  20. Im with u Annie.

  21. Let's see how the PH government uphold justice...will they manipulate all the judges, as Madey was very well known like doing it.

    Nonetheless, I'll give our new government the benefit of the doubt that they will free up our courts from any political influences.

    LGE apa khabar...tak risau ke on your impending court case? Or already got guarantee you will be ruled not guilty...haiyaaa

  22. While it is true that Najib is innocent until proven guilty, however, you cannot fault the public for their negative perception of Najib. This is not something that came out of the blue like the case of Anwar Ibrahim, the public perception was partly due to Najib himself. He was the one that dismantled the special task force, changed the AG mid investigation, sacked his critics in UMNO and reshuffled the PAC. There was also the inaction on his part in relation to all the investigations in the 7 countries in relation to 1MDB and also the DOJ case. The constant denial of knowing Jho Low only to know admit that he was invoved in 1MDB transactions. So you can't really blame the public for coming up with conclusions.
    Anyways Annie, i respect your right to be neutral however, I would really like to read your actual view on Najib and 1MDB. From a UMNO supporter, what do you really think is going on.

  23. Hi Annie,
    As one of Najib critic, I agree with the view of Rafizi and hope he got a fair trial. The PH government already treated him with dignity and you see, he is not force to wear orange suit, this already consider a "special" treatment to allow our ex-PM some grace to face the court of law. Remember, no other people got this special treatment. This is also to remind people, the long arm of the law will catch up with you whether you are the Prime Minister, lowly public servant or the rakyat. Do your work with integrity, speak truth to power, keep the public trust, honest to oneself and to the people, act humbly whether you are in position of power and all people are equal before the law. May God bless his soul, hope he honestly admit his mistakes, repent for the mistakes and served the punishment meted out by justice willingly.

  24. Annie, if you were too young when Anwar and Shamsidar tore up the bed here's the link down memory lane:


  25. Annie,

    Frankly I am appalled at the low comprehension skills shown by some of your readers.

    And there I am defending Pakatan people as being a bit smarter then the average UMNO drone :(

    It seems that some readers see what you wrote as defending Najib.

    Some probably think you believe Najib is innocent regardless of whether he is proven guilty.

    For fuck's sake, people (and I include everybody - UMNO, PAS, Pakatan, everybody), READ IT SLOWLY AGAIN if you cannot comprehend what you are reading the first time around.

    I can understand UMNO and PAS morons not understanding what is going on but it does not help Pakatan if its supporters keep demonstrating stupidity on the net - you are better then this, OK?

    To any Pakatan supporter who is offended by what I just wrote, I am sorry but I had to say it. I guess I will never be good as a politician because I am not a very diplomatic person, even to those on the same side as me.

    To UMNO and PAS supporters who are not happy with me calling them nasty names, well, stiff shit, it is just the way it is - you are supposed to hate me and I am supposed to hate you and neither of us know why :)


    1. "...just about money"???? what the fuck u talking about? Its about the perversion of justice so that he can stay safe.

    2. Your purported comprehension of Annie's post and having the gall to villify those critical of Dearest Annie, is absolutely cringeworthy.

      Your ingrish maybe too cheem for most of us

  26. Annie, who are you trying to fool now???

  27. Annie! sah U and RPK are adik beradik, same picture rather same tilam and story line...keep it up, I feel dejected...

  28. Annie, whoever you are and no matter how much you have the right to speak and opinions I think it is not right to say Not Innocent until proven guilty.....even though all evidence are proving.

  29. you should have said to the grab driver....even if they put najib in jail and get all the billions and pay back the trillion...he will still be a stupid grab driver so why are you celebrating...?

    very bodoh lah people nowdays

  30. Anonymous @ 5 July 2018 at 00:23,

    //Your purported comprehension of Annie's post//

    OK lah, so your comprehension skills are much much better then mine :)

    There you go, happy? :)

    //having the gall to villify those critical of Dearest Annie, is absolutely cringeworthy. //

    So, if you are a fucking moron, you don't want to know, right?

    OK, got it :)

    Pls do cringe away all you like.

    BTW, I do accept that you consider me a fucking moron so that should make you happy as well.

    //Your ingrish maybe too cheem for most of us//

    No need to be jealous.

    I am not jealous of those who have better skills then me in any field.

    If I find that I lack skills in an area, I try to improve - not pretend that I am already so clever.

    But if you want to encourage other Malaysians to go around pretending that they are clever when others can see they are fucking morons who don't want to be told they are fucking morons, go ahead.

    UMNO and PAS will thank you in PRU15.


    1. your condescension is astounding and peppering your rebuttals with profanities does not make you righteous or very convincing either.
      you have a nice day.

  31. Annie...
    BNs..HA,RB smarter than others type macais or.. PH ..RBA-DNA hatemongers type aside... your matress posting and pic is way down low..babe..
    Sorry Gladiator..I pined for her too...:( :(

  32. Anonymous @ 5 July 2018 at 07:49,

    //your condescension is astounding//

    No more, and probably a lot less, than yours :)

    //peppering your rebuttals with profanities does not make you righteous or very convincing either.//

    Aaahh, so you are here to be righteous and convincing, are you? And you want others to be the same?

    OK lah, you win, you are more righteous and convincing then I am. :)

    I am just here to enjoy myself, talk to people, listen to others, argue with them (hopefully in a civil and intelligent manner) and just be my bad evil self. :)

    As for profanities, get used to it - there are real people in the real world who do use them.

    I happen to like living in the real world, not in some sanitised sterile concoction of reality.

    Perhaps you may prefer a world which is something like what Parti Anak Syaitan proposes? They tell me it is a lovely world to live in.

    //you have a nice day//

    I always do :)


    1. Two responses from you is enough for me to realise the hardwired rebuttals that I can expect from you ad nauseum.
      Anyway, it's been nice to make your acquaintance online, no doubt under rather unique circumstances. I'm sure you're nice enough dude in the real world.

      Peace out