Wednesday 11 July 2018

Straight answer

There are several of this sort of comments at my last post,

Annie do you support LBGT?
Well, guys, if you all are curious about such things, next time please check this blog's archive.

I had mostly written about such nonsense in the past.

For example, if you key in the word "lesbian" at the search column, the first one you will get is this post I wrote on Oct 24, 2014,

Admitting reality

Click on the link and you will more or less get the answer to that question.

Anyway, I think most of you all got it wrong about my last post.

Actually it's not so much about LGBT.

It's about hypocrisy.

Or betrayal, if you must.

I don't know about you all, but I'll stick with my friends when they are in needs.

Especially if that friend had done so much for me.

I don't abandon any of my friends once he/she becomes a liability to me.

I don't betray my friend ,and then to sound politically correct, say "You are still my bro" to that person in front of others.

That's being an asshole, okay.

Well, never mind.

Most of you all would not get the point anyway.

I'm still going to get comments such as "Annie, you are such a narcissist lesbian. Have you fuck a woman before?".


Okay, it's almost 3am and my brain is a bit fried.


I tend to get extra vulgar when I have sleeping problem.

So I better stop now.

But really guys, please be a bit more intelligent with the comments.

Okay, here's another song by that lesbian LP,

Nice, right?


  1. Annie, you have asked your readers to be more intelligent...what about yourself Annie? You pretend to be stupid by focussing on insignificant issues

  2. It is laughable when Annie accuses others of hypocrisy when she is the biggest hypocrite of them all... together with some of her macais here. Nothing good or of substance in her writings except half truths, spins meant to defend the corrupted & kleptocratic UMNO goons

  3. My dear Annie, it sounds like you are running out of ideas to write. Slow news day huh?

  4. 109 for you is your religion & for me is my religion so tell that zakir naik bugger NOT to compare religion OK :(

    1. what zakir naik got to do with this just finish eating your own shit is it

  5. Sudah2 la Kak Ani woii..
    If SS had defended his friend and said it any other and I know la...the whole gang of Pak Sheikh ana ente ,Ustads calling others murtad, battalions of makcik2 Melayu3x...will all come in a stampede, make a grand slam of SS and pile upon him like nothing we have ever seen. But now that he just said what he said, it becomes yr job and yr Capt's band of Big bloggers to cucuuuuuukkkkk..lagi dan lagi...adoiyaiii..

  6. Actually am glad I join yr chats here Annie..

    Dapat berkenalan dgn byk hypocrites dsini. Oso katak2 yg suka lompat and abandon one longkang to another.

    Having so much fun reading their moo moos and croak croaks..

    Kadang2 kesian.. byk yg berpenyakit gila bayang.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Ini professor nasi lemak... professor dari mana ya? Cakap macam orang tak berpendidikan dan low class betul. Patut lah nasi lemak padan dengan Najib tu yang suka makan kangkung...ngam ngam dua orang ini.

    2. i think d loudest croaking is u...hahaha!

    3. How dare you accuse Annie's site here of being a "longkang" !

    4. Ha aaaa 11:46 n 11:47

      Nice to meet u here.
      Mooooo moooo croaakk croaakk.
      Seronok get to know and learn more on how people with HERD MENTALITY behave..

      Professor Nasi Lemak.

    5. Jangan layan orang jahat seperti pakatoon harapoon

      Saya nak sex dengan celebrity pun banyak condemn

      Jho Low

  7. here i was all happy tat some folks r worse commenters than me.tat make me want to get involved more...kah kah..

    kak annie, u'r succeeding as a blogger if u can make readers reply. some blogs they dun ve such many comments coz...ya, maybe they feel they've nothing to say about. now ur visitors, they r just like get bothered with ur post n need to reply. i lovit..thou my idea is peanuts, i still want to get into d dis conversation ...hi..hi..

  8. Annie,

    //I don't know like yu about you all, but I'll stick with my friends when they are in needs.//

    Yes, that is what ordinary people might do.

    But you are not a politician.

    A politician should consider if his duty to the people is greater then his duty to his friends or vice versa.

    //Annie do you support LBGT?//

    Who cares if you do or don't?

    I know a few gays and lesbians and they are good decent hardworking people with very good jobs.

    There is no way to tell who is LGBT just by looking at them - your boss could be one, your next door neighbour could be one, your parent could be one, anybody you meet could be one.

    I look on the LGBT issue in the same way as I do with religion - it is a personal decision and don't push it on me.

    What I do not like is the hostility towards LGBT people.

    They are consenting adults who have made their own decisions, so accept that fact and let them be.

    Let me repeat that it is only a matter of time before the LGBT community in Malaysia becomes a force to be reckoned with.

    It may take years but they are very patient people.

    JAKIM and PAS can fight the LGBT all they like but it is futile.

    Anyway, the historical record shows that the LGBT community existed well before Islam ever did.

    Over time and right up until today, the LGBT community has probably achieved just as much as, if not more then, the Islamic community in virtually every field, eg literature, science, architecture, governance, astronomy, art, etc etc.

    It is just that we do not know this in Malaysia or that we refuse to acknowledge this in Malaysia.

    As for me, I feel that there is no need to support the LGBT community if you are like me in being uncomfortable with the word "support", just accept them for what they are - that is all they are asking for, nothing more.

    And I do accept the LGBT community as a legitimate community within our society. They are human beings, just like me.


  9. Coming back to your central theme which was on hypocrisy in politics its called ‘survival’.

    We have to give it to SS being new as YB Minister, much need to be learnt before he gets it right on the first time n all the time.

    Yg lebih sudu daripada kuah...thats hypocrisy too


  10. I wonder what narcissist Annie face looks like? Recently, i read the article stupid malay men. How she condemned and downgraded the look of Diana a representative from DAP. You dont have the guts to show your own pic in your own sanctuary. That shows how bitchy and the biggest hypocrite of all, you are.

    1. Annie orang baik
      Pakatan Harapan Lebih jahat tawww

      Jho Low

  11. fatin,

    //here i was all happy tat some folks r worse commenters than me.//

    Yup, it is not hard to look good here :)

    //tat make me want to get involved more...//

    So, where have you been?

    Have not seen you around here for a while, since polling day at least.

    //u'r succeeding as a blogger if u can make readers reply. some blogs they dun ve such many comments//

    Yah lah, I tried blogging at one stage and nobody turn up except spammers.

    I gave up.

    //thou my idea is peanuts,//

    I like peanuts, roasted, boiled, macam2 :)

    //i still want to get into d dis conversation//

    You should.

    It can help you develop as a person if you want to.

    Hope to see you around more often.


  12. Annie....Dalm politik Kalau orang tu bawak masalah kepada kita,terpaksa buang le.Kalau tak buang bakalan jadi Najib le jawabnya.