Friday 27 July 2018

A note on Johor

A close friend who is a member of my team back during the defence of Johor in 2013 went down there the other day to do some work.

Just like me, my friend is not an Umno member but was supportive of the party and tried to help it at that time basically because of the then Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

Both of us are Johoreans now based in KL and we like Ghani because he's a good guy.

My friend shared this with me, which I think I could share with you all;

Chatted with a couple of people while I was down there.  Asked them:

1.  What actually happened on the ground.  Why such a huge loss?

Person 1: Public sentiment was too intense against Umno/BN, they no longer had the rakyat trust and their explanations fell on deaf ears.  Rakyat simply believe whatever misinformation they were fed and blocked anything coming from Umno.  The Pakatan campaign was based on lies, misinformation, twisted facts won the election for them and Umno/BN had no chance.  The government will continue with the campaign even after achieving Putrajaya to divert public attention from actual facts because they need the blame game to continue until they manage their own inadequacies.

In Johor, public sentiments against the Palace contributed too, but now they are realising that they cannot depend on Mahathir nor the Pakatan parties to protect them from the rapacious Palace.  The actual word being used was "api dalam sekam", people felt betrayed by Umno/BN and turned to Pakatan hoping that Pakatan will do something about it.

The turnover of Kota Tinggi to PPBM was at the Palace behest.  They needed more PPBM seats so they all turned Pakatan and got terminated by Umno.  At least one had expressed regret over the turnover, but what happened, happened.  Seems like the Pakatan is more of a pushover when it comes to the Palace when compared to Umno.

Mahathir had no time for Johor, despite all the indications of his distaste for the excesses of the Johor Palace, but he has not once paid any attention to it since winning the PMO.

My take is, at the moment Najib takes precedent in his agenda as Najib is not doing what Mahathir and gang are expecting him to do, i.e. get all scared after the first round of harassments and leave the country, at least Rosmah was expected to leave the country, I think, but neither did.

2.  Why was the loss not forecasted and necessary action taken to at least minimise the impact of the swing vote if that was what it was.

According to a second source, the previous Pengerusi Perhubungan was out of touch with the grassroots, relying on the people around him to feed him with information, which did not even tally with the Division leaders' own reading of what's happening on the ground. Not only was he detached from the ground, he was also detached from the Division leaders, neither was he accessible to people other than his appointed officers.

Presently Pakatan administration has not stabilised yet as apparently the MB has difficulty taking on his responsibilities fully as apparently he lacks the experience, knowledge and depth to understand/digest what the State Officers are trying to bring him up-to-date to.  They also lack quality leadership at mid-level down, and even have difficulty appointing Ahli Majlis.  Some areas have also been neglected because they simply had been no Ahli Majlis assigned to take care of them.

Well, that's the latest I have from someone who has actually recently been on the ground in Johor, the once tiang seri of Umno.

I was last there during the election. So, I can't comment much on it myself.

Today is Friday again and I'm going outstation later this evening.

I'm planning a quiet weekend outside KL. But not in Johor as I don't have the heart to go there for now.

Hope you all have a good weekend too.

Here, enjoy this zapin Johor. The singer is from my hometown.



  1. "Rakyat simply believe whatever misinformation they were fed and blocked anything coming from Umno. The Pakatan campaign was based on lies, misinformation, twisted facts won the election for them and Umno/BN had no chance."


    Yes, Very Neutral Annie.

    You Umneutral (ha ha) bloggers please keeping swallowing your own bullshit.


    Might make you feel better?

    You mean despite 100% control over Media Prima, TV3, Bernama, several very overpaid prostitute bloggers,
    the police (who kept arresting whistleblowers for sedition), SOSMA, and a rushed Fake News act, Umgnok had no way of pushing their deception?

    I guess you must feel as bad as we do that after spending hundreds of millions, Umngok-BN was left with 36% of the popular vote…ohhhh what a waste of money.


    Actually Annie, your pink-lipped Bugis god you sembah ten times a day had a perfect way to get rid of “misinformation” - just sue the pants off the more than 100 global papers who published coverage of the 1MDB money trail.

    In 2015, he was supposed to sue the WSJ “next Tuesday”, kan?

  2. What is "misinformation"?

    It's basically facts that Umgnok can't rebut.

    Annie, if you need educating, go through the 136-page DOJ report on your darling MO1.

    A few highlights:

    1) Transactions from Prime Minister Najib’s AmBank account 211202211906 reveal that one of the beneficiaries of this money, which came from 1MDB subsidiary SRC International, was his son. On 4th July 2014 RM200,000 was cashed out to Nor Ashman Razak.

    2) On the SRC credit card (hence, money from KWAP): EUR750,000 (RM4.091 million) at an Italian branch of Swiss-owned jewellery store De Grisogono (in one visit) and USD130,635 (RM534,297) at Chanel in Hawaii (in one visit).

    3) From same account, RM167,959.50 spent at Signature Exotic Cars Sdn Bhd on 28th June 2011; RM104,110.69 at Telagamas Motors Sdn Bhd 26th Sept 2012; RM947,178.70 at Angkatan Hebat Motor Sdn Bhd 9th October 2012; RM105,000 at Naza Quest Auto Sdn Bhd 17th December 2012; a staggering RM2,496,000.00 at Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd on 27th February 2013 and another RM146,801.30 and RM155,779.00 also spent at Edaran Tan Chong on 7th February 2014 and 23rd September 2014 respectively.

    This is forensic evidence.

    Not "misinformation".

    Unless of course, 7 countries conspired to frame him, and made it all up?

    You people need to up your tadika-level game lah, Annie.

    After winning 36% of the vote for your paymasters (except Annie - Unpaid & Very Very Very Very Neutral), you can't even defend him now.

    Keep supporting the thieves, it's the best way to get the public on your side.


    Kipidap, dongibab : )

    1. Anon 14:14
      Wow.. tepok tangan semua.

      Hmmm semua bukti kejap sudah ade you tunggu ape lagi?

      Hadam dan hafal;

      12/222 = 5.40540541%

      La aaa macam gendang kosong aje you ni..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Nazi lemak, kau gila ke ? Cakap macam orang gila. Real nutcase

    3. Prof Nasty Berak = sentiasa off topic

    4. Alahai ... tak habis2 12/222.
      Ni hadam dan hafal..( sorry la ye guna style ko jugak).
      12/222 = 1 PM + 5 Menteri + 6 Timbalan Menteri.
      Ni tak nak cerita parti Abang Mat yang 11/222 ke...sama hebatt....


  3. PS: If you want to know what will happen to Johor, look at what happened in Selangor.

    Najis Tong Rosak put 300% effort into winning back Selangor.

    First, he got the EC to move all non-Malay voters to superhuge constituencies (e.g. D’sara with 170,000 voters vs Putrajaya with 17,000.). This dilutes the power of Oppo votes.

    Then he got the EC to shift Malay voters to constituencies where they were under-represented, e.g. 8,000 shifted to Lembah Pantai.

    Then he got Jamal Jamban to play up race issues and buat kecoh non-stop.

    Then he played politics with the palace to win support.

    Then he ordered his lackey Hadi Ah Wang to ensure that PAS split the Malay votes in the areas where PKR was strongest.


    Najis Tong Rosak got fucked very, very hard in the backside by voters in Selangor.

    51 out of 56 seats, beb. PAS wiped out. Umgnok left on life support.

    Till the day I die, I can promise that Umgnok will not regain Selangor.

    The more educated the rakyat are, the more your outdated tactics will fail.

    You will see the same happening in Johor, too.

    Seems the bloggers & the party are stuck in the past.

    Good, stay there : )

    Heh heh heh.

  4. Wake up UMNO and it's supporters, the rakyat didn't ditch you because of Pakatan's "lies, misinformation, twisted facts", they ditched you because you were arrogant and corrupt and you acted like you were untouchable. The faster you accept this fact and improve on all your shortcomings the faster you will gain back the rakyat's trust.

    1. Anonymous27 July 2018 at 14:23

      You're 100% right but don't expect umno to wake up look at their "new" leadership and you realize they are going backwards, not forwards.....

  5. Annie,

    Methinks it is all the usual self denial by UMNO folks in Johor.

    What can I say?

    //Najib is not doing what Mahathir and gang are expecting him to do,//

    Najib and Rosmah CANT leave Malaysia. They are barred from doing so.

    //Presently Pakatan administration has not stabilised yet//

    This is probanly true but come on lah, 1st time in 60 years, and it has been less then 100 days.

    I keep saying that it takes a MINIMUM of 3 years for any meaningful results to be seen.

    Most of the corporate planning I have been involved with, look at 3-year or 5-year timeframes.

    Sorry lah, but this is how we play in the real world with real money, OK,?

    But I suspect I am not telling you anything new :)

    //Some areas have also been neglected because they simply had been no Ahli Majlis assigned to take care of them.//

    Just as we insist that Pakatan be given some leeway in finding their footing in Putrajaya, I think we shoild bagi chance for UMNO here.

    UMNO has never been in opposition and they have no idea what to do.

    Previously. whilst in power, such matters as Ahli Majlis are inconsequential. Any and all problems can be solved by ringing up Putrajaya.

    But, give UMJO a bit of time, and they will figure out something.


  6. OMG! Typical umno denial syndrome. People voted umno out bcoz they are corrupt to the core, full of scandal and the pinnacle of it was kleptocracy at its worst. Ahli umno please stop being so stupid and blind. Accept it so that you can change and reform unmo. KJ and many other umno leader said it themself that they throw their support behind Najib blindly and its too late to save umno. They are to be blame too. So please Ahli totok umno do not try to outsmart your leaders by giving irrelevant excuses. Do not shame yourself and umno further. Do not treat yourself as a fool where your leaders want you to. Shame them the corrupt leaders if you love the Party. Thats the right thing to do for reforms sake.
    I myself actually have no problem supporting BN or any other Party as long as they are not corrupt ,not racist and moderate in religious issue.

    1. "People voted umno out bcoz they are corrupt to the core, full of scandal and the pinnacle of it was kleptocracy at its worst."

      correct correct correct.

      The more umno refuse to swallow reality, the more they will be rejected.

      Actually just re-start umno by migrating members to Bersatu, lah.

      Same colour same platform less corruption.

      In computer language, REBOOT.....

  7. "Well, that's the latest I have from someone who has actually recently been on the ground in Johor, the once tiang seri of Umno."

    Alhamdulillah...the machineries of umno are very accurate always.....their blogger are also BEST at predictions.....

    Here is fugitive bankrupt mat salleh RPK......actual words:

    "So those are my seven reasons why Barisan Nasional will win GE14 versus’s seven reasons why Pakatan Harapan will win GE14. And I am placing a bet that I am right while is wrong. And I challenge to put its money where its mouth is and take that bet. can name the lawyer to act as our trustee for this bet and once it places its RM100,000 bet with that lawyer I will also do the same and the day after Polling Day the lawyer can pay that RM200,000 to the winner.

    I also invite anyone who wants to make easy money to join me in that bet and walk away with 100% profit in just five or six weeks or so."

    Not a good bet for bankrupt to make?

    And he will be even more bankrupted after that bet.

    So I guess "on-ground" = "syiok sendiri"

    1. RPK is a joke.

      Always was, always will be lah.....

  8. Annie
    Johor ni pemimpin PH letak kerbau or lembu.. means nothing la.

    Sekadar nak naikn within next 5yrs gaji minima to RM1.5K, tak payah dok kalut2 sgt semua tu. Many not interested.

    Majority sana minda skrg SGD la. ...nasi lemak rendang SGD2.00, belly belly cheap
    ...Ron 95 = sgd 0.74 aduhai
    ...Ron 97 = sgd 0.85 aduh

    Just make sure PH leaders cuci jalan2 longkang2 angkut sampah2 kasi bersih2... sedia kemudahan enak2 ya.. so Msian workers can bring home their money and spend in Johore.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Professor Nasty Berak

      Give up lah bro. Kalo ko x pandai "cybertroop", toksah cuba lah bro....FAIL 2 da max....malu ler hehehehe....pi minum RON95 kurang manis ooooi

    2. Bodoh gila betul Nazi lemak ni. Bila nak masuk tanjung rambutan ?

    3. Anon 20:35, 00:57

      Johor mee bandung special with big prawns, sekok fresh sotong for only SGD4.. belly cheap.

      Rakyat PH kat Selangor/wilayah and Penang pasti pengsan klo guna SGD.. sini relax2 saja. Tambah2 lagi USD.

      No wonder PH dah menang semua sana masih in depressed modes, still insisted they witnessed cows with wings flying round the red moon last night.. kesian.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. 0/0

    Drive safe, kiddo.

  10. U r still de same old umno annie!U will never change...kesian

  11. Ms Annie,

    I am hoping that your blog could give alternative views on the current issues such as the recognition of uec, the government to fund private chinese school, the use of mandarin as official statements by government officials etc, etc..

    But! It's only about that beras article coming from one incompetent Lebai. Come on! Of all people that lebai ? Seriously ? Also, about petty little things...

    Hope your coming articles would be good next time.

    1. Harping on UEC recognition. ?? Despite DAP claimed to be a multiracial party, inside they are hardcore Chinese party.Shame on them for their hypocracy.

    2. Anon 21:21
      Go advice yr Minister la.. petty things like kasut hitam..

      Dengaq dia bg jawapn UEC dalam bahasa kebangsaan Mainland China?

      Macam nih.. sijil tu merata dunia tak iktiraf.. mungkin Taiwan and Mainland China kolej/Uni sikit2 aje terima.Tu pun Mandarin kat sana tak berapa sama dgn Mandarin speakers with sijil UEC.

      So how? Terpaksa menempek guna nama baik Kem pelajaran Malaysia (yg under BN dulu).. so Amoy and Akow dpt langkah jauh sikit belajaq kat Aussie/Canada/Europe etc..

      Masalah.. students ni pi further kat Mainland China pun Mandarin kena dok adjust2... apakan lagi Bahasa Inggeris..

      Pi belajaq sana nanti asyik jawab wa puk ci tau bila lecturers tanya dalam Bahasa Inggeris..

      Haiyaa.. sblum Merdeka dh ujud sek Cina.. apahal sampai sekarang itu DongdongZong tak mampu get their own recognition? Klo cakap berbuih2 ego riak macam tin kosong..

      Moo semua Hadam dan hafal;

      Professor Nasi Lemak


  12. The Johoreans deserved their choice ,they deserved a batter 'MB' but as usual thing does't always worked their ways as there is provision that has to be compromised.

    A change of government what was meant to be ,though had to agreed to choice of MB ,it's already a ways for the batter .

  13. Hi Annie,

    In the heap of the mountainous rubbish....this line..."Mahathir had no time for Johor despite all the indications of his distaste for the excess of the palace.......," jolts me.

    No time ? The yellow submarine fleet has already had its taste of how crafty the handsome old man can be.And he did it in a jiffy.

    Two horrendous slaps on both cheeks ......right cheek had the slap of cancellation of HSR while the left cheek had the slap of total abandonment over claims of Pulau Batu Putih.

    Now the yellow submarine fleet is sitting pitifully in a corner licking its self inflicted wounds and whining incessantly.

    Rasta Rules

    1. So true, PH has stuck their middle finger to the yellow submarine with cancellation of hsr. I dont understand why yhe yellow submarine think it is easier to handle ph than umno.i also dont think the yellow submarine has any influence on the rakyat proven by election result. I think it is a myth of their influence on rakyat.

  14. HI, Annie, I think the below is simplistic

    "Rakyat simply believe whatever misinformation they were fed and blocked anything coming from Umno. The Pakatan campaign was based on lies, misinformation, twisted facts won the election for them and Umno/BN had no chance. "

    It's like rather than feedback they are giving reasons that they want to hear.

    Felda, Mara scandals all happened, rising cost of living also is a fact. IMDB is a disaster and we are going to pay for it.

    Not sure the specific misinformation/s they referred to.

    Propoganda and misinformation - BN did a lot of this (as the accused PH of doing) but people no longer willing to listen, I can understand that. It was a repeat of stuff from the last 10 years

    On the Palace - ya, that's an issue, let's see what happens.

    Hopefully rakyat's grouses are listened and responded too by all concerned.

  15. Johor is TSM's playground
    He was sacked being vocaled on 1mdbb
    Boastful of collection of extra 40/50 Bs thru Gst implementation
    Gst is a consumption tax and the rakyat ultimately paid for it
    In tandem with the rising costs of goods , is time to boot out the govt
    How silly to tell the rakyat that the govt has managed to collect more tax from them
    There is no miscommunications within the hierachy againsts realities on the ground
    All decisions are docummented to facilitate post mortem


  16. 1. Annie is reporting what someone else said and sharing.

    2. Lots of guys predicting the future and extrapolating from the past, the seats are gerrymandered quite badly, so many seats menang tipis, a few hundred votes, it's definitely possible for PH to lose seats in the next GE based on current delination. It will have to depend on getting more seats in Sabah and Sarawak to provide cushion which it looks like it is planning to do.

    3. Voters are no longer affliated and loyal to a party, they understand their power now and can swing which way they like. I can envision a point where PH can fall out of favour. UMNO is not getting it's act together at this point, still on the old format, magnetic disk while everyone has moved to USD sticks. BN as an organisation completely sidelined. Revival of BN (not just UMNO) is the key and unfortunately BN the organisation is simply being ignored. But I can see a point where if someone focuses on BN as the brand (and not so much UMNO) and goes toe to toe with PH on good governance etc, there will come a point where people will feel fatigued with PH and see what the alternatives are.

    3. PAS is the power in Kedah, Kelantan, Terangganu, they did their own thing and it worked out. Did very well. I hope UMNO does not cater to competiting with PAS but focuses on PH. Interesting to see next round if any disillusionment with PAS and whether that disillusionment swings to PH or UMNO/BN (i.e. how badly damaged is the UMNO brand in these 3 states). Unless of course PAS and UMNO hook up informally and then whither BN.

    Lebai Sudin articles are actually quite good on food security and the responsibilities of Bernas, very pertinient questions on how the buyer of last resort on rice etc mechanism is going to function going forward - will see what the model they going to reveal will be.

    No one can predict the future and 5 years hence. Hopefully policies focussing on improvements in education delivery, lower cost of living, more affordable housing will be successfully implemented shortly and the rakyat those benefits.


  17. Also financially things not so rosy for PH, 20% oil royalty to various states, increase in dividends to offset shortfall from no more GST, Petronas will be under tremendous strain at a time our oil output is declining. The are balancing a very fine line they can fall over on.


  18. what is happening to last exco johor songlap, annie pls update...

  19. According to Annie The Neutral friends, misinformation means Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Keruak, Azalina Othman, Sharizat Jalil, Ahmad Maslan, Noh Omar, Jamal Jamban never existed in the first place. It was created by PH, its a myth, and the Malaysians using 3310 Nokia until todate and never leave Malaysia for the last 30 years.

    p/s: no wonder he/she is your friends.


  20. My take on this is very simple.UMNO need to focus on getting the Malay support.Of course people might argue that modern Malays are no longer feudalistics and have no respect to the monarchy (yours truly included).
    But UMNO have a well established networks that are unrivalled but any other parties except for Pas.
    UMNO is not a lost cause.People were angry but the anger towards UMNO and BN will not last forever.They have to earn a living.When they struggle to make ends meet they will feel the anger towards the government.And all of a sudden they realize the government has changed hands.
    UMNO has to capitize on this anger and turn the table to the new government.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. kangkung
      perhaps dumbos to also get support from CIA on how to topple democratically popular PH govt...

  21. Lol, this is what I love about Umno people. Keep living in delusion. What kind of misinformation are you talking about when you people keep dilly dallying the truth?

    Now, we know how fucked up we are because of umno, you think people would give a damn about how inconsistent PH is? Nope, by comparing to their 70 days reign and to your umno a--hole 9 years reign under najib, I still won't give a F to umno.

  22. Annie dearest,
    You are simply being disingenuous....assuming that Persons 1 & 2 are not the products of your cloudy imgination, you're still somewhat slime-worthy in your purposeful intent to ignore the humongous wooly mammoth in the room, that is the corrupt and toxicly divisive Najib administration was. I choose to call it democracy at work in Johor, vis a vis the will of the people that wanted an alternative to BN. Surely that isn't so difficult to figure out, is it now? The Johor royalty interference and UMNO having lost their presence at grassroot level are merely background noises, secondary to the mother of all reasons of CORRUPTION.

    You're far from that sensistive, neutral and apolitical blogger that you wish to portray yourself as, for you have yet to write anything truthful or factual about the misdeeds of Najib and his gang of 40 thieves. In the face of so many exposes of Najib and gang's numerous misdeeds, you do gave an impression of being a selective or a cherry-picking political blogger/commentator and for that, I do want to risk labelling you an intellectual bankrupt and a hypocrite to boot.

    As a matter of fact, I never wanted to bother commenting on your postings, but much to my dismay, Malaysia Chonicle has to include your article to their array of articles, I simply am compelled to not let you slither away on this one.

    Fatt Ding