Thursday 5 July 2018

Sympathy for Susanna and others at SPAD

This is quite unfortunate,

Gloomy days for SPAD staff

excerpts 1;

Around 30 per cent of the total current workforce of SPAD throughout Peninsular may not be absorbed into the new agency APAD (Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat), Road Transport Department (RTD) and Transport Ministry.

excerpts 2;

Back then, the announcement by Loke was greeted with huge sigh of relief among the commission staff. Today, the sombre mood in the commission’s headquarters is obvious.

I'm really sorry for the SPAD staff, especially those who are going to lose their job.

It's always not good to know that people are going to lose their job.

People got family to support, after all.

I can imagine the distress of losing my job and not being able to fulfill my responsibilities.

I'll probably end up doing this sort of things to earn a living if I lose my job;

Whatever it is, I do wonder why they have to make life hard for those SPAD people.

SPAD is after all not really a political agency like Jasa, that it needed to be shut down by the new PH government.

I'm quite sure some of the SPAD people who are going to lose their job voted for PH in GE14.

Well, that's just too bad for them.

Guess, they are whom PH people described as collateral casualties.

Personally, I don't think SPAD is doing a bad job.

They even promptly responded and acted on this posting of mine in March;

A terrible bus service


Hi Annie,
This is Susanna and I am an officer from SPAD. We have come across your blog post and have already proceeded to file the complaint as well as initiate investigation on the bus driver as well as the company. However, we would appreciate if your friend could get in touch with us if there is a need for further details to be added in this case. She can get in touch with SPAD through our Hotline SPAD 1800-88-7723 or e-mail

Thank you
  1. Hi Susanna
    Thanks to you and SPAD for responding to my posting. I will alert my friend about your request to get in touch with her. Cheers.
I hope Susanna and her friends at SPAD will be strong in facing this challenging time.

I pray that they will not face too much hardship.


  1. wrong statement... is it a Q or statement to say SPAD is a political entity or not... BUT it is a Q of "duplication".. there is already RTD in place.. eventually even APAD.. will merge into one.. APAD created just to buy time, to minimize shock of dissolving SPAD (which is it can only cater 70% of SPAD workforce)

    SPAD was create due to what urgent requirement again? What is it that SPAD did so well since it was created that differentiate it from other gomen agencies? err.. see... if there was one, BN would have highlighted and no problem bcoz if it is true.. no one will dispute... the reason why BN didn't even bother was there were nothing of note from SPAD... now you expect PH to maintain duplication for the sake of status quo? (when even BN is hard press to justify SPAD?)

    See - some else has to cleanup the mess..

    1. Says the person who has zero knowledge on public transport. Dei, takde inti jangan cakap. Buat bazir air liur, cari dosa. Nuff said.

    2. So sad malay political appointees lose job

      It’s not my fault though, directly or indirectly

      Jho Low

  2. Annie
    Don't be too negative.. bukan dMalaysia sja kita bole cari makan.. alahai nasi lemak rendang kat sini sekadar USD1 apa la sangat????

    There are many opportunities outside. Byk good and reliable agencies2 tht can help find them jobs, our graduates very laku wan.Get them to spread their wings and explore elsewhere.

    Balik kampung tanam sayur pun can make money..

    ....don't expect too much esp from this new gomen. Kerja asyik dok buang orang, its not a secure and healthy place to mencari rezeki. Gaji pun berapa duit sja they can afford to pay you???

    Esp top2 PH leaders semua minda toktua2 dah ketinggalan zaman. Nothing much we can learn from them.

    My kids n their age group friends hardly know who Tun, Anw, Zeti, kit siang, eng guan or Daim bla bla.. ask them about jeff bezos, bill gates, zukerberg, vitalik etc etc at their fingertips, these are the leaders they follow closely much they can learn from them. Semua mereka diperantauan and doing good!

    Rasanya these next 4yrs we will not progress much.. dont wait and dont waste your time. The skies the limit.

    Tips.. layari job opportunities in United Nation..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. You can lick my bottom
      It’s a job vacancy at the moment
      Those people at macau are lousy at it, Malaysian people always know my tastes like

      Jho Low

  3. i hope Susanna is not effected.....and all of them who voted ph are effected....hahha

    1. That Susanna kat atas look very beautiful.Kalau dia masih single, inform ye...

  4. ph is so over rated.

  5. Professor Nasi lemak,
    I am impressed with your arguments.You have a flair in writing.Let us work together to dispel any misinformation spread by the PH supporters in this blog.We can work hand in hand.By the way,I have not seen prof sawi for quite some time.I hope he/she is doing ok.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. hahhaaaha…sound pretty good. Nasi lemak n kangkung tats a perfect combination. Cant agree more on dis. go pro nice n proper. cant help to see ur additional weight of intelligent around here. hopefully theres no more misusing stupidities …u cant be clown profs here.
      i am all along with ph.…n celebrate big time when we won. but when i take myself to empathising it, i also take a little to switch my prospective to d loser side. tat is d like of.. maybe u people got yanked at some point to do bad things. bad days happen. buddha say karma. Islam say fitrah. something like jahat dibalas jahat. mmm…just like tat…maybe not? mbe much heavier than tat.
      so i think, empathising with d loser is not beyond understanding. i understand how d bust came….. umno got down sized…..d losses came like dominos….too many cracks…to much stress…too much lost of respect ….too low ds esteem. they lost so much of themselves tat many saw there is no other way out.

      i can see d pain. dis is reality. wish u all d lucks to walk it out.

    2. Anon 18:35
      Amboi sebut Karma?? That means puluhan tahun kamu dok ke pembalasan karma nampak gayanya?? Kekeke

      Itu Karma sekarang just testing2 kasi you sikit cahaya.. so behave yourself. Be good, start changing for the better okay..Nanti itu karma marah sama lu again... haiyaa mayak susah nanti

      Alahai, UMNO mana kalah?. We are as strong and as united as ever. Kasi relax2 sikit, lama sangat having to care of you people.. skrg we can go touring2 amik angin..

      Sekarang you all better work hard tau. Jangan malas2. Takmau lasuah2 tamau ajak2 minum teh.. kerja kuat2 macam kerbau tau.

      Tapi itu berjela2 janji2 jangan sekadar janji kelentong ya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Najib promised lots for Malaysian people in ge13

      But only a fraction of them come true
      So why are you acting all high and mighty?

    4. BN is my hero
      UMNO is my champion

      PH is a monster, evil you know? Evil...

      Jho Low

  6. What's the big deal? People lose their jobs or retrenched or down-sized allover the world everyday.
    PKHKC Melayu's sense of entitlement is never-ending. A nice product of 60 years of NEP dedak.

    1. How long can you keep the euphoria over the arrest and the trial of Najib?
      After a while people have to gave daily grind of life.When the cost of living keep on rising despite no gst,when the Banglas are still around,when the unemployment among youths including graduates keep on rising the level of dissatisfaction will keep on rising.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. PKHKC Kangkung with his warped logic again.
      Sorry hor, those PKHKC graduates are useless regardless of the state of economy.
      They are dissatisfied PRECISELY because of their bloody sense of entitlement created by Ketuanan.
      Yes, salary is RM3k and they go and buy a used BMW and then pump RM5 at the petrol station. Why? Must look good mah, inside pocket got no money never mind la but hey, must look good ok?
      You know what is the term "sambung bayar" in the used car trade?? Guess how many % of those are YOUR people.

      Oh, they love to play the victim when things don't go their way.
      Ya, when got no money, lose job, then kao peh kao bu blame the gomen, blame DAP, blame the Pendatang, blame their fucking grandfather also... but hey, there's nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong with them.

      The world does not owe you a living, certain the country doesn't either.

    3. The machinery of najib is still in place

      Unemployment is caused by najib rule

      Why pakatan is wrong for najib mistakes?

    4. Unemployed degree students is PH fault in the first place

      They should have solved it since ge13
      So lousy la.. tak boleh pakai punya orang
      Nyampah aku!

      God! These PH people are annoying

      Jho Low

    5. Anon 22:39
      Kamu nih macam bisness 2nd hand car aje? Tak laku ke? Macam banyak berhutang dengan Along cara kamu nih..

      Cheer up la bruder, you should be rejoicing with joy with PH win. Kan "ne" Malaysia, "new" harapan.. tapi the way you behave macam you takde HARAPAN. Kesian pula.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. They are collateral damage . Blame on those who vote PH.. at least you know your enemy. Pity the Umno party. It is also collateral damage brought about by Najib. If they kick him out before PR14 BN will still be in power. And umno members still don’t get it and still support him. If I am umno member I will throw rotten eggs at him every time I see him.... lollllllll

  8. Truth is spad is not needed at all. Close relative of mine from higher ups in jkr has said so loooong time ago.

    It is previous gov decision to establish spad. For wht reasons one can only imagine. I have heard some the unfavourable version too.

    For me it is commendable tht the new gov tried to absorb as many as they can but the truth is our countrys in deep shit financially. Yet the gov is being humane about it.

    So the next time the new opposition might wanna think about the weight of their actions instead of thinking about their pockets. U know, the mantra whts in it for me ?

  9. Annie,

    It is indeed unfortunate that people will probably lose their jobs.

    Perhaps the government can create an agency of some sort which helps displaced govt employees find new jobs.

    I do feel that we don't have much choice but to try and reduce some of the duplicity found right across the board in many govt departments.

    Just a thought though.

    If some 30% of jobs are duplicated between SPAD, APD, RTD and the Transport Ministry, this suggests to me that SPAD appears to be over staffed.

    I wonder if the previous UMNO/BN govt had been creating govt agencies just to give people an artificial jobs which lead nowhere.

    I dunno.


  10. Good riddance to bad rubbish...SPAD

  11. 1mdb songlap is still a taboo subject or subjudice, dumbos or annie dare not mentioned it :(

    1. Imagine you’ve engaged and awarded a contractor to renovate your office. For some strange reasons, you agreed to pay the contractor according to “calendar dates” instead of the project’s progress. In other words, you had agreed to generously pay even if the contractor does zero work. The job was supposed to be completed in 3 years.

      Yet, a year later, you had paid 88% of the total cost. The best part was the contractor had only delivered 13% of the renovation jobs. In what situation do you agree to such arrangement? Both the office and money were not yours, of course. You were just the manager who conspired with the contractor to make handsome profits from the project.

      So, one fine day, the corporate office sent an auditor to audit your account and found out the outrages hidden project. It was hidden because you had categorised it under “red files”, meaning only you and your secretary can access it. When the flabbergasted auditor asked for explanation, you simply answered that all laws and relevant procedures were complied.

      You also tried to beat around the bush by throwing some big names, possibly with an intention to intimidate the auditor. You said the renovation project was negotiated directly with a foreign company. You claimed that the foreign contractor agreed to purchase some goods from your company therefore, it’s alright for them to take 88% of your money but only delivered 13% of the jobs.

      Macai UMNO bodoh orang neutral pun bodoh

    2. Jangan siasat 1mdb
      Tak Sopan langsung
      1mdb ni Macam rumah, orang tak jemput jangan Masuk pulak
      Orang tak jemput pun masih masuk rumah orang
      Adab melayu kena jaga

      Jho Low

    3. dumbo tipu melayu adoi

  12. Chinese construction company looking for workers to shovel shit.
    Please send your application to
    BTW, No fucking tea break (you think what?)

    1. Anon 22:46
      Your forefathers who came here must have worked for Tuan Mat Salleh as their bucket collector isit?

      Cannot shake off tht "word" from your mind?

      Saya peghati many PH supporters ni banyak masaalah mental dalaman, so deeply rooted.

      Hope menteri kesihatan baru to please look into this tragedy.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. @ PKHKC Nasi Lemak
      My great grandfather was a farmer.
      So go fuck off and eat shit.

    3. Anon 17:35
      Told you so.. macam mana sekali pun payah nak buang.. dia tambah yg satu lagi **** word pula dah!... suspicious maybe great grandmama oso had to service the British or Japanese soldiers while great grandpapa use **** as manure for his vege plots!

      Of cis after bucket collection??

      Haiyaaaa is this the people in new New Malaysia we want?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. A healthy country must have a vibrant economy with a lot of private sectors contributing taxes to the government. Too many government agencies, government workers are not sustainable. You cannot have 30% private sector sustaining 70% government. In fact should be 70% private workforce sustaining 30% public workforce.
    How to generate and attract FDI? Open up more tourism, create knowledgeable workforce so foreign companies can come and hire our workers, open up new digital economy or participate in digital economy and create many small and medium size biznes with several large ones with public and private partnership.
    The cabinet ministers need good advisorial and competent staffs to advice them to stimulate a healthy economy for the country.

  14. let parlimen talk about 1mdb songlap, let see Bodoh Nasional dumbo youth can stop parlimen meh wakakaka

  15. Why bother so much about SPAD when billions have been swindled by Najib ?

  16. dumbos busy defending MO1 songlap :)
    no attacking LGE :(

    1. Lge n mo1 both corrupt. They both deserve the same fate

  17. & u think JPJ can do a better job? Welcome back to the dark ages

  18. 1/n

    Humans generally want to be useful and productive to society and family. Being able to do so gives meaning and justification and provides for personal dignity. So losing their jobs removes that.

    A good education system which also includes self-uplifting motivation and an acute realization of realities helps when facing such a dilemma of losing one's job.

    In the past forty years, the risk of losing one's job has increased. It hits harder those who have consigned themselves to be just pegs in the wheel of enterprise. They go through the 9to5 motions and drown their boredom in food and tv at the end of another humdrum day. Then one fine time, some will sit back, look at the mirror and ask what they could have done better. Not much will be the answer.

  19. 2/n

    That's the micro view of the individual. At the macro level, things get a bit more complicated.

    One, two wrongs don't make one right. Where we are with Spad today, and thousands of other government-linked entities, is because of two wrongs.

    The first says that no organization should employ more than needed to operate. The number is a moving target. If the organization expands its role because of market demand, then of course more may have to be recruited to meet that market demand. If the organization's role is itself redundant because staff in other organizations under the same umbrella can do the same job, then the earlier decision to recruit more will lead to exactly the situation that Spad is facing today.

    The decision to retire the 30 percent must have been made with great pain because everyone knows of 1/n. For if it was not made, the other 70 percent would in due course be also affected since the budget cannot increase when viewed against the austerity measures which must take place because of the toxic debts that are now affecting the health of the central national combined fund available for annual bursary disbursements to all entities of which Spad is one.

  20. 3/n

    Indeed, the most dangerous macro threat is everyone falling into a vicious cycle. One bad triggering another until all get hit by the risk of non-sustainability. Which is the second factor in policy-making.

    When we look at manpower demands for an entity, what are the first questions to ask?

    (a) right candidate for the right post at the right time;

    (b) productivity and throughput;

    (c) continued relevance against upcoming changes in market demand for the services rendered plus changes to mode of service delivery;

    (d) rising total legacy costs as more staff add to future budgetary needs; such legacy costs will include increments, bonuses, statutory contributions, maternity leave allowances, healthcare provisions which increase with age, unionized demands, declining productivity with increasing age, and a host of other factors.

    In short, it is not just about helping out with social reengineering alone whenever one can. It is also about making sure the entire economic ship does not flounder but continue to move smoothly so that the total economy can run well-oiled enough to generate new opportunities as buffer for those who will lose their jobs.

  21. 4/n

    We are in a more socially riskier situation than other countries because our civil service sector has been by policy made a central and communal employment safety net on partial belief that anyone who gets a job and thus a salary will be one more a consumer that is needed to beef up the market.

    Alas this is only one side of the equation. Because the money that pays for that half-nonproductive post could well have delivered twice the productivity of another post needed one hundred percent to lift the economy faster in order to afford jobs for half-productives. If for one organization, magnified thousands across the land.

  22. 5/5

    I can write more but the above was just off-the-cuff and i am hungry but cannot digest Prof Nasi Lemak's breakfast so i will have to wait to see what Annie will be dishing out.


  23. 6/6

    Almost pengsan now...but die-die must try for Annie.

    In the private sector, people brace heavy traffic to meet deadlines just to submit proposals in the small hope that it will lead to a small contract that will help tide the cashflow so that everyone in the enterprise family can continue another month and bring home enough to pay the next mortgage installment for the cubicle that is their roof, or the monthly repayment of their vehicle, or the weekly bills of their groceries, or the loans of their education. There are some who have to sit squinting at cells of their huge excel spreadsheets, day in day out, from eight in the morning to ten in the evening, sundays included, overtime non-given. Such a regime, such a stress - can kill. And should in the rare occasion they get some bonus at the end of the year because the board has somehow not blown the profits on bad investments, they can sigh a relief that another year has passed. They don't have the luxury of those civil servants who have a surfeit of national holidays enjoyed without a care, nor so much free time, a tv set is put in the common office for them to pass time when citizens are not around.

    So..mode of delivery. What if in this new era of cloud computing everything is delivered and processed online? What will happen to the brick-and-mortar world of civil service delivery, for that matter private sector service delivery? We have seen it taking root in the banking sector. And when industrial production goes Manufacturing 4.0, what will people be doing to make a living in order to be relevant to the world markets on which everyone depends for their livelihood, say twenty years down our road? How are we going to re-tool everyone with new work skills relevant to the world markets?

    And we are still focused on only being annoyed for a political and personal end that our national language which can only be understood by 300 million people in archipelagic Malaysia-Indonesia out of a total population of 7 Billion humans on this planet most of whom can be our buyers and knowledge suppliers if only we can make ourselves understood to them?

    What is happening now? Malaysia was once touted a roaring tiger of Asia. Now, more or less a pussycat from a Tom & Jerry cartoon, tail toasted. So does that make us again an emerging market?

    Yesterday, the following appeared:

    " Emerging markets have been hit by the combined effect of a stronger US dollar, tighter international liquidity and rising trade tensions, causing their currencies to fall more in the last few months than in the 2013 “taper tantrum”.

    The big fear for EMs is that the end of easy money creates a giant margin call. The key drivers of the current sell-off are:

    1) Consistent statements by the US Federal Reserve that it will stick to (and perhaps even accelerate) its fairly hawkish monetary policy stance.

    2) Quantitative tightening is shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet, causing a dollar liquidity crunch outside of the US. This trend is being exacerbated
    by the US expanding its fiscal deficit, which will suck up excess dollars that have hitherto been available to foreign borrowers on easy terms.

    3) Fears of a US-led trade war has spooked investors in EM assets, who worry that trade-dependent emerging economies will be the biggest losers if global supply chains are unwound due to rising tariff barriers."

    Stuff like this will join all the stuff on 1MDB and Umno and Najib that will come out when one searches say 'prospects for investment in Malaysia' in one of those databases like factiva, lexisnexis, capitaliq, mergent investext, eiu, viewswire, oxford-analytica et nauseum that are routinely used by potential investors of emerging markets.

    Do we even know what is really going on in the world vis-a-vis this country of ours? pengsan completely.

    1. dumbo2 tentu jerit2 atau royan2 - komen bahasa melayu wakakaka

  24. On may 26, Bohong Nasional MO1 kelentong economy remained strong with solid fundamentals meh so retrenched SPAD staff can easily find jobs OK...

  25. Since when Annie bothers about SPAD?