Friday 6 July 2018

Unfortunate rating of a Grab driver

I had wanted to get another Grab ride yesterday when the apps requested me to rate my previous ride.

It's the one I mentioned in this post,

I was a bit annoyed because I didn't feel like rating it.

But then again, I can't get another ride without doing so.

At first I had wanted to give just one star out of five for that ride because I really didn't enjoy the political sermon that the driver gave me throughout the ride.

Then I thought that would be quite mean. After all the car was clean and I reached my destination safely.

So I put two stars and submitted it.

However, the apps demanded for me to state my reason for giving the low rating for the ride.

I clicked on "others" and wrote a bit of "Please tell your drivers not to give unsolicited political lectures".

Really, it's so troublesome.

I wish Uber is still around.

Wahid Omar as an Uber driver back then. I don't think he gave political lectures to his passengers. 

It was so much more hassle free.

But seriously, why la people like that Grab driver have to force people to listen to such political lectures.

It's annoying, okay.

I know, I could have just told the Grab driver to shut up but I didn't like to take the risk of ending up quarrelling with him.

After all, I have bad experience with people like him.

They believe they were always right and those who are not with them are bad people....either Umno goons, racists or racist Umno goons.

Yup, I got those from people who commented in this blog.

I think many of you all PH people were quite nasty.

Either that or just plain condescending and annoying.

So, I rather not layan your comments too much.

The same case as that Grab driver.


I also gave political lectures?

Hello, if I did that, it's in this blog of mine which is my own little corner of the cyberspace.

I never force anyone to come here to read what I wrote, okay.

I didn't even try to promote this blog by linking it to Facebook or twitter or even getting other bloggers to include it in their blog roll.

Well, there are a few other things I would like to write about but I needed to get this one done first.

I was just irritated that I have to rate that Grab ride and forced to give it a poor review.

I simply can't give the driver a good review instead because I really don't like him forcing me to listen to his political views and propaganda.

Still, I don't like doing that to people, and that includes even those whom I don't like.

Hopefully my review wouldn't affect him too much.

I know that he's simply want to cari makan driving Grab.

Okay, I'll write some more later in the day if I have the time.



  1. only a PNB chairman, wahid omar also no right to give GST lectures to people OK

    1. But by lecturing people about GST he gets to keep his job and his super high pay and fabulous perks. So what if he annoys the hell out of those people who just couldn't stomach the pain they have to endure paying for the country's debt via GST !

  2. Another cerita dongeng from Annie hehe

    1. says an anon probably a stupid grab driver

    2. Annie u sign off with ciao but i think should be chao/chow. Doesnt matter how u spell it.

    3. It's "ciao".

      From Italian.

    4. The cerita donggeng is all start by herself and blaming others for her cerita donggeng. Haha... what a jokes!

  3. "I simply can't give the driver a good review instead because I really don't like him forcing me to listen to his political views and propaganda."

    Wow, Annie.

    You must have really enjoyed the previous regime and it's force-feeding of crap down everyone's throats, kan?

    How much coverage did oppo politicians get on TV3, Media Prima, RTM, and Bernama?

    Compare it to now.

    The most pro-Umno news outlet with large readership is M'kini.

    Yes, really.

    Ofen the coverage of Umno leaders on a given day is heavier than PH politicians.

    Guess that’s why Jibby spoke to them exclusively to get his excuses to the public.

    He doesn’t seem to rate TV3, Media Prima, RTM, and Bernama highly now.

    Much less, the bloga2 pelacur prepaid : )

    Or even the Very Very Very Very Neutral Unpaids?

    But we should all thank TV3, Media Prima, RTM, and Bernama as well as the bloga2 pelacur prepaid, for their excellent propanganda efforts that delivered 36% of the vote to BN.

    Power, beb!

    So I guess politics 2-way street huh Annie?

    Next time just enjoy the ride : )

    PS: I can tell you - next time take red & white taxi lah. Around 70% of the taxi drivers I know hate the current Umno. They are mostly Malays, too.

    But you can't give them any star ratings...hee hee! Just hand over the cash...peacefully.

    1. I'm a grab driver. I talk only when the rider starts talking. I talk on the subject he talks about, usually about my grab. I never dare to talk if they're quiet because as u say they may not like it.

  4. Poor Wahid.

    He was one of the smarter ones, and still got into huge messes with facts & figures.

    He shot himself right in the feet on the issue of BR1M, not even supporting the official line:

    Here is the gaping hole in Wahid's assertion, fully exposed:

    "Previously, the government boasted that BR1M had been given to those households earning less than RM3,000 per month, representing 5.2 million or 80% of all Malaysian households. Yesterday in Parliament, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Wahid Omar disclosed that the number of households earning less than RM3,000 per month only amount to 2 million, or 28.7% of all households. How did 3.2 million households suddenly clear the RM3,000 per month threshold?"

    After this, Wahid went into “elegant silence” on this point (don’t feel bad, Salleh Keruak claimed that half of all Malaysian families live below the poverty line. That is not what the EPU said at the time.)

    But his Uber driving was good, at least...

  5. "They believe they were always right and those who are not with them are bad people....either Umno goons, racists or racist Umno goons."

    You forgot...

    "Corrupt racist Umno goons"

    Please don't neglect them ya : )

  6. I know its not the same, but earlier u lamented on spad people now having lost source of income due to political reason

    Kinda like tht if u give the grab driver 2 star though :D

    Its freedom of speech yeah ?

  7. You should give him a piece of your mind.Tell him Grab came by during Najib's tenor and if it wasn't for him that driver wouldnt have income. Or standby with a headphone or pretend you are making a call.

  8. Wahid Omar does not have to give political lecture my dear Annie cos he was already fed very full by Najib then. He is one of the fat cats.

  9. Fyi, your review will get him a permaban by grab.

    1. what have you done, annie!!!

      you look like chinese what. how would he know you are neutral?

    2. I think Annie is an emotional anak dara tua who can easily get upset with situation which did not compliment her side :)

  10. Small matter itu Annie..lain kali cakap kat uncle to toksah cakap politik.Period.

    Myself kalau naik teksi atau Grab lazimnya suka cakap politik. Enjoy dengar their view on poltics of the country.

    1. Good answer bro.

      I was in a Grab going to Putrajaya 2 days before election.

      They driver had a very long conversation with me.

      He was Malay but I think slightly mamak blood. I can also tell he is hardcore BN supporter.

      He was asking me what is this 1MDB thing. He understands basics only.

      I explained in layman's terms.

      As he dropped me off I was closing the car door and (forgetting where I was) I called "Undi Tun bro!" to him.

      I got massive glare from the guys walking out of the ministry doors.

      The driver saw it and smiled and waved to me.

      Of course if this guy had told me he don't wanna sembang pasal politik, we can change subject very easily.

      Takde hal.

      After all, many other subjects to talk about!



  11. Some people just don't appreciate other view especially those who oppose their personal view .

    UMNO has been practicing that .

  12. sohai dumbo complained why MO1 is not charged with 2.6 billion songlap adoi
    wait lah 1001 charges as thick as kamus dewan will soon come & whack MO1 right wakakaka

  13. Argh sweetheart silly u , u hv juz deprived an uncle of a decent earnings. We hv tis kind of vry harcore ppls on both sides of the fence.

  14. Most humans like other ppls to sing their song. Sing tull they been too carry away in their dreams. I for one likes to hear the difference. When ppl criticise u n u will knows yr weaknesses n perfected it.

  15. Right thing to do, no one wants to hear ppl memebebel bout politics. It is annoying, good thing that grab can give rating n comments

    1. then u hv been in the wrong place in the first place . hiaks hiaks hiaks

  16. whilst sohai dumbos were donating money to help tabung MO1 billionaire, his son was in taiwan for jolly time with an actress adoi

  17. What has Wahid contributed towards the good of this country ? He didnt do anythimg in the midst of 1MDB fiasco

  18. Annie,

    That's the thing about you, you are honest to a fault.

    For example, you didn't like what the Grab driver was saying, so you gave him a two-star rating because that was what you really felt he deserved.

    You were asked for your opinion and you expressed your honest opinion.


    I couldn't do it - I have always given Grab drivers 4-stars no matter what.

    Perhaps it is because I always side with the working class and I want them to know that at least one person appreciates their effort in doing something for me, I dunno.


    1. Gladiator, I kinda agree with your sentiments.

      Between taking on folks trying to earn an honest, simple day to day living with low 4 digit salaries per month and some folks who get donations with eight or nine or more zeroes.... I think I know which one I prefer lar....

    2. You know, by giving drivers a 4 stars no matter what will also get them banned from the platform (on a slower basis). Drivers need to maintain a certain rating to continue driving. I sincerely hope your 4 stars no matter what is a typo.


  20. The quickest solution to the problem would have been a polite and terse reminder to the Grab-driver that you're not interested in his political opinions or political issues and you'd rather enjoy the ride quietly. You were actually encouraging his rant passively. What's wrong with you speaking up?

  21. Annie wasn't neutral at all she was juz being too sentimentals. :)

  22. Only in Malaysia some people symphatize with a thief.

    Don't go "innocent until proven gulty" on me. When a petty get caught, you have no sympathy for him/her at all. Same rule applies with najib.

    1. Anon 22:02

      Haiyaa.. hope your spouse anak menantu cucu cicit sedara mara dont go thru same fate as Najib... dituduh dihukum sebelum mendapat pembelaan sewajarnya.

      Just imagine someone just tuduh one of your family member as a rapist.. kasi tendang tumbuk pukul sampai lembik separuh mati baru bawa dia pigi police station, you syiok ini macam punya New Malaysia ke??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  23. Next time politely divert his rantings.. like

    " haiyaaa kita olang biasa saja, apa paham politics, thats why saya jual nasi lemak and you bawa teksi saja.. then you start promoting your gerai nasi lemak.

    Nah.. he may even introduce his many pax to your gerai..

    Kan lagi satisfying..

    Prifessor Nasi Lemak


    1. For once I agree with you here.

    2. Bila masa najib kena tumbuk ? Dah la dpt layanan hebat...baju lokap pun tak pakai.

      Satu lagi, nanti buatlah tabung derma utk semua pencuri semalaysia yg dituduh di mahkamah.

      What crap!

    3. "Bila masa najib kena tumbuk ? Dah la dpt layanan hebat...baju lokap pun tak pakai."

      Good point bro.

      Najib treated like royalty compared to what KBAB1's goons used to do to PH politicians...

  24. Annie and her fairy tale story agsin

  25. Good for u Annie.

  26. a dumbo bangsatwan drinking wine mocking new Msia so feudalistic ptui

  27. Thian Eng Low @ 6 July 2018 at 22:15,

    //I kinda agree with your sentiments.//

    Yah, I know, it is not very honest of me as such to give a false impression that the driver has done a good job even though he probably hasn't.

    But I do feel sorry for him/her having to slave away in what seems like a thankless job.


  28. I bet if the driver gave lecture against ph would u rate him 5 stars

  29. According to a report .. zahid's wife got rm500 million in her a.c. daughter's a.c. rm950 million . Can anyone tell us where's these money coming from ? Donation also ?

    1. dtrade
      According to a report...

      Haiyaa.. report siapa? Your cucu's father's grandfather's 4th wife's brother's classmate's niece's boyfriend' .. share la all those documents here.

      Then kita sama2 go and make police report based on these documents wan or not?

      I can oso say based on report from timbaktu media, your account ade RM1b.. this the New Malaysia Pakatan style of governing?? Can just say ...According to report?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  30. This is BS. The grab drivers will not do that cos the a bad driving will affect his ratings thus impacting his incentives and his income
    This probably to bad name grab. Ah Annie still got headache

  31. Najib's son partying & drinking wine in Taiwan with chinese actress after najib posted bail. Hidup Melayu! Pity those who donated to najib's legal fund. Hoodwinked by those UMNO goons

    1. fitnah lagi ke bro....

    2. Fitnah by pakatoong harapoong

      Jho Low
      Lady pleaser

  32. Dear Narcissistic Annie, so does your blog when spinning the real issues about politics nowadays. I rate you 2 of 10. Readers can say what they think about your bitching since its open to public reading.

    The Grab driver just being honest on his view so can you. Why the fuss then?

    You should keep your blog private so that you can only get ass licking comments, praising and your syok sendiri grandmother stories. Does that make sense? You need to practice what you have bitching all the time.

    1. What the fuss about? One is a rider who pays for a grab service was ask to rate for the service and so happen the ‘extra unsolicited disservice as in lectures’ was included in the service rendered. Macam ‘lebih sudu daripada kuah’, that kind la. So if the rider want to rate ‘2’, by all means go ahead. after all service paid already.

      Now the second part, i dont remember the blog writer charge the reader for reading the opinion n rantings?

      Do try to make sense n think through...

      Too much sudu daripada kuah nowadays.


    2. Anon 10:21, surely woman like Annie who likes to complain and whining all the time she can easily tell the Grab driver to keep his mouth shut. Not interested to chat or whatsoever. Why the fuss then?

      You take any public transport to get you from A to B vice versa. Rate on the services they provided. Save a little compassion in you.

      Do try to make sense n think through..

      Now what? Too much sudu daripada kuah nowadays dont you think so.

  33. What else can you expect Annie to do other than bitch, whine and being two faced ? She has to sell grandmother stories to divert all the negative attention on Najib & his family. Cari makan la otherwise she will suffer the same fate as Joceline of the Star.

    1. ada bukti ? mana bukti ?? bawa bukti atau jangan tuduh bodoh

  34. At risk of Annie losing her balance after reading this:

    The matter is not about the Grab driver or his political monologue.

    It can be seen as the Bad Habit. Remember the one the blogger said? The natural tendency to support the underdog.

    Using that bad habit, who is the real underdog,the one who suffers more in life?

    The Grab driver who has to ferry people around under stress from heat and jams for a pittance in order to buy his daily plate of mixed rice so as not to depend on his daughter, incidentally also named Annie.

    Or, the subject of his monologue, a guy born with a silver spoon with over a hundred million in cash in his residences besides a collection of expensive wristwatches and bespoke leather bags, one of which made from the skins sloughed from crocs up in the Himalayas.

    The Grab driver was making small talk to try and reduce his own minute-by-minute pain, no doubt. He knows he will get no promotion or increment or bonus or medical allowance in his life. It has not been easy for him and his Annie. He has no one to talk to everyday in his daily grind. He is an underdog of society.

    Just as a blog is a virtual reflection of the going-on's in the minds of the same society's members.

    That all said, could his monologue have been stopped so that the blogger does not have to think others are condescending when they are only exasperated with her (whom everyone actually loves to bits 'cos she's hot, and any hotter everyone will go down with pneumonic fever)?

    The solution is simple-lah. It's every woman's standard excuse to stop something - "'Bang, i've a headache tonight".

    Well, in his case, it would be, "Uncle, i've a migraine now and need to rihat sebentar" (Then flash those eyes sweetly at him in his rear view mirror).

    Any man driver will understand that line perfectly, and comply.

    On reaching the destination, the passenger alights after making a motion to feel her forehead, smiles one of those ruby-lips smiles (ruby, not pink) and thanks him for his understanding, handing over with a nod of the head in appreciation, a five ringgit note 'for Uncle to have a drink after this'.

    Only five ringgit to get back one's balance in life - priceless.

    Meanwhile...silver spoon's hotshot lawyer may just get to spring his client free from those first charges. The prosecutor and judge are in the cross-hairs. This is not underdog befitting the bad habit. This is overdog mongrel warfare.

  35. As a grab driver, he should know the ettique of being one. Know when to talk and when to be silent. Am a grabber myself and political subject is the least i want to talk about with my passengers. If they started I'll find a way to change the subject or just keep quiet hoping they will realize am not interested of talking about it.

  36. for more sensational news, perhaps some dumbos sell their houses for tabung najib (mo1 legal fees, hippo 1200 hairdo, nazif red wine, dll) :(

  37. Hey Annie
    Don’t forget to donate to #freenajib fund. We are world famous for being stupid donating to a guy who is responsible for the stealing so much money from the government. I don’t know what to say of this Malays from Umno which I think Annie you also belongs to this group. Don’t forget he also let China rip off all the assets in Malaysia. In years from now Malays will understand that it was the Chinese who gave 95% of the votes to kick out Najib and save the country from being sold off to China and become an army base of China. And they say the Chinese here are not patriotic .

    1. Anon 15:46
      Whats happening to you? Kalau tak silap project now flipped to "tangguh?". Kesian moo moo semua kena kelentong. So how now?

      Ade berita yg Tun is visiting China this August? .. kekekeke Bodoh sombong, moo moo tak nak ikut delegation dia nanti?..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Professor nasi lemak bodoh

  38. Tak susah.

    When an overfriendly driver starts chatting saya akan lelapkan mata pura-pura penat. After awhile dia akan diam. Dia pun faham. Habis cerita.

  39. please i hope u all give 5 star to driver if u arrived also a grab driver..if u know if one day 10 job and 2 from tht giving 1 star our account will be suspend.we dont know what u guys like.we are working as u all working..what u think if after 1 job u will be rating its too hard bro..kami pun cri mkn anak bini juge..harap faham la ye

  40. Not all grab drivers are like that. I myself am a grab driver and I never have any political canversation with my passengers.

  41. Annie...firstly you took a Ride in somebody's Private Car. That is his Car and you willingly requested it. GRAB is a Platform that provides Convenience to you and provides some means for the Driver to make Money. Giving 2 Star when he has served you well is Cruel. And talking Nonsense about your own Private space and Blog is Utter Nonsense as U are On Cyber space. If you must have Private Space to get a Notebook and write whatever u like. Talking about Politics is his Right as a Driver and you are asked about Rating him base of Service Provided. Please Grab a Taxi or Drive your Own Car if you are So Damn Bitchy about it. Please be more 4 or 5 Stars dont cost you money and that Grab Driver served you well. You are just being Difficult!

    1. That's just Annie...bitchy and emotionally childlike

  42. PH Dap hardcore gooks are a bunch of fags ... politics is just liked boxing ... as much as u liked to threw punches on ur opponent... u guys must also be ready to received punches also ... faggots

  43. a grabber not an independent driver. u cannot take fares whenever u want nit. u’r not ur own boss. u cannot plan ur own ur day n make money in a way u like it. u cannot work with other ride-sharing app…can u? yes u can make monet but its a contract for ur service…as u said it, convenience. so pelanggan here r not merely menumpang so free to give any rating.

    1. bad la. tats s'pose a reply to ariva 20.40. sori...was watchin w-cup. too excited..england wooonn!!!!

  44. Prof Nasi Lemak aka Unknown @ 7 July 2018 at 19:40,

    //im also a grab driver//

    I am truly shocked!!! No joke!!!

    I thought you were a middle-class Malay with a good job in some government agency or a GLC. I really did.

    Why are you a Grab driver?

    I would have thought that you believe UMNO has looked after the Malays so well in the last 60 years.

    You have had all the opportunities in the world laid at your feet, all the financial assistance you ever wanted for your every wish, all those universities built solely for your benefit, and yet you drive GrabCar?

    I am sorry to hear that your life is not as comfortable as I thought.

    FFS, why are you still defending an UMNO which has done nothing for you but made you drive Grab to supplement your normal income?? Assuming you have a normal income, that is.

    As a Grab driver, surely you must have met other Grab drivers who are Chinese and Indians as well.

    These Chinese and Indian drivers have received ZERO assistance from UMNO, have not benefited one bit from UMNO and are forced to drive Grab to supplement their normal incomes - some of them are even full time drivers.

    And YOU are EXACTLY like them!!!

    Don't you ever ask yourself why?

    When you are supposed to be so much better off due to all the help UMNO was supposed to have given you??

    Could it be that UMNO has given you nothing of any substance?

    That all that assistance and all those universities are meaningless? Useless?

    There is still hope - like many other young Malaysians, your children and your children's children will probably NEVER need to drive Grab under a Pakatan government.


  45. Not to worry if you're a Grab driver or passenger....belum 100 hari kerajaan PH sudah kencing sama kita..too many U- turns lol

  46. Grab drivers aren't suppose to talk to passengers unless necessary or spoken to. It is stated in the grab training.

  47. Mr Gladiator..

    Too emo.. most melayu dont get much as what you think

  48. Since when has Annie been so concerned and bothered with gays ? I thought Islam forbids homosexual relations

  49. Anonymous @ 8 July 2018 at 10:36,

    //Too emo.. most melayu dont get much as what you think//

    I know that.

    Why else would UMNO/BN be out of office today?