Monday 9 July 2018

Gays after Syed Saddiq's ass in new Malaysia

I thought this sort of things would not happen in this new and more liberal Malaysia,

Syed Saddiq’s aide quits amidst gay drama

The LGBT community must be very disappointed. After all, they had gone all out in support of PH.

Understandably, some of them had a little demo in front of the Youth and Sports Ministry building this morning over the matter.

They are definitely wishing they could fry Syed Saddiq's ass, among other things.


Numan’s supporters were also enraged with Syed Saddiq’s denial, insisting that he was discriminating against a member of the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transexual) community for not doing enough to defend Numan.
“Syed Saddiq may be straight but less of a man than a gay man for sure! Coward,” Betty Teh wrote on Twitter.
“I’m absolutely disappointed and disgusted with you Syed Saddiq. Your ministry’s website showed the list of your special officers which included an openly gay man, not that his sexual orientation has anything to do with his ability to do a good job,” Twitted Afiq Harraz.
I think Syed Saddiq should have at least defended his aide and not abandoned him like that.

After all, the guy  had worked hard for him in toppling BN/Umno.

Guess, it's the same old story in PH too - once you are deemed a liability, you are out.

Well, gay guys and gals, that's just too bad for you all.

No more LGBT votes for Syed Saddiq and gang in the next general election, I guess.

Okay, never mind.

Here's a song to cheer you all up,


  1. perhaps dumbos would fabricate sodomy 1 on saddiq...

    1. In the past, Mamakutty who had implicated Anwar on sodomy. I'll not be surprised if he will use the same MO on his rival Anwar using SS.

    2. Tell the brader to control his lust, everything then will be ok

    3. 19:21 you should control your asshole bcoz it speak like your mouth, looks like your face and think like you.

    4. Hehehe horny brader becomes rear admiral...

  2. SS is a spineless opportunist.
    I am not surprised.

    1. The lgbt issue is highly controversial in many countries, and Malaysia, for all good intentions has a religiously concerned constitution, isn't it?

    2. Annie should be happy, her fellow Umno opppsssss I mean Neutral Bloggers are also attacking him.

      Obviously he is going to be a prime target as Umno needs the youth vote they lost so badly.

      Problem is...

      ...the new leadership line-up of Umno is the same old, corrupt crap they had before.

      How lah macam tu?


  3. "The LGBT community must be very disappointed. After all, they had gone all out in support of PH."


    Annie, Annie, Annie.

    You are really, really shit as a psywar operative.

    Trust me.

    Walaupun very neutral, also very incompetent.

    My advice?

    Either follow your ponytail boss into retirement, or stick to your fun emo articles.

    Remember those?

    Boyfriend problems?


    "Why I'm too tired to write / no mood"?

    That's what you do best : )


    How come you never had any issues when Umno were anally raping the Malays over SRC, KWAP, Felda, TH, Yapeim and 1MDB?

    A lot of people kena liwat, beb.

    Even Anwar & this fired aide cannot f*** so many Malays in the ass as Umno did.

    Gold medal to Umno!

  4. Tell that to those UMNO goons Annie. Those UMNO fellas are the one protesting against the LBGT community and liberalism

    1. Annie should try to follow the lead of her fellow loser bloggers.

      She used to be a good parrot for Blog Captain, but he's posted 2 articles in the last 2 months.

      Maybe Annie can sembah RPK instead?

      Talk about how PH is anti-monarchy.

      Ikut jer ler Annie.

      After all, RPK is so effective right?

  5. Hey Annie,

    I so totally support you for highlighting this LGBT issue.

    We should focus on things that really matters in this country.

    Things like LGBT, foreign cook, lawyer speaking English, and so forth that the rakyat should focus on,

    Rather than focus on small-small things like Kleptocracy, Corruption, high cost of living, no jobs/unemployment and so forth.

    To solve the high cost of living, the rakyat can emulate the Bangala families, 5 families can share one flat. Sharing better and save cost.

    Thank you Annie, for not highlighting those small things like Corruption, Kleptocracy etc/.

    1. Bro

      Lifeofannie is pro corruption la

      Pro kleptocracy la

      Umno blogger tulen la


      Bullshit la

  6. It’s alright. He can’t please all the people all the time. If people got angry and upset with him then let it be. He doesn’t owe anyone anything. Right now, he’s holding a public office in conservative Muslims country. He knows people are watching him every move. What he said could become government stand so he has to tread carefully.

    He can’t afford to look too liberal and too open minded. It comes with territory. He can’t afford to offend his Malay Muslims base as well. Otherwise there’ll be massive voters’ backlash in the next GE.

    Being a politician from Malay based party, being a Malay Muslim and a product of Islamic university, he can’t help but has to be politically correct all the time. Being openly pro LGBT in a country like Malaysia, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. You will become an easy target. He can’t afford that at this early stage of his budding political career.


  7. Just one question Annie, are you OK with gay and lesbian ?.

    Syed Siddeq should have known , why choose a gay guys after all ?.

    1. Isn't that right Tebing? Doesn't our religion teach us to keep ourselves straight & to amar makruf nahi mungkar?

  8. Annie, your beloved party UMNO is ok with gays & lesbians or not ? Or will they hold demonstration against gays & lesbian?

    1. Umgnok is anti lgbt

      But they are ok with cheating lying n stealing

      Kimak betul

  9. gay lgbt will make rakyat hidup lagi susah dan melarat..adoi sweetheart..jaga sikit you punya standard kay! :-)


  10. Latest announcement from Syed Saddiq...BTN to be abolished.
    Great news & well done SS !

  11. Annie do you support LBGT?

  12. Such insignificant news
    .. Sounds like a slow news day huh Annie

    1. Lifeofannie x pandai spin la bro

      Sama standard w locky biru

      Mmg x bleh pakai langsung

  13. Its simple. He claimed its a set up. Maybe it is maybe its not.

    If its not then this is just a small matter. Gay or not it has nothing to do with work. Thts it. He shouldnt let it spiral into more than wht it is.

    Unless people ask sadiq about his opinion on gays, so tell them but its ur personal view

  14. Whoaa!!.. since SS screwed up (according to Annie The Neutral larr), i guess all those faggots must be switching allegiance to PAS and Umno right....yeahhh righttt..


  15. He was taken by surprise, Toktua gi hospital so was not around to whisper the right solution.

    Jepun kutip sampah kat stadium World cup 2018, tumpang glamour dia pun ikut sama. Sekadar nak jadi pak turut, nape ni???

    Haiyaaa.. skrg our kids tak kisah leaders from PH or Timbaktu. They look for leaders the like of vitalik buterin... ori, innovative, brilliant and full of new ideas.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Definitely they won't pick leaders from UMNO & PAS who are all hyprocites

    2. Anon 06:46
      Haiyaaa.. you ni lawak la

      Majoriti leaders in PH wr once heading BN la ape you cakap ni? Sorang, even as PM for 22 long years kekekeke hati2 satni you menghina BN terkena batang hidung mereka pula.

      Mayb kamu ni baru landing kat bumi Melayu ini so tak kenal mereka semua ni? Atau first time voter? Atau baru dapat IC biru? Suspicious juga kalau tak kenal katak2 ni semua who wr once leaders of BN and PAS.

      Even Siddiq, entah2 dok merangkak lagi when Tun was PM. Having HERD mentality, apa sja toktua feeds him, itu sja la dia tau.. Google nak merisik pasai Perwaja Trengganu pun he can hardly get much info..

      No wonder Siddiq aiming to get 18yr olds to become voters.. entah ape dia nak kelentong budak2 ni semua nanti?

      Anyway, I think he is only good for the Toktua2 yang majoriti, soon akan menghadapi Alam kebudak2an.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Prof Nasi Dedak, boleh komen sikit tak aktiviti maksiat anak Najib di Taiwan

    4. Anon 19:05
      Owh yg gambar dTaiwan? I was not there so not able to comment.

      Is he a celebriti? So barangkali dia tgh filming drama James Bond? Atau saja2 nak excite PH mooos.. all kan sll excited baca berita2 sensasi? Any new stories pasai kucing2 Najib?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Haha, prof nasi dedak has been stuffed with so much dedak that only knows how to talk cock...

    6. Saya nak berhubungan seks dengan bontot perempuan celebrity taiwan sambil minum todi mengunakan wang rakyat yang berkerja bertungkus lumus untuk Sara hidup keluarga

  16. So much LBGT bs. Why dont people even talk about baby throwing, single mothers suffering, child marriages and oh, THE BASTION OF ISLAM, where cases of incest, rape and HIV are highest?

  17. Annie Dearest,
    Pray tell, which party would indeed support the LGBT community?
    UMNO?? PAS?? Would you then write an article here to state someone from UMNO threw his/her LGBT aide under the bus, when the poor LGBT aide finally realised that he/she is viewed no differently by the UMNO folks?

    Frankly my dear, you have to be consistent, lest you look like a real fraud.

  18. Annie,

    //The LGBT community must be very disappointed. After all, they had gone all out in support of PH//

    The LGBT community must be crazy to think that they would be immediately accepted into Malaysian society just like that because Pakatan has won government.

    I hope they recognise that the very fact that one of them was elevated to a high profile position (albeit short-lived) within 100 days of a Pakatan government, was a HUGE step taken.

    But there was never any possibility that Numan Afifi would have survived very long after he was outed as an LGBT activist.

    Most Malaysians are quite conservative as far as sexuality is concerned but over the last 30-40 years, that conservatism has been increased by several notches up.

    For this, we can thank the people in JAKIM and PAS.

    As have been said by others, those in JAKIM and PAS can easily find religious justification in having sex with little girls but strenuously object to sex between CONSENTING adults!!!

    //I think Syed Saddiq should have at least defended his aide and not abandoned him like that.//

    There is no way SS could have defended Numan to any large extent - no way, no how.

    It would have had been suicidal for him.

    But I suspect it was all a very clever play by both SS and the LGBT community to test the waters, to see how receptive Malaysians are to the idea of an LGBT activist in government, to get some feedback.

    I say this because of the speed with which Numan stepped down.

    It is one of the ways the LGBT community uses to address hostility from the community - they retreat, they let the other side think it has won, they are very non-confrontational.

    But mark my words - the LGBT community all over the world is becoming more and more politically aware and it is no different in Malaysia.

    It may take them years to achieve their objectives but I assure you that they will be undeterred.

    I have observed their political ambitions locally and overseas over some time now and whilst I do not consider myself an expert, I believe that the LGBT community is a very determined community.

    Politicians who ignore the LGBT community do so at their own peril.

    //No more LGBT votes for Syed Saddiq and gang in the next general election, I guess//

    Not necessarily true.

    I am quite sure the LGBT community will know which side of the bread has kaya on it :)

    Unless UMNO or PAS begin supporting the LGBT agenda publicly or covertly, I think Pakatan will still get the LGBT vote in PRU15.

    I suspect Pakatan, via Syed Sadiq, will continue to have interactions with the LGBT community.


  19. This site is full of shit. Hell you're commenting on your own article to make it look like people actually give a shit. So fucking lazy to even make up names. Everyone is fucking anonymous in this because they are all the same people

    1. You woke up on the wrong side of the bed is it? I pity u, so full of anger. Don't come here la if u cannot take the heat. Peace bro.

    2. I am not Annie, and I'm glad Annie let my comments go through even though I want to remain anony

    3. I'm Mr. anonymous and reserve the right to remain so. And you are Mr. Bullshit and have the right to remain so.

    4. This site is owned by a two-faced narcissistic person.

    5. Why come to the house of a 2-faced narcissist? Nothing else better to do?

    6. Anon 14:19, is that you Annie? Truth hurt isn't it? My friend suggest this site for a free pure comedy entertainment. The female blogga made fool of herself to seek people attention. We already have RPK and IndianSyed now and then. Easy access too :)

    7. anon 6:28 & 16:10...both of you gay? go and kiss each other backside somewhere else

    8. Anon 21:15, I presume you might be Annie or one of her ass lickers :)

    9. hahahaha anon confirmed gay bastard...go and kiss each other backside somewhere else

  20. Annie,

    In the star today (see below). Conclusion: most of these politicians are the same. They'll screw the rakyat if given the opportunity, that is why we need strict enforcement of the law & proper check & balance.

    Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018

    PETALING JAYA: Several ministers apparently did not get the memo on the ongoing efforts to keep government lean and to cut expenditure.

    These ministers have tried to “reward” their political supporters by giving them jobs although the arrangements do not comply with the rules for employing government officers.

  21. Supporting lgbt and employing a competent person who is gayish is two different things, why politize it? Hiring a person comes with hiring contract that spelled out clearly the job requirement n expectation.

    No need to get ‘tribal’. Make room for rule of law n make the application of the rule to be seen.


    1. whatnow is you keep your shit view to yourself

  22. Bullshit site @ 10 July 2018 at 06:28,

    //This site is full of shit.//

    Don't be like that lah, you are here too, you know :)

    //Hell you're commenting on your own article to make it look like people actually give a shit.//

    Hmm... this is a bit of a paradox then.

    You are commenting like you give a shit about the blog being shit.

    Are you saying that you are Annie as well?

    Gua kelapa pusing lah :) Heheheheheh!!

    //So fucking lazy to even make up names.//

    I resemble that remark ... heheheheheh!!

    But I do sign off on all my comments so hopefully that helps somewhat.

    //Everyone is fucking anonymous in this because they are all the same people//

    You mean there is more then one of me?

    Damn, what dimension has Mr Spock dropped me into now???


  23. Anonymous@ 10 July 2018 at 07:57,

    //Conclusion: most of these politicians are the same. They'll screw the rakyat if given the opportunity//


    I would loooove to see any Pakatan politician try that.

    This is where UMNO/BN can earn their keep by letting the rakyat know when such shenanigans occur.

    And pls do name them publicly, so we know who to whack.


  24. When I initially commented I clicked the "Notify me when new comments are added" checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

  25. Hey man, all these quarrels about gay living is depressing .... in the scheme of the wholeness of life.
    Why don't we focus on being truly happy people without sex as the tour de force

    1. Anon 19:42
      Memang depressing.. or sengaja nak alih perhatian kita on more depressing news..

      Itu saham.. apasal dok jatuh tak renti2 sejak PH menang? Ooops harini tak merah yahooooo..

      Alamak bila belik2, dana "KWSP" aje asyik hari2 dok main tikam2, macam main Toto pula. Kalau tak KWSP, tabung2 amanah lain..

      KWSP kejap buy kejap dispose kejap buy kejap dispose.. kalau not KWSP, depa dok main dana dari tabung2 amanah lain kesian duit rakyat.

      Owh.. no wonder tiap hari main tikam2, Finance Ministry from DAP..

      Professor Nasi Lemak.

  26. Malaysia baru(a) is moving towards western values which is so much despised by the old man.
    Remember Monica Lewinsky and Clinton's saxaphone episode?The Americans seemed not to be bothered by the sexual act between two consenting adults but the couldn't accept the lying president.
    That kind of thinking seem to creep into many Malaysians.They do not mind having gays in the public office (well not all Malaysians held that view) but they cannot accept a lying cabinet minister.
    Prof Kangkung

  27. Prof kangkung,

    //They do not mind having gays in the public office (well not all Malaysians held that view) but they cannot accept a lying cabinet minister.//


    Within the context of what you have written, taking into consideration your comments about Lewinsky and Clinton, you are saying that Malaysians should not accept gays in public office but should accept lying cabinet ministers!

    I am curious if others have interpreted it the same way.