Saturday 28 July 2018

A good political movie

Relaxing at my friend's place.

Writing this short one to pass the time.

My friend's son switched on his favourite TVN Movies channel of Astro just now.

There was this movie playing,

The Mayor

Just finished watching it with the boy and I think it's quite good.

Here is the trailer,

Watch it if you have the time and learn how politicians play the game.

Everything is not what it seems in politics.

The lies, manipulations, hiding of dirty secrets, etc....all swallowed up by the unsuspecting public.

It's as realistic as it gets. Really.

Well, that's all for now.

My friend had prepared lunch.

We are having chicken rice.

My friend is a really good cook.



  1. 1/n


    E: The issues we have today in our country revolve around our Malay identity. Our Malays are in a transition triggered by GE14 and a new identity is palpably emerging. That transition goes beyond Najib-1MDB for that matter Umno kleptocracy and PAS hypocrisy. We are at the cusp of a national change of singular importance to all.

    What Umno is trying to do is to stop that transition so that it can get back political power in order to hold the electronic key to the government coffers, then use them to control our Muslim polity in order to subjugate and coerce our non-Malay citizens while professing it's all for peace and stability which of course they will try to destabilize now and then through the next batch of thugs and racists under their payroll. Do you agree with what i have said?

    F: Indeed. And for M 2.0 to come out and say that corruption had spread and embedded into the ziggurats of the government machinery taken over from Umno is an indictment of how Umno had morphed into a runaway gravy train.

    In fact his Pakatan are facing exactly the same problems on the national scale what the DAP had once faced upon taking over Penang from Gerakan. Internal sabotage of the government machinery by those still favoring BN but ignoring the democratic choice of the rakyat whose same are paying their salaries and perks for just so-so services. Right?

    Yet there are still Malays in our midst who CHOOSE to ignore those facts on the mistaken belief cooked by some erroneous and ignoble fear that if they don't support Umno, then the 3Rs will be threatened. If they are in the majority, how can it be threatened? And if they are only a fragment of that majority, aren't they disrespecting the new will of the real majority of their Malay folks to change?

    In other words, are they extolling it is better a cheating and thieving Malay than a righteous Malay for that matter a non?

    It is as though their brand of politics can be used as a tool to whitewash outright crimes against all Malaysians, meanwhile making the nons take blame for everything.

    E: But what can we do to make that transition fully and completely so that Malaysia 2.0 will emerge from the ashes of the Umno-PAS compact?

    And yes, i know we can be assured the cyber-pussi-cats will be out in full force again to make deflective ad-hominem attacks instead of addressing these points but that's obvious since they have no credible answers to them otherwise they will not be today's footnotes in the history of this nation.

    F: Just off my head, some loads all can cooperatively carry together as new Malaysians so that as a team we can lift Malaysia up to the stage she must achieve, socially, politically and economically.

    Given the entrenched mindset of some of our Malays still living in the past fake glories of Umno, it will nevertheless be difficult.

    But if none done, then all must honestly ask and firmly answer whether they want back that past of blinging blinking bumming bullshit.

    E: Ok, i am all ears.

  2. 2/n

    F: One, let us all agree that to solve any problem when there are choices, the most important thing to ask and then answer is the simplest of all questions, namely:

    "what's next then?"

    In other words, if one makes a choice of X, then one loses the choice of Y. But if Y is actually better in the long term for A to Z, why gravitate to X but end up destroying B to Z, including A?

    Therefore, if we go back to the old Umno way of political power to leverage economic and religious powers, then we will continue to have a kleptocratic government of crooks and hypocrites practising double standards, strangle-holding our rakyat and piling up national debts which will inevitably destroy the future of our young and thus this nation. That is what they have been doing all along. Which is why today we are red until purple in debts and blue until pink in laughable international disrepute.

    Do we still need to recall and illustrate what are still coming out on what Umno has been doing to our national coffers? All the money there came from the hardworking and honest rakyat of Malaysia, no?

    Bludgeoned one side by outrageous taxes, NEPish demands, arrogant thugs and craven crooks, and blocked the other hand from best-fit achievement opportunities to rakyat-funded, government-run facilities, how do you expect the rakyat of this country not to respond? Continue to vote and support bullies and crooks so that they can use your money to abuse you further and destroy the future of your children, oi?

    Let me give you other examples.
    MO1 said government secrets are secrets. Isn't he therefore saying that letter to the CIA should not be made known to the rakyat?

    But that letter was an appeal to the foreign agency to tilt in favor of his Umno should GE14 be hung by even one vote. In other words, for personal political expediency, parliamentary democracy is to be sacrificed even if that means foreign intervention is invited. Now, let me ask you another question in the same vein: how do you think our Selangor and Johor palaces should respond?

    E: Why those ...oh, i see what you mean.

    F: Yes, what more the red files, backdoor arrangements, nepotistic positioning of unqualified, seat-warming, ballsy, pro-Umno, political appointees, even those rm50-100 handout bribes for votes to the hoi-polloi of our Malay society on top of all the gerrymandering of constituencies and financial and infrastructural strangulation of Pakatan-run states before GE14. You want some more?

  3. 3/n

    E: Errr, a second example, i was just thinking about national unity through education...

    F: Education must always be relevant. All the Umno MOEs screwed up the education of our young. That is WHY our Malay parents send their students to Chinese-run schools instead; that number of 20% Malay students in Chinese-run schools is increasing. Isn't that the most pointed market message about demand and supply of what the rakyat need and parents want despite billions thrown into national schools which are just pseudo-BTN machines for socially-wrecking education predicated on some weed-stoned racial supremacy? And they dare to say it's for national unity? You cannot continue to try and assimilate on such a critically important matter as education. Education is in fact a globally critical integration matter. Our minds must integrate to the best of the world, not assimilate to the worst of our own society. Betul?

    E: But that will mean our National Language and Malay culture will over time be marginalized by disuse furthermore on our Malay soil, wouldn't it?

    F: Why Malay soil, herr tajuddin? Why not orang asli soil? How did Parameswara get from indonesia to Malaysia? By instantaneous quantum tunneling to achieve particle entanglement under topological singularity, izzit?

    Look, the word 'asli' given by Umno itself and no less means original. Like, you know, high-powered tongkat ali yang asli.

    So which of the races are not immigrants from the viewpoint of our orang asli's? Hence, if all are immigrants, htfxxk is there still a distinction between one immigrant and another? It's just the period of time in which one entered to domicile before or after another in the life-cycle of a nation built, developed and defended by all together on this land, yes? All are brothers, all are sisters. Let's not quibble over that point.

    E: I vehemently disagree. B and D will say Annie is more than a 'sister'.

    F: (eyes roll and roll) Whatever. As was said three times in Fallout, "i'm working on it". Well, good luck to them.

    E: Back to national unity through education. If you are supporting diversification of education, then how to achieve unification of communities?

    F: Ask "what's next then?" if you continue to want a Malay-centric education system. You want another tajuddin, razlan, lokman, keruak, mazlan, jamal, hamid mohammad, rais, hamidi, or even a hadi, abduh and so on so forth?

    Let's say they are just playing politics. Then the next issue is the medium of instruction and the knowledge delivery language.

    So, let me ask you to translate this into our national language so that our tingkatan empat students can know what the hell is really going on in the world:

    Too easy? Try these then:

    The world outside is awash in cutting-edge knowledge and information. Others are racing to get the future today while we are still racing to get the past. Are we still mad or something?

    Even if all of our DBP's one thousand translators on call are to work twenty four by seven, they would not reach even one pebble of sand in the entire ocean of truth out there after the next thousand years so WTF are we trying to do?

    I am only not showing you what the Chinese have done with regards knowledge and information because you won't at the moment understand their writings.

  4. 4/5

    Let me however give you a simple example. One day i met one of their youngsters by chance. He asked me whether i knew about a database containing almost ten million scientific papers, a number at that time. If i recall, and i am sure our Malay students at London's Imperial College would also know, it's called sciencedirect out of Holland. Heck, even our UM, UITM and others would know. Now, that guy asked me if i have seen a specific paper out of that ten million. Later i found out that paper was incomplete and thus puzzling how it could have been when the others were complete. It was something about automobile mechanics development. The conclusion is plain: they have read all of those ten million.

    And our M 2.0 wants to start another car project? And our Tajuddin and Rais Yatim want to wax about national unity through education? At the rate we are trying to re-centralize around Malay this and that, we may not have a nation left in the near future to talk about national unity. How does one unite when the nation is itself disappearing through self-imposed irrelevance to the family of other nations progressing through the funnel of knowledge in this world?

    E: So that means the issue about the UEC...?

    F: Mazlee of IIA should not waste his time trying to make white shoes black; those poor manufacturers and whitener suppliers; those poor retailers with all the stock of white shoes, and shoe laces. Do you think our islamic education system only propagates form over substance? The hijrabfication of the way of life?

    So let me address this UEC issue pointedly for you and once and for all. Now, the UM engineering faculty has spoken with magnified pride that it has been ranked very highly in the world of engineering education. Remember? Where do its students come from? Last one checked, places like Chung Ling in Penang and Sam Tet in Ipoh. Those students score Y for their exam papers. Which is a grade higher than A+. If given more state support, probably their Y's would be stronger than MIT's and Cambridge's A+. It's all about brains from Chinese schools in this country. Which is why the dot vacuums off every year the best from such local faculties, picking those who have been groomed to perform out of our Chinese brothers' independent schools. And as history will tell, those schools came about only because they rightly didn't believe in the quality and administration of our national schools and exam standards. Which is why the UEC has been accepted by overseas universities. And i reckon that is why the UEC still remains an issue with our Umno-branded policy-makers. Because it competes for places with our Mara matriculation certs? But how can that be when Mara has already become an annually state-funded two bilion ringgit enterprise called UitM? And you can add the millions siphoned courtesy of one Annuar of Umno in sneaky Melbourne property deals. Rakyat money, oh!

  5. 5/6

    As a whole counterpoint, just look at our secondary schools. One time the creme de la creme were Victoria Institution, St Johns Institution, Penang Free School, and a few others. Then came malaynification. Today, what are they? Do you know that the VI alumni almost had to mount a riot against the renaming of VI to SMK Victoria?

    E, when it comes to shaping the arrow-heads of national progress, it is not about socialization of benefits. After all, life is about molding according to material. There is a war for talent in the world. Been going on for umpteen years. Why is the US strong? Because it can attract the best brains from the rest of the world. Because it provides the best training facilities conducted by the best lecturers and most motivated teachers. Because it runs the most cutting-edge research based on facts, knowledge and information. Not based on form over substance. Not based on social intent deviced by sub-educated and low I/E quotients policy makers gungho only for political coins of privilege because they are no good at original independent and honest thinking. And we want Malaysia 2020? Try another hundred years. I grant you M 2.0 will not disagree with what i have said. Because M 1.0 already admitted he forgot about the translation challenge. So, Anwar, Mazlee, Rais and all the others, including that bunch about to rally in Kg Baru today, wake the fxxk, up. All parts of you.

    E: Yes, i agree too that BI and even Mandarin are important. One of my Malay neighbours have gotten their children to speak BI at home. And they study at the chinese school nearby.

    And really, if i were to now answer "what's next, then?", i will conclude that's one of the fastest ways to make the Transition otherwise our Malays will keep on falling back into the same trap of their own construction.

  6. 6/6

    F: We don't have to look far even in this blog. China's population is about 1.4 Bilion, isn't it? How do they manage to feed and clothe all of them, let alone pull over 700 million out of poverty in one generation of development? They have enough rice because they had developed their scientific research to harness nature and create the best breeds of rice until those breeds can thrive even in deserts and swamps. And here we are talking about emosi and motivasi to retain Bernas? Why didn't it get them to come and help us compete with Thailand and next Vietnam, soon Cambodia? Always ask, "what's next then?" You know, if countries like China and India want to buy from us any and all of our goods, one order alone completes a year's national production. No need to wring hands trying to sell while floundering in the cloud of international kleptocratic disrepute.

    E: Any other important move to help Malaysia 2.0 be achieved through the great Transition?

    F: The third R. Let's forget the two from Selangor and Johor. Let's remember HRM and the one from Perak. And take it from there.

    Our third R can be the inspiration for Malaysia 2.0. If they choose to accept it (namely, their mission ...wakaakaka).

    E: If you are them..?

    F: "All are Malaysians. Let there be realism, pragmatism, honesty, progress and muhibbah. Those are the remits and drivers of real peace and true stability. The days of Umno's 3Rs and Pas' fundamentalism are no longer sufficient for the challenges ahead. We must go back to readin', ritin', and rithmetic, and a humanity common to all, furthermore enriched by diversity that has thrived despite draconian rules set not by those of this land. And decisions must be informed and factual, not based on emotions about race or beliefs not shared by others."

    E: They won't and can't.

    F: I'm hopeful they will and soon because we have significant external challenges coming up. In any case, i who had learned my jawi in JB had the privilege of having HRH of Perak enjoy reading one of my posts elsewhere. In Arabic.

    E: But what would make them say yes they will?

    F: Oh, that. Two things. One, their own honest of their own limitations as human beings. And two, ubuntu.

    E: Errh? Ubuntu? The programming language?

    F: No-lah. As Kunta Kinte of Africa would have explained, Ubuntu means I am because We are. In other words, let us all always have this attitude in our lives and spread happiness wherever we go. After all, how can one remain happy when the others are sad?

    Now, E, isn't this a really nice message for all generations to come?

    1. Wow!

      Five-part Anon 1-5, you should start your own blog, seriously.

      Maybe Neutral Annie will be kind enough to link you?

      One point:

      "Ask "what's next then?" if you continue to want a Malay-centric education system. You want another tajuddin, razlan, lokman, keruak, mazlan, jamal, hamid mohammad, rais, hamidi, or even a hadi, abduh and so on so forth?"

      Actually it's not the education system that did that.

      It's just typically bankrupt politicians...

      They are all like Trump basically.

      Education is a separate issue.

      Quality is key.

      But we cannot have ghetto schools that teach only Chinese / Tamil / Kadazan / whatever

      Asutralia has a ton of Greeks, does that mean that they should plan a future only speaking Greek to other Greeks in Greek schools and then work for Greek companies? Why be in Australia then?

    2. UEC controversy is not about Malays against Chinese but the kiasu attitude of the Dong Zong group.From yhe beginning when they set up the private Chinese Schools for secondary education,they know very well they are opetating private schools outside our education system and they have to be on their own.They took the challenge and being kiasus they now insisted through their political connections to pressure the Government to recognise their system and also pay for the opetation of their private schools.

    3. this stupid anon must be new and a low pay RBA

  7. "Everything is not what it seems in politics."

    Yea, including that letter written by PMO's Research Division Director General, inviting CIA to interfere in our politics.


  8. The lies , manipulation was part of UMNO games under Najip ,that what makes UMNO lost its ground after enjoying the field for 60 + years .

  9. I guest you’re somewhere in Pahang right now. Favourite gateway over the weekend. Even your hometown, the place of your origin no longer feel like home.

  10. We as Malaysians lived through a decade full of all kinds of dirty tricks,corruptions,extreme greeds and various other forms of political shenanigans and you want to compare that with a movie?

  11. only bastards loves politicians

  12. Hi Annie,

    They say, maybe someone going to make a movie about 1MDB, true or not......?

    There are a lot of twist and turn, plot, mega boat, pink diamonds, plastic surgery, Birkin, prada, etc......

    Is it enough ingredient to make a movie?

  13. Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low, has issued a statement through his lawyers that the whole 1MDB saga is a massive misunderstanding and that he will soon be returning to Malaysia with evidence to prove it.

    He explained that, briefly, the whole 1MDB story was actually a script of an upcoming movie from Granite Pictures, to be more outrageous than the successful 'Wolf of Wall Street'. The script was somehow misplaced and found its way to the Department of Justice people who took advantage of it to further their covert activities to subvert rising Muslim countries. They managed to get parts of the script filmed by actors in Singapore, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi etc. Newspapers and blogs were given tantalising bits to increase publicity for the movie.

    Jho Low said he will provide details to the Malaysian authorities to counter all of the misinformation and he is confident of clearing the former PM and himself of all the malpractice that they were accused of.

  14. Anonymous @ 28 July 2018 at 14:13,

    //Ubuntu? The programming language?//

    Forhive me me but sll ow me an inconsequential and trivial and immaterial correction to an otherwise interesting series of comments.

    Ubuntu is an operating system, not a programming language.

    It is a Debian fork by Mark Shuttleworth.

    It's is a great o/s.


  15. anon@10.27

    "But we cannot have ghetto schools that teach only Chinese / Tamil / Kadazan / whatever"

    They are only 'ghetto' for want of government funds which would have been from their taxes paid. Furthermore, those funds went to the national schools and Malay/religious schools exclusively.

    "Asutralia has a ton of Greeks, does that mean that they should plan a future only speaking Greek to other Greeks in Greek schools and then work for Greek companies? Why be in Australia then?"

    So what's next, then? Did you actually read through what i had posted?


    "UEC controversy is not about Malays against Chinese but the kiasu attitude of the Dong Zong group ..etc"

    So, what's next, then? (again!)

    Your courage to base your argument on a hatred of the Chinese educationists seems to have also made you forget their contribution in producing thousands of UEC graduates who have contributed to nation-building, industry, commerce, even inventions. What have you contributed so far?

    Also take note the parents of those UEC students paid two cess: one, income tax to the government coffer to be used to support national government schools, and two, fees and donations to the UEC-conducting independent schools. How many taxes do you pay every year that could be used for education?


    "Ubuntu is an operating system, not a programming language."

    Even better, isn't it!? An operating system as a way of Malaysian life.

    Right now, our more incendiary Malays are making a ruckus over the UEC proposal. Why, and equally important, what's next, then? They should read all six parts above, slowly and carefully, if not honestly and then see what is really motivating them if they are really Malaysians first. But if they insist on being Malays first, then the answer to "what's next then?" needs no elaboration from everyone else.