Wednesday 4 July 2018

Annie's bad habit and the stormbringer

A friend scolded me today.

"You was quite neutral for most of the Dr Mahathir-Najib fight, but how come you are now back supporting Umno and defending Najib? Are you stupid?," he said.

I told him that I was just writing what I observed and commented on them as how I felt.

"Come on la, it's clear for all to see that you are siding with them again now.Why are you siding with the losers?" he shot back.

At that point I was not really sure whether I should continue explaining myself to him.

It seemed pointless.

So, I just kept quiet.

My friend used to be a staunch supporter of Umno but he's now with Pribumi Bersatu.

He used to tell me that he switched sides to help topple Najib in order to save Umno.

But now he wants Umno to be shut down and all its member to join his new party.

Well, I know him well enough to know that when he got angry with me, I should just shut up.

Otherwise it would just become a shouting match between us.

I hate getting worked up like that, so I just let him ranted all he wanted.

Fine, he wins and I lose.

I'm okay with that.

I can manage my ego quite well, actually.

Anyway, I think I'm the way myself now because of

Go ahead and click on that link and find out what's my bad habit.

I wrote that on March 3 2015, just about a month before the start of the Dr Mahathir-Najib fight which I marked with this posting on April 2 2015,

Reading that post again made me sad.

Well, that's history now.

Hopefully the future would be better.

Here's a good old rock song which I should put with that post back then,

Nice, right :)


  1. Dear Annie,
    The Grab-driver may not have been politically correct in his superheated rants on the excesses and corruption and being jubilant of the impending arrests of the UMNO posse. I do detect more than a tinge of regret in you that Najib will be jailed.

    It dawned on me that you have no comprehend on the magnitude of Najib's crime, and you failed to realise it took more than half of the total electorate of Malaysia to dislodge him from power. Yet you have the temerity to compare Najib's misdeeds with DSAI's case.

    My jaw dropped when I read this "I wonder if Najib’s case will be that bad.
    Hopefully not so. After all, Najib’s case is more about money.." Where is your sense of proportion, or rather where has your grey matter migrated to or are you simply bereft of it?

    Finally, you have to mock our present justice system, juxtaposing the Grab-driver's personal opinions to what is being served to Najib now, which is the DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW!!! Just in the event that you're not aware again, Najib has his rights to a legal counsel and granted bail too. BTW, Najib is cuddling Rosmah now as I'm hammering away on my keyboard.

    1. when taxi driver ranted BN tak OK but when annie ranted LGE & dumbos ranted DAP, semua OK adoi

  2. "Come on la, it's clear for all to see that you are siding with them again now.Why are you siding with the losers?" he shot back.

    Annie is not siding with the losers.

    She is siding with the criminals.

    1. That is what I have been telling my friends all this while.If Najib is found guilty after undergoing a fair trial let it be.
      There is no need for the Malays to kill UMNO.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. She has no issues with thieves who rob and steal from our beloved country as long as she is paid and benefits from it

    3. prof,

      "If Najib is found guilty after undergoing a fair trial let it be"

      if najib was still in power will he ever get a fair trial? he has done a lot to make sure there will be no trial in the first place

      and umno seems ok with that??

    4. Najib will never get a trial if he won GE14

      Bangangnya prof kangkung

  3. Annie,

    Those Pakatan supporter, don't know what to say always judgemental.

    Sigh.... what to do.

    Clearly they never read your blog properly.

    I been reading your blog for months already. Never once i see you say bad things to Pakatan or show any inkling siding to BN,

    I know 100% you are neutral.

    In Chemisty lab, they can use litmas test to know one, if neutral, asid or alkali.

    For Annie, I think will be pH 14. The color will show it is neutral.

    1. Anonymous5 July 2018 at 03:37

      Either you are being sarcastic, or....

      pH 14 is not neutral, it's extreme alkali.

      So I guess you mean Annie's real colour is dark blue : )

    2. Sarcasm to the highest level for a neutral Annie. HAHAHAHA

  4. Stop it la ani with all these ‘my aunt, my freind, my boifren, my boss etc scolded me why u neutral now u this and that’ cry for attention. Kau ni nak tunjuk mcm bagus je... just tulis apa ko nak pasal satu benda takyah nak bodek diri sendiri...

    1. What do you expect from an attention seeker like Ani?

    2. You must forgive Annie...susah cari makan these days..hehe

    3. This blog is titled "Life of Annie". If she wants to write about her aunt, her grandma, her niece, her pet cat, it is Annie's prerogative. Lepas tu, taking the time and effort to read and comment lagi. Thanks very much anyway.

    4. In that case, Annie should revive her blog to Life Of Anus then when writing about politics purpoting her grandmother's stories for attention :)

    5. Anon 12:36 don't be ridiculous! You can start a blog, write whatever you want and call it whatever you want :(

    6. This blog is narcissistic

      Me me me me

      I done this I done that
      Praise me

  5. Annie likes to concoct fictional stories. If it is not her aunty, then it is her friend whom she is so called having a conversation with. In actual fact no such conversation ever took place but it is her style of cooking up stories to try to get her point acrosss.

    1. How do you know? Did you live with her 24/7? If not then STFU..Don’t sweat a small thing. It’s really a non issue whether it was true of work of fiction.

    2. Anon 11:56....How do you know it's not concocted? You don't know too so WTF are you defending her?

  6. 1/3

    Ten years from now, those who don't know will ask,

    "what happened then that an Umno which had ruled since the very beginning for more than half a century was thrown out by so many with such swift despatch that up to the last minute, the Umno leaders were stunned? what were the causes and reasons?"

    Indeed, the rakyat of Malaysia brought a storm. They were Deep Purple's true stormbringers. Now that the tsunami tide has receded and a new day is beginning, next will be Creedence Clearwater Revival.

    That future episode in Malaysia's political history will list the lessons learned:

    one, all money and assets in the public domain belong to the Rakyat of Malaysia;

    two, using public funds for personal and political interests is a crime against the rakyat;

    three, using public funds of one organization to salvage another organization is a crime against the rakyat;

    four, using the ideology of race, religion and rulers to create a fear syndrome in order to protect the ponzi scheme syndicate of abuse of political power and crafty stealing of public funds is a crime against the rakyat;

    five, dividing the rakyat by using race, religion and rulers is a crime all the more toxic for being treasonous to the true and necessary meaning of Malaysia as a multi-racial nation.

    Ta'kan the rakyat who now have to live in gated communities to keep crime away from their doorsteps have to still countenance political leaders who acted like they were above the law and thus a cut above the voters?

    Ta'kan the majority of the rakyat who suffer everyday from high costs and poor prospects have to countenance a political regime which muzzle them like dogs but live it up amongst its select members on the same public funds that are only contributed by the rakyat?

    Ta'kan the rakyat should still be compassionate to those same elites who used public funds to bribe those same suffering rakyat so that they will blindly continue to vote and support the high living of the greatest kleptocratic crap bunch of crooks of the century?

    What be those rakyat? Masochists enjoying their self-inflictions of wounds?

    Faced with the exact causes of their suffering and the devastation of this nation, funds-wise and with immense international disrepute, to boot, shall one and all still have the luxury of playing the utterly incongruous and stupid 3R game now when the rest of the world has moved on, up and beyond, leaving behind positively astonished sniggers how this once promising and progressive nation is now tottering, having let the crooks and criminals in its political arena shot everyone in their feet?

  7. 2/3

    What's it like? Recall Saving Private Ryan. The scene of the nazi soldier pressing down on the wounded british paratrooper. Left hand over the mouth; right hand sliding a bayonet slowly into the chest. What did he say? "Ssshh ssshh. It's alright. It will be soon over."

    Did ANNYONE in the Umno General Assembly think of that as all went through the sandiwara of voting themselves again?

    Did the seniors from DBP, MAS and others and the group of 50 under-developed Umno puteri's think of that when they displayed their heckling behavior furthermore without prejudice to underlying reason and fact but by only playing to the one tune they have been brought up mindlessly - Melayuism?

    Of those who have supported Umno and will continue to do so, isn't it shameless to know all this and yet be able to pray but only to ignore that one's personal wellbeing comes at the cost of the suffering of another person less hypocritical?

    From where you sit, ask how much this Melayuism creature has spawned over the decades all the problems faced by all Malaysians, our Melayu's especially, that have caused the biggest political change in one swift stroke on May 9th.

    We can be Malaysians but from now on we must be progressive Malaysians because if we don't progress our minds and priorities, this country is going to sink. After all, the likes of Prof Nasi Lemak keeps wanting to remind us how his stock investments are tanking.

    If we want to be like those puteri's and that ugly actress only an inch above RM, then do not blame anyone if Malaysia falls back into the same cesspool of shit left by all the corrupt members in the Umno organization who are only competed for pole position as hypocrites by the PAS leadership who can cowardly maintain a disquieting silence up to now on the case of the 11-year girl being married off. Are greed and lust the best of Melayuism arrogating itself to being Malaysians?

  8. 3/3

    There is another storm a-comin', sheeples. Like the Planet of the Apes, ultimately there are two groups. One, the quiet and cultured and thoughtful. The other, the martial and aggressive and unthinking. The narrative this morning from what you yourself can see over the past two weeks is that the latter is coming back up to heckle and stampede and take their democratic space to the limits of taunts and tantrums.

    The Pakatan government should come out and show the new direction of this nation. Away from the traps and trappings of the 3Rs. In the face of looming austerity, keep form to the minimum tolerable. Face up to the need to reinvent this nation so that everyone can renew hope and cooperate to build a better Malaysia.

    Here are simple starting things:

    when a Pakatan official speaks in public, make sure the mike works; speak clearly so that everyone can hear the message; organize press conferences properly; if the matter is of international importance, say first you need to use English; if the matter is of regional connection, explain that the Bahasa Malaysia version has already been released and this is for the other interested part(ies) with whom negotiations are still underway. If the matter is of general local interest, start with the national language. Which is of globally limited application, certainly not very useful for a nation that is open to international trade, and yet an openness that is much needed to get the investments to create the jobs so that those who oppose any language except the national language can get more gaji and be more prosperous enough to improve their minds and remove their prejudices and addiction to dignity-removing dedak. In this so-called modern but increasingly competitive era. To our Melayu's who still hanker for the past, wake the fuck up. And don't exercise low EQ to mistake that for hate; it's for real-life concern only.

    Siddiq should be careful not to rub shoulders too closely with the other one whom radiologists will say have no spine. Siddiq must rein in his own juvenile over-assured energies to leaven years of wisdom which he still has not cultivated, two offers from Oxford aside.

    Press conferences for M must be better organized; reporters shouldn't repeat questions he already answered. His energy level is vital to nation building at this critical point.

    For every financial fiasco exposed, add at the same time market-calming statements on possible solutions. Investors want to hear solutions as well, not just problems only.

    Make use of the cameras. Don't point them at the backs of those puteri's. Show their faces and record loudly their heckles on primetime tv. Let their own kampung folks see them for what and why they do what they did. After doing so, the broadcaster can provide questions for viewers to think deeper and make correct conclusions. The problem with the past administration was that it treated them as useful tools only for political patronage. When is Malaysia going to make them think what they are doing? Next century when all would have by then marginalized themselves after the caravan has moved on?

    Plenty more to write. But time to pray again.

    And think of Annie. Sing song blue.

    1. "...If the matter is of general local interest, start with the national language. Which is of globally limited application, certainly not very useful for a nation that is open to international trade"

      Well, no.

      it also shows you've made an effort to master the national language.

      Tokong Lim merely came across as a citizen of the PRC who gained a blue IC due to TAR's generosity in the 50s.

      If got Mandalin, why no Tamil, arrrrr?

      Why use the FC as an excuse?

      I think Tokong doesn't even understand the provisions he quoted.

  9. 4/4

  10. Dear Annie,

    As someone who wants to see UMNO rise from the ashes and become a better party, I think you should distance yourself from Najib. While it is true he is innocent untill proven guilty, I think we all can agree that Najib is the main reason with UMNO's downfall. I think your time is better spent on writing about the UMNO elections or what UMNO must do going forward to get back the trust of Msians. Writing and commenting about Najib is a pointless exercise which wont bring any good to anybody.

    1. Yea, this is quite right. Najib is the extreme personification of that tribalistic culture we have been duped into believing is "Malayness". And tribalism is anything but trustworthy human relationships. I submit:

    2. Anonymous5 July 2018 at 08:51

      Sadly the new UMNO line-up is 80% the same old corrupt warlords.

      Someone here said that only the No 2 is clean?

      Short memories!

      Remember this from a few years back?

      Mohamad, who became mentri besar in 2004, is currently under Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) probe for allegedly transferring funds amounting to RM10 million to London through a money changer, Salamath Ali. An aide to Mohamad said the BNM probe has nothing to do with his employer. “The investigation is against the money changer and not against Datuk,” the aide told The Malaysian Insider.

      The Malaysian Insider understands that Mohamad has privately blamed his staff for making him use the services of the money changer.

      Pakatan Rakyat’s Batu MP Chua Tian Chang revealed the matter after the central bank said Salamath Ali Money Changer had contravened Section 30 of the Money Changing Act 1998 and its licence had been revoked on October 26.

      State UMNO warlords are making their moves now to prevent the issue from being further exploited by the opposition. “He is already not liked by 80 per cent of the UMNO members here, so this case will not be ignored,” said the division chief.

      The state Umno warlord pointed out that despite the blackout by the English and Bahasa Malaysia mainstream press, the issue has found its way to the party grassroots via text messages.

      “UMNO members in Jempol, Kuala Pilah, Rembau they don’t access the Internet, so initially only civil servants talked about it, later people started sending SMS on ‘kes duit haram MB".

      The best hope for Umno was to clean house.

      REALLY clean house.

      A missed opportunity...

  11. Anon 07:53

    Sedih pilu air mata melelh bila baca ratapan or isit your ranting blues?..

    dah breakfast ke?

    Must eat heavy breakfast like Nasi Lemak.. may help stabilise your otak abit to start your new day... new studies kata santan kelapa is actually good for your health ..

    PH won, you masih dalam mimpi ke?
    UMNO to you is a gone case, so be it.. kamu tumpu sja masa dan tenaga kamu on your "new" Malaysia and your "new" leaders can or not?

    BTW.. when you membebel on UMNO, you tak perasan ke 55% in PH sekarang wr once those from UMNO or MCA or MIC or PAS plus plus??? infact exPM ex DPM ex FM ex Tade AP, ex this and that from BN exgomen???

    So berhati2 you dok kutuk and hina UMNO orite nanti sebiji terkena batang hidung mereka pula.

    Dewa2 kamu ni bukan jelmaan dari langit tau.. they wr once heading the"UMNO" that you so despised.

    Silap2 kamu pun dulu bekas "UMNO" yang kamu dok mencaci tak habis2 sekarang..

    Unless kamu baru aje dapat mykad hmmm IC merah tukar biru


    Umur baru 21+ thn 1st time mengundi, beringus lagi

    BTW nak tanya apa jadi dengan kes rasuah your Finance Minister sekarang? Agak you kita pun bole ikut teladan dia tak? I bagi you makan Nasi Lemak free hari2, you make sure jangan datang roboh gerai (no lesen) saya tau..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. Annie, how much dedak Rosmah & Najib paid you ?

    1. Annie does not take dedak.

      She is forced to blag because her blogging captain is so lazy he blogs only once a month.

      Hee hee...

    2. It takes a stupid moron or a dedakian that will think Najib is innocent until proven guilty. With all the proof money transactions and evidences spread over the internet even a layman could do the judgement. Are we happy being robbed over the years?

      Do not forget 7 countries are helping our government of today to catch those thieves too.

    3. "....even a layman could do the judgement."

      Which is not how the legal system works.


    4. Let rakyat be the judge before Najib be caught guilty in the court of justice. Tun M is a brilliant man.

    5. najib is not your way and me my way

    6. So blogging captain paid Annie huh?

    7. Anon 15:54, Have it your way then coz stupidity is not a crime but thieves like Najib and Co they are.

      That is why malays have United Moron National Organisation. Cheers :)

  13. Her blogging captain has been left dumbfounded and dedakless since Najib lost. So guess Annie has to take over but poor Annie....

    1. rocky dont need to post anything so do annie....but it is up to them to continue to do what they likes...understand you stupid ass anon

  14. Lagi cerita friend, aunty, father, mother with Annie..I think Annie should realise that readers are getting a bit tired and can see through that Annie is lying

    1. Anon 11:40, you are free to leave this blog. U won't be missed. RIP.

    2. Anon 13:13, why should i leave this blog? Do you own it you prick !

  15. Jamal Jamban extradited and will arrive in KL this afternoon and brought straight to court. Great news!

  16. The New York Times: The Fall of Msia's 'Man of Steal'. Let see whether local media practice this kind of press freedom :)

    1. Anon 13:43
      The New York Times??? Mr President mereka pun tengah melelong wth all the indictments going on..

      Lagipun cara hidup mereka mmg that of PH supporters.. ala kapiaq style. They have nothing nice to say about anyone.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Don’t we have anything nice to say to a PM that receive rm2.6 billion into his personal account and involves in Pecah Amanah?

      Macai UMNO: Beliau merupakan orang yang suci dan tiada dosa, Beliau tidak dapat wang tersebut, itu semua phitnah PH yang hina tak sesuci Macam kita orang UMNO

    3. so professor support pencuri & penyamun style adoi

  17. Annie Dearest,
    Politics is never an easy topic to talk about and extremely polarising, which is pretty evident from the flak that you have been receiving over the various political postings when you wrote what came to mind. Is it so wrong to pen your thoughts on current political events and do you not have every right to express your opinions? Of course you/we all do. Now, here's the have decidedly chosen the blogspot platform as your sparring ground, which allows readers to challenge your thoughts and opinions in the commentary.
    As a matter of fact, you're not even a serious political blogger and since I have described your various postings as political, I do mean it in a manner that you have broached on the subject, which has varying degree of political element to it.
    Herein lies the very cause of all the contentions and maybe consternation on your part. You're a woman first, with an endless fount of compassion and secondly a Malay, with much love and proud of being one.
    My assessment of you is that you're unable to remain neutral on these political topics and when it involves the racial factor. You got caught up with your own emotions which eventually seeps into your words of thoughts. That's when you are not able to separate the wheat from the chaff, coupled with your superficial understanding of the true nature of our current political situation, you have almost always stirred up controversy that you tried desperately to avoid.
    Finally a word of advise...leave public political debates to those who have the stomach for it, never mind how good or bad their political EQ and acumen may be.
    You may think I'm sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, but I felt compelled enough after reading almost all of the mess you've stirred up which brings out the worst of us as humans. Your blog is but a microcosm of our society at large and you are, unwittingly, transporting us to a place I hate to be in.

    1. Narcissistic Annie only good in provocating, spinning the real issues to insult the readers intelligence. She should keep out of the kitchen if cant stand the heat.

    2. Anon 10:50 Spot on. I agree with you and I think Annie's mission is to spin issues and divert attention.