Sunday 8 July 2018

Learning from a masseuse

Thought of writing some serious stuff but after my last post, I was somehow bitten by the lazy bug.

So, for this one I'm just going to write something frivolous again.

Well, so many clever people had already written the serious stuff anyway.

This one is just about how I spent yesterday.

Woke up a bit late in the morning. Did the necessary and then some work.

After that I drove to office even though I was off yesterday because I have a meeting with a friend near the place.

After the meeting and lunch, I went to my usual spa.

Needed a massage because my body was aching over the past few days.

Been a bit of a stressful week, actually.

My current masseuse is a 40 year old lady from Roi Et province in Thailand.

I always requested for her to massage me at the spa because she's very good at what she's doing and I enjoy chit chatting with her.

Of course with her there's no annoying political talks.

She has a nine year old daughter back home and she is also supporting her elderly father.

We mostly talked about that as she massage me.

How's Aom doing at school? Is your father well? That sort of things.

Of course I never met her daughter, but now quite fond of the little girl just by listening to what she told me.

Whenever my masseuse went back to Thailand for a break from work, I would buy something for her daughter.

Anyway, from her story, I understood that her life has been a tough one.

She used to work in South Korea but switched to Malaysia after her father got really sick a few years back.

She needed to be nearer to home because of her father's condition, she said.

She wished she could go back to Thailand altogether but has to instead continue working here as she needs the extra money to fulfill her responsibilities.

I actually admire her for being such a strong woman.

She never really complained about her life and instead just told me her stories as a matter of facts.

I don't think I could ever be as tough as her.

Many of us Malaysians look down on foreign workers in this country, especially those such as my masseuse because of the nature of their work.

But we actually can learn from them, if we let ourselves be more open minded.

They are human being like us too, okay.

Some are actually even better people than us despite the kind of work they do.

They are definitely better than us who complain all the time over everything and blame others for our own shortcomings.

Well, at least now that PH is in power, I guess we Malaysians could stop blaming the government in the event we fucked up our own lives.

No more, Ini lah kerajaan yang kleptokrat sebab tu aku tak naik pangkat. Ini lah PM anak beranak dah curi semua duit sebab tu aku tak boleh nak kaya, Ini lah PTPTN, apasal pulak aku nak kena bayar balik pinjaman etc etc.

Yup, hopefully no more those sorts of nonsense.

Everything good about PH now.....not like that evil BN/Umno, right?

Eh, I'm getting serious pulak.


I better stop.

Here's a fun song instead for this early Sunday morning,

Cute, eh.

How I wish I had choosen a clarinet instead of the trombone when I joined my school band back then.

The lady playing the clarinet is so cool.

Okay, cheers and have a good Sunday guys.


  1. Hope the new gov will take action on all those dubious massage center. Macc gotta check if there is corruption involved,,

  2. "No more, Ini lah kerajaan yang kleptokrat sebab tu aku tak naik pangkat. Ini lah PM anak beranak dah curi semua duit sebab tu aku tak boleh nak kaya, Ini lah PTPTN, apasal pulak aku nak kena bayar balik pinjaman etc etc."

    Oh sorry Annie, you are giving political lecture.

    Please stop the Grab, I'm gonna walk.

    One star for you!!!!

    Gurau jer ye....jgn marah OK : )

  3. Nothing to comment.Have a good weekend, Annie and do whatever you enjoy.

  4. Nice piece Annie. At least no spinning and that kind of thing. A breath of fresh air

    1. But then, a simple story about a masseuse's life, Annie had to end it with some sarcasm about the new govt. and accompanied with that foul word ...

  5. I absolutely do not look down on foreign workers. They are way smarter and more hard working than the Melayu.

    1. The Melayu?
      Prof Kangkung

    2. "Anonymous 8 July 2018 at 02:35"

      whoa.. ini rasis walaupun ko melayu. semua bangsa sama. tak ada yang lebih bagus/kurang dari yang lain

  6. “But we actually can learn from them, if we let ourselves be more open minded..”

    Yeah, right. Like cleansing food trays using dirty puddle waters in rodent infested back alley. Instead of using hands,why not use both your feet too.

    Those disease infected feets, as a result of years of walking around barefooted, including going to the toilet are highly effective getting rid of sticky food leftovers. Plus waters from potholes. What a natural detergent!..

    And we should be OPEN MINDED about it..Like really open about it..There’s a lot we could learn from these migrant workers when it comes food handling..

    1. Anon 12:26
      Tak manis hina gitu. Klo tak silap many years ago I read bio (skrg dah glamourised) of one PH minister..

      Mak Ayah dan dia semua born in Indonesia, due to poverty went to Singapore to earn their living as migrant worker..

      Entah macam mana dia jadi warga negara.. bab tu tak cerita.

      Nanti dok hina2 terkena batang hidung dia pulak.. kalau ade rumah2 murah, you tak berpeluang dapat beli nanti!

      Ade sorang lagi Minister PH pun sama, baru aje dapat blue mykad.

      Nanti terhiris hati dia, you ada nak claim2 dari Perkeso dia freeze your application, payah you nanti.

      Hmmmm yang lain2 belum sempat merisik latar belakang mereka

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Memang orang UMNO itu 100% melayu asli.

      Tak ada yang asal usul dari Indonesia, Jawa, Bugis atau dari Pornorogo.

      Ada juga orang bekas menteri UMNO yang melayu asli 100% dari utara tapi mahir cakap tamil. Bukan saja hebat bercakap tamil malah penampilannya juga macam dari sana.

    3. Oi kepala otak dangkal! cuba mu buktikan keaslianmu dgn DNA blueprint melayu!

    4. Anonymous8 July 2018 at 15:33

      Excellent response bro.

      Sarcasm level 11.

      Don't forget the tante Minangkabau with 1,200 cincin paid for by the Melayu reserve land scam called 1MDB...

  7. Hey Annie,

    I thought you are pH14 neutral.

    At first when I read no political statement, it occurred to me that is impossible, how can? This is a political blog.

    According to Science, a tiger cannot change its spot.

    So, I look for the political part, ahh...., found it at the end of the article.

    So, you got the messause, grab, antie and uncle.... how about cats Annie? You do not like animals or something.

    Animals is not involve in politics. :)

  8. on her denial of scandal with nazif, celia shud translate or write in melayu so those bodoh dumbos can understand wakakaka
    BTW PAS censure saddiq short pants; NO censure nazif red wine adoi

    1. PAS is useless

    2. Anon 20:17
      Okay la.. PAS and UMNO useless. Really hopeless tapi malangnya;

      PPBM 12/122.. UMNO X/122 PAS Y/122
      Cari kalau tak percaya (Katak2 kat longkang pun bole cari)


      Melayu 25%
      Cina 93%
      India 63%

      Digest the above tak payah meghoyan sgt.Yang masih puzzle how I got those figures, don't be lazy.. maybe CIA, FBI, DOJ or Sarawak Report can help you..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Itu spender ali guy masih setia-usaha?


    5. Professor Nasi Lemak Dedak, acu komen sikit pasal si anak Najib ni dan org2 bodoh yg donate kat tabung Najib...dah lah buat kerja2 maksiat kat Taiwan, pandai pulak habis duit jolli jolli

    6. Professor Nasi Dedak mmg malas giler.

      Dah cut & paste berape kali, makcik oiiiii?

      PPBM 12/122 pale otak hang.

      New party lah.

      OK jugak lah tu...steady

    7. nazif cakap inggeris to celia, dumbos tak meroyan nazif shud cakap melayu ptui

    8. cover sikit tak cerdik tu. anak najib dalam majlis olimpik.syed tu menteri penuh

  9. most of the malaysian are already stupid plus ungrateful and are a pariah too

  10. Che Annie, give chi gong exercises a workout for yr tensed muscles and tissue aches:

  11. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    Melayu 25%
    Cina 93%
    India 63%

    Digest the above tak payah meghoyan sgt.Yang masih puzzle how I got those figures, don't be lazy..//

    Yup, figured out how you got those numbers.

    You made them out of thin air :)

    You are merely using the RPK method of repeating those numbers in the hope that some people will blindly believe you.

    And yes, there will be some people who will blindly believe you without asking you how you got them or where you got them from :)

    Note that you do not really explain what those numbers are so they can mean anything the reader thinks they mean!!

    Well, good luck with publishing unknown unexplained numbers. I can assure you that such a tactic can work amongst UMNO supporters who are well known for loyalty, not intelligence :)


    1. " Elvis Presley Quotes. Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away "


  12. dumbos shud learn from that udang noh omar sudah 3 kali dumbo kalah di selangor habisloh dumbo wakakaka

  13. wow muslims wont tell lies so when MO1 claimed he is innocent, he is innocent but according to religion 16:105 liars are not believers adoi