Monday 30 July 2018

Still disturbed by the Reds

Tiring day.

Drove back to KL and straight to work in the morning.

Lot of things happening but none really interest me to write about them.

Most were expected anyway.

Such as Dr Mahathir becoming the new chairman of Khazanah.

I think you all better read about those things at the news portals or newspapers.

No need for someone like me to comment on them.

You all are smart people, so you all should form your own opinion about those things, okay.

For a simple person like me, I rather stick to simple things which directly affect me these days.

Talk so much also no point.

Well, so far so life is more or less still the same.

So, I'm okay.

Anyway, I'm still thinking of those New Malaysia people who are so into

I have to admit that it disturbed me.

But I think for this one, instead of me writing another round of lecture about communism, it's better if I just point to you a Russian movie about it.

It's quite good.

Go to this link at YouTube to watch it;

I'm not putting the video here because it's not really suitable for young audience.

Okay, it's actually a horrifying movie.

This is from a scene of the movie,

And it's not even the worst scene.

I think it could have happened in this country if the communists had won the Emergency back then.

And those people wanted them to be given recognition the same way as this country's founding fathers.

Well, that movie is really for matured audience

For younger people, I think you all watch this enough la,

For full movie, please go here;


  1. Tycoon Robert Kuok does not speak about communism with contempt, despite being a capitalist.

    In his latest memoir, Kuok revealed that his brother William rose to become the propaganda chief of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP).

    Despite their diverging paths, Kuok spoke kindly about his brother, describing him as one who stood up against injustice and for the poor. He had one other brother, Phillip.

    Robert Kuok said William had dabbled with the idea of joining the MCP to fight the Japanese occupiers, having witnessed the atrocities by them, particularly against the Chinese in Malaya due to the Sino-Japanese War.

    1. It wont be a good idea for Robert Kuok to speak ill of communism whe he has alot of business interests in Hong Kong and China.If he did it will be another disappearing acts as many have experienced in China.

  2. Just some fact Annie; The creator of communism/socialism/french revolution/ Bolshevik revolution/New World Order etc etc.They were something in common.They came from the same bloodline, called God's chosen people.

  3. Annie,

    You can't have a firing squad unless you have guns. During primitive days there were no gun.

    But despite having the most modern and sophisticated and state of the art way of killing, some "THEOCRATIC" countries still prefer head chopping as their number one method to execute the dissidents.

    And the dissidents would have their head chopped off just because they have a different way of interpreting 'their own' religion.

    Now, that's more than horrifying, and people felt terrorised.

    One wouldn't even dare to say what *ism is 1000x better than the so-called divine way... That's how terrifying the inspired lot could make you feel.

    And that's evil, but many sing praises to it.

    1. "But despite having the most modern and sophisticated and state of the art way of killing, some "THEOCRATIC" countries still prefer head chopping as their number one method to execute the dissidents."


      Today we educate adik Annie on difference between Ideology, Philosophy or Religion and Actual Practice by "Followers".

      Christianity, Islam, Communism, Republicanism, all have been used to justify evil deeds.

  4. didn't the constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy win the support of most msian in the end? show me who said anything abt praise? cant we just tell exactly whats communism n communist, n their role in msia, be it good or bad?

    u try ban pas see if they would react differently.

  5. Very deep Annie.I have read the book "Animal Farm" authored by George Orwell when I was a student. It was a story about a group of animal led by a pig that started a revolution that promised equality to the animals.But once they had won, some animals have better right than others and they institute a system that the pigs shall always remain in power.

    Frankly, I dont like the way PH rule the country even though I had voted them.It was clear when they mentioned about "Rule of Law" when they won the election. Just less than 100days , they want to use AG power to drop corruption charges against against LGE.When UMNO was in power, similar charges was brought against Khir Toyo and he was found guilty and had served his sentences.Rule of law shall apply irrespective of that person a Chinese, Malay or Indian, a common man or a Minister.No one shall be above the law.

    1. Then vote Barisan Neraka back into power lah 6:17.

      Then you can have this again...

      a) The legal cases slapped against critical media and political opponents, while others enjoy immunity;

      b) The sacking of the former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail to prevent someone being charged;

      c) The illegal transfer of MACC officials to the PM’s Department and then the re-transfer;

      d) The elevation of the PAC members to the cabinet, delaying PAC investigations;

      e) The purge of dissenting Umno members from the party ranks,

      f) The jailing of whistle-blowers by abusing security laws like s124 and SOSMA;

      g) The removal of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin from his post;

      h) The banning of local publications (causing loss of livelihood to innocent journalists), yet not a shred of evidence that the facts published are false;

      i) The sabotage, arrests and intimidation of BNM, SB, MACC and AGC personnel to disrupt investigations;

      j) The numerous lies that have been floated to the public about the "donation" and 1MDB.

      k) The complete non-delivery and flip-flopping on virtually every promise made in the 2013 BN manifesto.

      Rule of Law, kih kih kih...

    2. It seems that the old man is losing it.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. Wah Liau; Cant criticise the Tokong.Must be a Sacred Brahmin cow.

    4. Prostitute Kangkang,

      "It seems that the old man is losing it."

      To be fair, he won it.

      Obviously the arguments of dedak-addicted simpletons like you were unable to persuade the public to vote your Bugis klepto idol back into power.

      Your bitterness in defeat is fully understood.

      Prof Sawi

    5. Prof Sawi

      Hadam dan hafal;

      Nothing impressive. Listen again here his type of followers prolly including you;

      Please la..
      ..bebudak tabika pun faham. You tak faham ke or pretends not to know?

      And the name calling? Why? Atau memang you dari keturunan itu ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    6. Professor Nasty Berak,

      Your spam dah boring lah.


      Cybertoyol nih pandai cut & paste jer.

      Mangkuk hayun betui.


    7. wei prof tahi badak air......

      hang hadam & hafal nie dulu yer......

      macai otak udang.......professor konon.....xde kerje lain, Form 3 x lulus jadi pro typist Umngok plak......poyo

    8. Anon 10:04

      Aduh.. 12/222
      Terima la hakikat.. you betoi ke tak faham what 12/222 means??

      1MDB apa tuu? Saman la dia.. haiya since 2015 asyik bebel aje. Dia salah on 1MDB and RM2.6b apahal sekadar pokpekpokpek aje?

      Macam burung murai la mooo nih semua.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    9. Prof NL 23:05,
      Kau ni tak habis2 dengan formula 12/222 . Masaalah nya formula kau tu tak lengkap.
      Ni hafal dan hadam formula yang lengkap:
      12/222 = 1 PM + 5 Menteri + 6 Timbalan Menteri.

  6. Selamat Hari Pahlawan!

    1. The qualities required for the struggle must be moral courage and chivalry, otherwise cunning and cowardly gangsters will rule the day.

  7. Annie,

    Yes, you 100% correct.

    You are too stupid : )

    Look up what "Communism" actually means across nations that have claimed it as a system.

    There is a world of difference between Stalinist Russia and Castro's Cuba for example.

    There is a world of difference between ISIS beheading people for Islam and actual Islamic teachings.


    Hence your equating of labels is quite misleading. Communism is arguably unsuccessful as an economic system but human rights abuses are a different matter. Saudi Arabia abuses human rights because it has paranoid leaders, not because it's an Islamic country.

    Perhaps you should join forces with RPK and write a blog targeted solely at OKU 14-year-olds?


    1. Actually I dont mind writing for OKUs. OKUs are humans too. Some are even better humans than ordinary people. Don't look down on them. Thank you.

    2. Anon 09:01
      Resort to charactor assassinating others having differing views??

      Ni pasti suffering from inferiority complex. Kecik2 kena abused by parents ke mooo?

      Why hina OKUs?? Nanti anak sendiri lahir OKU baru sedar diri kut??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Actual OKUs are fine.

      I think the meaning is the metaphorical OKUs like the unqualified dedak professors here who sell their simplistic nonsense in the hope that they actually make sense.

      They don't.

      Prof Sawi

    4. Dear anon 9.01 oku oku pun u still read this blog....huh

    5. Prof Sawi
      Jangan taksub menghina tak renti2. You sendiri can become instant OKU..

      BTW belum 100 hari, whats actually happening? Dah naik seram la;

      1. Sg Kandis
      2. Balakong
      3. Anwar
      4. Pagoh
      5. Langkawi,
      6. Pinang Tunggal
      7. Sepang
      8. Seri Setia

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    6. Lets not be offended. OKU can also be understood as Orang Kuat Umno :)

      Ever wonder why neutral Annie keeping mum, could care less when Najib's administration made full ties and sold most of our land to the commie mainland China?

      Neutral Annie is an example of a brainless political blogger and the biggest hypocrite of all time.

    7. Anon 12:50
      Please read this posting of mine which I did even before Dr Mahathir-Najib war

      Thank you.

    8. "Ever wonder why neutral Annie keeping mum, could care less when Najib's administration made full ties and sold most of our land to the commie mainland China?"

      Because Annie is a failed pro-Umno blogger.

      That's the reason.

      She's also becoming quite lazy compared to before.

      Maybe she and ponytail will end up doing one post a year, hehehehe.

      Ponytail damn malas, man.

    9. Its overwhelming if “neutral Annie” could write some thoughts about Former Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO) director-general Hasanah Abdul Hamid during Najib administration whom may have committed treason in admitting the leaked letter to the CIA.

      Hasanah has confirmed that the letter is genuine and it's a clear invitation for CIA to assist the previous Govt asking for foreign interference, attempting to disrupt our Parliamentary democracy.

      My take on this matter..A desperate man like Najib, will trade anything to stay in power. He has not only sold our land to communist China but rakyat dignity as well to the USA. Luckily, UmnoBN lost the election.

      Such treasonous letter by ex-PM's office is perilous matter. Treason of the highest order to Agung and our beloved nation.

  8. communism has fallen but IS has risen sigh...

  9. Communism is old fashion. It’s a failed system of governance.

    Only bodoh people would Wang to cling to the Marxists ideas.

  10. Only four of the 18 Sukhoi fighter jets purchased by the previous administration in 2007 can still fly, revealed Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu.

    Actually, it has been like above for years!

    What failed?

    1. Jibby was once Defence Minister was he not? How did Ahjibgor the pm allow Malaysia's national defence system to sink so very low?

  11. The New Malaysia people are not trying to justify communism or neither are they defending the communist.History is always written by the winners. Take the 1st and 2nd world wars, and the middle east crisis as examples.
    Malaysians in general today are all aware of the atrocities that happend during the communist insurgency pre and post Merdeka.
    What had not been told was the role of malay nationalist fighters in the struggle for independence from the British. Despite of them being the impetus in the struggle that led to Merdeka, their stories had remained untold until today because many of them adopted the left leaning ideologies.
    The communist 'bogeyman' had been conveniently used by the Alliance/BN-UMNO govt to demonise these freedom fighters.Worse, this same strategy had been repeatedly used pre and post merdeka to oppress/arrest and prosecute them whenever it is necessary to quash resistance or for political power play.
    With the new Malaysian govt today, the Malaysian public are given the space to prove ourselves of our maturity and rationale to openly discuss sensitive issues and not to remain stuck in our coccoon of bias.

  12. Annie,

    I realised that I had forgotten what communism meant, so I looked it up again.

    I could be wrong but it seems yo me that communism champions the working class.

    Then something struck me, I realised that most Malaysians seem to despise the working class.

    We aapear to have little respect and regard for those who serve us, who do hard manual labour, who have nothing to offer beyond what their hands can do.

    The amusing thing is that most Malaysians fall within the definition of working class.

    Only a very small percentage of us own the capital and the means of production.

    Reading the comments above suggest that many Malaysians are unwittingly suppressing themselves on behalf of those who control their livelihoods :)


    I dont think I am a communist because I love money too much and I do make a good living.

    But I think I still fall into the definition of the working class because I dont have anything to offer beyond what my brain can conjure up, and what my hands can do.

    I may hate communists like Josef Stalin but I dont think communism itself is necessarily bad.

    It's like saying that UMNO is bad because Najib is bad. :)


  13. communism pays so much attention to working class in the extreme.

    extremism will lead to terrorism

    no good

    1. Yeah bro. ours is the Middle Way beyond the extremists who stir shit on both sides trying to divide us up into factions and strife.

  14. anon @ 1 August 2018 at 16:48,

    //extremism will lead to terrorism//

    So which communist country is practising terrorism at the moment?


    1. "So which communist country is practising terrorism at the moment?" - i dont know mate

      but from from the google, current communist countries: 5, former communist countries: 41

      i guess they can no longer practice terrorism, so they switch

      by the way this is my definition of terrorism (thru google too): the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.