Tuesday 17 July 2018

Anifah and KJ are right

I have to say that I agreed when

Anifah and KJ say walkout

 not warranted for protest

Quite brave of them, I think.

Seriously, did the opposition MPs needed to do that?

It's kinda silly and maybe even childish.

I think they need to do better than that.

It's just like the stupid old opposition again.

PH people staged many walkouts too when they were the opposition.

Of course they were being silly back then.

But that shouldn't be an excuse for staging the walkout yesterday.

In my humble opinion, BN people need to be better as the opposition than the PH people.

They shouldn't walk out over something which I think was a small issue the way their predecessors used to do.

It's indeed silly because later on, they were sworn in as MPs in front of the new speaker guy whose appointment they had just protested against..

I think the opposition MPs should reserve their more dramatic actions for more serious occasions.

If they pull such stunts for everything they wanted to protest in parliament, then I think the people would not like it too much.

They are there to represent the people and if they stage a walkout too often, then that's tantamount to not doing their duty of providing checks and balances to the PH government.

They need to be smarter next time.

And I don't really like this

Najib: Khairy, Anifah should explain

 why they stayed 

I don't think Najib should be the one who said that.

Even if the intention was good, it should be voiced out by Zahid as opposition leader and not Najib.

Najib is after all just an opposition MP now, the same as Anifah and KJ.

I think he should just concentrate on his ongoing legal battle, or at the very least, restricts his attack against PH.

That way I think the people will be more sympathetic towards him.

Well, whatever it is, to be more positive I think yesterday's incident in parliament showed that democracy is still alive in this country, even among the opposition parties.

Yes, that includes Umno too.

No blind loyalty or herd mentality there.

Hopefully they will learn from the whole thing.


  1. Umno just maintaining status quo Annie....tak bodoh bukan umno la kan...

    1. Lagi bodoh penyokong harapan.
      Janji 16 muka 55 buku harapan speaker dipilih dari ahli dewan.- terang2 kena kencing.
      Ohh buku harapan not bible.
      Mastura tgk muka kat cermin- haa dah jumpa pun bodoh

    2. They tried to pick from their MPs la ngok but the law didn’t allow it because that fella is an Adun also. Other MPs were not up to the job. So they opted for an outsider. Can’t say they were not trying..

    3. Now the pinklips 1MDB pirate is indirectly threatening KJ and Anifah.

      Make no mistake:

      Najib is still running Umno.

      The same old crap that ran the party before is running it now.

      Same bunch of corrupt badut2.

      So much for "rejuvenation".

      If you look the Presidents of Umno, the first 3 were Onn Jaafar, TAR and Tun Razak.

      The last 2 have been the world's worst kleptocrat and a kaki pukul Javanese gangster.

      Tak bodoh bukan umno lah.

    4. Please read 7:04 below.
      Mr mastura hit a nerve there kan?
      Mesti ada 1 atau 2 parti tak boleh kecam buat benda sama 1999.
      Stupid kan dap?

    5. Yup tak bodoh bukanlah penyokong harapan.
      Buku harapan bukan bible.
      Kena kencing dgn pm7 marahkan pulak umno.

      Bau st.miguel anak mahathir punya kata rafizi kuat disini.

      Kena kencing ..hahahah

    6. DYMM Agong himself mocking Umno & Pus.

      Very, very funny seeing their faces...


      Padan muka.

      Daulat Tuanku!!!

    7. Now Zahid Komedi says ONLY KJ did not walk.

      He is trying to say Anifah walked out.


      "Khairy said he remained seated because he chose to respect the Speaker’s swearing-in ceremony.

      Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri said he was more surprised than disappointed that Khairy did not join the others in leaving the hall.

      “If a team member does not follow the party’s decision, it reflects badly on our unity. People are watching. One cannot be selfish and only think of oneself,” said the Bera MP.

      Although Umno supreme council member Datuk Hasni Mohamad does not believe that Khairy’s move was politically motivated, he cautioned against a repeat of such an incident.

      “A team must act in unison. The decision of the majority must be respected. At this point, we need a team player, not a rebel.

      “Even if it was not his intention to rebel, I’m afraid that was the perception,” he said of Khairy, who lost his bid for the Umno presidency in the recent party polls.

      He contested against Dr Ahmad Zahid and Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who is also Gua Musang MP.

      Datuk Ahmad Maslan, another supreme council member, said Khairy, as the former Youth and Sports minister, should be well aware of the importance of team spirit and unity in securing victory.

      “We have just witnessed the conclusion of the World Cup. If a team is in disarray and doesn’t play as one, it will not win. I hope that after this, he will be a good team member."

      If people like Mat Maslan 3.85 and Mael Sabri are the future of UmNonok, please let the party jump into the kubur right now.

      Hanco ler....

  2. They tried to raise point of order but the speaker not even appointed. Who gonna decide on point of order? House secretary? House secretary SUDDENLY has the power to decide on point of order..

    Those goon walked out over an appointment of speaker but yet returned and took oath in front the very Speaker they protested before. What a shame. That includes 2 MP lawyers from both Pas and Umno who spoke at length in parliament lobby on how the appointmnent of the speaker was unlawful and invalid. They even asked for the seating to be adjourned for 2 weeks to satisfy the legal requirement but yet sheepishly walked back in and took their oath. Why so????

    If you’re so CONVINCE of your case then walk the talk la. Pursuit the legal channel. Mahathir was right it was all just political stunt. Creating unnecessary drama a over trivial matters. I like Anifah Aman stand. If it affected the livelihood of the rakyat, he’s more than willing to walk out. But if it was over trivial matters, it is not worth it.

    1. "They even asked for the seating to be adjourned for 2 weeks to satisfy the legal requirement but yet sheepishly walked back in and took their oath."

      Ye la tu.

      Xde teloq.

      Childish stunt.


      "Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa claimed the party's former Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has gone rogue but the Rembau MP stressed that he remains loyal to Umno.

      Taking to Twitter, Annuar indicated that Khairy was no longer participating in parliamentary discussions with other BN MPs"

      If Anus Musang and Pasir Salak are attacking KJ so openly, then forget all that talk of "new, clean Umno."

      Same filthy old shit as before.


      KJ will leave Umno soon.

  3. Anifah and KJ have won brownie points over this issue. The rakyat are watching. They gonna win their parliamentary seats with a lot bigger majority in the next general election.

    1. Think about this.......

      Who would have nominated Apandi Babi for a seat in the MTU? Not Zahid. Not Mat Hasan. No, it was Pokjib himself. Because he's the guy who hired Apandi Babi in 24 hours to clear his name from 1MDB. My guess is the offshore dedak supply is still being used to buy support.

      New Umno = party of Najib.

  4. Actually there’s a handful of Umno leaders who wanted to stay and be like KJ and Anifah such as Shahidan and Reezal Merican. They only walked out after being ‘sergah’ by their boss, the javaman who repeatedly mentioned their names from the back.

  5. Pada 20 Disember 1999, Datuk Seri Mahathir (kini Tun) yang menjadi Perdana Menteri ketika itu telah mencadangkan perlantikan Tun Mohamed Zahir Ismail sebagai Speaker Dewan Rakyat. Pencalonan ini disokong oleh Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Lim Liong Sik.

    Perlantikan ini telah dibantah oleh ahli ahli parlimen Barisan Alternatif ketika itu kerana dikatakan telah dicalonkan tidak mengikut peraturan Dewan (termasuk isu notis 14 hari). Antara yang mengambil tempat dalam perbahasan tersebut adalah Mohammad Sabu, Mahfuz Omar, Teresa Kok, Chong Eng, Dr Syed Azman Syed Ahmad Nawawi, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Kerk Kim Hock, Fong Po Kuan dan Tan Kok Wai.

    Selepas bantahan tersebut tidak diterima, Dr Tan Seng Giaw telah mengisytiharkan keluar dewan dengan berkata, “Ada bantahan… Satu walk-out”.

    Semua ahli parlimen Barisan Alternatif telah keluar dewan pada ketika itu sambil disorak oleh beberapa ahli parlimen Barisan Nasional, “Oi balik balik berambus get lost” dan “tidak angkat sumpah tidak boleh masuk ooo”

    Ahli-ahli Parlimen BA kemudiannya telah masuk semula ke dalam Dewan bagi upacara angkat sumpah. Termasuk Allahyarham Us Fadzil Noor, Dr Wan Azizah, Dr Tan Seng Giaw dan Husam Musa.

    Jadi apa yang berlaku hari ini bukannya pertama kali berlaku dalam sejarah politik Malaysia.

    Jadi tidak perlulah penyokong kerajaan mengatakan bahawa ahli parlimen pembangkang tidak faham peraturan majlis.

    1. Would like to listen to PH supporters' comment after reàding this.
      Prof Kangkung

  6. UMNO, Kipidap, Dongibab, Ainoyukenduit ...

    1. UMNGOK, Kipidap, Dongibab, Ainoyuloveduit ...

  7. I'm quite OK with honest (generally) opposition staging walkouts and protests.

    Watching dishonest, despicable opposition stage a walkout in an attempt to "burnish" their opposition credentials is silly and comedic.

    But yes, this is politics, kami semua ada pandangan dan prinsip diri-sendiri.

    Carry on as usual, and to UMNO / BN / PAS, kipidap, dongipbap! :D

  8. Protesting on point of principle is ok.

  9. Bila harapan buat Rakyat aspiration.
    Bila umno dan pas buat salah aje.
    Bila kena kencing sbb hope book not bible terima aje hahahaha

    1. Haha.setuju setuju

      Prof Kangkung

  10. dah cikgunya pas.. inilah la jadinya

  11. A: Ah, sandiwara in July in the August House.

    B: What's it all about?

    A: Standing order on notice to appoint the Speaker.

    B: Oh, is that so? Then what about the other standing orders?

    A: Which are?

    B: The ROS standing order on illegality of Umno. The MACC standing order to investigate the public funds given by Umno to PAS as admitted by Nik Abduh. The PDRM standing order to reopen the Altantuya murder case. You want some more? I got phhluuenty.

    A: What then do you want the new opposition to do? Admit to such crimes against the rakyat?

    Do you for instance expect Umno to suggest Pandikar as the Speaker again?

    B: Pandikar? Isn't he busy as the new Umno Supreme Council toilet inspector?

    A: Erhh, maybe. What about Hamidi?

    B: Isn't he busy trying to construct a credible explanation for how a personal credit card payment bill of rm0.8 million with all the receipts attached can move from his house to a public foundation office in order to be mistaken by its accountant enough to be paid off using foundation funds with nary a signed voucher description? The usual practice of too much large sums flowing here and there in the nether world of Umno the best and people-attuned gomen of the past, izzit?

    A: Oh. Then, what about....

    B: Stop! When all but two walked out and as they were passing under the beam of the door, did any think of explaining to the assemblage of rakyat representatives of the August House how is it that next month another tranche amounting to rm800+ million has to be coughed out by the new MOF to pay Umno-guaranteed interest on Umno-guaranteed debts for Umno-guaranteed dedak? And, did any one of them think about the impact of the colossally titanic PFI exposure on the EPF that are the life savings of the rakyat?

    A: But it's not Umno...

    B: Shut up. What's the difference before May 9th whether it was Umno the political party or Umno the federal gomen? Both the same, no? Both sharing the same prostitution of governance.

    Do you know down south they teach kids the subject of governance? WTF do we have here instead? So-called lawmakers with camel-IQs practising non-governance to the hilt and zenith. The only thing they are good at is practising non-governance to the acme of hypocrisy.

    And we can whelp about 'the stupid old opposition' of the past? Oh my oh my! Identity crisis, izzit?

    Look, A, always remember the essence of Malaysia. Substance, not form. What are the substantive issues today which have been carried forward and left behind by the past administration? If we want to be taken seriously as a mature nation, drop all the fookin' shitplay right here and now. Agree or not?

    A: Wow, you're testy this morning, aren't you?

    B: Had only a stale moldy piece of bread. Can't afford Prof Nasi Lemak's tanglin breakfast nor Prof Kangkung's satu-ringgit veggie.

    A: Gripes aside, what's your key observation this moment?

    B: That the bigger sandiwara Umno is playing today is to give the sly appearance that they had lost only because of Najib friend of Baginda, son of Razak and champion of the dedakians.

    The Umno members in Parliament are doing that in order to create the impression all are as clean as whistles. They think if they affect such a display long enough, people will think they are right. It's a leaf from their goebel's book of propaganda. They want to build hope that they will be returned, furthermore bolstered by their PAS kawans to confound and split Pakatan. But they forgot one thing.

  12. 2/2

    A: And that is?

    B: They forgot Pakatan was only forged by the will of the rakyat of Malaysia. How can Umno and PAS as the only cause of their own downfall confound and split the will of the rakyat of Malaysia? Even those still in Umno and PAS divisions know they are grasping for straws of their own survival above the needs of the nation and these needs are common to all rakyat whatever the political affiliations.

    After all, not a single rakyat except them has not been afflicted by Umno's excesses, greed and calumny and PAS' perfidy.

    You know, running a country well is not about feeling good and sexy in those tupperware meetings of free food, nice satin kebayas and pooh-poohish chatters. Those are just the multi-level marketing at the bottom of the pyramid of the ponzi scheme that has been repeated every five years onto the gullible rakyat only now eyes wide open, mercifully for the majority.

    Do we still need to go over the attributes needed to run a country well? We are not hypocrites, idiots, dumbkopfs, nincompoops, are we?

    A: Of course we are not. We are better than them. So what do you think of Anipah and Khairy?

    B: Anipah? Where's the brother and the millions of rakyat money? Khairy? Who and how did the sports ministry's rm100 million get ripped off? Ok?

    A: Ah, i see. Every single sen must be returned to the rakyat.

    B: You know the mistake is to forget, let go, leave it to the Almighty.

    Well, God forbid, suckers. Tighten the sarungs in the mind. Make it a burning lesson that never again must the rakyat be taken for rides and their funds siphoned off, and then happily wash off the hands as if still holy. Show the rakyat that the real substantive principle of integrity in running this crummy country will be upheld even if caused by those constitutionally privileged. If ever there is a right, let it only be the right to champion and uphold integrity. Nothing else, MFs.

    For a start, put AZ, Noh and Papagomo in the same cells with those they had beaten up.

    A: Errhh, so that leaves us with...?

    B: Ah, Nazri.

    A: Ooo! out of sight, da machoman. But why him, B?

    B: Technology in service of customers can't be bad. If our taxi drivers are to be helped, registering e-hailing services only skirts around the objective of using technology to prevent skimming of passengers. Instead of focusing on grab/uber, device a local app and give it foc to our taxi drivers so that they can compete better in the same market with those ehailers. Find another winning factor as well and use it to supplement the local app so that our taxi drivers will have enough of an advantage in recognition of their tenure in the industry. Why should grab/uber be the only ones making commissions which can go to our taxi drivers also? Heck, list the taxi industry and give the dividends to its members. Can or not?

    And yes, put machoman in a room, shine lights on his eyes and get him to say yes to make it happen in the taxi companies. Else suffer the fate of being made to walk the August House tiap-tiap malam. It's haunted, baby. Brrrr...

    A: You're a versatile genius and true patriot, i grant you that.

    B: Also handsome. Alas poor since disdain dedak.

    1. Anonymous17 July 2018 at 10:38 x 2

      Superb comments bro.

      Really cannot be answered by any of the lame cut & paste lazy bastard Umno cyberfailures : )

  13. Harapan buat semua ok.

    Bn umno pas buat semua tak ok

    Yang pasti - penyokong harapan suka kena kencing.

    1. Anonymous17 July 2018 at 10:58

      Yang pasti - hang nih mmg cybertrooper yg paling malas & pandai cut & paste jer.

      Pi minum kencing badak air Birkin, TQ.

      Pastu sila pi mampuih : )

      Cybertrooper poyo...kih kih kih...

    2. 60 tahun kena kencing dgn BN Umno best kan?

    3. Org johor kata dah lokos kena kencing
      Prof Kangkung

    4. Anon 10:58..Bodoh punya reply. Kalau sudah walkout , jangan walk balik pula lah...malu wei

    5. Yup 60 tahun termasuk dalam tu pm4 & 7.
      Hahaha pakatan mengata pm7 ke ?

      Bila usik aje dap ramai yg menggelupur almaklum tokong dipuja.

    6. Agung perli UmnoBN dan Pas dlm dewan "Ahli2 yang berhormat sila duduk, jangan lari.HAHAHAHA!

  14. Tolong lah. Kamu Umno janganlah ikut cara PAS atau cara pembangkang dulu.

  15. Hey Annie,

    Give chance laa to new Oppostion.

    Its not fair.

    They are still new and most are still in denial mode.

    Give them a bit of time.

    After 50 or 60 years, sure they can behave better.

    Wak Jahid Komedi do not know the ropes yet how to become oppositon.

  16. Talking about changes in Umno/bn. well what can we expect from them anyway?

  17. when MO1 is removed, dumbo will be much better without baggage meh (unless MO1 & jho low are hoarding all dumbo monies) cash is king sigh

  18. the PH vs BN war is not over, rule of law (read not revenge) will ensure MO1 & other BN or dumbo crooks go to sungai buloh country resort wakakaka

  19. Yup not doubt about it.

    Harapan supporters are in too deep to realise that they been bambozle.

    Kena kencing dgn manifesto pun kencinglah janji buku harapan (not a bible) ditepati.

    Btw which part of buku harapan yang ditepati atau dicapati hihihiji