Sunday 29 July 2018

Rewriting history

I just have breakfast.

Ketupat palas with serunding and nasi impit.


Sat under the Japanese bamboo trees in front of the house for awhile.

It's very quiet and peaceful here.

Not like KL at all.

Then I received this WhatsApp message with this poster,

What nonsense are they up to over there, I wondered.

Rewriting history.

Preaching about the good communists.

Reeducating the Malays?

Well, there's this one,

With BN out of power,

 let's tell our true history,

 says ex-communist fighter

Au, who speaks fluent Malay, stopped school after primary 2.
He spent nearly a decade fighting with the CPM’s 10th Regiment, which had many Malay fighters, during which time he said he had learned everything from politics to economy.
Au said he was among those who welcomed PH’s victory in the May 9 polls.
“The Umno-led Barisan Nasional’s policies weren’t good for the people,” he added.

Whatever lah.

This is New Malaysia, okay.

Malaysians voted for all these and we should respect their wishes.

As for the communists, the closest I got to them was when I was invited as an observer to the 18th national congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012.

That's in Beijing lah.

That's when Xi Jinping was made the party's secretary-general....more or less the same way as Guan Eng was made the secretary-general of DAP.

But of course, Jinping's father was not the supremo of Communist Party of China.

I have to say that I don't mind the communists so much at that time, except the guy who was assigned to be my minder who was so kepoh and wanted to know even what I think about his party.

The guy was tall and handsome and an officer in the People's Liberation Army. Can't be too cross with him though as he was just doing his job.

Well, except for the tight monitoring, I did enjoy the whole thing.

I think I'm just among the few Malaysians who had the privilege of attending such an event at the Great Hall of the People.

If you ask me, I don't think China is much of a communist country anymore.

So many rich people there now.

If there are rich people, then there must be poor people too.

So much for the equality concept of communism.

I even saw a pink Ferrari at the Beijing's Bar Street.

Maybe we could have seen a pink Ferrari in Bangsar if the communists had won the insurgency back then during the Emergency.

Maybe that's why they want to rewrite history now.

Okay, here's a video you should watch before we start rewriting the history of this country,


  1. Seriously? People learn communism from a "clown" fahmi reza? Hahhahhaha.. there is something wrong there.

  2. I wonder if CPM didn't call themselves communists and still did what they did, i.e. fought the Japs during WWII and the British after that, would history see them differently?

    Sure, they were partially influenced by Russian/Chinese planting communist flags in SEA. But they were also partially "freedom fighters" protecting their own home. My own uncle was one of those people although I was too young to find out he was actually a card carrying communist or not. As far as I know my whole clan is as capitalist as they come.

    For those of us who are a bit educated and have seen a bit of the world outside of Malaysia, we understand that history is never totally black and white.

    By the same token, I will accept that not all PKHKC UMNO/PAS thugs are Nazis/ISIS terrorists.

    1. My siblings and I, all nine of us were children born in the 60's and early 70's.

      My great great grandfather was a fighter together with Mat Kilau, fighting the British and Japanese. In fact, he also went into hiding after the Japanese left, leaving behind his wife and my great grandmother who was still a toddler at that time. But Mat Kilau and his gang were true nationalists. They never fought against the Malay soldiers. They only fought foreign invaders of the Malay land.

      My late father and my oldest brother were soldiers. They fought the communists in the 70's. They would spend months in the jungle. We grew up living with anxiety every time they went on a mission and felt relieved when they came back in one piece. Many soldiers lost their lives, some survived but maimed because of booby traps.

      If the communists were really nationalists, why did they fight the Malay soldiers after independence??? Why did they cause havoc and chaos to the country after independence???

      This is the true story of my family and I'm sure other military families also share the same story.

      Fahmi Reza can say whatever he wants. For someone of his age to say that we should rewrite history just to say that Malay communists were nationalists, please wait until my generation has all gone from this earth... please wait until my generation has all died then after that, you guys can do whatever you want.

      But, right now.. don't ever think of telling us to appreciate what those evil people had done to this country and to my family!

  3. A case of ‘too much of a good thing’ or really ‘too much of a bad thing’.

    Enjoy the weekend...


  4. Dare not complain about present regime.. be called uneducated pulak nanti !!

  5. Talking about rewrite history,I know a bit about the past regime's agenda when Tan Sri Muhyiddin was still in UMNO and he was the Education Minister.
    I cannot reveal more than that except to as the readers of this blog,why did the previous government made history as the must pass subject at SPM level.(Hint: something to do with to rewrite history).
    Prof Kangkung

  6. washington post: CIA tried to change other countries govts 72 complained by BN so are Dr M & PH targets now sigh

  7. CIA is on war against communism, got communist call CIA...

  8. Annie kuat bullshit. Kata nak take a break from blogging over the weekend sebab kononnya pergi outstation tapi lebih hebat pulak posting komen baru. Maklumlah readers comments on friday & saturday postings sokong PH so Annie kena tukar dan divert topik sikit.

    1. Aku buat posting ni tak sampai 10 minit. Suka2 je. Weekend aku biasa buat posting simple macam ni. Kalau engko rasa aku bullshit aku nasihat engko jangan buang masa baca. Pasal komen pro-PH tu sebenarnya aku tak kesah sikit pun. Kalau aku nak aku boleh delete je semua tapi aku tak buat macam tu sebab aku percaya kebebasan bersuara. Jangan melampau-lampau sudah lah ya.

    2. Tu la kebebasan bersuara mana ada kalau najib masih memerintah

  9. Review the history.Oh my God...Takde kerje lain ke dia orang ni.I lost my uncle during the Bintang 3 era. One fine afternoon a group of communists came over to our kampung house and capture our uncle and until now we are still not sure what happen to him.

    We are very lucky that this country did not become a communist country.We may end up worst than Pol Pot era in Kampuchea where millions of innocent citizens were slaughtered.Are these people nuts!.

  10. Poor Annie : )

    I will give you a gold star for your homework Annie, the minute I see you try any strategy that the Umgnok bloggers have not tried 5,000 times before.

    This is the same "Chin Peng ashes" crap that we've seen a million times before.



    I really think Umgnok should revamp their cyber machinery that failed so badly in PRU14.

    Ah well, that's their fate I guess for the future too.

    Think outside the box, Annie!

    But not Outsyed lah...



    China is one useless, corrupt, piece of shit country; why do you think Bibirpink Bugis went to them to cover his 1MDB shortfalls?

  11. Communism is still illegal in this country. These bloody fools should be hauled up and charged. My grandfather was slaughtered by the communist just because he was a bus conductor serving the mass. My pregnant grandmother was left to fend 6 children, the eldest 10 yrs. I wish i can slap these 4 ungrateful. Or could it be they never had ancestor who had crossed path with commies because they are recent pendatangs.

  12. Ive been debating these sorts of people in blogs. The calls to relook at everything including even the social contracts. These people under the disguise of open mindedness claims tht everything weve known so far has been umno propaganda from day 1. Ive seen the their so called academic arguments, even their many other theories just. To my dismay isnt event academically acceptable and a pure waste of time. Their aim is just to create doubts. Is there is many theories therefore nothing can be conclusive. These includes 13 may, communism, contract socials and u name it anything else that we hold dear to.

    I dont know if these people are in denial or if it is just a strategy. I mean i understand their agendas but to deny historical fact is just cheap move. But u know wht if truth is really wht u r after, then set up a royal comission, by all means look into the evidences im sure we will all come back to the narrative that we heard so far.

    Theres been attempt before such as those tht say malay people comes from yunnan which slapped them with dna evidence. Then theres attempt to accuse malay also pendtg because we came from indonesian jawa and wht not and boy do we educate them on polynesian archaecology.

    So go ahead have an intellectual discussion but please also accept the evidence and dont be in denial.

    1. Ok so many typos. Its wht u get writing in mobile phone + in a hurry + pissed off at again with these crap. But u get my point

  13. adoi still harping on bangsa & agama, MO1 & dumbos NOT fighting poverty & corruption sigh

    1. You can't expect a corrupt party and corrupt leaders to fight corruption.

  14. Lets see what come out of this forum and then everybody can give their comments. I am sure the historians in our universities would be referred to before any history is worth any rewrite.

    It would be interesting to see what are to be rewrite and I hope they would not start by saying that the sixth PM of Malaysia was actually DS Rosmah and not DS Najib. LOL

    1. History is based on facts.

      Not based on 'they killed my great great grandfather's uncle who was a nice fella so if you say anything good about them I will kill you' kind of logic.

      Or based on 'Tengku Kudin sounds nicer and in line with ketuanan agenda than Yap Ah Loy' kinda logic.

      Nor could be changed and deleted because Munsyi Abdullah was actually an Indian working for British and not actually Melayu tulen, y'know...

      But to those uneducated and who would let their emotions and ego to mar their judgement, one should not try to even reason with them.

      Because they do not appreciate the real meaning of preserving a true record of history and they thought the desert Arab's history is also part of theirs.

    2. Ya history is based on facts.
      1.It was a fact that communism kills more people in history.Stalin and Mao Tse Tung kills more his own citizen in the time of peace than the Nazis in world war 2.
      2.It was a fact that Chin Peng and his group of bandits wanted to turn this country to become a communist country with allegiance to China.
      3.It was a fact that many patriots mainly Malays, British, Aussies, Sikh sacrificed their lifes to defend this country from turning into a communist state.
      4.It was a fact many non Malays had benefitted from this sacrifice.

  15. Annie,

    Monspace boss was investigated for money laundering, pyramid aka ponzi scheme, misuse of bank negara logo, etc..

    She was currently barred from leaving the country.

    She was a staunch MCA aka BN member, supporting BN in the past elections.

    Therefore there's a link.

    BN, UMNO, MCA must be investigated too for involvement in the same illegal activity.

    As for the Au guy, he was just someone who 'supported PH's victory'. What he does could not be linked to PH.

    But Monspace is different. The boss is a MCA member.

    1. Wait till they trace back all the money trail from lanun bugis to mic, mca and umno

      Gonna be a fun few years coming up

  16. Annie talk la a bit of how to eradicate corruption and improve good governance in this country. You know those things that used to plague us under BN and UMNO rule

  17. It is not about History,bur commerce
    Just imagine the printer will be laughing all the way to the bank




  19. Annie,

    Just one question , did you believe in communism ?.

    You are right not many people have the privilege to attend CPC congress but we herd that UMNO used to send their delegate ,even MCA too.

    1. I don't believe in communism. In case you are wondering, I was not representing Umno or any other political party at the CPC congress. Thank you.

  20. Islam is against all forms of racism (ketuanan melayu) & bigotry (dapigs) right???

  21. Has anyone of your followers read the Communist Manifesto?

    That's what I thought. A bunch of ignorant twats.

    Here you go:

    Although written by Marx but Engels had a lot to do with it as well. Both Germans. Not Russian nor Chinese, much less Malaysian Chinese.

    Essentially it described the conflict between working class and capitalist class. That conflict is still present today. Unfortunately their political solutions and methods through which capital is allocated in an economy didn't work in the real world. That's the only country left that can be said to be closest to being Communist is Cuba and we know what a basket case that is.

    So all the debates about communism should be left to historians and economists.

    Now.... Whereas Ketuanan is a very relevant topic in today's Malaysia and I think it will continue to be a hotly debated topic in the years to come.

    The bastards are calling up communism to muddy the debate but the true objective is the preservation of Ketuanan Melayu regardless of the cost to the country and our society.

    Will we ever resolve this problem? I don't know.

  22. Annie,

    Communism no longer a thing right now.

    What is wrong with a debate?

    Let them debate in civilize manner.

    In the new Malaysia, debate is encouraged to stimulate people to think.

    We all know there are cruelties associated with communist country.

    However, based on historical fact, can the allied forces won the world war 2 without Russia?

    History has to be based on factual account on what really transpired in time.

    Let them debate laaa. What is the big deal.

    1. The communists killed more innocent people than the Nazis. Please watch the video. Thank you.

  23. Islam is against discrimination and racism

  24. The corrupted UMNO is 100x better than the communist rule.Period.

    1. Anon 07:45 Agree with you that UMNO rule was 1000x better than the communist:-

      1.No life was lost because of their religion, profession, race and wealth.In Pol Pot era, you can lose your head and life because by you are different from them.
      2.No mass migration of Malaysians to other countries like the boat people if Vietnam.If UMNO rules was worst you would had expected the Chinese to migrate back to China.That did not happen but more outsiders woukd like to be Malaysian.

  25. Those who adore this comunnist that once in the historic damage this country have mental problem... nor job at all since our economy is now.. damage too.. soon in future history will tell..

  26. Boring topic....yawn.....NEXT !

    1. PH minister claimed Malaysia belongs to Indians and Melayu Pendatang.. dia dh mohon ampun..

      Heee he.. jenuh klo ikut otak dia Africans suddenly claim China belongs to them juga kan??

      Few years back dey found an African remains dated thousands of years ago, in China..

      Lawak2 le mangkuk2 dalam cabinet dapoq PH..

      Hello semua.. tiktok 100days dah dejat ni. Nak bagi alasan ape lagi?

      Kat JB janji2 tu semua tak heranla. Nak beli bangalo RM1m pun anytime, baru SGD300K. Murah aje tau

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Nazi lemak, najib gadai tanah melayu kat komunis China cam ne ?

  27. Najib loves to sell land in Tanah Melayu to Communist China

  28. we fought colonialist and kleptocracy with democracy and won

    other methods have failed

  29. What about the Malayan Emergency that needs rewritten ?

    Aku belajar Tawarikh.
    Aku percaya apa yang tertulis dalam buku Tawarikh tu betul dan tak perlu diubah. Itu jam menteri pelajaran nya Khir Johari. Lepas tu Mahathir, Musa Hitam, Sulaiman Daud.

    Yang budak2 empat ekor ni apa niat ? Kalau sejarah boleh diubah2, itu panggil sejarah ke ?

    Komunis tetap komunis.
    They fought Japanese army not for Malaya. They were just anti Japanese and carmoflage it with freeing Malaya from Japanese occupation idea. They did not suceed pun. Japanese surrendered and balik kampung. Fikir betul2. Then the guerilla insurgent began. Nak tukar sejarah kepala bapak dia orang lah.

  30. Well we won commie lose....sore loser cant accept the fact. Commie dont fight for malaysia tney fight for their own n they lose....who cares about commie anyway

    Games of throne

  31. Heck! Who the hell are those people talking about rewriting history? I had to google them only to find out that they're just a bunch of incompetent fellas. Not even historians!

    I really don't know why are some of them keep demanding everything these days. These people are from both sides, the government & the opposition.

    1. Hindraf 2.0 demand for the bumiputera versity uitm to be opened to all races.

    2. LGE issued official government statement in china language (sorry, i only knew that the official goverment statement should be published in BM & BI only not mandarin/hokkien/cantonese).

    3. M. Kulasegaran prefers speaking in tamil in press conference where 99% present don't even understand tamil.

    4. M. Kulasegaran thinks that indians are penduduk asal tanah melayu and the malays are pendatangs. I don't know if i should cry or laugh! A brief history, the indians that came to tanah melayu they came to do business berdagang and they left. But, then the brits brought their coolies....the rest as they say is history...

    4. Teo Nie Ching loves everything china. She wants more sekolah jenis china (which was supposed to be for chinese immigrants) to be built. UEC to be recognised by local public universities. Goverment to sponsor private elite chinese schools. Yup! Sekolah anak2 orang kaya government has to sponsor. Sekolah tu meniaga buat duit la bangang! Funny thing is mca and dap join forces in all these. So much for malaysia baru or should it be chinasia baru ?

    What's next fellas?