Wednesday 4 June 2014

Taking a backseat as senior bloggers handle Johor

The problems in Johor have apparently attracted the attention of senior and established bloggers.

Among the latest are

A Voice in his posting One brave soul at the Johor State Assembly 

and Apanama's A patriot of an assemblyman 

This is great.

Both senior bloggers praised the exploits of Kempas assemblyman DatukTengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid bin Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat.

The guy got such a long name.

Nonetheless, I suggest you all read the story of the YB at those links.

Actually I don't really know Haron Aminurrashid, except that someone told me his father was a good friend of PM DS Najib Razak.

He was selected as the BN candidate for Kempas in the general election last year to replace long serving Datuk Osman Sapian. 

The actual candidate recommended by the then State liaison committee was the hardworking former Johor Umno liaison executive secretary Ramli Buhani. The Umno headquarters, however wanted Haron Aminurrashid as candidate. 

Ramli, being the good Umno man that he is didn't kick a fuss and continue his good work throughout the general election and beyond until he was recently removed from his post, if I was not mistaken.

I have to admit that I was disappointed that Ramli was not chosen as a candidate as he is a good man. 

However, as highlighted by the senior bloggers, Haron Aminurrashid, who was chosen over him turned out to be quite a good and brave assemblyman.

I guess the matter about Johor will from now on continue to be pursued by the esteemed Yang Berhormat such as Haron Aminurrashid and bloggers who are more senior and established than myself.

The powers that be must now surely take notice and do something to correct the wrongs in my home state.

I therefore think I can take a rest on the matter and let those who are more senior and in better position to handle the issues related to my home state.

I am sure they can handle it better than myself.

Now I can go back to write about less serious stuff. Something which I am better at.

Honestly, I hate writing about serious and depressing stuff such as those happenings in Johor.

I prefer not so serious stuff and will write such things for now.

Let's see how it goes. If I feel that I need to be serious again, then I will...maybe later.

Okay, I'm not working today, so, need to go for my afternoon workout now.

Getting really fat lah.

Here is one of my favorite workout music.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that music is over 30 years old.

Okay that's all for today. Take care everyone.


  1. "Harapkan pagar pagar makan padi"

    So if the fence could no longer function as a fence, and be trusted to protect the (padi), the old fence should be removed and changed .

    1. One patroit and the rest unpatroit and traitor to umno cause?

  2. So, work hard annie. No backseat please!

    You have to dig some details. Let us know. Or otherwise 'benteng UMNO' will be replaced with the great wall...

  3. You are wrong Tebing Tinggi. Fixed the fence with strong JATI wood.
    If you change it with low quality fance it will be worse than before!

    1. How to dig when there is no proof. Better to dig graves.

  4. Great Wall kan baik, dah beribu ribu tahun masih kukuh lagi, dari bulan pun boleh nampak. Benteng UMNO sikit sikit roboh, perlu dibaiki sana sini. Tukang baiki benteng pun peyamun, mana boleh tahan lama benteng tu.

    1. he..he.. 2×5... pemilihan pkr, cec. real penyamun too

  5. How about this where a sorry excuse for an officer caused the death of 13 Italian airmen in the Congo. The Malay Major had shirked his responsibilities of providing the airmen with protection, placed them in danger by ordering them to be brought to the mess and allowed them to be captured by the rebels. The Major then further disgraced himself by ordering all the officers and men at the mess to surrender their weapons to the rebels who had surrounded them, which they did sheepishly.

    There you go LOL, letak senjata di CONGO. Make sure your Camel Urine supplements are kept topped up. They will keep your deranged thought processes in check.

    1. Lies and spin as usual by the Opposition supporter. The Italian airmen were having having their meal at the mess. They were ''captured'' or snatched by force as the Congolese rebels mistook them for being Belges, their colonial master. There was not much the Malayan soldiers could do. Even the Congolese person-in-charge, a Mr Pakassa, said they could not do anything. The area that was actually very unsafe for anyone. To the Oppo supporter, please stop lying and spin anything against the Malay entities and Establishment. My question to you, what would YOU do if you have 10 men with you and surrounded by say, 500 armed and mad men?

      You are a racist bigot. Period.