Friday 27 June 2014

Football fever....and stupidity


Was too tired last night that I slept so deeply and was totally oblivious of the alarm I set to wake me up at 5am.

Have to postpone my morning appointment to later in the afternoon. I am meeting an old friend from Johor.

Yes, Johor...

The weird thing is, I will always miss Johor but never feel like going back there....not as it is now.

I mean, what kind of mentality was that - that the whole state took a public holiday just because the JDT team won a football tournament.

And it's not even the Piala Malaysia. And all that while the rest of the world is having a football fever due to the World Cup in Brazil.

Kalau menang World Cup dapat cuti tu aku faham la, tapi ni menang Piala Super je. Nak sangat orang kampung suka ke? Tak malu ke?

Whose stupid idea was that? Khaled Nordin, is that your idea? Or did you just advise someone on it? How much productivity was lost because of it?

The last time that I remember Johor won the Malaysia Cup many years ago, the then Menteri Besar said,

"Besok tak ada cuti umum. Kita orang Johor rajin...." or something like that.

Anyway, despite all that, I will always fly the Johor flag in my heart and hope it will go back to what it used to home state which I could be proud of...

For something to ponder, here is an excerpt from blogger SeaDeamon's latest posting,
Clear And Present Danger 

"....the strength and weakness of the Ruler depends on the strengths, weaknesses, sincerity, truthfulness, and knowledge of their adviser, namely the Prime Minister and the Menteris Besar.  The recent fiasco in Johor shows how a weak adviser can put the Ruler in harm’s way."

Anyway, I really need to get up now, brush my teeth, took a shower, pack up and get moving for the day.

Have a good day everyone....except if you are one of those crooks who are destroying my Johor of course.


  1. Has JDT taken over from Johor FA as the official state soccer team?

    1. Jdt is the club outfit which previous name is johor fc and the club base is in pasir gudang.The johor state team is the present jdt2 played in 2nd division or premier legue.

    2. Next time, if any club win at national level, we can declare state holiday lah?

  2. Annie, tak nak bagi cuti dia rajiiin;baik lah! tapi macam mana kalau kite ajak Johor Darul Takzim main soccer sampai macam ni?:

  3. 28 June 2014

    KUALA LUMPUR: KUANTAN FA achieved a milestone in only their second season in the M-League by becoming champions in the FAM League.

    The Pahang-based club also earned promotion to the Premier League next season along with second-placed Kuala Lumpur.

    Kuantan topped the league with 48 points, five more than KL, to earn the winners’ cheque of RM60,000.

    ps. Will there be public holiday for Pahang on monday?

  4. JDT dapat duit dari pemaju Cina dan Johor Corporation. Johor Corporation dan bankkrupt, semua harta dah mula jual kepada Daeng Malik, orang Menteri Besar, Lim Kang Ho dan syarikat syarikat Cina dari luar dan dalam negeri.

    Tak faham macam mana Melayu tadbir negeri. Petualang dan penyangak semuanya.

    1. cian orang johor. Kena bodoh-bodohkan dengan pemerintah. Orang atas kaut untung juta-juta jual dan gadai tanah johor, rakyat marhaen johor dapat cuti pun dah ckup. X gitu?

      maruah melayu johor dimana? sama harga dengan cuti sehari?