Wednesday 11 June 2014

A dying newspaper's take on Johor crisis

I am very busy in the office today and for the next few other days.

Can't write too long.

For today, I just want to highlight what the one and only pro-establishment English newspaper (which I believe is dying due to diminishing circulation) have to say about the Johor crisis.

The following is its editorial today,

Bill's bigger picture

UP until voting patterns changed two Parliaments ago, Malaysia largely existed as a federal-centric governance. With the exception of opposition-controlled Kelantan, which established the constitution-defying hudud enactment, the concept of individuality within the federation is something rarely practised; states and the Federal Government work in tight tango in a relationship that is understood. So, what happened in the Johor state assembly on Monday and in the days running up to it, with regards to the Johor Housing and Property Board Bill, was extraordinary.
So egregious was the wording of the original draft, that normally conservative groups were forced to vehemently oppose it. This country's royal rulers hold very high and respected positions within the constitution, with specific roles and duties, but executive powers simply was not one of them, and such a move would have gone against the fundamental and basic structure of the Federal Constitution. The insertion of such clauses struck fear in the hearts of many of a creeping neo-feudalism. Had the bill gone ahead in its original form, it would have put the royal house at risk of earning the disaffection of the people.
The Johor Royal Court Council president argued that the insertion of the ruler into those clauses would not have jeopardised the executive powers of government, since the sultan's role is understood, as laid out by the state constitution, which also defines the sultan as a constitutional monarch. Regardless of pure intentions, the clauses failed to meet with the approval of constitutional experts and lawyers' groups, who warned strenuously and in detail against its adoption. At the eleventh hour, on the eve of its tabling, the state government promised to amend the controversial parts. Yet, even on the day itself, the controversy was still being explained, for and against, and these were not even taking place in the chamber.
The controversial parts aside, there is no doubt that Johor's real estate needs to be better managed, hence, the rush to have the bill passed. But this bill was bigger than just Johor and its housing; it was about upholding the Federal Constitution and ensuring there were no assaults to it, intentional or otherwise. Even with the last-minute amendments that could only have been sighted when it was tabled (less than three hours before it was passed), the bill arrived at the assembly tainted and muddied by the issue of whether there was a sufficient firewall in place -- a question that was imperative to have been answered first. Yet, despite calls for postponement and serious misgivings from politicians from all sides, including from federal leaders past and present, Johor still pushed ahead with the bill and passed it. What a way to enact a law.

Honestly, I think this editorial is a good piece of read. It's brave.

I'm sure NST will lose some more advertising revenue because the Johor Government is not going to advertise anything in that newspaper after this.

Too bad also that NST is losing its readership for being pro-establishment.

It seems that even pro-establishment people are not supporting the newspaper by buying a copy of it at the news stand.

They rather buy the opportunist back-stabbing actually pro-Pakatan The Star because it got more advertisements of supermarkets and the policy of promoting columnists Melayu tak sedar diri like Marina Mahathir and Azmi Sharom, etc.

Even the GLCs apparently prefer to advertise in The Star despite its obvious pro-Pakatan tendencies.

The Barisan Nasional government doesn't seems to care about all these.

As for Umno people, well, they all read Harian Metro.

Cerita muka depan :  Janda Panas.

NST? Too high standard English la beb. Aku tak paham.


  1. As for Umno people, well, they all read Harian Metro.

    "Cerita muka depan : Janda Panas.

    NST? Too high standard English la beb. Aku tak paham "

    Dulu cerita Janda Baik. Semua orang-orang Umno mimpi siang malam Janda Baik...

    Sekarang lagi parah. "You rakyat, take care of yourselves !" Rakyat majoriti pun jadi semua nya sudah hampir jadi Janda !

    Draf undang-undang ikut selera sendiri dan di lulus cara silap mata. Contoh lain RUU yang melibatkan persembahan Chris Angel....

  2. speaking, speaking jangan malu lahhhhh

    1. it is best the government not cancel the PPSMI throughout the entire Malaysia, but let those schools which are prepared and willing to go ahead and implement it for their students; we should not worry too much about disparity across the board but be very concerned that we will give as many boys and girls as possible a better "English medium instruction" in Maths and Science - it will be better for Malaysia as a whole..

  3. "Cerita muka depan : Janda Panas"

    Che Ta dah kawin dah. Dah abis dah cerita bab tu..

  4. Why did the the Royal Court got involved by trying to interpret the law. He is not qualified to comment. He is partisan to the Royalty. Remember he was the person trying to disobey the then Menteri Besar of Johor, Tan Sri Dato' Hj Muhyiddin bin Haji Mohd Yassin.

  5. Eh? Bukan Utusan Melayu ke Yang Dying Newspaper Tu?

    1. Sama-sama dying. Kita tengok siapa bungkus dulu. Nak buat macamana we do't have enough drama in our daily lives, so we watch drama series of tv and we read newspapers yang banyak cerita drama celebrity, then we go online cari drama politik. National Geographic tak payah buang duit subscribe, dokumentari - apa tu? and NSTP?Utusan, cerita artis sikit sangat.

  6. * Eh.. salah tu orang UMNO suka baca harakah , orang DAP yang suka baca Utusan .
    * Marina mahathir ni jenis mangkok hayun , tulisan dia hanya untuk LGBT dan puak
    liberal , dia tulis untuk syok sendiri , tak ada nilai ilmu . Aziz sharom pula, potongan rambut sama dengan apek tongsan mari abad 18 kerja dekat lombong timah , Dia Ini pun tulis untuk syok sendiri ,Tak ada nilai sesuai untuk kaki PUB .

  7. Indeed, it was a great piece written by the NST's editorial.

    Boy! It is good to be on the top of the world. While the Dungus are massing up with their State Covenant and Constitutions, I am enjoying the cool weather and release by healthy daily breeze. A location tucked in a remote mountaintop of highlands Pahang.

    This afternoon from where I stood, more than 1700 m. above sea level, I could almost see the whole undulating landscape of Kelang Valley. I said to myself and made my claim in silence, "beyond what my eyes can see, all belong to me".

    Wow! What a feeling to have had said that! I felt, I was Sultan Sir Abu Bakar of Johor who probably once stood on top of Mount Ophir claimed his territories beyond his eyes could see.
    For me, it was just another trill to stimulate my faculty hung-over. To the royal blood though it was undocumented covenant but it was a sovereign Royal command of ownership.

    It seems, the adherent acquires the multiple DNA Complex templets descended from his great, great, great grandfather. The sense of ownership takes further precedence.

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