Thursday 19 June 2014

Learning about loyalty from a palm oil expert

I think I need to have an appointment with an ophthalmologist tomorrow.

My eyesight is getting worse and the glasses I am wearing were of not much help even after I had upgraded it.

I think I am suffering from some sorts of weird eyes ailment.

Everything went blurry after a while when I focused my eyes on something such as when I am reading or even driving. This happened despite me wearing my glasses.

If I forced my eyes to remain focused after it got blurry, they would start to hurt.

I am actually writing this posting two or three paragraphs at a time. 

Okay, what I really wanted to write tonight was about the concept of loyalty.

However, due to my eyesight condition, I think I have to shelve it to another day, as I can't write for too long.

Nonetheless, I would like to recommend you all to read a bit about the concept of loyalty in this posting by palm oil expert writer  Ooi Tee Ching

"I'm a soh chai ..."

It's such a short and sweet article on the matter.

I really hope those who are not sure about the concept of loyalty, especially Johoreans, to learn something from it.

Errr....okay, my eyes really tired and a bit hurting now. 

Need to knock off.

I leave you all with this nice song. 

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some medication for my eyes. Good night.


  1. Annie, you do realise that you've revealed to everyone who you are now? :D

  2. Yes, little Annie, do not procrastinate when it comes to eyesight.

    1. Yes Annie, we'll pray for you ... but you can contact Dr. Muhaya, that elegant motivational speaker and ophthalmologist ...... no worries bismillahir rahmanir rahim

  3. Hi Annie,

    Tired eye I guess. Same symptom happened to me before. Try this product

    Don't get me wrong I'm not a supplement or mlm agent.

  4. Full of lies make the world go blind.

    Ni balasan Tuhan.

    1. don't bring God into the picture lah if you can't express yourself properly about lying and the world. mana dunia boleh jadi buta; dunia ada mata kah? you are full of yourself! for a start be true in your speech!

    2. Why not? His god not the same as yours. This world do much suffering, peope dying, wars, natural disasters, murders getting away, injustices, ketuan etc his god and not yours no eyes see.

  5. Soon like the 3 monkees, monyet and ma Lau. No see, no hear and no smell