Saturday 7 June 2014

Allah Peliharakan Sultan

I was in a hurry and did my last posting yesterday in 15 minutes before going on my trip. I didn't  read the newspapers or check the news before I did that.

I only realized the big news from Johor after I got back last night.

This is Rocky's posting on it,


It's about Utusan's front page on the Sultan of Johor acquiring power to be directly involved in the running of the state's administration.

The bill to that effect will be tabled at the state assembly on Monday and the two third Barisan Nasional bloc was expected to pass it.

Rocky's advice to the Sultan of Johor,

Whoever's advising the Sultan apparently have not been truthful to him about public perception towards the Istana. As someone who's been fortunate enough to be up close and personal with him before he ascended to the throne, I would strongly urge the Tuanku to rethink his position with regards to this and some other business at hand ...

I know that Rocky's advice to His Royal Highness is sincere. He has no personal vested interest when he did so.

I also know that Rocky, despite not being a Johorean is actually very fond of the Sultan. He had even once took part on the whole trip of Kembara Mahkota to accompany His Royal Highness.

There was not in any way that he was being malicious by giving that advice to the Sultan.

As a Johorean and loyal subject of His Royal Highness, I am also appealing for Tuanku to rethink his position in this matter.

As I had repeatedly wrote in this blog, I am worried over the future of Johor with the current ongoings in my home state.

I had tried to be very subtle in expressing myself over how I feel about the situation in my home state, but now apparently everything is about to be out totally in the open.

The cyberspace is already full of Johor stories and they were not in any way subtle.

The social media in particular has started to be very vicious in tearing the subject matter apart.

This is after all the age of information technology. Censorship is futile.

As Rocky put it, the "old newspaper" Utusan was actually trying to protect the institution of Kesultanan Melayu Johor when it put up that front page.

I know that the Sultan is surrounded by people with vested interest in all these. They will advise the Sultan to proceed with the matter and ignore the pleadings of people who really care for him.

These people had placed their cronies in strategic places in the State government and its agencies over the past one year since the change of the administration after the last general election.

You name it and they are there, JCorp, KPRJ....etc, even Irda, UPEN and the State exco were filled up with these people.

And they were, as a Johorean friend put it, "meratah negeri Johor".

"Ini masa buat duit," said a state exco member to my friend.

The BIG question now is, what will happen when the bill is tabled at the state assembly on Monday?

Will the two third BN's majority support the bill?

Will the mostly DAP opposition bloc go against it?

Will any BN assemblyman go against it (along with the opposition bloc)?

One thing for sure, the whole thing will divide the people of Johor.

It may even tear the social fabric of Johor apart.

But those who surround the Sultan do not care about all these.

They do not care about what will happen to the institution of Sultan of Johor.

They only care to benefit from their special position of being close to the Sultan.

Being a Johorean who love my home state, I am again appealing for His Royal Highness not to listen to those people who will one day cause the destruction of the royal institution if they were allowed to continue with what they are doing now.

May Allah Peliharakan Sultan.

p.s Please also read Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's latest posting


  1. Firman Allah: Tiap-tiap umat mempunyai batas waktu maka apabila telah datang waktunya mereka tidak dapat mengundurkannya barang sesaatpun dan tidak dapat (pula) memajukannya (Q.S. Al-A’raaf [7] :34)

    People within or close to the institution have seen the signs. Its time to grab anything whilst the party last. They have no time for people that institution is supposed to protect and provide. In fact it is even going against it's subject by siding with the enemies.

    Shed no tear for its demise, we better concentrate on own preparation to face the Maker.

  2. Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. -- Abraham Lincoln

    1. Umno has been making rojak out of the constitution since the time from kutty.

    2. Clarify your claim or be known as a scandal-monger, ie. para pengumpat. it's a major sin and according to the Most High its retribution is hellfire!

    3. Yes Annie's petition had been answered. Umno better watch out to go to brimestone and hellstone. You are also being spotted to join imno.

  3. lebih baik bagi kuasa kat sultan dari bagi kat orang orang umno. bukak mata beso beso tengok apa mereka dah buat? jaga tembolok sendiri saja. lihat betol betol sejarah umno. disebalik kononnya memperjuangkan hak orang melayu berapa juta kerakyatan dibagi begitu saja untuk merdeka kononnya. berapa banyak tanah melayu telah terjual.


  4. i think the sultan should temporarily just let it be like how it is...

    but...why waste time and do nothing when the things are not going like how it is suppose to be going...

    example are the facts that have happen recently....people DONT trust the gov in handling anything anymore...where is gani??

    now that the sultan knows that the people of johor rejected the gov and knowing that the opposition are way more dumb in anything so he is taking over...

    btw...with sultan of johor...i have confident he will do and bring what is good...:)

  5. Derhaka lah Tu! Tak payah beri alasan lain atau berpura-pura konon nak mempertahankan institusi Raja. Semua harus kena sula..

    Mamakutty dari dulu-dulu lagi dah derhaka. Kan Raja-raja dah tiada kuasa mengikut perubahan pada Perlembagaan yang lepas.

    Mana ISMA, JMM, Perkasa, Mubarak dll?

    1. Anon 19.12 fakta kamu tak betul langsung pindaan perlembagaan dibuat pada 1993 tak mensabitkan kuasa raja ia dibuat untuk mengelakkan rakyat biasa di zalimi mana boleh sultan tempeling orang sesuka hati, mana boleh kerabat sultan tipu dalam kontrak perniagaan dengan rakyat di lepas begitu saja , mana boleh ada kerabat terdekat tembak orang tak boleh didakwa mana boleh anak sultan rogol orang ,pukul orang sesuka hati lepas itu dilepas tak boleh didakwa ini zalim bukan zamannya malah zalim disisi allah swt ini bukan lagi zaman abad ke 18 dan 19 yang mana rakyat terima saja perlakuan anak -anak sultan dan sultan sendiri walaupun di rampas harta orang lain secara zalim , jadi pindaan perlembagaan 1993 semata-mata untuk menjaga institusi raja daripada rakyat akan menderhaka kerana zaman dah berubah cuma kelakuan kerabat saja tak berubah ketika itu jadi bila perlembagaan diubah maka kelakuan dan gerak laku kerabat terkawal sehingga sekarang instituisi raja dipandang tinggi dan mulia dan pindaan ini juga mendapat persetujuaan raja-raja terima kasih kepada Almarhum sultan Azlan ketika itu menjadi agong memperjelaskan konsep keadilan undang-undang kepada raja-raja melayu , almarhum lah yang banyak membantu bagi mendapat persetujuaan , kedua kamu mesti faham bahawa perlembagaan tidak boleh dipindah begitu mudah walaupun mendapat majoriti ahli parlimen sekiranya tak mendapat persetujuan raja-raja melayu , Perlembagaan dibuat sekiranya berlaku salah laku jenayah oleh kerabat raja keatas rakyat yang membawa kezaliman dan perbicaraan di makamah khas , bukan makamah biasa. Kedua jangan menjadi dajjal seperti anuar peliwat , beliau lah dan ulama suk pada tahun 1998 sehingga sekarang mengelar Tuu M dengan pelbagai nama dan membuat fitnah untuk memburukan imej Tun M , cuma manusia yang menerima dakyah syaitan latnatullah yang makan cerita-cerita ini . Termasuklah kamu anon 19.12

    2. Kluang girl is what is called Bodoh Sombong. Mahathir clipped the powers of the sultan after the hockey coach and the caddy incidents. The Royal was way out of the line.

  6. PR Johor may surprise you right-wing UMNO fellas on this issue.
    Between Tuanku Sultan and right-wing UMNO faction, who do you think PR will choose? Haha...
    Anyway, the Sultan Johor never forgot how Mahathir treated and attacked his father during Mahathir's anti-royalty drive in 1980/90s. The wound is personal and raw.
    It's good that Mahathir has shown up again speaking and writing about this issue. Nothing like re-opening old wounds and getting your nemesis to pour salt on it!

    Perhaps the Royals will start to co-ordinate with each others to cut UMNO's powers down in time ahead. Expect Sultan Nazrin now safely enthroned will also start to make his moves also. A lot of nonsense happening with the UMNO government in Perak nowadays. Interesting times ahead...

    Sultan Johor is wise to the needs of rapid development, pushing economic growth and speeding up rate of urbanization among the rural, semi-urban belts of mid-to-southern Johor state. In 5-6 years time, Johor will reach the developed level of Selangor/KL... Young, high-income and urban population. Very good la, looking forward to it. Haha...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Hei kluang girl , kamu ini main cakap bantai dengan fakta apa-apa saja , kepala nenek kamu ka cakap mahathir serang dan layan buruk sultan iskandar (agong)dan membawa gerakan anti sultan , kamu tak tahu fakta jangan cakap diam , sebab bangang (idiot),Yang bawa gerakan anti sultan melayu adalah DAP baca menefesto 1969 DAP ,menentang perlembagan sek153.Kamu kata tahun 80/90 mahathir bawa gerakan anti sultan , tahun itu pun tak tepat jelas kamu cuma dengar berita DAP dan RBA saja . Lagi satu membawa pembangunan , pembangunan kepala atuk kau pembanguanan apa kalau habis puak-puak singapork yang untung rakyat johor jadi koolee saja.

    2. Kluang girl,

      Kamu mahu balik ke zaman Sultan Mahmud mangkat dijulang? Kalau kamu betul betul wanita, mungkin kamu yang akan jadi 'Dang Anom' abad ke 21, yang dibelah perutnya kerana makan nangka raja!

  7. Personally, I think that regardless of the competency (or lack of) of the people in the government, there should be a red line between the functions of the royalty and the executive. I am an orang Perak, so I don't claim to know what is going on in Johor but what is for sure, this issue isn't going to die off anytime soon and it may just create another needless issue that will distract us from the real stuff.

    Meanwhile, Najib is happily in WonderLand...

  8. Can Sultan ask UMNO to fuck off and pull out of Malaysia and merged with Singapore?

    That would be super interesting.

    And if SIngapore military backs the Sultan? Their tanks drive across the border "at the invitation" of the Sultan?

    Don't say it won't happen.

    Stupid Mahathir is scared shitless.

    1. I think this is great. Teach the malays a very good lesson for foolishly believing that "tidak melayu hilang di dunia".

    2. As TDM has foreseen, the loya-ties are being used now (as they have been conveniently used before by the Brits to get them to sell Singapok stock, lock & barrels; and now by LKY's trojan horse) to complement Khazanah’s “strategy” of legalized ethnic cleansing of the Malays from the newly developed areas in JB, Iskandar & Greater JB…this will create a new sociopolitical landscape that will benefit the non-Malays (and our “friendly neighbor” down south) in the next 5-15 years…the sultan is just a pawn in the greater overseas chinese expansion game...


    3. Ni annie macam mana kamu boleh benarkan anon 23.23 memperendahkan kedudukan sultan kamu , kenyataan nya sungguh biadap dan paling rasis daripada anak haram . Boleh dia sebut Sultan menjumput askar singapork melintas sepadan dan bercamtum dengan singapork apa johor nak di jajah ka dan sultan jadi apa saya tak mahu sebut barua tapi lebih kurang macam boneka atau macam sultan raja Gelam yang hilang segalnya. Saya bukan orang johor tapi kenyataan anon 23.23 sungguh kurang ajar dan merendahkan tahaf pemikiran sultan yang dianggap oleh beliau boleh diguna . Orang seperti anon ini adalah pengkianat dan bangsat yang tak sepatut menjadi warga malaysia , anak haram jadah darjatnya.

    4. All is not well down south . . . one of Singapore's grande dame literati tells it like it is

    5. Aku harap tak bodohlah sultan keturunan temangung bugis tu sampai percyakn org2x mcm anon 7 jun 23:23 dan 8 jun 00:06..kalau merge dgn singapore ingat puak2x kiasu tu nak ke dia jadi ketua...jgn lupa apa jadi kat kerabat di kampung gelam..and that anon 8 Jun..people like you still wonder way DAP is so hard to be excepted by the majority want us to believe that you can wipe us out of this world..aku tau bangsa kau pandang rendah kat org melayu but we're not that stupid..kdang2x bangsa kamu lagi bodoh mcm francis yeoh...di sebabkan nak tunjuk hebat dlm satu forum..ckp tanpa berfikir panjang..habis kantoi rahsia KEJAYAAN dia..heheh

    6. Singapore tak perlu seluruh Johor, JB sudah cukup. Kalau luas depa tak reti nak tadbir. Lagi pun JB sekarang dah macam Singapore. Memang sesuai kalau mereka bergabung. Lepas tu tambak seluruh selat Teberau.

  9. Around the world over, whenever the Wahhabism and the Zionism enters into a country the people and the place will turn into "rubbish" - infighting and unable to think intelligently or to feel for one another.