Monday 23 June 2014

Fever (updated)


Went to clinic just now and the doctor gave me,
1. Augmentin - antibiotic
2. Paracetamol - for fever
3. Actifed - for flu
4. Travisil - for sore throat
5. Flemin - for cough
6. MC for today.
Total costs : RM54

Okay, took the medication and now trying to sleep.


Woken up by a nightmare.

It was about 3.30am.

My fever has not yet subsided.

Throat and eyes felt burning. Then there were the chest pains.

Took some pain killers and drank quite a lot of water. Feeling a bit better now, but can't seem to get back to sleep.

Decided to write this instead.

Just a bit.

It's better to write my thoughts than lying in the darkness and thinking all sorts of nonsense.

Whatever it is, I need to see a doctor later in the morning.

It's been like this throughout the weekend and I had spend it cooped up alone in my room.

I thought the fever will go away, but apparently not so.

Looks like I have to skip work for today. No point in going to work when I am not well. If I do, I will just end up making mistakes and in my line of work, I can't afford even a little bit of that.

Anyway, I hope the fever was not dengue or something more sinister like that.

Well, I am more worried about the chest pains. It has become a permanent feature especially every time I woke up in the morning.

The doctor who had check on it told me it's nothing to worry about, but I think I should have it checked again. Getting a second opinion is always good.

Doesn't matter that my medical bill this month is going to kill me, anyway.

Also need to pay for the special glasses recommended by the ophthalmologist the other day.

Errr...why la I am telling you all these....sorry for wasting your time, reading it.

I just miss my mother, okay. Wish she could come over and take care of me whenever I am sick like this.

Well, she will not....she is a very busy lady.

Anyway, I am too sick to go around disturbing people like DS Mohd Khaled Nordin today.

If you want the latest on the mess in Johor, I recommend you to read what former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said to the Mole,

Dr M: "Malay Rulers should not be involved in business deals."

Okay, the link to the Mole has been a bit wonky of late, but do keep trying. It's a good interview. I managed to read it last night.

If you can't open it like I did just now, do wait and try it later. Hopefully the Mole people could fix it by then.

Need to rest my eyes now. Tired and hurting.

See you all again when I get better....


  1. Peggy Lee - Fever

  2. If we can get a glimpse of how much the royalty were being paid by the sate, how much budget for household keep, and allowances for the children and kerabats, perhaps we can make a better judgment why they need to get involved in business to maintain their extravagant lifestyle.

  3. Your chest pain annie? Kawin lah, someone will cure your chest pain. =D

  4. Balasan Tuhan kepada mereka-mereka yang kerap memfitnah hanya untuk mendapat perhatian.

    God's retributions to those who speak with fork tongues and spew lies to get attention they crave.

    1. Tu lah, kalau korang kalau nampak orang merompak negeri dan negara kena lah diam saja. Kalau korang bersuara, tu dikira fitnah, speak with fork tongues and spew lies. Nanti Tuhan bagi demam macam aku ni.

    2. no lah, the evil ones playing sihir on you - you must increase your amal ibadah and salawat. also give yourself a fruit juice bash. it works wonders for flu cases

    3. Dude, it's just a fever.

      It's SO LAME to cry GOD'S RETRIBUTION over something like that.

      Seriously, is this one of those dumb ass religious fanatical faggots who cry out God's punishment every time people they don't like gets hit by disasters or calamities.

      Only this time it's over a freaking fever.
      Once again, LAME.

  5. Anon 10:41,

    Komen paling tidak bijaksana yang pernah saya baca. Kalau begitu semua orang orang yang sakit balasan Tuhanlah terhadap merekalah!

    Tahu kah anda orang jatuh sakit banyak sebabnya. Antaranya kerana jangkitan kuman, factor cuaca, factor keturunan dsb.

    Kita sebagai umat Islam patut tegur menegur terhadap kesilapan kesilapan yang berlaku di sekeliling kita. Kalau mampu, dengan mengambil tindakan kepada kemungkaran yang berlaku. Ini boleh dilakukan oleh pihak yang berkuasa.

    Kalau tidak mampu dengan kata kata atau tulisan . Ini yang dilakukan oleh Annie.

    Atau paling tidak mampu mencelanya dalam hati. Ini tahap iman yang paling rendah.

    Tahukah anda kata kata anda, '....Balasan Tuhan kepada mereka-mereka yang kerap memfitnah hanya untuk mendapat perhatian.'...... merupaka tuduhan liar!

    Dalam masyarakat kita hari ini banyak kemungkaran berlaku kerana ahli ahli masyarakat tidak mahu mengambil tanggungjawab atas pelbagai alasan. Antaranya takut dituduh sebagai pembuat fitnah!

    Mana anda tahu Annie menfitnah? Ada bukti? Satu lagi anda tidak perlu jadi lawyer kepada golongan yang Annie 'fitnah'

    Mereka lebih dari mampu untuk mengambil tindakan sekiranya itu betul betul satu fitnah!

  6. OH Annie...stop smoking lag..

  7. Buat lah SOLAT Annie. Ibu ubat segala penyakit. Dekatkan diri dengan Tuhan..... Hati tenang muka pun berseri-seri.

    You have seen a doctor. Is it the good one? You have seen your life, is it a good one ? The choice is yours. May God Bless you...

  8. Hi Annie,

    I am back from my kampung after being there for over 10 weeks.

    I kept very quiet as I did not want my location known to Special Branch but I think it may not have worked because my Facebook account password was mysteriously changed - I still dunno how that happened as I was very careful with my own systems security.

    I did read your blog though so at least I kept your hit-counter working :)

    Sorry to hear about you not feeling up to it.

    The heat and the poor air quality in Malaysia does play havoc with one's health.

    I just wanted to comment on the fact that I disagree with Mahatir's assertion that the Sultans should stay out of business.

    As long as the Sultans do not abuse their position of power, I don't see why they cannot be involved in business.

    It would be even better if the Sultans re-distribute any such profits they make back to the subjects of their respective states instead of keeping those profits for themselves.

    Anyway, I am getting real busy nowadays - starting another new business venture, buying a new place, etc.

    I will probably not be adding as much as I would like but I will read your blog as often as I can.

    Good luck with your blog and get well soon :)


    1. Re: I am back from my kampung after being there for over 10 weeks

      Do you have to go to a cybercafe to post something to this blog? Aha, you can visit the blog but not post in it? very clever indeed.

  9. Allah sayang kita tu pasai Allah bg sakit kat kita...dgn sendirinya kita merehatkan diri...sehat selalu maka kita jaaaaaaaraaaaang rehat dan memaksa diri tuk terus siiiibok ntahhapahapa...dgn Allah pown nak berburuksangka...burouk prangai punya org...