Wednesday 25 June 2014

Johoreans' prayers for Najib

PM DS Najib Razak is going down to Johor Baru today.

He has a night function followed by several others the next day in Pengerang, Batu Pahat and Mersing.

This is the first time he will be in Johor ever since the crisis involving the palace erupted there recently.

I think Najib will likely meet the Sultan of Johor in between his official schedule.

Hopefully, the PM could explain to His Royal Highness and his menteri besar DS Mohd Khaled Nordin that things in Johor need to be fixed following the excesses  which happened there the past one year since the new state administration took over.

I am praying hard that Najib will have the strength and courage to tell them that. I believe many other Johoreans will pray the same.

Otherwise, I don't believe that Johor will remains as the Tiang Seri Umno.

And when the institution of Johor Umno crumbles, consequently Johor will fall to the opposition.

It will then spells the end of Barisan Nasional rule in this country.

Najib needs to tell the Tuanku Sultan and Khaled that rakyat Johor do see what is happening in their state and they don't like what are happening there.

And in this age of information technology and social media, there is no way to stop the rakyat from talking about what they see.

The axe, wielded by the rakyat will fall on the neck of those whom they dislike on polling day.

BN suffered in the past two general election for the arrogance of some of their leaders who think that their action, no matter how despicable could be swept under the carpet.

This is exactly what is happening in Johor at the moment.

That's the reality which hopefully Najib could stress during his visit to Johor.

I have been calling for Khaled to be removed for being a hopeless MB in my eyes, especially following the recent Johor crisis.

This, I don't think Najib will do for now. The man has his own way of doing things.

Nonetheless, I still hope for the PM to remind Khaled that holding the post of Johor MB and State Umno chief is not a job for a slacker whose cronies could hang around him to accumulate riches.

The PM need to tell Khaled that if Johor Umno is to survive the next general election, his people and those claiming to be the people of the Sultan need to be stopped from doing as they please, which is the case at the moment.

A bunch of Malays gathering for a tunjuk perasaan and shouted "Hidup Melayu!" and "Luaskan Kuasa Mu!" will not save them the day.

Always bear in mind that Malays only made up about 53 per cent of Johoreans. About 83 per cent of them voted for BN in the last general election.

Also needs to be remembered is that almost 40 per cent of Johoreans are Chinese who in the last general election were almost totally united in rejecting BN.

A slight reduction more of the Johorean Malays support for BN in the next general election will destroy the coalition.

This could happened if the current powers-that-be in Johor think the rakyat, particularly the Malays were blind to the excesses being brazenly committed in broad daylight by those using their assumed position as the boys of the Sultan and MB.

Jangan lah sampai orang Melayu Johor pun meluat sampai tak lalu nak sokong Umno lagi.

This, I pray will be what Najib will insist during his visit there.

Otherwise, I am afraid Johor will indeed be a gone case in the next general election.

With Johor gone, the rest will follow.


  1. Adakah DSN yang berwajah moyok dan lemah ini berupaya membetulkah keadaan di Johor? Saya harap jangan Annie bermimpi di siang hari!

    Saya adalah rakyat yang setia dan sentiasa pergi mengundi bila ada PRU sejak mencapai tahap umur layak mengundi.

    Tapi semasa PRU 2008, saya salah seorang yang tidak pergi mengundi. Saya masih sayangkan parti UMNO yang lahir di Johor . Bak kata Almarhum Sultan Iskandar UMNO lahir di istana bukan di tepi jalan.

    Tak gamak rasanya hendak mengundi pembangkang!

    Tidak pergi mengundi bukan kerana tidak suka kan Pak Lah sebagai PM tetapi tidak suka dengan kelemahannya dalam membiarkan 'gerombolan' KJ dan tingkat 4 berbuat sesuka hati!

    Amat tidak sangka UMNO/BN menang tanpa majority dua pertiga. Nampaknya ramai yang tidak suka cara Pak Lah mengemudi negara Malaysia ketika itu.

    PRU 2013 saya keluar mengundi kerana memunyai haarapan begitu tinggi supaya DSN akan menjadi PM yang lebih baik dan berjuang untuk membela nasib Melayu supaya standing dengan bangsa bangsa lain!

    Saya begitu yakin dia BOLEH! Bukan kah dia anak Tun Razak dan sudah tentu darah panas Tun Razak mengalir dalam tubuhnya!

    Malang seribu kali malang, DSN lagi teruk dari Pak Lah. Sekurang kurang Pak Lah tidak begitu bodoh memansuhkan ISA, konon konon hendak kelihatan Teluuuuus!

    Sekarang ini makin bermaharajalela lah Cinabeng DAP. DSN tidak belajar dari beberapa PKR lepas. Janjilah bulan dan bintang, Cinabeng DAP tidak akan peduli.

    Mereka lebih pentingkan agenda perkauman untuk meletakkan KETUANAN Cina walaupun mereka hanya sekitar 26% penduduk Malaysia dan berasal dari golongan PENDATANG!

    Kalau DSN sayangkan agama, bangsa dan negara tolonglah mengundurkan diri dan serahkan kepimpinan kepada pemimpin yang berkebolehan!

    Atau Melayu bersatu mencari wadah baru untuk menghadapi PRU 2018. Masih ada 4 tahun lagi. Kalau Cina boleh bersatu sampai 95% dalam sekelip mata dalam PRU 2013, kenapa Melayu Islam tidak boleh?

    Yang ini kena belajar dengan CINA!

    1. Anon 08.46 . I endorse what you wrote and share the sentiments. However I doubt if the power that be really care.

  2. salam sejahtera

    najib tak malu ke datang johor...lagi2 nak jumpa sultan johor...yang sultan johor mitak najib buat tak endah2 je....bukan orang lain mitak..sultan johor mitak...apa tindakan najib bila arwah sultan johor mitak laksana jambatan bengkok n buang tambak johor...

    apa tindakan najib bila sultan johor yang skarang ni mitak buang tambak johor n teruskan jambatan bengkok...noting kak...nothing...dia buat permintaan sultan johor macam apa je...seolah permintaan rakyat biasa...patut pun johor dapat kat pembangkang bila permintaan sultan sendiri pun tak boleh nak buat...

    najib tak layak masuk johor


  3. The delusion that affects public office bearers is to believe that they, by virtue of their office, have a superiority over the common people, and worse still that they garner profits for themselves by these presumed means. In reality, public officers are the servants of the common citizens by whose tax money they are monthly remunerated. Lacking a higher purpose in life such men are a burden to society and a calamity unto their own souls.

  4. Najib should say this to Tuanku directly, "Tuanku, kalau nak jadi peniaga, jangan jadi raja. Kalau nak jadi raja, jangan jadi peniaga."

    1. First Najib should tell his wife "kalau nak jadi menteri jangan jadi isteri saya, kalau nak jadi isteri saya jangan jadi menteri".

  5. Most of the Malays, (non UMNO members but supporters), not only in Johore, has long's lose hope on Najib .
    New reliable UMNO president will only, could made them change their mind's as the scar of being cheated by the past two UMNO president ( Tun Dol and now Najib ) are very fresh in their mind's .
    Sources on the ground that's , they are likely to abstain from voting in the next GE if Najib is still the president of UMNO.

    There are, less likely that Najib will change , unless he's being changed .

    1. Teach umno a lesson. All those plead, rakyat is still nothing. Vote dap.

    2. Vote DAP? You got to be joking!

      Not in a million years will I vote for DAP. I really hoped it's a 'mentera' of all Malay Muslims!

    3. Then it is a joke about all the events in johor. happen, then accept, eat and shit them

  6. Najib has no Tun M's gumption and audacity. From the way he runs the country you can see he is only interested in popularity. And he remains aloof surrounded by his 'advisors'. Don't think he has the balls to tell MB Khaled and the Sultan what they ought to do. Why is the Malay leadership is so so weak? Sigh...

    1. What weak when can wave the keris

  7. Dont worry Annie..Johor still got stubborn BN supporters like you..No matter what happens people like you will always support BN and UMNO..You hate the opposition so much you would never vote them in even after they BN sell off your no worries..Johor will forever be with BN.

    1. Annie still has his DAP cowok.

  8. Negaraku
    Tanah tumpahnya darahku
    Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju
    Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan
    Raja kita selamat bertakhta

  9. Man from Kelantanistan26 June 2014 at 07:50

    It was a well written article by Annie the blogger. It was an appeal, an emotive one, to the present day UMNO leadership and Malay politicians to come to their senses. PM Najib has to take cognizance of this horrendous situation that is festering in Johor state government arising from the evidently clueless leadership and the equally evident breakdown of corporate governance of the Royal household.

    Annie's passionate appeal to the UMNO leaders at Federal and state levels should be mulled over and quick actions must be taken to correct the many wrongs committed thus far, This passionate appeal nearly choked me with emotions and I empathize with Annie and the Johoreans at large over the roller coaster-like events that has happened in the state.
    PM Najib has to join the "men of valour team" and emulate strong leadership qualities of his late father, great PM Tun Razak in overcoming the weak leadership skills of state leadership and the strong willed elements that exist in the Royal household of Johor. I am not a Johorean but I am totally behind Annie's passionate appeal in his or her blog

  10. The only reason why BN-UMNO is still surviving is because the opposition is DAP-PKR-PAS.
    On one side we have the plunderers of the nation's wealth the other the destroyer of the nation's sovereignity.
    What a devil and the deep blue sea.

  11. Ayoo Pulau Batu Putih, curve bridge, are Najib's fault? Selling unlimited state properties or land to foreign owner is OK? Why blaming Najib for something he wasn't deal with?
    Are you forgot how hard the gov try to control the properties from dominated by foreigners? In last budget PM had already give a clear guideline. Rumah rakyat are the main priorities and foreign owner only can bought a house at 1 million minimum price. I believe no body in Johor follow it. Most developer now sell it block by block instead per unit.
    Najib must check what was happened. He need a feedback from rakyat not UMNO Johor. Want to know how does it effect state gov, try conduct one PRK in JB.

    Kg. Boy