Sunday, 8 June 2014

Johor to join Singapore?

I read with interest and a degree of amusement the Wassap group conversation between a bunch of Johorean friends about the ongoing crisis in their home state as posted by A Voice here,

What are the Johoreans saying?

Similarly, there were also rather interesting 'debates" on the matter between commenters in my last posting

Allah Peliharakan Sultan

I know that most readers of this blog do not have the time to read the comments section or care too much to do so as there are indeed a lot of comments of low value there.

But really, sometimes the conversation there could be quite interesting and amusing too at the same time.

I am reproducing here the one between whom I believe to be DAP cybertroopers and Umno supporters. They all could probably be Johoreans.

Can Sultan ask UMNO to fuck off and pull out of Malaysia and merged with Singapore?

That would be super interesting.

And if SIngapore military backs the Sultan? Their tanks drive across the border "at the invitation" of the Sultan?

Don't say it won't happen.

Stupid Mahathir is scared shitless.

  1. I think this is great. Teach the malays a very good lesson for foolishly believing that "tidak melayu hilang di dunia".
  2. As TDM has foreseen, the loya-ties are being used now (as they have been conveniently used before by the Brits to get them to sell Singapok stock, lock & barrels; and now by LKY's trojan horse) to complement Khazanah’s “strategy” of legalized ethnic cleansing of the Malays from the newly developed areas in JB, Iskandar & Greater JB…this will create a new sociopolitical landscape that will benefit the non-Malays (and our “friendly neighbor” down south) in the next 5-15 years…the sultan is just a pawn in the greater overseas chinese expansion game...

  3. Ni annie macam mana kamu boleh benarkan anon 23.23 memperendahkan kedudukan sultan kamu , kenyataan nya sungguh biadap dan paling rasis daripada anak haram . Boleh dia sebut Sultan menjumput askar singapork melintas sepadan dan bercamtum dengan singapork apa johor nak di jajah ka dan sultan jadi apa saya tak mahu sebut barua tapi lebih kurang macam boneka atau macam sultan raja Gelam yang hilang segalnya. Saya bukan orang johor tapi kenyataan anon 23.23 sungguh kurang ajar dan merendahkan tahaf pemikiran sultan yang dianggap oleh beliau boleh diguna . Orang seperti anon ini adalah pengkianat dan bangsat yang tak sepatut menjadi warga malaysia , anak haram jadah darjatnya.
  4. All is not well down south . . . one of Singapore's grande dame literati tells it like it is
  5. Aku harap tak bodohlah sultan keturunan temangung bugis tu sampai percyakn org2x mcm anon 7 jun 23:23 dan 8 jun 00:06..kalau merge dgn singapore ingat puak2x kiasu tu nak ke dia jadi ketua...jgn lupa apa jadi kat kerabat di kampung gelam..and that anon 8 Jun..people like you still wonder way DAP is so hard to be excepted by the majority want us to believe that you can wipe us out of this world..aku tau bangsa kau pandang rendah kat org melayu but we're not that stupid..kdang2x bangsa kamu lagi bodoh mcm francis yeoh...di sebabkan nak tunjuk hebat dlm satu forum..ckp tanpa berfikir panjang..habis kantoi rahsia KEJAYAAN dia..hehehe
  6. Singapore tak perlu seluruh Johor, JB sudah cukup. Kalau luas depa tak reti nak tadbir. Lagi pun JB sekarang dah macam Singapore. Memang sesuai kalau mereka bergabung. Lepas tu tambak seluruh selat Teberau.

Well, interesting and amusing at the same time, aren't they?

Anyway, on a more serious note, senior blogger Pasquale, whom I believe to have quite "thick cables" in Putrajaya have this to say about the same subject matter,

More to it than meets the eye in Johore......! 

Excerpts from it,

Whats happening in Penang and Selangor you might ask, well if your minds are that insular and simple Malay minds you will probably miss and not see it.
Let me put it very bluntly....these two states will be hard to "take" back to the fold since a lot of foreign money are in to make these two states not again to be belong to the BN, or to Umno or to the pathethic Malays.
Now to Johore!  I can bet my bottom ringgit (not much though) that what is happening in Johore vis a vis corruption, as reported, is that there is a bigger game afoot, if Umno politicians, or members of the royalty refused to see the bigger picture. That picture is SINGAPURA!!

Meanwhile, The Mole also has a similar story,

Johoreans worry over Singapore security firm with a Johor prince touch

Excerpts from it,

Speaking to The Mole on the condition of anonymity, a former highly-ranked police officer said it is incumbent that the Home Ministry conduct proper checks as well as continuously monitor foreign security companies  to ensure the nation's security is not being compromised.

“The company must follow our process and regulations. They have to go through our procedures and laws. If this is not thoroughly complied to, then habislah (we are finished),” he added.

“Most important, the Federal Government, through Home Ministry and state government, should know and monitor the operations of foreign security companies here.”

The former top cop however declined to comment on the joint venture to set up a security business in Iskandar region between a Singapore-based company, The Soverus group with Johor prince Tunku Abdul Rahman.

According to a report from Business AsiaOne the owner of the security company, Peter Lim had said: “The security business in all countries is highly regulated. This MOU signifies and cements our belief in the growing market in Iskandar and the rest of Malaysia."

It is also reported that three-quarters of its operations in Iskandar will be guarding services, while the remaining 25 per cent will be focused on mostly security technology and security consultancy.


  1. "negara masih dalam kawalan saya"... Macam kita pernah dengar kata-kata itu dari mantan seorang perdana menteri dan kata-kata itu masih digunpakai hingga sekarang...

    Suka atau tidak tentang percantuman malaysia/singapore sedang dlm proses melalui demokrasi, paling cepat boleh berlaku pada 2018 apabila DAP menguasai Johor.

    UMNO dilahirkan di istana Johor, apakah ianya akan mangkat di situ juga?

    1. I am no surprised. UMNO was formed to fight for malay right then. Its downfall may be because a small group of malays decided to fight for themselves instead of for all malays. The malays today are no longer the illiterate rural folks of yesteryears. You can't fool all of them now, even for once. Khaled should go.

    2. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in his Last Sermon:

      “All mankind comes from Adam and Eve: an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.”

  2. YB DatukTengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid bin Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat FOR NEW JOHORE MENTRI BESAR.SIAPA STUJU?

    1. It is much easier or credible for you to admit that you are him. No?

  3. When it comes to security and foreign policy, the state government can't act alone on its on. Those two fall under the purview of federal government which acts as protectorate for the states within federation. The responsiblity actually lies with the fedral government. Johor state government have to refer the matter to Putrajaya before approval of any kind could be given. Just get the state legal advisers to read and study the constitiution first and foremost; or sought advices higher up at federal level.

  4. Johor to Join Singapore?

    Politically - laughably NO!

    Take Advantage of Singapore's Involvement To Developed Johor - Certainly YES!

    When China opened up, it was the part closest to Hong Kong which developed first and fastest.

    Johor's Sultan is a very astute and wise man. Surely he knows what our Constition says. And I do believe he has the interest of Johor foremost in his heart.

    After the critics have studied the wordings of the bill, I'm sure they'll find that the many present concerns had been based on insufficient information.

    1. Many prominent people, statesmen, politician, businessmen, lawyers, had voiced their concern. Do you imply that all these people have insufficient information??

  5. What difference does it make to ordinary Johoreans whether Sultan or UMNO have the executive powers.

    Sultan pun Melayu dan beragama Islam.

    Kat Brunei, kan rakyatnya bahagia.

    Mamakutty sejak dahulu ialah pengkianat Raja-raja. Dia yang ubah Perlembagaan menghilangkan kuasa Raja-raja dan boleh dibawa ke Mahkamah.

    Semua yang derhaka termasuk blogger Annie harus disula depan istana untuk tontonan rakyat jelata bawah naungan Tuanku.

  6. Petikan Rang Undang-undang Enakmen LPHJ 2014

    Rang undang-undang baharu yang dijadual dibentang dalam sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Johor, Isnin ini, akan memberi kuasa kepada Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar untuk terlibat dalam pentadbiran kerajaan negeri.

    Berikut ialah petikan daripada enakmen setebal 36 muka surat yang dinamakan Enakmen Lembaga Perumahan dan Hartanah Johor (LPHJ) 2014

    * LPHJ dipengerusikan oleh Menteri Besar

    • Ahli-ahli Lembaga boleh dibayar elaun seperti ditentukan Raja.

    * Fungsi Lembaga adalah:

    • Memberi nasihat kepada Pihak Berkuasa Negeri dengan dasar, cara dan langkah yang hendak diambil untuk menggalak dan memudahkan pemajuan perumahan hartanah.

    • Membina, menyelenggara, membaiki, memulih, mendiami semula dan menggunakan sebarang struktur, bangunan atau kerja-kerja di dalam mana-mana rancangan perumahan atau hartanah.

    • Menetap dan melaksanakan dasar dan panduan bagi memperuntukkan jenis-jenis perumahan dan kategori pembeli di sebarang pemaju perumahan.

    * Dengan kelulusan Raja, dari semasa ke semasa boleh menubuhkan suatu perbadanan dengan apa-apa nama yang ditentukan Lembaga untuk menjaga, membangun atau mengurus apa-apa rancangan pemajuan, projek, skim atau perusahaan sebagaimana ditentukan Lembaga.

    * Lembaga boleh menjalankan apa-apa fungsi lain, melaksanakan kuasa lain dan mentadbir serta membelanjakan apa-apa wang lain yang diperuntukkan kepadanya oleh kerajaan negeri.

    * Lembaga perlu memberikan penyata, laporan akaun dan maklumat kepada Pihak Berkuasa Negeri berhubung dengan harta dan kegiatannya seperti diarahkan oleh Pihak Berkuasa Negeri termasuk membentangkan sebarang cadangan, pelan berhubung sesuatu projek.

    * Segala pelantikan Pengarah hendaklah terlebih dahulu mendapat kelulusan Raja.

    * Lembaga hendaklah menerima pakai peraturan, kaedah, dasar dan pekeliling serta arahan yang dikeluarkan Kerajaan Negeri.

    * Lembaga hendaklah dalam tempoh enam bulan selepas berakhirnya tiap-tiap satu tahun kewangan mengauditkan akaunnya dan menghantar kepada Raja dan Pihak Berkuasa negeri bersama-sama satu salinan.

    * Raja atau Pihak Berkuasa Negeri boleh pada bila-bila masa mengarah orang tertentu yang dilantik olehnya untuk membuat penyiasatan terhadap buku, akaun dan urus niaga Lembaga.

    * Lembaga hendaklah tidak lewat daripada 30 Jun setiap tahun kewangannya, menghantar penyata kepada raja dan pihak berkuasa negeri yang menyentuh kegiatan Lembaga pada tahun lepas.

    * Raja berkuasa untuk mengarahkan Lembaga digulung dan dibubarkan.

    Artikel Penuh:
    © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

  7. If the enactment is to provide solution to JB's housing woes of the masses, then I salute all those involved. If, on the other side, is meant to provide business opportunities to them and all their croonies, then, I shudder to think how they will stand in from of Allah, when the day of reckoning comes. I am very grateful to Alllah that HE did not test me this way.


  8. re, Can the Sultan asked UMNO to fuck off ,and pulled out of Malaysia and merged with Singapore .

    Wa ingat itu macam manyak babut , Wa manyak sukak lor rr , itu Cina sekolah, sama itu India sekolah, kasi tutup, selupa Singapor lea aa.
    Itu macam balu betut ma aa , satu negala belajak satu sekolah lor rr , sekalang satu negala atak manyak sekolah lea a , hai...ya manyak susak lea a , tak tau cekap maa aa .

    Singapor + Johor > > jali Sinjoh atak munyi Cina lea a ,manyak babut , lagi ong maa .

    1. You are scared shitless too.

    2. Which part of my comment did I insult the sultan?? He is my Sultan and I am his subject!! And I am not RBA as the rabid dogs of annie's readers would automatically assumed. Even if I was RBA, why would DAP get involced in this mess?

      Fucking stupid melayu. Get some fucking education, will you??

      I have some knowledge about the big man but of course not going to get into details. (Yes, I am a Johor boy). And my sense is that 1) he is taking advantage of the weakness of UMNO, 2) He doesn't care because he IS the sultan, 3) he is taking precausions by protecting his interest. So that those fucking UMNO theives are not going to swoop in and rob his project.

      I merely commented that this is an interesting development and worth watching.

      So, Annie, tell your fucking melayu dogs to go fuck themselves. Some BKT wouldn't harm either.

      7 June 2014 23:23

    3. Who are you?

    4. Re. Which part of my comment did I insult the sultan?

      The insult doesn't have to come in verbal and direct form. The manner it was conveyed "Can the Sultan asked UMNO to fuck off" is rather unbecoming of of a royal subject. May I remind you, the correct address for the Sultan is Your Royal Highness".

      Re. UMNO to fuck off?

      Fuck of to where? This is Tanah Melayu, not Tanah Cina and India to begin with. Get it? Why don't you and your ilks buy one way ticket to Tomgsan. We didn't invite your forefather to TANAH MELAYU to begin with, The British did.

      Re. Fucking stupid melayu. Get some fucking education, will you??

      The STUPID MELAYU is yet to show their claw, but once they do, it will be HISTORY REPEATING i.e. Indonesian Chinese Massacre.

      Re. So, Annie, tell your fucking melayu dogs to go fuck themselves.

      We are not descendent of Comfort Women so it is not in our nature and DNA to "main fuck fuck ni". Why don't you stick a finger in your ass.

      Re. Some BKT wouldn't harm either.

      Unlike, you the Cinabeng, we don't eat anything and everything under the sun termasuk ANJING dan BANGKAI BINATANG. and BKT is definitely off limit to us, BABI itu HARAM.

    5. Anon 13:26

      Dia seorang Pendatang Yang tak Sedar Diuntung dan semakin tertekan. Baginya pergabungan Johor dan Singapura itu satu jalan penyelesaian yang dapat menghapuskan kekebalan Raja-Raja Melayu dan Hak Keistemewaan orang Melayu.

      Tanpa dia sedari (atau tidak) lebih separuh dari Rakyat Singapura yang berjumlah 5 juta orang sekarang adalah pendatang baru dari PR China yang digelar sebagai New Citizen. Keadaan ini sendiri telah memberi tekanan pada rakyat "asal" Singapura. Setiap tahun PAP telah mengimpot dan memberi kerakyatan penuh pada warga China sebanyak 25000.

      Pergabungan Johor dan Singapura akan menjadikan jumlah kaum Cina lebih tinggi dari Melayu, Itu yang mereka mahupun dan dengan secara automatiknya kuasa undian orang Melayu akan terhakis dan negeri akan tergadai. Sultan akan menjadi "Boneka" akhirnya,

    6. Harta dan wanita mengaburi mata hingga mereka tak nampak bahaya di depan mata.

    7. We delay the Integrated Mainstream Malaysian School System at our own peril. There's no way to build our national cohesion except by means of our children going to school together! We are several decades late . . .. we must strive for high quality education and well built schools.

  9. Anon 13:01,

    Siapa anda yang yang menggunakan istilah amat buruk lagi keji terhadap orang Melayu? Cina, India, Serani atau Benggali?

    Saya juga boleh menggunakan bahasa yang lebih kesat terhadap anda dan bangsa anda!

    Tapi saya tidak akan merendah darjah saya ke tahap darjat 'low class ' anda. Cara anda berhujah tidak melambangkan anda seorang yang bependidikan.
    Anda tidak layak jadi rakyat Malaysia!
    Harap anda faham komen saya dalam Bahasa Malaysia!

  10. Very interesting development indeed.

    "LOL" can spare us the keyboard intimidation. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Just go out a kill a **** TODAY??? Then post the video of your killing act with your face clearly displayed on youtube.

    Otherwise, STFU. You are just a fucking whinny bitch.

    1. Take a look at me now...... (My fav.. by Phil Collins).

      Re. You are just a fucking whinny bitch

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  11. Hahahaha hilarious response.